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Test answers for Yola 2020

(91) Last updated: February 28
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91 Answered Test Questions:

1. Which service level offers unlimited bandwidth and automatic SEO monitoring?


• Hola Bronze

• Yola Silver

• Yola Gold

• Yola Free

2. Yola will register your website in all but which domain suffix?


• .net

• .com

• .be

• .biz

3. Where must you click to create a new page?


• The green “+” symbol.

• The New Page Bar.

• The New Page Widget.

• The “New Page” symbol.

4. How often are automatic sitemaps generated?


• Every time you publish

• Every 10 times you publish

• Every other time you publish

• Every 5 times you publish

5. How does a Yola user edit a banner?


• Right-click, and select “edit” from the menu.

• Banners cannot be edited.

• Banners must be deleted, then reinstalled.

• Click on the blue “Edit Banner Image” dialogue box and select “Change Image”

6. To learn the basics of Yola yourself which support tool is best?


• Tutorials

• Web searching

• Email Support

• In House support

7. Drag and Drop widgets can be used in which plans?


• Yola Bronze

• Yola Gold

• All of these

• Yola Silver

8. How can I tell how much traffic is going to my website?


• Yola provides analytics for your website under the My Yola! tab

• You must download Google analytics in order to see online traffic

• Yola doesn't offer an analytics service

• You can never really track how much traffic is landing on your website

9. How can I get email through my website domain?


• You can link your website to your gmail in order to mimic the email address

• You cannot. You must give out your personal email address in order for people to contact you

• You will need to have a custom domain in order to use Yola Mail. This feature is available on Yola Silver

10. Yola can be used to edit all but the which of these?


• Web GL


• Javascript


11. All packages include phone support except:


• Yola Free

• Yola Silver

• Yola Premiere

• Yola Bronze

12. Does Yola's Link Editor support file links?


• No. Files cannot be linked in Yola.

• No. Files are handled separately due to network safety concerns.

• No. The links must be edited manually.

• Yes.

13. Users will get these programs with an upgrade?


• Google Chrome

• Google Adwords and Facebook Credits

• Facebook

• Google Adsense

14. How do you upload a file to Yola?


• File > Upload > Select file > Enter

• Go to Site > Content > File Manager, and click the Upload Files button.

• Right-click > select “upload”

• Go to File Manager, and click the Upload Files button.

15. What must you drag to your page to fill it with content?


• Content-based gadgets.

• Widgets based on the content you wish to add.

• Music.

• Images.

16. Yola Free has a website limit of how many sites?


• 10

• 20

• 15

• 3

17. What does Yola use Wufuu for?


• Wufuu is an integrated form builder providing forms for Yola.

• Wufuu is used to zip media files.

• Yola is a form generator embedded in Wufuu.

• Yola does not use Wufuu for anything.

18. Does Yola require lead time to cancel an account?


• No, email Yola any time

• Yes, calll Yola 1 month prior to cancellation

• Yes, call Yola 2 weeks prior to cancellation

• Yes, email Yola 1 month prior to cancellation

19. Can I add pictures to my website?


• It depends on the size and file type

• No, the only pictures you can add to your website are in the Yola picture library

• Yes, you can upload pictures by using the Yola File Manager

20. How does one adjust their CSS styles in Yola?


• Look for the file in the source code and adjust it accordingly.

• Go to Sitebuilder, Site > Content > Site CSS.

• There is no way to adjust your CSS code.

• Yola does not use CSS code.

21. How do you change your style layout from the default layout provided?


• It can't be changed.

• Click on Page > Layout to see the options.

• Change it in the page source.

• Change it in the CSS file.

22. Can video files be uploaded directly to Yola?


• No. They must be compressed into .zip format first.

• No. They must be recoded into .MKV format first.

• No. They must be uploaded to YouTube, or MetaCafe, then added to Yola.

• No. They have to be compressed into .tar format first.

23. To view templates of sample Yola accounts visit which page?


• Pricing

• Site Gallery

• Help Center

• Features

24. How do I delete an unwanted website that I created?


• Go to the "Site Manager" page and scroll to the bottom where it says "delete"

• You cannot delete a website once it has gone live

• Simply erase all the text that you have entered into the website template

• Ask the gnomes that live in your computer to take the website down

25. Can I link Facebook and Twitter to my Yola website?


• Twitter's coding is not supported on Yola

• Yes!

• No, they are competitors and are banned from Yola websites

• It depends on if you want someone to "Like" your post, or sign in to your website with their facebook account

26. What is the primary function of Yola?


• Fan site

• Blog

• ISP provider

• Website Builder

27. When using Yola, is there a style that is already implemented when your website is finished?


• No. They must be purchased separately.

• No. No styles are included in Yola.

• Yes. It is ready as soon as you begin using the Yolo Sitebuilder.

• No. Yola does include styles, but they must be implemented first.

28. How is a Google+ Badge useful in Yola?


• It isolates it from the rest of the Internet.

• It protects your website from threats from piracy.

• It indicates that your website is secure.

• It helps you connect your site to your Google+ page.

29. How does a Yola user know that their style supports custom banner images?


• Users have to learn by trial and error.

• Styles don't support custom banners in Yola.

• It is written in the description of the style.

• When they mouseover the image, a blue dialogue box appears with “Edit Banner Image” displayed.

30. How does one copy a page?


• Select the page you wish to copy. > Page tab. > Save Page As.

• Edit > Copy > Ctrl+V.

• Copy and paste it.

• Ctrl+C > Ctrl+V

31. You won't get a Yola subdomain with which service level?


• None of these

• Yola Bronze

• Yola Free

• Yola Silver

32. If you wanted to add a social media button from a certain website, e.g., Facebook, where would you find its code?


• Yola has written social media codes into its source code.

• Yola provides the code in its manual.

• The code is generated by the social media website.

• Yola provides the code in a zip file that can be downloaded from their website.

33. Which tool is used to collect and monitor customer email addresses?


• Constant Conversing

• Reach Out

• Reach Me

• Constant Contact

34. Yola online stores do all but the following?


• Manage Inventory

• Accept Bitcoins

• Accept credit cards

• Track orders

35. How much coding is necessary to set up a social media button?


• None. It only requires finding, copying, and pasting the code into a Yola widget.

• It requires basic html to configure it correctly.

• It requires a medium level of coding to embed the buttons.

• It requires advanced coding to be sure it is linked to the correct media site.

36. If you needed to add a single image to your website, what tool would you use?


• Maintenance Widget.

• Website Widget.

• The Picture Widget.

• Content Widget.

37. What ability does the HTML Code Widget give to Yola?


• It allows users to implement every kind of widget available on the web.

• It allows you to find faults in the factory-shipped encoding that Yola is comprised of.

• It screens widgets based on faulty code.

• It limits the amount of widgets available to Yola via their ranking.

38. Which of the following is one of Yola's PayPal e-commerce Widgets?


• Accounting Widget.

• Donation Collection Widget

• Money Widget.

• SEO Widget.

39. Which of these is not a feature of Yola?


• Webhosting

• Social Sharing

• Password Protection

• Open GL

40. Yola can most help you increase traffic through which of these?


• Referrals


• Tutorials

• Yearly Renewal

41. Yola SEO services include all but the following?


• SEO scan

• Likes

• SEO report keyword usage

• SEO report keyword traffic

42. Yola Bronze includes what Premium Support features?


• Unlimited Conference calling

• Only phone support

• Phone and Email support

• Only email support

43. Which of these is not a Yola Silver feature?


• Mobile optimized publishing

• Custom CSS editing

• Submenus

• 2 years of Yola Bronze

44. Are Yola users allowed to upload their customized styles or templates?


• Yes. Though, they must follow specific parameters.

• Yes. Yola encourages personal expression in the form of code.

• Yes, and it makes it even easier to implement since Yola contains the Google Code Widget.

• No. Although, Yola offers a wide variety of free and Premium styles to suit users needs.

45. Does Yola offer a website design service?


• No

• Yes, with no editing access

• Yes, with full editing access

• Yes, for free

46. What is the download capacity of a free Yola account?


• 100MB

• 1GB

• 2000 MB

• 50 MB

47. What must be true about all of the products you feature on a Yola e-commerce site?


• They must all have unique product codes.

• They must all be the same weight.

• They must all have the same serial number.

• They must all have unique titles and descriptions.

48. A yearly package includes which of the following?


• No Discounts, 2 years of private registration

• A free custom .com, 2 months of private registration

• Discounts, 6 months of private registration

• Discounts, a free custom .com, 1 year of private registration

49. Yola partners with which of the following companies to offer customer support?


• UserEcho

• Get Satisfaction

• UserVoice

• Suggestion Box

50. What is a “Follow Me” badge used for?


• It is used to get more upvotes.

• It is used to request that Twitter users follow you.

• It is used to persuade Facebook users to like your page.

• It is used to persuade users to buy products.

51. How does one change the order of links to be navigated?


• Change it in the “Edit” menu.

• Page > Page Properties > Navigation, drag it to the desired location, click OK.

• Change the number along side their encoding in the HTML source code.

• The order cannot be changed.

52. When you have chosen a name for your website, does Yola require that you keep the same name indefinitely?


• You must keep it indefinitely.

• No. It can be changed at any time.

• You are required to keep it during the trial period.

• You are required to keep it for the first month.

53. What compression format does Yola allow for its files?


• .tar

• .gzip

• .7zip

• Zip.

54. If you needed to change the settings of a widget after setting up your e-commerce site, how would it be done?


• Go to the Edit Widget tab.

• Go to the Edit Widget menu.

• Go to the Widget Settings drop-down box.

• On the top left side of the widget, select “Edit”.

55. Site statistics will most help you do the following?


• See how many visitors you have

• Monitor sign ups

• Build an effective marketing strategy

• Tailor your business site

56. How do you add a large number of pictures to your website in a single instance?


• Add them all to the site individually.

• Use the Bulk Image Widget.

• Use the Picture Gallery Widget.

• Compress them, then use the Picture Widget.

57. Community Badges come in how many sizes?


• only 1

• 4

• 2

• 3

58. Premium style templates are available for which service levels?


• Silver and Free

• Free & Gold

• Silver and Gold

• Bronze and Silver

59. How do you add a Google Gadgets widget to your page?


• Drag+drop it to your website from the Widgets Panel.

• Select the widget, and click “Add to your webpage”.

• Drag them from your Google+ page.

• They must be encoded manually into the source code.

60. Yola Premiere includes all but which feature?


• A 5 page professionally created website

• One on one consultation

• a site built by an amateur designer

• Full access to finished site

61. Which service level does not offer a footer with no logo?


• Yola Free

• Yola Bronze

• Yola Silver

• Yola Gold

62. What two methods of linking does Yola allow?


• Direct links, and indirect links.

• Picture links and item links.

• Item links and text links.

• Text links, and picture links.

63. Mobile publishing can be used for all but which smartphone?


• Blackberry

• Iphone

• Boost Mobile

• Android

64. Which of these is not a Yola service level?


• Yola Platinum

• Yola Free

• Yola Gold

• Yola Bronze

65. Which two packages offer the same number of websites?


• Just Gold

• Bronze and Silver

• Silver and Gold

• Free and Bronze

66. From which country is Yola's founding team?


• South Africa

• Australia

• England

• Canada

67. Can you click directly on your web page and type out text you wish to be displayed on your website?


• No. The text widget must be drag and dropped into your page.

• Yes. All text is universally formatted.

• Yes. All programs automatically format text for you.

• Yes. All text is backwards compatible.

68. Community Badges are available in which sizes?


• 800x800 and 225x225 pixels

• 125x125 and 200x200 pixels

• 400x400 and 200x200 pixels

• 100x100 and 200x200 pixels

69. The majority of Yola users hail from what country?


• South Africa

• India

• United States

• England

70. How does one unzip a compressed file in Yola?


• Use the File Widget.

• Right-click and select “unzip”.

• Use the Compression Widget.

• Use the Winzip Widget.

71. Which of these is not an advanced Yola feature?


• 15 payment methods

• Pay to Play

• Shipping Integration

• Tax integration

72. How does one make a duplicate of a blog page?


• Blog pages do not allow “Save Page As”.

• Page > Page Properties > Navigation, drag it to the desired location, click OK.

73. How do you copy and paste text from your word processor into a text widget?


• It is not advised to do this because it could destroy your website.

• Copy and paste it directly.

• Copy and paste special.

• Paste it within quotes.

74. How do users access their website portfolio?


• Via their My Yola page.

• Via their My Sites page.

• Directly from each individual website.

• Via their Yola Dashboard.

75. How much are Yola users required to pay to publish their sites?


• $0

• $349 per year.

• $49.95 per year.

• $19.95 per year.

76. Yola mail offers how many GB of storage?


• 6GB

• 2GB

• 1GB

• 4GB

77. When using the MetaCafe Widget, where must the video URL be pasted for it to be embedded into your website?


• In the website.

• In the address bar.

• In the search bar.

• In the settings menu.

78. What is Yola's send/receive size limit ?


• 10MB

• 15MB

• 25MB

• 50MB

79. How do you change the formatting of copied text so it will not break your website?


• Delete any white space.

• Paste it within brackets.

• Paste it within quotes.

• Use the Text Editing Toolbar.

80. What is Yola's recommended banner image dimensions?


• 800px by 600px

• 100px by 200px

• 482px by 250px

• 125px by 382px

81. Which of the following is a video format compatible with Yola?


• .flv

• .avi

• .3gp

• .mp4

82. Which of these is not an issue type in Yola's Contact Support Menu?


• Questions about pricing

• Yola Online Store

• Old feature request

• Questions about Local Boost

83. Yola has availability in how many languages?


• 6

• 4

• 10

• 5

84. Professional Photos are included in which service levels?


• All levels

• Yola Silver and Yola Gold

• Just Yola Gold

• All but Yola Free

85. You must be how old to create a Yola account?


• 10

• 15

• 18

• 13

86. Which of the following is a function of the Picture Widget?


• Send emails.

• Compress image files.

• Find stock images.

• Take photographs.

87. If you wanted to customize the CSS for your website, what must be done first?


• You must alter the source code.

• You must upgrade to Yola Silver.

• You must have root access to Yola.

• You must have a special license.

88. Which of the following is an example of parameters you will see after the #sys_banner { tag?


• position : dimension

• width: 800px; and height: 200px;

• distance : time

• width: 800px; and length: 200px;

89. What is used with the Picture Widget to convert an image into a link?


• Link Editor

• Link Widget

• Picture Link

• Conversion Widget

90. Yola partners with which of the following companies to provide stock photography?


• Getty Images

• Fotolia

• Shutterstock

• iStockphoto

91. The company name Yola is derived from which language?


• Portugeuse

• Spanish

• Italian

• Hindi