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Test answers for Bing Ads 2020

(79) Last updated: January 22
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79 Answered Test Questions:

1. Which of these can help you improve your conversion rate?


• Add dynamic text to your destination URL

• Increasing the relevance of the landing page

• Increasing the relevance of your copy

• All of these

2. What is a sandbox?


• A sandbox isolates untested code in Bing Ads.

• A sandbox generates viruses.

• A sandbox is where they launch ads from.

• A sandbox is for introducing ads to the public.

3. How many site placements can an individual ad group contain?


• 10000

• 1000

• 500000

• 100

4. If you want to access the WSDL using Java, what code must be typed into the terminal?


• java org.apache.axis.wsdl

• java org.WSDL2Java -a < URL of a Bing Ads WSDL >

• axis.wsdl.WSDL2Java -a < URL of a Bing Ads WSDL >

• java org.apache.axis.wsdl.WSDL2Java -a < URL of a Bing Ads WSDL >

5. What objects does “AddCampaigns” use, and then return?


• “AddCampaignsRequest”, “AddCampaignsReturn”.

• “AddCampaignsResign”, “AddCampaignsResponse”.

• “AddCampaignsRequest”, “AddCampaignsResponse”.

• “AddCampaignsQuest”, “AddCampaignsResponse”.

6. What is the minimum word requirement for a Bing ad title?


• It depends on the bid amount

• 3 words

• It depends on your historic quality score

• 1 word

7. If a list of users who belong to a customer was needed, what operation would you use?


• The GetUsersInfo operation.

• The GiveUsersInfo operation.

• The GetUsers protocol.

• The StealUsersInfo operation.

8. How many Bing ad users can there be on one account?


• Unlimited

• It depends on the pricing tier

• 10

• 1

9. What do you need when you deploy your application into the production environment?


• The production WUZZLEs and credentials.

• The production credentials.

• The production WSDLs and credentials.

• The production WASLs and credentials.

10. What is the bulk service for?


• Offloading campaign entity data.

• Downloading company entity data.

• Exporting campaign entity data.

• Downloading campaign entity data.

11. Which of the following is NOT a targeting option available with Bing ads?


• Browser type

• Day of the week

• Physical location

• Age of viewer

12. If you wanted to import a library into your application, which command would you use?


• import*;

• import bingads.bulk.*;

• import bingads

• bulk.*;

13. What bid(s) must you enter before submitting your ad?


• Only content network bid

• Only ad bid

• Only search network bid

• Search network bid and content network bid

14. Targeting is priced in ___ increments.


• 25%

• 1.5%

• 10%

• 75%

15. What is Ad Intelligence Service used for?


• To determine the hierarchical input of ads.

• To determine the historical performance of ads.

• To determine the intellectual quality of ads.

• To determine the flow of ads.

16. What operation returns your download status?


• GetDownStatus

• DownloadStatus

• GetDownloadStatus

• StatusGood

17. Long Ad Titles only appear in your ad when


• you have activated Ad Extensions.

• you change the default setting.

• your title consists of descriptive text and a URL.

• your ad is a mainline ad.

• your title exceeds the character limit.

18. Which one of these is NOT a Bing ads report?


• Competition report

• Billing & Budgets report

• Analytics report

• Targeting report

19. What is the 'mainline' ?


• The top 4 ads on the search results page

• The searched word that is relevant to the ad

• The list of results for a user's search term.

• All ads relevant to the Bing search

20. If you wanted to define a call detail report request in sandbox, what report would you use?


• CallDetailReportRequest

• CallRequest

• DetailReportRequest

• CallDetailRequest

21. How can you check the status of your Bing ad?


• All of these

• Clicking the Keywords tab

• Clicking on the Campaigns tab

• Clicking the Ads tab

22. True or False? Bing uses PPC advertising to attract users to its services.


• Time's Up!

• True

• False

23. If you wanted to set the position of an ad, what would you use?


• AdPlacement

• AdArea

• AdHere

• AdPosition

24. When compiling Java, what must all strings be encoded in?


• DHL-8

• UTF-10

• UHF-8

• UTF-8

25. What would the following string tell you? - <xs:enumeration value="Euro" />


• Your program only uses Euros.

• Your currency is being converted into Euros.

• Your zone is set to Europe.

• Your currency is set to Euros.

26. To include "Skill sets" as an exact negative keyword in your negative keywords list, you would format the phrase:


• -{Skill sets}

• --"Skill sets"--

• -"Skill sets"

• -[Skill sets]

27. In which tab do you do most of the editing and managing of your ads?


• Changes tab

• Accounts tab

• Campaigns tab

• Manage tab

28. What does “KeywordAndMatchType” define?


• A group of matching items.

• An object that contains suggested match types for the keyword.

• An array of matching objects.

• Random keywords.

29. What are the three ad extensions available on Bing Ads?


• Location extensions, Call extensions and Sitelink extensions

• Locator extensions, CTR extensions, and Business extensions

• Location extensions, Customer extensions, and Geo extensions

• Call extensions, Phone extensions, and Address extensions

30. What is the purpose of the quality score?


• To measures how many clicks you are receiving for your ads

• To measure how relevant your keywords are to the search queries

• To measure how many impressions you are getting for your ads

• To measure the quality of your landing page copy

31. What is the highest quality score you can get?


• 100

• 10

• 20

• 5

32. If your service operation fails, what exception is thrown?


• FaultException

• FaultExitement

• FaultExibition

• FaultExertion

33. True or False? You receive multiple ad reports to track the progress of your ad.


• Time's Up!

• True

• False

34. What three parameters are required to create a Campaign?


• Campaign name, campaign budget, and time zone

• Campaign code, contact details, and target demographic

• Campaign name, landing page URL, ad picture

• Target demographic, contact details, minimum bid

35. What are the budgeting options available when creating a campaign?


• Monthly and yearly maximums

• Daily and Monthly maximum

• Weekly minimum and Weekly maximum

• Daily and Hourly maximum

36. How is the Click-through rate calculated?


• Impressions divided by bid price

• Ad clicks divided by clicks on your competitor's ad

• Impressions on your ad divided by clicks on your competitor's ad

• Ad clicks divided by total impressions

37. True or False? You can use coupons to pay for your Bing ads.


• True

• False

38. What account type(s) can you have?


• Only Postpay account

• None of these

• Postpay account and Prepay account

• Only Prepay account

39. Which operator do you use to get the details of an account?


• GreatAccount

• GoAccount

• GetAccount

• GiveAccount

40. The Keyword Match Options allow you to


• target your keywords to trigger your ad on broad match, phrase match or exact match search terms.

• copy keywords from one ad campaign to another using the Bing Ads Intelligence tool.

• research keywords for your ad campaign based on previous search terms.

• match a competitors keyword bid for the same search term for a higher search ranking.

• create a Dynamic Ad by selecting placeholder keywords that dynamically change depending on the search term.

41. Bing Ads are used on what platform(s)?


• Bing and

• Bing, Yahoo and Google

• Bing and Yahoo!

• Only Bing

42. What are the two types of Bing Ads developer tokens?


• Single user, many users.

• Big user, little user.

• Single user, and multi-user.

• Old user, new user.

43. True or False? An incremental bid is optional.


• False

• True

44. When clicks are valid, where is billing sent by Direct Advertiser?


• To the government.

• Directly to Microsoft.

• Directly to Washington.

• Directly to Google.

45. When creating an ad, what must you include?


• Display URL, target location, display image, and target keyword

• Ad text, display image, and minimum bid

• Ad title, ad text, display URL, and destination URL

• Ad title and target demographic

46. What ad formats can you use in Bing Ads?


• TextAd, MobileAd, and ProductAd.

• TextAd, TelegramAd, and ProductAd.

• PaperAd, MobileAd, and PlasticAd.

• TextAd, MobileAd, and PrivateAd.

47. Which of these are recommended strategies when writing ad copy?


• Use a strong keyword in the first line line of your ad or title

• All of these

• Highlight the product benefit instead of using promotional superlatives

• Use attention grabbing action words

48. What is 'SERP' ?


• Searched Electronic Recommended Products

• Search Engine Results Page

• Search Engine Redirect Portal

• Search Engine Relevance Page

49. True or False? You can prevent your ads from showing to certain demographics of people.


• True

• False

50. True or False? You can import campaigns from Google AdWords into Bing Ads


• True

• False

51. What is a 'Landing Page' ?


• The page where the user types their search

• The page that is restricted to admin use only

• The page where the ad is displayed

• A page that appears when one clicks on a search result or an ad

52. What is the benefit of using Bing Ads API?


• There is no benefit.

• It is an efficient way to manage large ad campaigns.

• It makes the ads cycle faster.

• It blocks the ads faster.

53. What is included in a Bing Ads report?


• Keyword relevance

• Quality score

• All of these

• Landing page relevance

54. What is Bing Ads?


• Advertisements to sell Bing Crosby's music.

• An ad-blocking service.

• Advertisement to sell cherries.

• A pay-per-click advertising service.

55. You can import your existing Google Ads Campaign into Bing Ads.


• False

• True

56. If you use the service operation, “GetKeywordCategories” should there be a difference in the sandboxed production vs the released production?


• Yes. The sandboxed version is far more comprehensive.

• Yes. The released version is more comprehensive.

• No.

• Yes. There are more categories in the released version.

57. How many ads are present on a page after one Bing search?


• 9

• 7

• 15

• 3

58. Using SOAP protocol, between what tags would the GetDownloadStatusResponse element be placed?


• <s:HTML> and </s:HTML>

• <s:HTML> and </s:Body>

• <s:Body> and <s:Body>

• <s:Body> and </s:Body>

59. What is used to authenticate Bing Ads accounts with Microsoft Accounts?


• The Oauthor Authorization.

• The OAuth 8.0 protocol.

• O.Auther.Where.Art.Thou?

• The OAuth 2.0 protocol.

60. True or False? If your keyword relevance score is poor, you should use negative keywords.


• False

• True

61. What three code types are recommended for Bing Ads?


• Python, Java, Javascript.

• C#, Java, PHP

• C#, Ruby, Java.

• Bing, Java, Microsoft.

62. What is a 'Call extension'?


• Setting the ad to only appear on mobile search pages

• Having your phone number as the only link the customer can click on

• Receiving a call every time your campaign is about to expire

• Including a phone number in your ad copy

63. True or False? Bing displays MORE ad spots than Google on its search results page.


• False

• True

64. If you wanted to download a specific campaign's data, what operation would you use?


• DownloadCampaigns

• DownloadByCampaignIds

• DownloadCampaignsByCampaignIds

• CampaignIds

65. If you had ad intelligence faults, what is an object that would tell you about it?


• AdApiError

• IntelFaults

• Ap.I.Have.Faults!

• ApFaults

66. What kind of token does Bing Ads' sandbox use?


• Bing Ads token.

• A golden token.

• A super user token.

• Multi-user development token.

67. True or False? If a one of your target customers click on your ad, you pay for each of the incremental bids that match.


• False

• True

68. What is all advertising activity defined by?


• By product and seller.

• By customer.

• By seller.

• By product.

69. What would you return if you set GetBidsAtLevel to 0?


• An array of KeywordEasyBid.

• An array of EstimatedBid.

• An array of KeywordEstimatedBid.

• Bids0

70. Within customer management operators, what is the ApplicationToken element used for?


• It tells you how long they were viewing the store.

• Nothing. It's value should be null.

• It tells you how many customers have visited your store.

• It tells you how many customers purchased items.

71. What is the maximum amount of accounts a standard self serve customer can have?


• Six

• Four

• Three

• Seven

72. In which of these countries are Content Ads available?


• Mexico

• France

• Italy

• Japan

73. Can the test data for supported key words be expected to render similar results when your app is moved into production?


• Yes. It's exactly alike.

• Yes. Bing Ads is testing it outside the sandbox for you.

• Yes. Bing Ads creates an environment to replicate the public.

• No.

74. The service used to create and modify ads is called what?


• AdMaker

• CampaignManagement service.

• CampaignMaximizer Serice

• BingAdCreator

75. What is the correct action syntax for the GetCustomerService operation?


• <Action mustGet="1">GetCustomer</Action>

• <Action can'tUnderstand="1">GetCustomer</Action>

• <Action mustUnderstand="1">GetCustomer</Action>

• <Action "1">GetCustomer</Action>

76. Which ads are present more than once on a Bing search?


• Top 3 ads

• Top 4 ads

• No ads repeat in a Bing search

• Top 2 ads

77. Can the UserName element be used for a Microsoft account?


• You only have one account.

• No.

• Yes, and it is encouraged.

• Yes.

78. If you wanted to see the details of an API call, what element would you use?


• TrackAPI

• APItrack

• TrackingId

• TruckingBId

79. How far back does the historic quality score go?


• 18 months

• 10 months

• 24 months

• From the day you submitted the ad