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Test answers for Advertising 2020

(72) Last updated: January 22
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72 Answered Test Questions:

1. What is an example of brand identity?


• Catch phrases and slogans

• Logos

• Jingles

• All of these

2. The part of a Web page that visitors can see on their computer monitor without the need to scroll down is called:


• Above the fold

• The sweet spot

• The callout

• Above the jump

3. What is an Elevator Pitch?


• A presentation pitched to an unsuspecting person over the course of an elevator ride.

• A presentation made to an unsuspecting person that should last at least 5 minutes.

• A clear, concise presentation of your product or idea in a short amount of time, usually less than 30 seconds.

• A clear, concise presentation of your product or idea over the duration of an elevator ride.

4. How many views of an ad in Mille?


• 100

• 10

• 1000

• 1

5. True or False: Each ad should appeal to a specific group of people


• True

• False

6. Which of the following is a feature associated with Interactive Video Advertising?


• All of these

• Tags

• User-mouse motion tracking

• Links

7. Which is an ambient ad?


• Ads on the ceiling

• All of these

• Ads on the risers of stairs

• Ads on the floor

8. What does CPC stand for?


• Cost Per Carrier

• Claim Per Cost

• Cost Per Click

9. Which of the following is illegal in a television commercial?


• Flashing the fine print on the screen quickly

• All of these

• In the middle of a long, rapid, vertically scrolling statement

• Subscripts or superscripts containing small fine print

10. What is one of the best ways to have people come to your site?


• A clean site

• Buying lots of ads

• Quality Content

11. Which is the most persuasive channel for advertising?


• Magazine advertisements

• Radio commercials

• Television commercials

• Newspaper advertisements

12. True or False: You should change your print ads every few months


• True

• False

13. The portion of ad copy that prompts customers to take a specific action is called:


• The banner ad

• The animated ad

• The call-to-action

• The clickthrough

14. Which of the following is an example of display advertising on the Internet?


• Videos

• Banner ads

• All of these

• Audio

15. What are ads that are geared toward one group of people called?


• Specific Ads

• Targeted ads

• Levelled ads

• Grouped ads

16. What does SWOT stand for?


• Simple, Wise, Opportunities, Threats

• Simply Win On TV

• Strengths, Weaknesses, Obvious, Timeliness

• Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

17. True or False: A media kit does include BOTH a rate card and a sample issue


• False

• True

18. Which federal agency enforces advertising laws?


• The Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

• Economics, Business and Agricultural Affairs

• The Federal Business Commission (FBC))

• The Department of Labor (DOL)

19. True or False? Google's main source of revenue comes from Google AdWords.


• True

• False

20. What are heatmaps?


• A visual representation of where your visitors are clicking on your site

• How many people have visited your site in 24 hours

• A visual representation of your site

• An ad density report

21. True or False: A Rate Card includes positioning data


• True

• False

22. How are AdWords priced?


• CPM only

• CPC and CPM

• Monthly Price

• CPC only

23. How are Facebook Ads priced?


• CPC and CPM

• Monthly Price

• CPM only

• CPC only

24. True or False: Magazine ads require a large amount of lead time to run your ad, and see results


• False

• True

25. What is the bleed in ads?


• Running ink

• Where the ad is placed

• The rate of distribution

• The area around the printing that will be trimmed off

26. An appeal to a consumer's psychological and social needs to buy certain items and services is referred to as an:


• Humor appeal

• Fear appeal

• Emotional appeal

• Brand appeal

27. What is the name of Google's online ad service?


• Online Ads

• AdWords

• Banner Ads

• Google Ads

28. True or False: You should run the same type of ad in a newspaper as online


• True

• False

29. When placing a magazine ad, what is the most important statistic to look at?


• Subscriptions

• Dealer Sales

• Newsstand sales

• Left Over Copies

30. What is Bait and Switch advertising?


• Advertising a product and switching the price after the ad ends

• Advertising fishing equipment

• Advertising a product that is unavailable. Once the customer comes into the store, offer a more expensive product

31. Which is NOT an online-advertising term?


• CPV - Cost Per View

• All are correct

• CPS - Cost Per Sale

• CPM - Cost Per Thousand Impressions

• CPC - Cost Per Click

32. Which annual television event has 39% of people watching more for the commercials, while only 28% claim they like the show second best?


• The final game of the world series

• The Super Bowl

• The Grammys

• The Oscars

33. What is the name of a web page that is customized for a specific ad you have placed?


• An online ad

• A Landing Page

• An ad page

• A website

34. What is an example of a misleading advertisement?


• "It's clinically proven!"

• "Our product has the best value!"

• "50% of people use it!"

• "Get rich quick!"

35. Which is NOT a law enforced by the Federal Trade Commission?


• Advertisers must have evidence to support all claims made.

• Advertising must not be deceptive.

• Advertisements may not be unfair.

• Print advertisements must be watermarked with the FTC logo.

36. What kind of advertisements do the FTC focus on the most?


• Ads that claim their product is "the best"

• Ads that make claims about taste or feelings

• Ads that make claims about health or safety

• Ads that run nationally

37. What is another name for paid subscribers?


• Qualified Subscribers

• Distribution Skew

• Results Subscribers


38. Where do you get the subscription numbers of a magazine?


• Audit reports

• Sales Reps

• Ad magazines

• Statement of Circulation

39. What is real-time bidding?


• An electronic trading system that sells ad space directly to web pages people frequent while they are visiting them.

• Advertisements on television that encourage you to go out and purchase a product immediately.

• Advertisements on radio that encourage you to go out and purchase a product immediately.

• An electronic trading system that allows different brands to compete for your attention through pop-up ads.

40. True or False: If your ad has a white border, bleed is not required?


• True

• False

41. Ronald McDonald, Smokey the Bear, and the Trix Rabbit are example of:


• Spokespeople

• Brands

• Mascots

• Logos

42. What is a Half banner ad size?


• 400 x 30

• 100 x 30

• 428 x 30

• 234 x 60

43. What is the "Mona Lisa Effect" for advertising photography?


• A photograph of a well-known piece of art to catch the viewers' eyes

• A photograph in which the model is looking directly at the viewer

• A photograph of a woman in order to advertise something feminine

44. If a blogger receives either cash or free products from a company with an agreement that they will advertise a product on their blog, they must:


• Disclose how much money they were paid, or how much of the product they received.

• Not post anything about that specific product, because they could get in legal trouble for accepting it.

• Disclose the material connection they share with the company.

• Report the company for attempting to bribe them.

45. What is a Leaderboard ad size?


• 468 x 60

• 728 x 90

• 400 x 30

• 128 x 700

46. True or False? It is possible to use your targeted keyword too many times in your ad copy.


• True

• False

47. What is a Skyscraper ad size?


• 100 x 500

• 240 x 360

• 160 x 600

• 300 x 300

48. What is the order of the Hierarchy of Effects Model?


• Awareness, Liking, Preference, Purchase, Conviction, Knowledge

• Awareness, Knowledge, Conviction, Liking, Preference, Purchase

• Awareness, Knowledge, Liking, Preference, Conviction, Purchase

• Awareness, Liking, Knowledge, Conviction, Purchase, Preference

49. When is it legal to compare your product to another company's product in an advertisement.


• It's never legal

• If there is a chart or graph in the advertisement

• All the time

• When the comparison reflects the truth

50. What does CPM stand for?


• Cost Per Mille

• Cost Per Merge

• Cost Per (i)Mage

• Cost Per Migration

51. What is the difference between advertising and public relations?


• Advertising is paid for, while public relations is free media coverage

• Advertising leaves it up to the consumer to determine the message, while public relations specialists tell consumers the message

• Advertisingspecialists tell consumers the message, while public relations leaves it up to the consumer to determine the message

• Advertising is free media coverage, while public relations is paid for

52. How do you know what type of demographics a magazine caters to?


• Check their website

• Look them up in trade publications

• Look up their federal ids

• Order a Media Kit

53. What is a common banner ad size?


• 400 x 60

• 100 x 300

• 468 x 60

• 700 x 90

54. A type of advertisement that is automatically displayed in a second smaller browser window behind the current window is called:


• A pop-under

• An interstitial ad

• A flash ad

• A pop-up

55. When a celebrity is endorsing a product, who is liable for false or unsubstantiated claims made about the product?


• Neither the celebrity nor the advertiser

• The advertiser

• The celebrity

• Both the celebrity and the advertiser

56. What do you use to measure the circulation of a small magazine or newsletter that doesn't have a Statement Of Circulation?


• Sales Numbers

• Bulk Postage Permit Receipt

• Trust Them

• Ad numbers

57. According to the FTC???s Green Guide, a packaged product may be advertised as simply ???recyclable??? if:


• The entirety of the product is recyclable

• The majority of the packaging, except for a minor part, is recyclable

• Both the product and the packaging are recyclable

• The entirety of the packaging is recyclable

58. What do you use Trafficvance for?


• CPC ads

• Pop-unders

• CPM ads

59. If you spent $200 for 10,000 ad impressions, what is your CPM?


• $0.5

• $2

• $5

• $20

60. Which is NOT a main provision of the CAN-SPAM act?


• You must give recipients of your email advertisement a clear way of ???opting out??? of your emails

• You must include an accurate phone number in your email advertisement where your company can be reached

• Your ???from,??? ???to,??? ???reply,??? and routing information must be accurate and included an email advertisement

• Your subject line must accurately summarize your email advertisement

61. What is another name for the response of an ad?


• Pull


• Response Ratio

• Share of Voice

62. Which of the following is an acceptable way to display the "fine print" of a print advertisement?


• In the last line of an advertisement in a regularly-sized font

• In footnotes printed in a small font

• Within the border of the advertisement

• Within a line of tightly packed text

63. "3 out of 10 doctors prefer antibacterial soap" is an example of a:


• Numerical claim

• Product guarantee

• Appeal to authority

• Scientific claim

64. Which of the following is NOT an example of visual semiosis?


• Company logos

• Red Octagons

• Restroom gender signs

• Red hot water faucet, Blue cold water faucet

65. What is a sub id?


• An id that tracks how much your ads cost

• An id that you can use to track individual ads

• A subscriber id

• A subscription id

66. What is a Button ad size?


• 120 x 10

• 120 x 90

• 100 x 30

• 40 x 40

67. True or False? When featuring a consumer???s testimonial in an advertisement, the consumer may describe the product or service???s unusual results as long as a disclaimer such as ???results not typical??? is included.


• False

• True

68. How frequently over the course of a year may a company advertise a special where customers receive a single product for ???free????


• No more than 8 months out of the year

• Companies may advertise this special whenever they wish.

• No more than 6 months out of the year

• No more than 4 months out of they year

69. What does DSP stand for?


• Direct Search Platform

• Demand Side Platforms

• Direct Side Placement

• Distant Second Placement

70. What is a Supermarket Special?


• Advertising bargains and deals

• Advertising a product that is no longer in stock

• Advertising all the branches of a chain store in one ad

• Advertising a basic human need (i.e. food, water, medication)

71. True or False? Product Life Cycle is important in advertising because companies spend more money reminding customers of their older product than they do on marketing new ones.


• True

• False

72. Which industry spends the most on advertising?


• Automotive

• Food and Beverage

• Pharmaceuticals

• Alcohol