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Test answers for WordPress 2020

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583 Answered Test Questions:

1. WordPress is written in:


• Java

• Python

• Ruby


2. Which conditional statement checks to see if the current user is a Super Admin?


• is_admin()

• is_admin_user()

• is_super_admin()

• is_super_admin_user()

3. How do you change which page displays on the home page of your site?


• Choose a different page template.

• Make a post "Sticky."

• Edit the Reading Settings.

• Create a new page called "Home."

4. Given the following line of code:      remove_filter( 'the_content', 'capital_P_dangit', 11 ) what does the third argument (11) mean?


• Times this filter should run

• A custom, arbitrary numeric ID (like a 'cache buster')

• The priority of the function (as defined by the original hooked function)

5. The do_action() function is used to


• Enqueue Actions

• Fire action

• Delete actions

• Create new actions

6. This function destroys the previous query used on a custom Loop.


• wp_delete_query();

• wp_remove_query();

• wp_destroy_query();

• wp_reset_query();

7. Which function is used to add a custom taxonomy?


• register_taxonomy

• None of these

• custom_register_taxonomy

• custom_taxonomy

8. How do you schedule a post for later publishing?


• Click "Edit" next to "Publish Immediately," select a time, then click OK. Then click "Schedule."

• Type the time you wish the post to go live into the first line of the body of your post.

• Change your post's status to Pending Review and click on the calendar.

• Click the preview button and edit the date on the preview page.

• Click the tiny calendar icon next to "Publish Immediately."

9. What function will you use to localize or pass data to script files?


• wp_i18n_script()

• wp_localize_script()

• wp_script_localize()

• wp_translate_script()

• wp_enqueue_script_i18n()

10. What is the name of the WYSIWYG editor used in WordPress?


• TCEditor

• WPedit

• WP-editIt

• TinyMCE

11. What function would you use to check if a plugin is currently active?


• plugin_active()

• plugin_is_currently_active()

• plugin_is_active()

• is_plugin_active()

• plugin_activated()

12. Can you use Quick Press and Media Manager on the same site?


• Yes

• No

• Depends

13. Does WordPress have official unit tests?


• No

• Yes

14. What feature allows you to attach additional non-standard information to posts?


• Custom Fields

• Permalinks

• Pings

• Bookmarks

• RSS feeds

15. Which of the following will execute a MySQL query against the WordPress database?


• mysql_query()

• $wpdb->query()

• PDO::query()

• mysqli_query()

• PDO::exec()

16. What function would you use to check if a plugin is inactive?


• plugin_is_inactive()

• plugin_exists()

• is_plugin_inactive()

• plugin_inactivated()

• plugin_inactive()

17. Which wp-config.php constant defines the path for your content folder?






18. What is the function that check if the user is logged in?


• is_user_logged_in()

• wp_user_status()

• wp_user_logged_in()

• use_logged_in()

• user_logged_in_status()

19. What class is used for all database manipulations?


• WP

• Query

• Database_Delta

• WP_Query

• wpdb

20. What is the preferred way to programmatically make an HTTP API GET request from within WordPress?


• None, you can't make an HTTP API GET request from within WordPress.

• cURL

• wp_remote_get

• _get

• remote_get

21. Which WordPress function should you use to add a "rel='nofollow'" attribute to any <a> link in an HTML string?


• nofollow_html

• wp_rel_nofollow

• escape_no_follow

• wp_rel_escape

22. This code remove_action('wp_head', 'wp_generator'); to remove WP generator meta tag. In which file should you place this code?


• header.php

• functions.php

• home.php

• page.php

• footer.php

23. What is the WordPress plugin and themes repository is built on?



• Git

• Mercurial

24. WordPress stores the password in plain text in the database.


• True

• Only if WP_INSECURE_PASSWORDS is set to true in wp-config.php

• False

25. The number of posts displayed on the index page is typically set via which Dashboard section?


• Jetpack

• Posts

• Appearance

• Settings -> Writing

• Settings -> Reading

26. Which of the following files must be deleted after installing WordPress?


• None of the above. No need to delete any files

• wp-admin/install.php

• installation.php

• install.php

27. Which WP function is used to know the log status of current user?


• wp_user_logged_in()

• is_user_logged_in()

28. Will your WordPress blog have the same visual styling as the administration panel?


• Only if the back-end code is edited to allow it

• Yes

• No

• Only if an option for it is checked off during registration

29. This function allows quick publishing with a web browser bookmarklet. You can create a post by quoting some text, images, and videos on any web page.


• Press That

• Press All

• Press Press

• Press This

30. is_single is used to get which of the following?


• The Page

• The Category

• The post

• The Tag

• The Index

31. What is the default user role?


• Subscriber

• Editor

• Author

• Contributor

32. What constant can you set to true to display PHP errors & warnings?




• None, you can't control error reporting with WordPress.



33. The WordPress default theme consists of the following items:


• header, footer, RSS feed, comments

• header, footer, plugins, comments

• header, sidebar menu, post, footer

• header, footer, page number,

34. When we talk about "Post Tags" in WordPress what do we mean?


• Valid XML/HTML Markup styles with CSS

• Keywords that classify concepts within the content

• A structural element in any markup language

• Shortcodes

• Tags added to your theme via the editor after the theme is installed.

35. Which of the following is preferable for loading a template part other than header, sidebar, or footer?


• include_part()

• require()

• include_once()

• include()

• get_template_part()

36. If a theme is not acting as anticipated after loading a plugin, what should you do?


• Upgrade the plugin or deactivate it

• Check the plugin panel

• Use function_exists

• Remove WordPress recent upgrades

37. It is possible to change wp-admin with the help of .htaccess file.


• WordPress admin URL is hard coded, you can't change it.

• No

• Yes

38. If you want to create a custom WP loop without affecting the original query, you would use which of the following?


• $my_query = new WP_Query();

• $my_query = $do_not_duplicate;

• rewind_posts();

• $wp_query = clone $temp_query;

39. These are provided in the Plugin API and enable your plugin to call functions at specific times during the loading of WP.


• pegs

• hooks

• auto loaders

• references

40. In the "Add New Post" screen, you have a choice of two editors to use. What are they?


• CSS and HTML

• Visual and HTML

• Rich Text and Code

• Visual and Non-Visual

• Rich Text and Poor Text

41. Where can you find plugins for combating comment spam?


• Official Anti-Spam plugin

• Official WordPress Codex

• Official Norton Web Site

• Official WordPress Plugin Directory

42. WordPress can import from which blogging platforms?


• Tumblr

• b2

• Blogger

• All listed platforms

• Movable Type

43. By adding define('WP_POST_REVISIONS', 3); to your wp-config.php file, you are effectively:


• Re-enabling post revisions that a plugin has disabled

• Removing post revisions all together

• Limiting the characters in post revisions to 3 or less

• Limiting post revisions to the last 3

44. What is the default comment setting?


• Only bloggers on your blogroll can comment

• Only registered users can comment

• Allow people to post comments

• Comments are not allowed

45. When adding a link to your blog, what is necessary for optimal search engine optimization and user friendly experience?


• clean URL

• clean content

• clean themes

• clear concepts

46. What is a WordPress Theme Framework?


• A code library or starter theme used to facilitate development of custom WordPress themes

• A set of functions to identify DIV and SPAN elements in a theme

• A standard development agreement between two or more theme developers.

• A package of security improvements, via plugin or embedded in a custom theme.

47. If you want to be allowed to access wp-admin/maint/ what do you need to do first?


• Edit wp-config.php file and set WP_ALLOW_REPAIR to true

• Create an empty file called .maintenance in the webroot.

• Define WP_INSTALLING somewhere in WordPress.

48. WordPress is free and licensed under






49. Who can see password protected posts without knowing the password?


• Editor

• None of these

• Editor and Admin

• Author

• Subscriber

50. For a self hosted WordPress website, where are your pictures stored by default?


• /wp-content/themes/uploads/

• /wp-admin/uploads/

• /wp-includes/uploads/

• /wp-content/uploads/

51. By default, who does not have the "edit_published_posts" capability?


• Editor

• Administrator

• Author

• Contributor

52. The default user role for new user registration


• Contributor

• Administrator

• Author

• Editor

• Subscriber

53. When you install a plugin, in what directory will the plugin code be stored?


• wp-admin

• wp-config

• wp-root

• wp-includes

• wp-content

54. if ( have_posts() ) {   while ( have_posts() ) {     the_post();   } }  This is best described as a(n):


• single.php

• Roasted loop

• WordPress posts loop

• Sidebar widget code

• Incorrect code

55. Who is eligible to contribute to the continually growing number of templates and plugins offered by WordPress?


• WP admin

• anyone

• web technicians

• pro bloggers

56. post, page, attachment, revision and nav_menu_item are all reserved post types?


• false

• true

57. Expert WordPress users often share their insight and knowledge by publishing help articles here.


• WPSmarties

• TechiesKnowItAll

• WPCoder

• The Codex

• CapitalP

58. WordPress is licensed under which of the following?


• Public Forum

• Copyright Matt Mullenweg

• GPLv2

• Creative Commons

• Public Domain

59. With default settings, what's the first step in configuring WordPress Multisite?


• Browse to Tools > Create a Network in the admin area

• Change the wpmu_enabled php.ini directive to true

• Set WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE to true in wp-config.php

• Download the MU version of WordPress

60. What is a tag?


• A searchable label for blog entries

• A WordPress-based game of Tig

• A label that identifies different bloggers

• A Wordpress function similar to Facebook's ???poke???

61. How do you give your blog a title?


• Select ???general options??? under Settings in the navigation menu

• There is no way to title a WordPress blog

• Email the title you want to the WordPress site admins

• Blogs can only be titled when you create the blog

62. Where can you make functional edits to your WordPress theme without adding plugins?


• index.php

• functions.php

• wp-install.php

• wp-config.php

63. What are the two parts to backing up your WordPress site?


• plugins and widgets

• database and files

• database and templates

• files and plugins

64. You can export and import your blog from which Dashboard section?


• Appearance

• Users

• Posts

• Tools

65. When designing for mobile devices, it is best to:


• Not specify measurements because there are so many different models and sizes

• Use fixed measurements to accommodate the smaller screens

• Use percentage measurements for formatting to adjust dynamically

66. What filters out your comment and track-back spam?


• WPSecurity

• WPAntiSpam

• Akismet

• all external virus software

67. What is Akismet?


• A standard spam and comment management plugin that has been featured since WordPress 2.0

• Akismet does not have anything to do with WordPress

• A spam and comment management plugin that must be installed from an external source

• Akismet is not a plugin

68. A user with the level of Contributor can adjust your site settings.


• True

• False

69. A self-hosted WordPress website is totally hacker-proof.


• Only if the theme hasn't been updated

• Only when wp-config.php hasn't been deleted

• Never

• Only if WordPress core files haven't been updated

70. What is the correct casing of wordpress?


• Wordpress

• WordpRess

• WordPress

• wordPress

• wordpress

71. How do you add a shortcode?


• Modifying shortcodes.xml in the theme folder

• From Settings->Writing in the admin

• Using the the_shortcodes filter

• Using the add_shortcode function

72. How much would it cost to get your own copy of the WordPress source code?


• Nothing, they give it away for free.

• It's free for users but unavailable to everyone else

• $40.00

• $199.99

• $299.00

73. True or false? wp_enqueue_scripts is the proper hook to use when enqueuing items that are meant to appear on the front end, but despite the name, it is used for enqueueing both scripts and styles.


• False

• True

74. When WordPress is installed, it comes with which two of the following plugins?


• Jetpack and BuddyPress

• myEASYbackup and Hello Dolly

• Akismet and TinyMCE

• Akismet and Hello Dolly

75. When used in a post or page, the tag [button] is an example of what?


• Shortcode

• DRY Markup



• Textile

76. True or False? A standard WordPress installation can be set to require an administrator to always approve a comment without a plugin.


• False

• True

77. True or False? WordPress plugins and themes can be only released via


• False

• True

78. How do you edit your WordPress profile?


• Profiles are only editable at registration

• Click ???My dashboard???

• Go to "My blog"

• Click ???Edit profile??? under the My Account dropdown menu

79. What do WordPress users commonly use to skin their blogs?


• Themes

• Data and photos

• Codex

• Templates

80. To change the appearance of your WordPress site most quickly, you should use:


• Themes

• Custom CSS

• Plugins

• Apps

81. All of your uploaded photographs can be viewed from which top-level Dashboard section?


• Images

• Jetpack

• Media

• Appearance

• Library

82. When registering a new post type if you set public => true, then your post type will be


• visible in search results.

• visible in the admin interface.

• visible publicly in the front-end.

• All of these

• available for selection in navigation menus.

83. What's the difference between and


• is a place to buy teeshirts, is a free place to put your blog.

• is a non-profit book printing service is a blogging platform.

• offers a free hosting service for WordPress blogs, offers downloads of the free software for self hosting.

• That's a trick question - there is no difference they both lead to the same website.

84. When you install a plugin, where will the plugin be saved?


• wp-config

• wp-root

• wp-includes

• wp-content

• wp-admin

85. WordPress is only available to web hosting companies and/or domain registrars.


• Not Sure

• Who Knows

• Maybe

• False

• True

86. You cannot use WordPress on


• A hosted server

• Local machine


• MySpace

87. Which of the following can you download and use to extend the native WordPress functionality?


• add-ons

• hookers

• plugins

• sparks

• hooks

88. Can you migrate your blog to your own hosted website?


• No, this is not allowed as per the terms of service on

• Yes, but you need to export the content and re-import it to your website

• You really shouldn't do this at all.

• Yes, but you have to purchase and syncronizer plugin

89. Which line of code would you add to your wp-config.php file to enable the WP_DEBUG feature?


• define('WP_DEBUG',true);

• define('WP_DEBUG_LOG', true);

• define('WP_DEBUG', false);

• define('WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', false);

90. One of the following is required in a child theme. What is it?


• functions.php

• sidebar.php

• style.css

• widget.php

91. From which of the following blog sites does WordPress provide the feature to import posts?


• Technorati

• Tumblr

• LiveJournal

• Blogger

92. True or False: The $wpdb object can be used to read data from any table in the WordPress database (such as custom plugin tables), not just the standard tables that WordPress creates.


• false

• true

93. Where can "Widgets" be found on the WP Dashboard?


• All of these

• Appearance > Widgets

• Tools > Widgets

• Plugins > Widgets

94. Which function should you use to send an e-mail from within WordPress?


• imap_send

• smtp_send

• wp_mail

• mail

95. When you use the "Export" feature of WordPress, it creates a ______ file which can then be imported to retrieve all posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags.






96. WordPress displays in US English by default, but is capable of being used with


• any language

• all languages that do not contain accents and symbols

• all languages within North America and Asia

• UK, Canadian, Australian and US English

97. Does WordPress have a built-in url rewrite engine?


• Yes

• No, you need a SEO plug-in

• No, and there's no way because it is useless

98. Where should you go to download the latest version of WordPress?


• GoDaddy




99. What is Shortcode?


• There is no such thing

• Shortest code to change default functionality of WordPress

• Codes to post blog through backend

• Code enclosed in [ ] to embed files or create objects that would normally require lots of complicated code in just one line.

100. What is the name of WP_Query pagination parameter used to limit posts shown per page?


• posts_per_page

• per_page

• limit

• total

101. What is the file that WordPress edits (or you can edit yourself) when installing WordPress?


• The wp-config.php file

• The wp-installation.php file

• The wp-database-settings.php file

• The wp-login-information.php file

• The wp-installer.php file

102. Which license is WordPress available under?


• Other

• Proprietary

• GPL v2

• Apache


103. There can only be one loop in a template.


• False

• True

104. What are categories?


• Labels applicable to other bloggers

• They work just like tags

• Wordpress blogs do not have categories

• They allow you to organize your blog by subject

105. Do new versions of WP provide support for automatic upgrades of itself?


• Yes

• No

106. What default user role is required to activate a new theme?


• Author

• Contributor

• Administrator

• Subscriber

• Editor

107. Which media type is not allowed to be uploaded by default in a WordPress multi-site?


• bmp

• jpg

• png

• gif

108. Themes can add which of the following to WordPress?


• All of these

• Settings

• Additional CMS capabilities

• Functionality

• Design

109. What can widgets do with supported themes?


• Spell check your blog posts

• Add content to your sidebars

• Place videos in the body of your posts

• Change the colors and fonts of the theme

110. HTML knowledge is required to install a WordPress theme.


• False

• True

111. What is another term for "HTML editor" within WordPress?


• Visual Editor

• StepUp Effects

• Visual Effects

• Loop Editor

112. True or False: You can replace JavaScript libraries  included with Wordpress.


• False

• True

113. WordPress is powered by the content management platform Drupal.


• True

• False

114. When upgrading to a newer version of WordPress, you should check with your web host to ensure the following minimum required versions of these exist:


• WinZip and MySQL

• PHP and MySQL

• PHP and FTP

• PHP and SSH (Secure Shell Access)

115. How can you display an RSS feed in your blog?


• RSS feeds do not work with WordPress

• Add the RSS widget to your sidebar

• Approve the feed link in Remote Content

• RSS feeds cannot be enabled

116. What are tools to extend the functionality of WordPress?


• Components

• Plugins

• Blocks

• Modules

• Themes

117. Your blog's timezone can be set via which Dashboard section?


• Settings -> General

• Jetpack

• Settings -> Reading

• Posts

• Settings -> Writing

118. Standard post URLs like /index.php?p=76 can be replaced via:


• Core File Hacks

• my-hacks.php

• Permalinks

• Jetpack

• Plugins

119. How do you post a new blog entry?


• Email your entry to the WordPress moderators to have them post it

• Click ???new post??? on the main site

• Click ???My dashboard??? on the main site

• Click ???blog info??? on the main site

120. On a default configuration of self-hosted WordPress, which one of these lets me login to manage the site?


• /wp-login.php

• /admin

• /login

• /

• /letmein

121. How do you format text in your blog entry?


• Use raw html to format the text after clicking the HTML tab or use the rich text editor to format the text

• Copy and paste the formatted text from a word processing program

• There is no way to format text in blog entries

122. Can you unschedule an event from WP cron, if the event has been created by another plugin?


• No

• Yes

123. What are the registered user roles?


• Subscriber, contributor, author, editor, administrator

• Visitor, user, contributor, blogger, lurker

• Viewer, commentator, author, guest, subscriber

124. In what folder are Plugins and Themes located?


• wp-extensions/

• wp-content/

• wp-admin/

• wp-common/

• wp-includes/

125. What is the name of comment spam prevention plugin that comes default with WordPress?


• Disqus

• Jetpack

• Curecomment

• Intense Debate

• Akismet

126. What database table prefix is default for a Wordpress Installation?


• wordp_

• wp_

• bl_

• db_

• tb_

127. What is the name of the first page you encounter after logging into your web page?


• Security question page

• WPAdmin

• Dashboard

• WP upgrade option

128. WordPress began as a publishing platform for:


• Newspaper sites

• Web applications

• Business homepages

• Blogs

129. How can you add a plugin to your WordPress site?


• In the navigation menu, choose ???edit plugins??? under plugins

• The server administrator must add the plugin for you

• In the navigation menu, choose ???add new??? under plugins

• WordPress doesn't support plugins

130. When you install a theme, where will the theme will be saved?


• wp-includes

• wp-root

• wp-config

• wp-content

• wp-admin

131. If you forget your admin password, you should try this first:


• Check the support blog

• Contact WordPress support

• Call 1-800-WordPress

• Click lost password

132. When you install a theme, where will the theme files be stored?


• wp-includes

• wp-content

• wp-root

• wp-config

• wp-admin

133. New themes can be chosen from which Dashboard section?


• Settings

• Widgets

• Jetpack

• Appearance

• Plugins

134. What is a theme in WordPress?


• A set of files that work together to create the design and functionality of a WordPress site

• A plugin that extends the functionality of a WordPress site

• A color scheme

• The combined design and messaging statements in your site that drive the user to a specific 'call to action'

135. WordPress can only be used as a blog.


• True

• False

136. What is the name of the most famous WordPress plugin?


• Hello Manny

• Hello Kelly

• Hello Sally

• Hello Dolly

137. This filter is used by WP to minimize spam content:


• Askimo

• Eskimo

• Akismet

• Scramble

138. WordPress Widgets are designed to do the following:


• works in conjunction with plugins to ensure a more secure site

• allows for easier uploading of content onto your home page

• aid navigation through the web to find similar content to yours

• simplify the arrangement of the various elements of your sidebar content, without code changes

139. Before you upgrade WordPress, what is the most important task you must perform?


• install Askimet

• ensure the new version ends with ".2"

• ensure your WP account is paid

• backup your database

140. How would you troubleshoot the error message: "Database not connected."?


• Check the database name, user and password in wp-config.php

• None of these

• You check style.css

• You check functions.php

• You change the username in phpMyAdmin

141. How do you speed up the load time of your Wordpress website?


• Minimize CSS.

• Compress images before uploading.

• All of these

• Use a Content Delivery Network.

• Minimize plugin installation.

142. Wordpress is used by major companies such as People Magazine and CNN


• False

• True

143. What is the key to solid WordPress SEO?


• Backlinks and permalinks

• Relevant content

• Minimal duplicate content

• All of these

144. Of the following, which is a page in the administrative area of WordPress?


• Codex Control

• None of these

• Dashter

• Dashboard

145. Is it possible to add a full-featured security plugin to your WordPress installation?


• No

• Yes

• Not Sure

146. How can you add an image to your blog entry?


• Click "add an image" and enter the URL of the image, or upload an image from your computer

• You can't add an image to blog entries in WordPress

• Email the image to your server moderator and ask them to post it

• Upload the image to your server

147. WordPress plugins might also be referred to as:


• additions

• extras

• add-ons or extensions

• fillers

148. You can build your WordPress site in your own language?


• True

• False

149. Where can you edit your permalink settings?


• Settings - Privacy

• Settings - Reading

• Settings - General

• Settings - Permalinks

150. What software stack does WordPress require to operate correctly?


• Python, MySQL and nginx

• Ruby, MySQL, and Apache

• PHP, MySQL and Memcached

• PHP, MySQL, and a web server

151. Once you have entered your content onto your blog and completed final edits, what button do you activate to send it live?


• Publish

• Enter

• Submit

• Go

152. The sections of information that you can visually drag into your sidebar / footer are called?


• Chunks

• Plugins

• Gremlins

• Excerpts

• Widgets

153. True Or False ? is it possible to disable WordPress autosave function?


• False

• True

154. How is WordPress licensed?


• Wadalab Fonts License (Wadalab)

• Liberation Font License (Liberation)

• SIL Open Font License (OFL)

• Bitstream Vera License (Bitstream Vera)

• GNU General Public License (GPL)

155. How can you install a widget on your blog?


• Go to ???widgets??? in Appearance, browse available widgets and install them

• The server programmer must add it for you

• Copy and paste the code for a widget into your blog

• Upload a file with the code for the widget onto your server

156. You can post to WordPress from iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, and WebOS phones.


• True

• False

157. How do you install a WordPress theme on your site?


• Upload the theme in /wp-content/themes/

• Copy and paste the source code into a blog entry

• Themes are not applicable to WordPress

• Upload the source code to your server

158. How do you deactivate a plugin?


• Delete the source code for the plugin from your server

• On the Plugins menu, select the plugin and click Deactivate

• Your site moderator must deactivate it for you

• Plugins cannot be deactivated

159. Where can you change your blog title?


• You cant change the blog title

• Upgrade the

• You need to change core code

• From the widget

• Under the "Settings > General" screen within the WordPress admin

160. What considerations should you make when using WordPress for a high-traffic site?


• Make sure your host or hardware/network can handle the traffic

• Determine what size of files you will be hosting and plan accordingly

• All of these

161. Items in WordPress sidebars are generally called:


• Content Areas

• Widgets

• Blocks

• Content Zones

162. I am backing up my WordPress website. At a minimum, I need to make copies of:


• The database and wp-content folder.

• The wp-content folder.

163. Which relational database does WordPress use?


• PostgresSQL

• Oracle

• MS SQLServer


164. In WordPress, what is the user role with the highest privilege level?


• Editor

• Contributor

• Author

• Administrator

165. WordPress is a:


• Customer Relationship Manager

• Coded Content Silo

• Content Management System

• Content Production Developer

166. How much time do you have to edit a post after publishing?


• 5 minutes

• 1 hour

• 24 hours

• Posts can be edited at any time.

• 15 minutes

167. How can you get involved with WordPress?


• Attend Word Camp

• Submit a bug report

• All of these

• Edit the Codex (documentation)

• Help in the Forums

168. Can you add custom meta boxes to the post editor page?


• Yes

• No

169. You can easily add functionality to your WordPress blog by adding a:


• Plug-in

• Adapter

• Tool

• Apps

170. WordPress requires which of the following?


• A server with a lot of help from your neighbors

• A server with PHP and PostgreSQL

• A server with PHP and MySQL

• A server with Ruby on Rails

• A server with Perl and MySQL

171. WordPress is an example of what type of software?


• Proprietary

• Linux

• Windows

• Open Source

172. When you use custom CSS to lay out your site, you can:


• Use image styles

• All of these

• Add borders and captions

• Text-wrap around an image

173. What is the default WordPress admin url?


• /manage

• /wp-manage

• /admin

• /wp-admin

174. What is the maximum number of blogs that can be created in a WordPress network?


• 3000

• 100

• 25

• Unlimited

• 10

175. True or False?'s software is free.


• True

• False

176. Is it possible to hide wordpress header info?


• No.

• Yes

177. How much does it costs to host your plugin in WordPress plugin directory?


• $4.99/year

• $1,000 Plugin Submission and Approval Fee

• $2.99/year

• $10.99/year

• Free

178. How many authors can you have on your WordPress blog?


• Unlimited

• 10

• 2

• 1

• 100

179. WordPress is open source software.


• False

• True

180. WordPress is written in what programming language?


• Python

• Java


• Ruby on Rails

• Perl

181. Which of the following is not a required file in a WordPress Theme?


• index.php

• style.css

• sidebar.php

182. How do you change the date display format in WordPress posts?


• Enter a sample date using Jan 1 1900 as a placeholder

• Install the Date Modifier plugin

• Change the format under General Settings

• It's controlled by the theme, so check theme settings

183. What is the default role for the user created during the WordPress "5-minute install" process?


• Subscriber

• Contributor

• Editor

• Administrator

• Author

184. Which of the following theme features are required in order to submit themes to the WordPress Theme Directory?


• Automatic Feed Links

• All listed

• Comments

• Support Widgets

185. When you need to access your WP Dashboard, which URL do you use?






186. What is the tag line?


• A better way to blog

• WordPress is the best

• Freshly pressed

187. In which table is a user's display_name stored?


• wp_options

• wp_users

• wp_usermeta

188. True or False? WordPress is open source.


• False

• True

189. Which function should you use to retrieve the contents of a remote file?


• wp_remote_get

• curl_exec

• file_get_contents

• fopen

• fsockopen

190. True or false? Plugins are compatible with each other at all times.


• True

• False

191. Which WordPress function do you need to use to send users to another URL?


• redirect

• redirect_user

• wp_redirect

• auth_redirect

• send_to_url

192. In WordPress, how do you make (1) static page the "Home Page" of your website?


• Admin Panel of your Theme

• Create a file "home.php" in your theme folder.

• "Settings -> Reading -> Set Front Page"

• On the Page Editor you wish to make the default home page

193. Which is the necessary file if you need to create a child theme?


• index.html

• index.php

• single.php

• page.php

• style.css

194. Who is responsible for backing up your WordPress installation?



• Matt Mullenweg

• Automattic, Inc.

• Your hosting provider

• You

195. This is a simple set of functions for creating macro codes that let you embed options to install a contact form, blog archive index, images, videos, or audio


• Sharpcodes

• Coders

• Shortcode API

• Shortcuts

196. What constant can you set to control the number of post revisions WordPress keeps?




• None, you can't control the amount of post revisions WordPress keeps.



197. What is the WordPress Codex?


• An encyclopedia of WordPress knowledge

• The required password to access the WordPress Dashboard

• Encrypted codes used for template design

• The name of a plugin used to enhance your template

198. How is Wordpress licensed?


• Common Public License

• GNU General Public License

• Apache License

• W3C Software Notice and License

• Mozilla Public License

199. What is required to activate Akismet in WP?


• Your Akismet username and password

• The last four digits of your password

• An Akismet API Key

• Your account username

• Your email address

200. What type of installation allows for multiple WordPress Sites/Blogs on one WordPress Installation?


• Manyblog

• Multisite

• Multiuser

• Manysite

• Multiblog

201. How can WordPress be hosted?


• On the free platform

• Neither of these

• On your own server

• Both of these

202. Which of the following is a valid permalink format?


• All are valid

• /posts/%post_id%/

• /%postname%/

• /%year%/%postname%/

• /%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/

203. Template file sidebar.php must be included in every theme


• False

• True

204. In order to extend or enhance the core functionality of a blog, which of the following might you use?


• Plugins

• RSS Feed

• Dashboard

• Security Software

205. In which table is a user's email address stored in a default WordPress installation?


• wp_users

• wp_options

• wp_usermeta

• wp_posts

206. Which of the following is a good reason to delete the admin account?


• Because it is not necessary

• For better functionality

• To enhance performance

• To enhance security

207. What are basically defined as "a way to 'skin' your weblog."


• Filters

• Tempates

• Skins

• Plugins

• Themes

208. When displaying a URL inside an anchor tag (<a>), which function should be used to escape the URL before displaying it?


• esc_url()

• esc_html()

• esc_attr()

• esc_js()

• attribute_escape()

209. is a service which


• is the administration location of the provider of platform software.

• allows you to have unlimited weblogs under a single account.

• allows you to set up a blog for free.

• is where you will find all the answers to your technical questions.

210. What is the safest way to customize the look and functionality of your site without losing the changes on updates?


• use a customization plugin.

• make certain changes in core WordPress files.

• add a special function in functions.php.

• edit the theme's style.css.

• create a child theme with style.css and functions.php.

211. Which of the following are needed to install WordPress 2.5.1?


• web server

• Plugin

• Dreamweaver

• (none of these)

212. Only approved beta testers can install a development version of WordPress.


• True

• False

213. How do you add a function to a filter hook?


• add_filters

• run_filters

• execute_filters

• do_filter_hook

• run_filter_hook

214. WordPress Documentation is in...


• The WordPress website.

• The WordPress Forums.

• The README file.

• The WordPress Codex.

215. Which function should be used to include header.php template file?


• the_header

• return_header

• wp_header

• get_header

216. WordPress allows access to a portable core.  This implies


• you can take WP mobile to all social media sites

• you can remove the content without your clients knowing

• you can utilize your public domain as well as store WP related files and directory tree in the WP domain

• you can use WP from all Ethernet ports to fill your entire weblog

217. What is the proper way to determine the local path to your plugin files?


• bloginfo('plugins')

• plugin_dir_path()

• plugins_url()

• site_url()

218. When another site links to your article, you receive a notification in your dashboard called a:


• Trackback/Pingback

• Hotlink Alert

• Ping Notification

• You don't receive a notification

219. What is the recommended method for including the 'footer.php' file within your theme's template files?


• wp_footer()

• get_footer()

• require 'footer.php'

• include 'footer.php'

220. Name the first file (or files) that you need to create to make a child theme:


• style.css and functions.php and header.php

• functions.php

• functions.php and style.css

• header.php

• style.css

221. What is the recommended method for including the 'header.php' file within your theme's template files?


• get_header()

• wp_header()

• get_head()

• wp_head()

222. Under WordPress Coding Standards, you should NEVER use shorthand PHP start tags and always use full PHP tags.


• True

• False

223. What is BuddyPress?


• A forums plugin for WordPress.

• A social networking plugin for WordPress.

• A chat plugin for WordPress.

• An email newsletter plugin for WordPress.

• A photo gallery plugin for WordPress.

224. According to WordPress PHP Coding Standards, what kind of PHP tags are allowed?


• Full, short and ASP-like tags (i.e. <?php ?> , <? ?>, <% %> )

• Full and short PHP tags (i.e. both <?php ?> and <? ?>)

• Full PHP tags only (i.e. <?php ?>)

225. When using translatable text strings in a JavaScript file, which function localizes those strings for the JavaScript file?


• wp_translate_script();

• wp_localize_script();

• wp_i18n_script();

• wp_send_script_translations();

• wp_l10n_script();

226. At a very minimum, a WordPress Child Theme consists of which files?


• loop.php and style.css

• index.php and functions.php

• style.css

• functions.php and style.css

227. Since WordPress 2.7.0 you can perform HTTP GET and POST requests with the following methods


• wp_httpapi_remote($method, $arg)

• You can't do HTTP requests with WordPress

• wp_remote_post, wp_remote_get

• wp_http_remote($method, $arg)

228. An introduction to your full blog posts is called a(n):


• Intro

• Snippet

• Excerpt

• Blurb

229. In a standard single installation of WordPress, which sub-menu should you use to change your site's registration options?


• Reading

• General

• Privacy

• Discussion

230. Which global object should you use if you'd like to interact with the WordPress database directly?


• $wp_database

• $mysql_obj

• $mysql

• $wpdb

• $db

231. What function do you use to programmatically update a post?


• update_post

• wp-update-post

• update-post

• None, you can't programmatically update a post in WordPress.

• wp_update_post

232. What main plugin does Automattic Inc. develop and provide?



• e-mail


• Sherman Williams

• Jetpack

233. "attachment" is a post type?


• false

• true

234. How to run shortcode in your theme file?


• do_shortcode()

• exec_shortcode

• run_shortcode

• none of these

• all

235. What is the correct function for registering custom taxonomies?


• register_custom_taxonomy()

• register_taxonomy()

• new_taxonomy()

• new_custom_taxonomy()

236. Where in a theme do we define the theme's author name?


• In theme's style.css file

• In theme's index.php file

• In Appearance setting page

• In config.php

• In theme's header.php file

237. How can one determine the post format of the current post in the loop?


• has_post_format

• is_post_format

• get_post_status

• get_post_format

238. Which of these parameters does update_post_meta() accept?


• $meta_key

• $post_id

• $meta_value

• all of these

• $prev_value

239. What does the "RPC" in name "XML-RPC" stand for?  ("XML-RPC" is used by WordPress to connect to external resources such as a mobile WordPress application)


• Retrieve Posts Collection

• Retrieve Post Content

• Remote Procedure Call

• Restore Post Content

240. Who supports, maintains, and updates the WordPress core code available on


• 37 Signals

• The WordPress community


• WordPress LLC

• ThemeForest

241. The excerpt can be customized:


• Adding a function in current theme

• Editing wp-admin/post.php

• Never

242. Which function will return the filesystem path of a given plugin?


• realpath();

• plugins_url();

• plugins_dir_url();

• plugin_dir_path();

• plugin_basename();

243. How do you turn on debugging in WordPress?


• Define WP_DEBUG constant as true in wp-config.php.

• Go to Dashboard > Settings > Debugging, click on "Yes" radio button.

• Define WP_DEBUG constant as true in functions.php.

• Install and activate the WordPress Debugger plugin.

• Save a file called .maintenance in the root of your WordPress installation.

244. Which of these is NOT a core post type?


• Attachment

• (all of these are NOT core post types)

• Page

• Post

• Events

245. Making alterations to WordPress core files is


• The best way to extend functionality

• Illegal

• Highly recommended

• Highly discouraged

246. Which of the following are used to create "The WordPress Loop" that displays posts on a page?


• start_loop() and rewind_loop()

• have_posts() and the_content()

• have_posts() and the_post()

• get_header() and get_footer()

247. What is the best way to add plugin functionality to a theme template without breaking the theme if the plugin is not installed? (Example plugin: Foo)


• <?php if(function_exists('foo')) { foo(); } ?>

• <?php (get_plugin_foo); ?>

• <?php (get_plugin('foo')) { foo(); } ?>

• <?php (if_exist_foo()) { foo(); } ?>

248. Which constant can you set in wp-config.php to limit the allowed memory for WordPress?






249. What file doesn't contain the current WordPress version?


• readme.html

• wp-includes/version.php

• wp-includes/js/l10n.js

250. True or False: update_post_meta can be used in place of add_post_meta.


• true

• false

251. What argument do you pass to WP_Query to  limit the number of posts shown on each page?


• posts_per_page

• showposts

• post_limit

• numberposts

252. What is


• A YouTube-like plugin for WordPress

• A TV-tuner plugin for WordPress

• A paid video hosting service for WordPress

• A collection of WordPress-related videos

253. The code that displays post or page title inside a loop in your template is:


• the_title();

• wp_title();

• wp-title();

• title();

254. Where is the Wordpress repository stored?


• Git

• Mercurial



• Bazaar

255. Which template tag should you use to output the post title inside the loop?


• the_post_title

• the_heading

• the_title

• the_page_title

• the_post_heading

256. What is a helpful function for including translated javascript objects?


• wp_localize_script()

• localized_js();

• wp_translate_js();

• localize_script();

257. What is used to get values from custom fields


• get_meta_value

• post_meta_value

• the_post_metas

• the_post_meta

• get_post_meta

258. You can create a custom post type:


• You can't

• Through the function wp_new_post_type()

• Through the function custom_post_type()

• Through the function register_post_type()

• Through the function new_post_type()

259. WordPress gives you the ability to theme the way attachments are displayed by adding MIME_type.php files to your theme.


• True

• False, this was deprecated >=3.0

• False, this was never a feature

• False, this is still being developed

260. The function the_excerpt() can be used anywhere in your WordPress theme.


• Only when you set the second parameter to true

• True

• No such function exists

• Only within the posts loop

261. WordPress stores your uploads by default following which folder structure?


• wp-content/uploads/[filename.extension]

• wp-includes/uploads/[year]/[month]/[filename.extension]

• wp-content/uploads/[year]/[month]/[filename.extension]

• wp-includes/uploads/[year]/[month]/[day]/[filename.extension]

262. If you want to retrieve the current user's last name you'll use


• get_user_last_name( $current_user->ID )

• get_user_meta( $current_user->ID, 'last_name', true );

• get_user( $current_user->ID )->last_name

263. In what order does blog content appear on a WordPress blog by default?


• Ordered by the author

• Reverse chronological order

• Ranked by popularity

• Oldest first

264. When using classes, what visibility level is needed in order for WordPress to call your functions after being hooked into an action?


• Private

• Doesn't matter.

• Pass by Reference

• Public

265. Where is a Theme's Header information located? (The Theme's title, author, url, version, etc.)


• style.css

• functions.php


• header.php


266. What functions are used to safely add a style file to wordpress generated page?


• wp_register_style() and wp_enqueue_style()

• add_safe_style() and enqueue_safe_style()

• add_editor_style() and wp_enqueue_style()

• wp_register_css() and wp_enqueue_css()

• wp_add_inline_style() and wp_register_style()

267. What is the recommended method of linking JavaScript to a WordPress generated page.


• wp_localize_script()

• wp_add_script()

• wp_enqueue_script()

• wp_print_scripts()

268. What must happen to correctly localize a JS file in the WordPress API? The external file is a JS script, and it has multiple strings that require translation.


• the translated strings must be assigned to a javascript object to avoid name-space conflicts, and the external scripts must reference the included objects' strings.

• the translations must be passed to wp_localize_script()

• the script handle that wp_localize_script('handle') references must be registered

• all of the answers are correct

269. Which function do you use to enable featured image in WordPress?


• add_template_support('post-thumbnails');

• set_theme_support('post');

• add_theme_support('post');

• add_theme_support('post-thumbnails');

• set_template_support('thumbnails');

270. What is bbPress?


• A forums plugin for WordPress.

• An arcade plugin for WordPress.

• A wiki plugin for WordPress.

• A social networking plugin for WordPress.

• A photo gallery plugin for WordPress.

271. What should you write in PHP comments in the head of a file to declare a custom page template in a WordPress theme?


• Description:

• Page Template:

• Template:

• Name:

• Template Name:

272. How to retrieve single variable from database?


• $wpdb->get_var($query)

• $wpdb->get_results($query)

• $wpdb->get_singlevar($query)

• $wpdb->query($query)

273. In wp_redirect( $one, $two ), $one is the URL you're going to redirect to, while $two is ___


• HTTP redirection status code

• User ID (if already logged in)

• Seconds to wait before redirection

274. Which of the following is not a Conditional Tag?


• is_page()

• is_blog()

• is_home()

• is_admin()

275. Which of the listed functions would you use to get the value of a Custom Field?


• get_post_custom_field

• the_post_custom_field

• get_custom_field_value

• the_post_meta

• get_post_meta

276. What Filter Hook is used to modify the output of the_content()?


• the_content

• page_content

• post_content

• publish_post

• the_body

277. The get_option and update_option functions will serialize and unserialize arrays and objects automatically.


• False

• Only if the third argument is set to true.

• True

278. The functions.php file must be created for every theme you develop?


• True

• False

279. Which function returns a search form?


• wp_search_form();

• get_search_form();

• output_search_form();

• get_template_part('search_form');

• display_search_form();

280. An AJAX action registered within WordPress can be accessed directly without performing a JavaScript-driven AJAX call.


• True

• False

281. The functions.php file is required in a theme?


• true

• false

282. To change the output of text for use on the front end or for saving to the database, which kind of hook would you use?


• action

• filter

• api

283. To change the email address that is used for new user notification, which menu option should you go to?


• Media

• Settings

• Tools

• Posts

• Users

284. What is the name of the API bundled into WordPress core to handle the construction and management of widgets?


• WP_Widget_API

• WP_Widget

• WPWidgets

285. What is the proper order of  parameters that get_the_post_thumbnail() accepts?


• $post_id, $size, $attr

• $size, $post_id, $attr

• $post_id, $attr, $size

• $size, $attr

286. Which WordPress conditional tag is used to check if the current query is the main query for the current screen being displayed?


• is_current_query();

• is_main_query();

• is_parent_query();

• is_top_query();

287. What is the conditional function to check if you're in the main WordPress query?


• is_global_query()

• is_main_loop()

• is_main_query()

• is_query_main()

• is_global_loop()

288. How do you enable a WordPress Multisite network?


• by adding define('WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true); to .htaccess

• by adding define('ALLOW_MULTISITE', true); to wp-config.php

• by adding define('WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true); to functions.php

• by adding define('WP_MULTISITE', true); to wp-config.php

• by adding define('WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true); to wp-config.php

289. Which function returns the ID of a featured image?


• get_post_thumbnail_id()

• featured_image_id()

• get_the_post_thumbnail()

• get_featured_image_id()

290. Which code is used to enable Featured image option in WordPress?


• the_post_thumbnail();

• set_post_thumbnail();

• add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails' );

291. The portion of a theme file that displays your posts is called:


• The Post

• Get Pages

• The Loop

• The Query

292. The WordPress Codex is editable by:


• Only Matt Mullenweg

• Only Automattic, Inc.

• Only the Core Developers

• Only volunteers with over 2 years of experience

• Anyone

293. The bookmarklet included in WordPress for publishing to your site while browsing the web is called:


• Publish This

• Press This

• Post This

• Blog This

294. What is the query variable that holds the current page number to control page navigation?


• pg

• p

• page_num

• page

• paged

295. In order to remove a .css file that is loaded by a plugin, which function is going to be used inside the theme's functions.php file?


• wp_deregister_css()

• wp_dequeue_script()

• wp_deregister_style()

• wp_deregister_script()

296. Which query argument represents the requested page number?


• paged

• page

• page_n

• p

• pagenum

297. Which functions check if a post has featured image?


• post_thumbnail( $post_id );

• have_post_thumbnail( $post_id );

• has_post_thumbnail( $post_id );

• had_post_thumbnail( $post_id );

• the_post_thumbnail( $post_id );

298. You can move the wp-content folder elsewhere adding _____ in wp-config.php


• define( 'DEFAULT_WP_CONTENT', [new_content_path] );

• define( 'WP_CONTENT_DIR', [new_content_path] );

• define( NEW_'WP_CONTENT', [new_content_path] );

• define( 'WP_CONTENT', [new_content_path] );

• define( SITE_'WP_CONTENT', [new_content_path] );

299. What is proper way to load a PHP file into a template (other than header, sidebar, footer)?


• include

• include_once

• load_template_part

• include_template_part

• get_template_part

300. What function creates a custom sidebar in your theme?


• register_widget_area()

• wp_register_sidebars()

• register_sidebar()

• wp_register_widget_area()

• add_theme_support( 'sidebars')

301. What function allows you to switch between blogs on your installed WordPress network?


• get_blog();

• the_new_blog();

• switch_to_blog();

• switch_install();

302. Which of the following can be used to include a file named 'showcase.php' in your theme?


• wp_get_template( 'showcase' );

• wp_include_file( 'showcase', true );

• get_showcase();

• get_template_part( 'showcase' );

• wp_template( 'showcase' )

303. What file can you use in your theme to create a custom search form?


• searchform.php

• get_search_form.php

• search.php

304. The get_query_var() function is used to:


• Retrieve variable in the WP_Query class of the global $wp_query object.

• Retrieve a previously generated rewrite query var from the wp_options table.

• To get the $wp_query object instead of using directly the global object.

305. How do you set the language of your Wordpress instance?


• Set the language in the wp-config.php file

• On the Settings tab in Dashboard, under General

• On the Settings tab in Dashboard, under Reading

• You can not set the language

306. What is the difference between the functions  __() and _e()?


• __() echoes a string and _e() translates a string

• __() translates a string and _e() returns a string

• __() echoes a string and _e() returns a string

• __() returns a string and _e() echoes a string

307. How do you add content that you want to appear outside of the normal blog flow?


• "Pin" the content to the sidebar

• Use a Page

• Edit the content map

• Use the Wordpress Content Manager

308. Which file would you create/modify in your theme to customize a search form?


• search-form.php

• generic-form.php

• search.php

• search_template.php

• searchform.php

309. "Just another WordPress blog" is a _____, and can be edited via the ______ Dashboard section.


• Title; Settings -> General

• Tagline; Settings -> Reading

• Title; Appearance

• Tagline; Settings -> General

• Tagline; Appearance

310. Which function should a plugin use in order to echo a string to the browser and make it translatable?


• _out('string');

• echo('string', 'translatable');

• printf('string', array(translatable: true ));

• _e( 'string', 'text-domain' );

• echo_translatable('string');

311. Which of the following directs to themes folder?


• bloginfo('theme_directory')

• bloginfo('template_directory')

• blog('template-directory')

• blog('theme-directory')

• blog('theme_directory')

312. Can you disable posts revisions?


• Yes, with define('WP_POST_REVISIONS', false );

• No, you can only set how many revisions will be stored.

• Yes, with define('POST_REVISIONS', false );

• Yes, with define('WP_POST_REVISIONS', 0 );

313. What does the following line do? add_filter('show_admin_bar', '__return_false');


• Hides the admin bar for every user.

• Hides the admin bar for the administrators only.

• It generates an error.

• Hides the admin bar for every user, except administrators.

314. If you need to save data in WordPress for a limited amount of time, what is the best way to do this?


• Options API

• Database API


• Transient API

• Pseudo Cron API

315. While running through the WordPress Loop, which action can be used to display content before each post in The Loop?


• wp_the_post

• the_current_post

• wp_post

• current_post

• the_post

316. What is the Transients API used for?


• Processing language translation

• Storing cached data temporarily

• Managing Settings forms

• Storing User data

• Displaying Posts in The Loop

317. How can you enable WP multisite support in wp-config.php?


• define('WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true)

• define('WP_MULTISITE', true)

• define('WP_MULTISITE_SUPPORT', true)

• define('WP_MULTISITE_ALLOW', true)

318. Which file do you need to change in order to modify the post template?


• page.php

• post.php

• single.php

• article.php

• archive.php

319. The following license can be obtained by the blog owner to specify what content can and cannot be taken from the site:


• Count Commerce

• Creative Commons

• Core Clearance

• Content Clearance

320. Which step isn't a part of installing WordPress multisite?


• Creating a directory for media file uploads

• Manually adding a blogs table to your database

• Modifying your .htaccess file with new values

• Editing your wp-config.php file to declare the install as multisite

321. CVE???s are routinely published by WordPress.  CVE stands for:


• Custom Variants and Exposures

• Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures

• Custom Vulnerabilities and Experiments

• Common Variants and Exposures

322. JavaScript strings should be translated by using?


• wp_translate_script

• wp_localize_javascript

• wp_script_translation

• wp_localize_script

323. What do we need to do in order to create a widget?


• To make use of the the_widget($widget, $instance, $args); function

• To extend the WP_Widget class WP_Widget class and some of its functions

• To make our custom class and use register_activation_hook( __FILE__, array( 'MyPlugin', 'install' ) );

324. How would you properly escape the following scenario: <a href="<?php echo $url ?>"


• echo attribute_escape( $url )

• echo esc_attr( $url )

• echo esc_html( $url )

• echo esc_url( $url )

325. Sidebars should be added on the ____ hook.


• init

• admin_init

• plugins_loaded

• wp_loaded

326. Shortcode styles are retained when you switch to a theme that does not use shortcodes.


• False

• True

327. The function ______ displays the Featured Image (previously called Post Thumbnails) for the current post, as set in that post's edit screen.


• has_post_thumbnail()

• get_the_post_thumbnail()

• the_post_thumb()

• the_post_thumbnail()

• post_thumbnail()

328. Which one of these is NOT a supported post format?


• Status

• Gallery

• Log

• Link

• Aside

329. Which function would you use to make WordPress crunch images into an additional size?


• add_image_size

• add_thumbnail_size

• add_image_dimensions

• add_image

• add_image_type

330. What function do you use to register a new custom image size?


• add_image_size();

• new_post_thumbnail_size();

• set_post_thumbnail_size();

• new_custom_image_size();

331. What does wp_filter_kses() function do?


• Filters script tags from the given content.

• Verifies for security issues.

• Converts old actions from the ancient KSeS CMS platform to the new WordPress Hooks. Some libraries of WordPress inherits KSeS code.

• Sanitize content with allowed HTML rules.

• Search the content for PHP code and filters it.

332. Which function does WordPress use to remove certain HTML text and attributes from user input?


• wp_kses

• wp_clean_text

• strip_tags

• stip_unallowed_tags

333. In which table does WordPress store Custom Fields?


• wp_custom

• wp_meta

• wp_posts

• wp_postmeta

• wp_comments

334. wp_redirect() does not exit automatically and should almost always be followed by exit.


• True

• False

335. How do you correctly register the shortcode to call this function:   function ppp_shortcode() { echo "some code or stuff here"; }


• add_shortcode('shortcode', 'ppp_shortcode');

• wp_shortcode('shortcode', 'ppp_shortcode');

• do_shortcode('shortcode', 'ppp_shortcode');

• register_shortcode('shortcode', 'ppp_shortcode');

• shortcode('shortcode', 'ppp_shortcode');

336. Which function makes sure that only certain HTML tags are allowed, if present, in a given string of text?


• clean_tags();

• wp_kses();

• format();

• restrict_html();

337. What is the name of the function allowing you to register your own shortcode?


• register_shortcode()

• do_shortcode()

• wp_add_shortcode()

• add_shortcode()

338. Using is_archive() will return true on:


• Category, Tag, Author and Date listings

• Category and Tag listings

• Category, Author and Date listings

• Category, Tag, Author listings

• Date listings

339. How do you delete the "uncategorized" category?


• Unassign any posts assigned to the uncategoriezed category, then delete it

• In the global dashboard, navigate to your categories and choose delete.

• In the blog???s dashboard, navigate to your categories and choose delete.

• In the blog's dashboard, change the default category for new posts, then delete the "Uncategorized" entry.

340. Using bloginfo() without a parameter will default to?


• bloginfo('template_url')

• bloginfo('description')

• bloginfo('url')

• bloginfo('name')

341. When displaying posts on your blog's homepage, if WordPress cannot find a matching template file, what theme file is used?


• home.php

• page.php

• archive.php

• index.php

• single.php

342. For security reasons, you can move wp-config.php one folder level above the current website folder


• True

• False

343. Which function do you use to sanitize a generic text field for saving in the database?


• sanitize_text_field();

• esc_url();

• wp_strip_all_tags();

• capital_P_dangit();

• esc_attr();

344. Is it required that the current theme's stylesheet be loaded inside the "header.php" template file within the theme?


• Yes, the "style.css" file must always be loaded inside "header.php"

• No, it can be loaded via "functions.php" as well

345. How do you call an instance of TinyMCE content editor in the admin?


• the_editor()

• new_wp_editor()

• tiny_mce()

• new_editor()

• wp_editor()

346. What function do you use to add core functionality to a post type?


• post_type_supports()

• add_post_type_support()

• add_support_type()

• new_support_for_post_type()

• add_support_post_type()

347. Which function is used to strip all shortcodes from a given string of text?


• remove_all_shortcodes();

• strip_all_shortcodes();

• remove_shortcodes();

• strip_shortcodes();

348. You want to customize the Loop on your static home page. Which conditional tag do you use?


• is_home();

• is_front_page();

349. What WordPress function allows you to make PHP variables available to enqueued javascript files?


• wp_localize_ajax()

• wp_enqueue_script_vars()

• wp_localize_script()

• wp_print_script_vars()

350. If you want to retrieve specific WordPress site users you'll use


• get_users_query()

• the_users()

• wp_users()

• get_users()

• query_users()

351. Writing local files to the filesystem to be done securely with the


• Widgets API

• Transients API

• Rewrite API

• Filesystem API

352. Which one of the following is NOT required in the information header of a child theme's style.css?


• Theme Name

• Template

• Version

353. What function would you use to retrieve a remote API using the http GET method?


• wp_api_get()

• get_remote_request()

• wp_remote_post()

• wp_curl()

• wp_remote_get()

354. What conditional statement would you use for custom post types?


• if ( 'book' == get_post_type() ) { }

• If (is_post_type_archive('book')) { }

• If (is_singular('book')) { }

• If (is_page('book')) { }

355. Which of the following is the correct template hierarchy for a page query?


• page-$id.php -> page-$slug.php -> index.php -> single.php

• page-$slug.php -> page-$id.php -> page.php

• page-$slug.php -> page-$id.php -> page.php -> index.php

• page-$slug.php -> page-$id.php -> single.php

356. In what directory can the WPLANG .mo file reside?


• All of these.

• In 'wp-includes/languages' directory

• In 'wp-content/languages' directory

• As defined by WP_LANG_DIR constant

357. What does the dynamic_sidebar() function do?


• Outputs all the widgets of a given sidebar

• Nothing

• Outputs a sidebar on the left or right, depending on the layout settings

• Creates a JavaScript dynamic object, that represents a sidebar

358. What is a "pluggable function"?


• A function that can only be used by plugins

• A function placed in wp-includes/pluggable.php that can be overridden if you create the pluggable.php file

• A function placed in wp-includes/pluggable.php that can be removed only with a plugin.

• A function placed in wp-includes/pluggable.php that let you override certain core functions via plugins

359. What does get_post_type_object() return if the post type doesn't exist?


• Nothing

• A WP_Error object

• null

• 'Warning warning warning!'

360. What is the purpose of a nonce?


• Debug code

• Escape PHP variables

• Add a security check

• Sanitize database inputs

361. How do you register a WordPress custom nav menu?


• wp_nav_menu()

• add_theme_support( 'nav_menus')

• add_theme_support( 'wp_nav_menus')

• wp_register_nav_menu()

• register_nav_menu()

362. Out of these files, which would you add or modify to change the template for an image attachment?


• index.php

• image.php

• attachment.php

• image_attachment.php

• You can't modify this with a template

363. What WordPress function allows you to check users capabilities?


• get_editable_roles()

• current_user_can()

• get_user_to_edit()

• get_user_cap()

364. What is the name of the filter for adding a CSS class to a post?


• post_class

• body_class

• the_post_class

• content_class

365. What function would you use to enqueue a script in the back-end of WordPress?


• wp_enqueue_scripts()

• admin_enqueue_scripts()

• is_admin_enqueue_scripts()

• function_enqueue_scripts()

366. WordPress locks you into it's current version for jQuery.


• False

• You have to use a plugin.

• You can edit the core jQuery file to update it.

• True

367. What function do you use to return the current post's featured image for use in variables?


• wp_featured_image();

• get_wp_featured_image();

• get_the_post_thumbnail();

• the_post_thumbnail();

• get_featured_image();

368. What is the function to check if a user has a capability?


• user_can()

• user_has_cap()

• current_user_cap()

• current_can()

369. What is the correct way of checking if a theme supports a certain capability?


• current_theme_supports('feature')

• theme_supports('feature')

• the_theme_supports('feature')

370. In the WordPress template hierarchy which template would be used first on a specific category archive page


• category-{category-name}.php

• index.php

• {category-name}-category.php

• category.php

• archive.php

371. The the_post() method in the WP_Query class sets up which global variable?


• $page

• $post

• $query

• $the_post

• $wp_query

372. How would you add support for Post Formats to a post type?


• wp_support_post_format($post-format);

• wp_post_format_support( $post-format,$post-type);

• add_post_type_support( $post-format,$post-type);

• add_post_type_support( $post-type,$post-format);

373. The function you use to access a WordPress site option is:


• site_option()

• the_option()

• get_option()

• get_the_option()

• wp_option()

374. To create a child theme, which line is required in addition to the default WordPress theme headers (style.css)?


• template: directory-of-parent

• Template: directory-of-parent

• parent: directory-of-parent

• parent-theme: directory-of-parent

375. Which action occurs when a post is saved?


• commit_post

• store_post

• save_post

• post_save

• post_update

376. Which one of the following is NOT a WordPress-generated CSS Class?


• .alignmiddle

• .alignright

• .alignleft

• .wp-caption

377. Which action would you use to show additional fields in WordPress registration form?


• register_form

• user_register

• edit_user_profile

• wp_login

• register_post

378. What line is required to set a theme to be the child of another theme within the child theme's .css header?


• Template:

• Child Of:

• Theme Name:

• Set Parent Theme:

• Get Theme:

379. Which is the correct order of parameters?


• register_taxonomy( $taxonomy, $object_type, $args );

• register_taxonomy( $taxonomy, $args );

• register_taxonomy( $args, $object_type, $taxonomy );

• register_taxonomy( $taxonomy, $args, $object_type );

380. Which of these methods is used to add capabilities to a user role object?


• wp_add_cap()

• add_cap()

• wp_cap()

• cap_add()

381. Which file (if it exists) controls the look of your index page if the Reading Settings are set to use a static page for the blog?


• front-page.php

• single.php

• archive.php

• index.php

• page.php

382. When you want to view all of the stored data in the $wpdb->prefix.'options' table, you would:


• Edit your .htaccess file to allow this

• Append "options.php" to the end of your default admin URL

• View the "General" tab under the Settings menu

• Enable "View All" mode via wp-config.php

383. When using the function, add_image_size(), what parameter is required?


• width

• crop

• height

• name

384. Which capability should you check against to find out whether the current user can publish posts?


• edit_posts

• level_7

• publish_posts

• edit_published_posts

• editor

385. Which of the following manually defines your WordPress address (URL)?


• define('URL', '');

• define('WP_SITEURL', '');

• define('WP_SITE', '');

• define('SITEURL', '');

• define('WP_URL', '');

386. You can overwrite the siteurl option in wp-config.php with:


• define('WP_SITE_URL', '[url]');

• define('WP_SITEURL', '[url]');

• define('SITE_URL', '[url]');

• define('SITEURL', '[url]');

• define('DEFAULT_URL', '[url]');

387. Where can you see available WordPress, theme, and plugin options as they are recorded in the database?


• Check view all under options - reading

• You can't, the options are divided into sub menus

• Browse to wp-admin/options.php

• Go to Options, see all

388. How do you set limit in revisions (for e.g 2) in Post/Page of Wordpress admin?


• define('WP_PAGE_REVISIONS', 2 );

• define('WP_SET_REVISIONS', 2 );

• define('WP_POST_REVISIONS', 2 );

• define('WP_REVISIONS', 2 );

389. How do you use the WP_Widget class to create a new widget?


• My_Widget = new WP_Widget

• WP_Widget =>init

• WP_Widget = $this->New_Widget

• foreach( $My_Widget as $WP_Widget)

• My_Widget extends WP_Widget

390. In wordpress which function is used for checking that the front URL contains https?


• is_url_sll()

• is_front_ssl()

• is_ssl_uri();

• is_ssl_enable()

• is_ssl()

391. What is the name of the ticketing and bug reporting system that WordPress uses.


• Redmine

• Trac


• YouTrack

• BugZilla

392. What is  a safe way of removing a named option/value pair from the options database table?


• delete_option( $option );

• remove_option( $option );

• delete_the_option( $option );

• trash_option( $option );

393. Using user_can() function, which capability will determine an administrator?


• delete_published_posts

• delete_users

• upload_files

• delete_posts

394. Which are default post types in WordPress?


• posts

• posts, pages, uploads, revisions and nav. menus

• posts and pages

• posts, pages and nav. menus

• posts, pages, attachments, and nav. menus

395. What does define('SAVEQUERIES', true); do?


• Cache executed queries to save time and resources

• Save executed queries and output to wp-content/savedqueries.log

• Save executed queries in $wpdb for debugging purposes

396. Which of the following embeds a YouTube video?


• [embed][/embed]

• Both ways are correct.


• Neither way is correct.

397. How do you get all meta fields from a post?


• $metas = the_post_meta( $post->ID );

• $metas = get_meta_post( $post->ID );

• $metas = get_post_meta( $post->ID );

• $metas = get_post_meta( $post->ID, true );

• $metas = get_post_meta( $post->ID, 'all' );

398. In which folder should a plugin be stored to make wordpress use it automatically and to prevent the plugin deactivation?


• wp-content/plugins/mu

• wp-content/plugins/mustuse

• wp-content/mu-plugins

• wp-admin/mustuse-plugins

399. The optional /wp-contents/mu-plugins/ folder is used to add what type of plugins to a site?


• Memory Utilization plugins, for memory intense operations.

• .MU plugins, for multilingual sites.

• Must Use plugins, activated automatically.

• Multi User plugins, for use on multisite installations.

400. What will get_post_meta($post_id, $key) return?


• A single result, as a string of the custom field

• An array of the custom fields

• The meta id of the custom field

• Boolean (true or false) if the post has a custom field $key

401. What is the correct way to retrieve the theme's style.css file URL?


• get_stylesheet_directory_uri()

• get_stylesheet_directory()

• get_stylesheet_uri()

• get_template_directory_uri()

• get_template_directory()

402. What is default post type available in WordPress ?


• post , page , attachment , revision ,menu

• post , page , thumb, revision ,nav_menu_item

• post , page , attachment , revision ,nav_menu_item

• post , page , attachment , trash, publish,draft,nav_menu_item

403. A rewrite change will not be affected until:


• relogin

• plugin updated

• edit .htaccess file

• rewrite flushed

• site restarted

404. Which function returns the current post content to be stored in a PHP variable?


• $content = get_the_excerpt();

• $content = the_content();

• $content = get_the_content();

• $content = get_post_content();

• $content = the_excerpt();

405. This function gets the URL of the author page for the author using a given ID.


• grab_author_posts_url( $author_id, $author_nicename )

• get_author_posts_url( $author_id, $author_nicename )

• get_the_author_link( $author_id, $author_nicename )

406. In order to make a specific JavaScript file available to be loaded as needed (but to not actually load it), which function is used?


• wp_enqueue_script();

• wp_load_script();

• wp_add_script_for_load();

• wp_register_script();

• wp_scripts();

407. What is the correct way to add a CSS file to a theme, but not add it to the HTML?


• wp_register_style('handle', $src)

• wp_enqueue_style('handle', $src);

• wp_add_style('handle', $src);

• wp_add_css('handle', $src);

• wp_register_styles('handle', $src);

408. Which hook is triggered when a new post is published?


• None of these

• post_ publish

• post_init

• publish_post

409. Which feature allows users to edit their theme in realtime?


• Theme Customizer

• Custom Header

• Theme Editor

• Widgets

410. Which of the following is the default update service (which notifies a third party site whenever a new post is published) from WordPress 2.5.1 onwards?





• None of these


411. To ensure all plugins have been loaded before performing an action, which WordPress hook should the action be added to?


• wp

• init

• after_plugins_loaded

• after_setup_theme

• plugins_loaded

412. Which of the following will WordPress look for FIRST when displaying a single custom post type.


• single-$posttype.php

• single.php

• index.php

• single-post.php

413. Which hook should you use to add a script to your plugin admin page?


• admin_enqueue_scripts

• wp_print_styles

• wp_print_scripts

• admin_print_scripts-$page

• wp_enqueue_scripts

414. The best and safest way to format and sanitize a SQL statement?


• $wpdb->prepare()

• $wpdb->makesafe()

• $wpdb->escape()

• mysql_escape_string()

• mysql_real_escape_string()

415. At the very minimum, a WordPress Theme (parent theme) consists of how many files?


• 2 files

• 4 files

• 3 files

• 1 file

416. While developing themes , writing " @package WordPress " in head comment section of the file is correct.


• Yes

• No

417. What is a valid method for declaring an action hook inside a class ?


• add_action('my_action', 'my_function');

• add_action('my_action', array($this, 'my_function'));

• add_action('my_action', 'my_function', __CLASS__);

• add_action('my_action', 'my_function', $this);

418. How to retrieve current user ID?


• get_current_user( 'ID' )

• get_user_id()

• current_user_id()

• get_current_user_id()

• user_id()

419. If you add define( 'UPLOADS', $path ) to wp-config.php, $path is:


• absolute server path

• path relative to wp-config.php

• path relative to ABSPATH

420. What does the is_admin() conditional function do?


• Returns true if the current page is an admin page

• Neither of these

• Returns true if the current user is an Administrator

421. True or False: The function is_admin() checks if the current logged in user is the Administrator.


• True

• False

422. Which of the following is required by WordPress for a plugin to function?


• CSS subdirectory

• plugin header

• GPL license

• readme file

• All of these

423. What will the output of wp_upload_dir() be?


• Boolean: true if the uploads directory is present, false if not

• Array containing information on the current uploads directory

• String containing the path of the current uploads directory

424. Which WordPress function can you use to check whether a string is a valid e-mail address?


• is_valid_email

• is_email

• is_string_valid_email

• preg_match

425. If is_admin returns true, you are logged in as an administrator?


• true

• false

426. What function is NOT used in saving/ recalling information saved in the Post Metadata?


• get_metadata()

• add_post_meta

• update_post_meta()

• the_post_metadata()

• get_post_meta()

427. What would the following snippet of code do?  add_filter('pre_site_transient_update_core', create_function( '$a', "return null;" ));


• Remove the "Howdy, <NAME>" message

• Return a WordPress error

• Hide WordPress upgrade notices

• Nothing, as $a is not defined

• Update your installation to the latest version

428. Which is the proper method for displaying a post thumbnail in The Loop?


• the_post_thumbnail( $size )

• echo the_post_thumbnail( $size )

• the_post_thumbnail( $post_id, $size )

• echo the_post_thumbnail( $post_id, $size )

429. What function can be used to display the total number of posts that the current author has published?


• the_author_posts()

• Both of these

• Neither of these

• get_the_author_posts();

430. By default, which database table stores your user account privileges?


• wp_permissions

• wp_login

• wp_privileges

• wp_users

• wp_usermeta

431. True or False? a user with role = "contributor" can publish its own posts.


• True

• False

432. Where do deprecated Template Tags, Conditional Tags and Include Tags go before they die?


• wp-admin/includes/deprecated.php

• wp-includes/deprecated-functions.php

• wp-admin/deprecated.php

• wp-includes/deprecated.php

• wp-admin/includes/ms-deprecated.php

433. Several classes for aligning images and block elements (div, p, table etc.) were introduced in WordPress 2.5: aligncenter, alignleft and alignright. These are styled out of the box for all Themes.


• False

• True

434. Using query_posts() destroys the main query object.


• False

• True

• Only when used in conjunction with WP_Query

435. Which WordPress function converts double line-breaks to paragraph tags?


• wp_auto_p

• add_paragraph

• convert_to_paragraph

• wp_add_p

• wpautop

436. What Function trashes or deletes a comment?


• <?php delete_comment( $comment_id, $force_delete ) ?>

• <?php wp_delete_comment( $comment_id, $force_delete ) ?>

• <?php wp_delete_comment( $comment_id, $delete ) ?>

437. What are the required parameters for wp_mail function?


• $from, $to, $subject, $message, $headers

• $to, $subject, $message, $headers

• $to, $subject, $message

• $from, $to, $subject, $message, $headers, $attachments

438. A WordPress multisite installation allows you to have networked sites:


• only with sub-domains.

• with both sub-domains and sub-directories.

• none of the above.

• only with sub-directories.

• either with sub-domains, or sub-directories, but not both.

439. What do you use to remove the WordPress version number from the meta tags?


• You can't.

• remove_action('wp_head', 'wp_generator');

• remove_action('init', 'wp_generator');

• remove_action('init', 'wp_version_number');

• remove_action('wp_head', 'wp_version_number');

440. How do you hide a WordPress Version number for the Website user/visitor?


• remove_action('wp_head', 'wp_version');

• remove_action('wp_head', 'wp_generator');

• remove_action('wp_head', 'wp_version_generator');

441. If you want to write a front-end AJAX handler, you must:


• None of these

• Write a custom ajax.php file

• Use wp-ajax.php and add actions to the wp_ajax_ and wp_ajax_nopriv_ hooks

• Use admin-ajax.php and add actions to the wp_ajax_ and wp_ajax_nopriv_ hooks

442. How can you check whether the current $wp_query is a reference to $wp_the_query?


• $wp_the_query->is_main_query()

• $wp_query->is_ref( $wp_the_query )

• is_main_query()

• dynamic_sidebar()

• query_posts()

443. Which function removes all shortcodes from given content?


• disable_shortcodes

• strip_all_shortcodes

• remove_all_shortcodes

• strip_shortcodes

• remove_shortcodes

444. How would one generate RSS feed for a search result via WordPress default search function?


• Adding &extend=RSS to the Search URL

• Adding search_feed_rss_redirect on; to .htaccess

• Adding &extend=Atom to the Search URL

• Adding &feed=rss to the Search URL

• Adding "define( 'WP_SEARCH_FEED', true ); to wp-config.php

445. Which of these is the best practice function for displaying the homepage URL of your website within WordPress?


• home_url();

• get_bloginfo( 'url' );

• site_url();

446. In menus generated with wp_nav_menu(), which CSS class is assigned to the current page?


• both

• neither

• .current-menu-item

• .current_page_item

447. Which function should you use to link an admin page from a plugin or a theme?


• admin_url()

• site_url( array( 'wp-admin', 'my-page' ) )

• wp_admin_url()

• wp_url()

448. When attaching a function to the admin_enqueue_scripts hook what variable is available for your function to use?


• $hook_suffix

• $admin_header

• $ajaxurl

• $jquery_version

449. What is the standard way to build a Theme in WordPress?


• You must adhere to the standards of existing Theme Frameworks.

• Object oriented development practices.

• There are no standards, build it using the tools at your disposal.

• Procedural layouts in functions.php

• The default WordPress Theme is the standard!

450. The WordPress Cron is 100% accurate timing-wise.


• True

• Only if ALTERNATE_WP_CRON is set to true

• False

451. Can wp_schedule_event() schedule a run-once task?


• Yes, using 'once' as first arguments

• No, we'll need wp_schedule_single_event();

452. True or false? WordPress supports many-to-many relationship by default.


• False

• True

453. What does the WP Filesystem API do?


• abstracts local files' reading and writing

• checks WP core files' permissions

• manages the uploads directory tree

454. What function will you use to display categories dropdown list


• wp_category_options

• wp_categories_dropdown_list

• categories_dropdown

• wp_dropdown_categories

• wp_select_category

455. Which function changes the incorrect capitalization of Wordpress into WordPress?


• _doing_it_wrong()

• zomg_wth_are_you_doing()

• doing_it_wrong()

• capital_P_dangit()

• capital_P()

456. When you have a WordPress loop within another WordPress loop using the WP_Query(); function, you should end your inner loop with what function to make sure the parent loop continues?


• reset();

• wp_reset_postdata();

• wp_reset();

• Any of these

457. Custom post types automatically support category and tag archives.


• False

• Only if you set 'default_archives' => true

• True

458. What is the best way to include a JavaScript object to a plugin or theme with WordPress?


• wp_localize_script( $handle, $object_name, $l10n );

• wp_object( $object, $in_footer );

• wp_register_object( $handle, $object_name,$array );

• wp_register_script( $handle, $src, $deps, $ver, $in_footer );

• wp_enqueue_script( $handle, $src, $deps, $ver, $in_footer );

459. True or False? Post formats are supported in every WordPress theme.


• False

• True

460. How do you allow a WordPress site on Multisite to upload larger files?


• php.ini

• Network Admin > Settings

• Network Admin > Sites > Edit Sites > Settings

• Network Admin > Dashboard

• Contact the Host

461. What action is used to modify the post query before it is run?


• before_wp_query

• before_get_posts

• pre_get_posts

• pre_wp_query

• wp_query

462. How do you get the currently requested object (post, page, term, etc.) in WordPress?


• get_item

• get_queried_object

• get_page

• get_requested_object

• get_post

463. What will define('WP_DEBUG_LOG', true) to?


• create a debug.log file in the webserver's log directory

• create a debug.log file in wp-content

• create a debug.log file in the WP root folder

464. True or False? The administrator role have the very same set of capabilities in both single and multisite WP


• False

• True

465. Which WordPress function can be used to display a translatable date string?


• wp_the_date( array( 'i18n' => true ) );

• date_i18n();

• the_date( array( 'i18n' => true ) );

466. When loading a page, which of the following template file names will WordPress look for first?


• page-{id}.php

• index.php

• page-{slug}.php

• page.php

467. Out of these, which template would be called FIRST when showing an author page?


• author-$id.php

• author-$nicename.php

• index.php

• archive.php

• author.php

468. What is the correct way to specify the current theme directory for including a php file from the theme?


• get_stylesheet_directory()

• get_stylesheet_directory_uri()

• bloginfo('stylesheet_directory')

• get_bloginfo('stylesheet_directory')

469. Which of the following is NOT a default supported post format?


• Chat

• Video

• Gallery

• Link

• Slideshow

470. How do you get the current Themes Version?


• global $wp_query; $wp_query->theme->Version;

• global $theme; echo $theme->Version;

• $current_theme = get_current_theme(); echo $current_theme->Version;

• $current_theme = wp_get_theme(); echo $current_theme->Version;

471. Which of the following functions should be used to escape a URL before storing it in the database?


• esc_mysql_url()

• esc_database_url()

• esc_url_raw()

• esc_url()

472. Which escaping function would you use to store a clean URL in the database?


• esc_url_raw()

• esc_url_for_database()

• esc_attr()

• esc_sql()

• esc_url()

473. When you run an automatic upgrade which fails and cause you to get the message "Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.", you have to:


• Delete the line WP_UPDATE_MAINTENANCE() in wp-config

• Delete the file .maintenance in the WP root

• Clean the first line of your .htaccess

• Refresh the page and retry to update

474. The add_meta_box() function allows plugin developers to add meta boxes to the administrative interface. Which parameters are required (not optional) for this function?


• $id, $title, $post_type, $priority

• $id, $title, $post_type, $context

• $id, $title, $callback_args, $post_type

• $id, $title, $callback, $post_type, $context, $priority, $callback_args

• $id, $title, $callback, $post_type

475. According to the Settings API which are the arguments for the add_settings_section function?


• $id, $title, $callback, $args = array()

• $id, $title, $callback, $page

• $id, $callback, $page, $option_name

• $title, $callback, $page

476. When using WordPress multi-site, how you can get the ID of the current blog?


• BLOG_ID constant

• get_blog_id() function


• current_blog_id() function

• get_current_site() function

477. Which default action hook in the loading process is the first that a plugin can hook into?


• wp_head

• plugins_loaded

• the_content

• init

478. Which is the correct function for loading a translation file from within a child theme?


• load_childtheme_textdomain();

• load_theme_textdomain( array( 'is_child' => true ) );

• load_textdomain();

• load_textdomain( array( 'type' => 'theme', 'is_child' => true ) );

479. A child theme will always override functions from the parent theme.


• False

• Only if the parent theme has no /includes directory

• True

480. What Function checks an email address against a list of banned domains?


• <?php is_email_address_banned( $user_email ); ?>

• <?php is_email_address_unsafe( $user_email ); ?>

• email_address_unsafe( $user_email );

• <?php is_user_address_unsafe( $user_email ); ?>

• <?php email_address_unsafe( $user_email ); ?>

481. Which of the following functions does NOT output a list of WordPress pages?


• wp_list_pages()

• wp_get _pages();

• wp_dropdown_pages()

• wp_page_menu()

482. What's the way to enable Atom Publishing and XML-RPC protocol?


• By editing functions.php

• Under Settings > Writing Settings

• Under Settings > Privacy > Remote Publishing

• Under Tools > Available Tools

• By editing functions.php or home.php (depending on the theme)

483. List all default supported post formats in WordPress:


• standard, aside, gallery, link, image, quote, status, video, audio, chat

• posts, pages

• aside, gallery, link, image, quote, status, media, chat, event

• posts, pages, attachments, revisions, nav menus

484. Which function is a quick way to add a "submit" button to a form within the WordPress admin?


• submit_button();

• add_submit_button();

• do_action( 'submit_button' );

• wp_submit_button();

• wp_button( array( 'type' => 'submit' ) );

485. Which WordPress function returns difference between two timestamps in a human readable format ("1 day", "10 mins"...)?


• convert_time_diff

• time_difference

• human_time_diff

• humanize_time_diff

• time_diff

486. If you accidentally delete your Wordpress installation, what data is immediately recovered if you connect a new installation to the old database?


• Your entire Wordpress site

• Settings and widgets only

• Your entire Wordpress site, although images and attachments may not be saved

• Images and attachments

• Posts, settings, widgets

487. Default WordPress automatically saves the state of your post every 60 seconds while you work on a post. How do you change this default time interval?


• define('SAVE_AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL', {value} );

• define('AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL', {value} );

• define('WP_AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL', {value} );

488. Which should you use to add 'enctype="multipart/form-data"' attribute to an admin side post/page form ?


• page_edit_form

• page_edit_form_tag

• edit_form_tag

• post_edit_form_tag

489. Is the following statement True or False: Pages do not use tags or categories.


• False

• True

490. If you want to bypass the core cache functionality:


• It is not possible to bypass core cache

• Create a advanced-cache.php file under wp-content directory

• Use the constant ADVANCED_CACHE in wp-config.php

• Create a new cache object extending WP_Cache class

491. The "page-{id}.php" comes before "page-{slug}.php" in the template hierarchy for a page.


• False

• True

492. Which JavaScript library was added to the core in WordPress 3.5?


• SimplePie

• Prototype

• jQuery

• Backbone

493. What do you need in order to have networked sites in a multisite installation with


• All of these

• dedicated IP address.

• wildcard DNS.

• WordPress must be installed in the root of

• define( 'SUBDOMAIN_INSTALL', true ); set in your wp-config.php

494. Which WordPress function is used to get the content of a post after the <!--more--> tag?


• get_after_more();

• get_extended_content();

• get_content_after_more();

• content_after_more();

• get_extended();

495. If you want to use memcached as an alternate cache method you should


• Create a file named object-cache.php under wp-content that overrides the default cache functions

• Extend the class WP_Cache to use memcached methods

• None of these

• Create a wp-cache.php file in the WordPress root directory

• Install memcached in your system. WordPress will take care of the rest!

496. What filter customizes the admin footer text ?


• add_filter('admin_footer', 'your-function');

• add_filter('admin_footer_text', 'your-function');

• add_filter('footer_text', 'your-function');

497. Which WordPress function transforms a double dash ( -- ) into a proper em-dash ( ??? )?


• wptexturize

• doubledash_to_emdash

• wpautop

• emdash_convert

498. Which filter will you use to change the default 'Thank you for creating with WordPress' footer text in wp-admin ?


• update_footer

• admin_footer

• wp_admin_footer

• wp_footer

• admin_footer_text

499. Can you properly add you own WP code before the first action hook "plugins_loaded" without hacking the core ?


• Yes, by adding a .php file in wp-content/mu-plugins/ folder

• Yes, by editing the wp-content/themes/[YOUR-THEME]/functions.php file

• Yes, by editing the wp-includes/functions.php file

• No, impossible

• Yes, by editing the wp-config.php file

500. What is the name of the action hook that is executed at the beginning of each standard WordPress Loop?


• wp_start_loop

• wp_loop

• wp_loop_start

• loop_start

• start_wp_loop

501. Which capability is required to edit menus?


• publish_posts

• edit_menus

• edit_posts

• manage_options

• manage_menus

502. After looping through a separate query and calling the_post(), which function restores the $post global to the current post in the main query?


• wp_restore_postdata()

• wp_reset_postdata()

• wp_reset_post()

• wp_reset_query()

• wp_restore_post()

503. What is the default post_status for attachments?


• pending

• publish

• inherit

• draft

504. Which one of the following WordPress functions doesn't exist?


• wp_get_gravatar()

• wp()

• wp_parse_args()

• wp_redirect()

• wp_get_current_user_by()

505. Which protocol is used in WordPress to represent human relationships through hyperlinks?


• OpenID

• OpenGraph


• FriendConnect


506. When localising text within WordPress, which function is used when context is required for the text translation (when a word can have more than one meaning)?


• get_translation_context();

• _n();

• _e();

• __();

• _x();

507. WordPress Codex site is built on?


• Mediawiki

• WordPress

• bbPress

• BuddyPress

• BackPress

508. User level 2 converts to


• Subscriber

• Contributor

• Administrator

• Author

509. In wp-config.php, define('WP_DEBUG', true) will activate WP core javascript debug?


• Yes, WP_DEBUG logs everything

• No, there's a specific constant for that

510. In which field in the wp_posts table is the post???s slug stored?


• url_name

• post_slug

• url_slug

• slug

• post_name

511. Which format does the readme.txt file used in themes and plugins follow?



• Markup

• Markdown


• plaintext

512. What function do you use to flush rewrite rules?


• flush_rewrite_rules();

• rewrite_flush();

• remove_rewrite_rules();

• delete_rewrite_rules();

513. What is the main difference between WordPress Object Cache and the WordPress Transients API?


• The tansients api is non-persistent.

• Wordpress object cache is non-persistent.

• Wordpress object cache never expire.

• The transients API does not cache objects.

514. Which wp-config.php constant should be used to disable the WP CRON?




• It can't be disabled


515. When adding rewrite rules via a plugin to the default WordPress environment, it is necessary to flush the rewrite rules:


• only after the permalinks are saved

• on every page load

• when the 'init' action hook is called

• It is not necessary, the WordPress framework takes care of all rewrite rule processing.

• every time the plugin is activated

516. How can you detect a custom URL redirect?


• add_action('template_redirect','custom_function');

• detect_redirection()

• add_filter('url_redirect','custom_function')

• add_redirect()

• wp_redirect()

517. What is the function used to create dashboard widgets?


• wp_new_dashboard_widget()

• add_dashboard_widget()

• wp_add_widget_dashboard()

• wp_add_dashboard_widget()

• wp_create_dashboard_widget

518. Which define constant needs to be set in wp-config.php to Force SSL on the Admin Panel?


• define('FORCE_SSL_LOGIN', true);

• define('WP_FORCE_SSL_LOGIN', true);

• define('WP_SSL_LOGIN', true);

519. Which of these is not a core-supported oEmbed provider as of version 3.5?


• Instagram

• Pinterest

• SlideShare

• Vimeo

• SoundCloud

520. If a file named "plugin-install.php" is in your plugin folder:


• It is an admin file that displays what plugins are installed and when.

• It depends on the plugin.

• There is already a file called that there.

• It has to be activated to do anything.

• It will impact the "Add New" plugin link in left-side menu in The Dashboard

521. How do you get the ID of the current post outside the loop?


• $post->ID

• $post->post_id

• get_the_ID()

• $wp_query->post->ID

• the_id()

522. When using the WordPress Settings API to create a custom settings screen, which function is used to output the settings sections and fields?


• do_action( 'settings_sections' );

• settings_fields();

• do_action( 'settings_fields' );

• do_settings_sections();

• register_setting();

523. Which function retrieves the translation of text and escapes it for safe use in HTML?


• __()

• esc_html()

• esc_html_e()

• esc_attr()

• esc_html__()

524. What hook would you use to insert something after the title on the post edit screen?


• wp_after_title

• add_after_title

• edit_form_after_title

• edit_form_before_editor

525. Which function would you use to find out whether a certain action in WordPress has already been fired?


• do_action_ref_array

• did_action

• has_action

• add_action

• do_action

526. When constructing a URL with query parameters (?test=1, for example), what is the correct expression to add the query parameters to the URL?


• $url = $url . add_query_arg( 'test', '1' );

• add_query_arg( esc_url( '' ), '1', 'test' );

• add_query_arg( esc_url( '' ), 'test', '1' );

• add_query_arg( 'test', '1', esc_url( '' ) );

527. What argument do you pass to WP_Query to prevent querying for the post terms


• 'get_the_terms' => false

• 'no_found_terms' => true

• 'update_post_terms' => false

• 'update_post_meta_cache' => true

• 'update_post_term_cache' => false

528. What argument do you pass to WP_Query to prevent querying for post meta data?


• 'get_post_meta' => false

• 'update_post_meta_cache' => false

• 'the_meta_cache' => false

• 'no_found_meta_data' => true

529. Which function displays a login link?


• get_login_logout( $redirect, $echo )

• wp_login_logout( $redirect, $echo )

• wp_loginout( $redirect, $echo )

• wp_login_form( $redirect, $echo )

530. In the case of a free blog, the number of users that can be invited by a registered user is:


• unlimited

• 45

• 32

• 35

• 30

531. The wp_cache_set() function will cache the stored data between requests.


• False

• True

• Only if a persistent caching plugin is active

532. The function get_taxonomies( ) can handle which parameters?


• $args, $string, $ID

• $ID, $string, $operator

• $args, $string, $operator

• $args, $output, $operator

533. During a typical page load, which action hook is fired last?


• wp_die

• wp_end

• wp_footer

• exit

• shutdown

534. The mu-plugins folder in a WordPress install works only in WordPress MU (or Multisite)


• True, if WP_ENABLE_MU_PLUGINS is set to false

• False

• True

535. In which hook is the safest to fire a remove_menu_page to menus created by plugins?


• admin_menu

• wp_admin_menu

• admin_init

• wp_admin_init

• init

536. Which template tag is used to optionally display a list of the pages in a page or blog post that has been split into multiple pages (using <!--nextpage-->)?


• wp_link_pages();

• wp_the_page_links();

• wp_page_links();

• the_link_pages();

• the_page_links();

537. Where can the size limit for uploaded files be set?


• By editing wp-admin/php/media/u/php.ini (Wordpress root)

• In Settings > General

• None of these

• In Settings > Media > File Upload

538. As of WordPress 3.3, when will wp_enqueue_script() work correctly?


• Any time at all, regardless of arguments

• Any time before wp_footer() in the best case

• Only when the init action fires or earlier

• Only when the wp_enqueue_scripts action fires or earlier

• Only before wp_head() runs

539. What function would you use to check if a plugin has been network activated in WordPress multisite?


• is_plugin_active_for_network()

• is_plugin_network_activated()

• plugin_active_for_network()

• is_plugin_active_on_network()

• is_plugin_network_active()

540. To add your own "custom meta box" to the WordPress dashboard, you would use this function:


• add_dashboard_widget('custom_meta_box', 'My Metabox Title', 'custom_dashboard_box');

• wp_add_meta_box('custom_meta_box', 'My Metabox Title', 'custom_dashboard_box');

• add_meta_box('custom_meta_box', 'My Metabox Title', 'custom_dashboard_box');

• wp_add_dashboard_widget('custom_meta_box', 'My Metabox Title', 'custom_dashboard_box');

541. Which of the following functions is deprecated?


• is_sticky()

• is_single()

• in_category()

• is_post()

542. How many times a minute can spawn_cron() run?


• every time is needed

• any number: requests will be queued up

• twice

• once

543. What WordPress function allows you to add an RSS feed to your template?


• fetch_the_feed();

• get_rss_feed();

• fetch_feed();

• the_feed();

• return_rss_feed();

544. The action hook to save post meta on is called:


• save_meta

• update_post_meta

• edit_post

• save_post_meta

• save_post

545. What color picker JavaScript library shipped with version 3.4?


• Barbtastic

• Farbtastic

• Fantastic

• Iris

• Spectrum

546. To add a network-wide option in a multisite WP instance, you'll use:


• add_sitewide_option()

• add_site_option()

• add_global_option()

• add_network_option()

• add_multisite_option()

547. What parameters do you need to pass to the get_the_author_meta()?


• $user_nicename, $field

• $postID

• $userID, $postID

• $postID, $field

• $field, $userID

548. Which filter would you use, if you'd like to alter the output of every comment content in WordPress?


• comment_save

• comment_content

• comment_text

• get_comment_contents

549. How do you add a contextual help tab for a plugin or theme?


• Using add_contextual_help() function

• Any of these options.

• Using add_help_tab() function

• Using contextual_help WordPress filter

550. How do you display all the meta data associated with a post while in the Loop?


• get_the_meta()

• the_meta()

• get_post_meta()

• get_post_custom()

• get_post_keys()

551. How does one add a cron schedule recurrence?


• Filter cron_schedules

• Use wp_reschedule_event

• Filter wp_get_schedules

• Change the settings in Tools > Cron

552. To disable a dashboard widget in WordPress, you would use the following function:


• remove_dashboard_widget('name_of_widget', 'dashboard', 'core')

• remove_dash_widget('name_of_widget', 'dashboard', 'core')

• remove_meta_box('name_of_widget', 'dashboard', 'core')

• remove_widget('name_of_widget', 'dashboard', 'core')

553. Which action should be used to add custom links to WordPress admin bar?


• wp_after_admin_bar_render

• wp_admin_bar_render

• wp_admin_bar

• wp_before_admin_bar_render

• admin_bar

554. Since version 3.3, which function should be used to add contextual help to admin pages?


• admin_help_tab

• wp_admin_add_help

• add_help

• add_contextual_help

• add_help_tab

555. Your plugins and themes cannot, under any circumstance, be located anywhere other than the "wp-content" folder.


• True

• False

556. Which escaping function should you use to escape a string for a LIKE SQL statement?


• esc_attr

• esc_textarea

• like_escape

• sql_escape

• esc_sql

557. What WordPress function shows the last user to revise or modify a post?


• get_the_author();

• the_modified_author();

• the_last_author();

• last_modified_author();

• get_last_revisor();

558. What is the proper way to include inline javascript?


• wp_enqueue_style

• wp_enqueue_script

• add_action

• add_filter

• add_hook

559. Using define('FS_METHOD', [method] ) in wp-config.php, which of these is NOT a valid method?


• http

• ftpext

• ssh2

• direct

• ftpsockets

560. How do you store the FTP password in wp-config.php?


• define('FTP_KEY', 'password');

• define('FTP_PASSWORD', 'password');

• define('FTP_PASS', 'password');

• You can't store the FTP password in wp-config.php

561. Which filter would you use to allow users to enter Twitter accounts into their profiles?


• user_contactmethods

• admin_user_info_links

• update_user_query

• user_twitter

• pre_user_description

562. How can you profile the SQL queries that WordPress is doing?


• define PROFILEQUERIES and inspect $wpdb->queries

• define PROFILE_QUERIES and inspect $wpdb->queries

• define SAVE_QUERIES and inspect $wpdb->queries

• define SAVEQUERIES and inspect $wpdb->queries

• define PROFILE_QUERIES and inspect $wpdb->profile

563. In WordPress 3.4, which API was introduced to access and manage WordPress theme data?


• WP_Theme

• WP_Themes

• WPThemes_API

• WP_Theme_API

564. How can you retrieve all options at once?


• $all_options = wp_get_all_options();

• $all_options = wp_load_options( 'all' );

• $all_options = get_all_options();

• $all_options = wp_all_options();

• $all_options = wp_load_alloptions();

565. paginate_links() does the following:


• Both

• Displays a paginated menu in a page/post with content marked up with a <!--nextpage--> comment

• Neither

• Displays a paginated menu in an archive template

566. Which of the following functions should be called to verify a nonce value in the WordPress admin?


• verify_nonce()

• verify_admin_nonce();

• check_admin_nonce();

• check_admin_referer();

• wp_check_nonce();

567. If pagination is not needed, which of the following should be included in the array of arguments passed to WP_Query()?


• 'paginate' => false

• 'no_pagination_required' => true

• 'no_found_rows' => true

• 'pagination' => false

568. If you are writing a custom query that will not be paginated, you should:


• add 'no_found_rows' => true to the query args

• do nothing, WordPress will detect this automatically

• do nothing, it doesn't matter

• add 'no_pagination' => true to the query args

• add 'no_count_rows' => true to the query args

569. To ensure that all HTML tags in a given string are closed correctly and in the correct order, which WordPress function can be used?


• check_html_tags();

• check_html_closed();

• balanceTags();

• balance_tags();

• wp_balance_tags();

570. What is the name of the global variable for post types?


• $post_types

• $wp_posts

• $wp_post_types

571. Which one is a standalone function and NOT a Rewrite API object method?


• flush_rewrite_rules();

• flush_rules();

572. Which sanitization function do you have to use here : <?php $url = ''; ?> <input type="text" name="url" value="<?php echo _____($url); ?>" />


• sanitize_value

• esc_url

• esc_attr

• esc_url_raw

• htmlentities

573. Of the following, which is the best function to use if you want to redirect your visitor to another page within the same WordPress installation?


• wp_safe_redirect

• wp_redirect

• header

• wp_location

574. Which filter is plugins' equivalent to themes' add_editor_style function?


• editor_style

• mce_style

• mce_css

• register_editor_style

• add_mce_style

575. On a legacy host, what term indicates your host is limiting the ability of viewers to easily modify wp-config.php?


• Hardening

• Jailbreak

• Shelling

• Jailshell

576. What function should you use to clear post cache for a specific post?


• wp_clear_posts_cache

• delete_cache

• clean_post_cache

• wp_delete_post_cache

• flush_cache

577. Which one is NOT a built-in WP cron event recurrence?


• weekly

• daily

• twicedaily

• hourly

578. Which one is NOT a transient time constant?







579. Which hook do you use to enqueue javascript in the admin?


• wp_enqueue_scripts

• admin_print_scripts

• add_js_to_admin

• wp_print_scripts

• admin_scripts

580. Which of the following hooks executes first?


• wp_loaded

• init

• after_setup_theme

• pre_get_posts

581. True or False? A user with role = 'author' can moderate comments, but only on his own posts


• True

• False

582. add_cap() is a public function or a class method?


• Class method

• Public function

583. Will define('FORCE_SSL_LOGIN', true) force SSL login and admin sessions?


• Yes

• No