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Test answers for Windows Phone Development 2020

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49 Answered Test Questions:

1. What does CLR stand for on the Windows Phone?


• C++ Language Realm

• C# Logistic Replacement

• Common Light Return

• Common Language Runtime

2. How can you specify your app's required capabilities and hardware requirements?


• On the Hardware and Software page of the Manifest Designer

• On the Application UI page of the Visual Basic Designer

• On the Capabilities page and Requirements page of the Manifest Designer

• On the Capabilities page and Requirements page of the Visual Basic Designer

3. Which of these are benefits of using native code?


• Allows for use of Direct3d Graphics

• Allows for portability onto multiple platforms

• Opportunity for noticed performance increases in certain scenarios

• All of these

4. True or False? If an app performs an operation that causes the device to appear to be unresponsive for more than three seconds, such as downloading data over a network connection, the app must display a visual progress or busy indicator.


• False

• True

5. Which of these are included in the SDK?


• Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012

• A testing emulator

• project templates for creating new apps

• All of these

6. Which of these tests would you run in the testing phase of creating an app?


• All of these

• Change in state

• Different resolutions

• Change in orientation

7. What is the file format to distribute and install application software on Windows Phone operating system?



• SD



8. What file is the default starting page of a new Windows Phone application?


• MainPage.png

• MainPage.haml

• MainPage.jpg

• MainPage.xaml

9. What file is the default starting page of a new Windows Phone application?


• MainPage.png

• MainPage.haml

• MainPage.jpg

• MainPage.xaml

10. Which of these are types of location data you can test with the location sensor simulator?


• Recorded data that you saved in a file from a previous session

• Recorded data that you entered in the simulator before running your app

• Live data you enter in the simulator as the app runs

• All of these

11. What is the primary language used for developing an app's User Interface (UI)?






12. When deploying a Silverlight based Windows Phone App to the Windows Marketplace, what type of file is required to upload?


• .exe file

• .xap file

• .cmd file

• .bat file

13. In order to deploy an application to a Windows Phone Device, which of the following are needed?


• Phone must be disconnected from host computer

• Phone must be registered

• Uninstall Zune Software

• Screen must be locked

14. Which of the following are part of Windows Phone Developer Tools?


• Blend for Visual Studio

• All of the above

• Visual Studio Express 2012

• Windows Phone Emulator

15. Which of the following shoud be considered when developing an app to run on lower-memory devices?


• All of the above

• Avoid long lists of data

• Avoid complex item templates that have images

• Be aware if the user changes device orientation while running an app

16. MainPage.xaml.cs and MainPage.xaml.vb contain the code to handle _____.


• Error reports

• Registration requests

• User interaction with the page

• Server connection requests

17. Which of these are NOT released WindowsPhone OS system versions?


• 7.5

• 6.0

• 7.0

• 8.0

18. What is XAP?


• The codename for the Windows Phone when it was in development

• The first game developed for the Windows Phone App Store

• The markup language used to design a Windows Phone app

• The file format used for app software on the Windows Phone OS

19. Which of the following is a popular design pattern for building Windows Phone applications?


• Model-View-Controller (MVC)

• Model-View (MV)

• Model-View-View-Model (MVVM)

• Model-Controller (MC)

20. You have to specify a value of "GeoPositionAccuracy.High" in the constructor or in the "DesiredAccuracy" property of the class before you can test your app with the location sensor simulator if you use which class?


• MoveSenseGeo

• GPSFunctionWatcher

• LocMovementControl

• GeoCoordinateWatcher

21. The Windows Phone Analysis tool can do which of the following?


• Identify performance issues with your app

• Identify design issues with your app

• Identify ad sales issues with your app

• Identify compliance issues with your app

22. True or False? You cannot run a Windows Phone 8 app on a Windows Phone OS 7.1.


• False

• True

23. Which value does the "Width" property require?


• Auto

• Top

• Right

• Go

24. What is the standard subscription period of a Dev Center account?


• There is no expiration period

• One year

• It depends on your pricing tier

• Six months

25. What location is used to store resources needed throughout an application?


• MainPage.xaml

• Local.xaml

• App.xaml

• Location.xaml

26. Which of the following property names returns the memory usage of the current application in bytes?


• ApplicationMemoryUsageLimit

• DeviceTotalMemory

• ApplicationPeakMemoryUsage

• ApplicationCurrentMemoryUsage

27. When you deploy and test an app on a physical Windows Phone OS 7.1 phone, you usually must have which software running?


• Win 8 SDK

• Visual Basic

• Silverlight

• Zune

28. True or False? You cannot test apps that interact with the photo chooser and camera capture tasks while the Zune software is running on a 7.1 phone, because it locks the local media database.


• True

• False

29. True or False? You can develop for Windows Phone 8 with Windows 7.


• False

• True

30. True or False? You can develop for Windows Phone 8 with Windows 7.


• False

• True

31. What language do you need to write in to take full advantage of the Windows Phone 8's graphic hardware?


• .NET


• C++

• Ruby

32. Why shouldn't webpages in Windows Phone prompt users to download plugins?


• Actually, there is nothing wrong with this and Internet Explorer for Windows Phone allows plugins

• Internet Explorer for Windows phone does not support plugin downloads

• It would create unsecured holes in the SSL certificate

• It would allow for unauthorized downloads of paid apps

33. What does the All Alerts page in the app monitoring tool display?


• Crucial API updates from Microsoft

• How many times your app has been reported in the app store

• The number of issues detected and the behavior characteristics of the app

• How many bugs the debugger tool has detected

34. What is Rx.Net?


• A open sourced markup language specifically designed for the Windows Phone

• The file extension for Windows Phone Apps

• A third party API vendor acquired by Microsoft

• A managed library that provides APIs for writing reactive, push-based apps.

35. What is the Microsoft pubCenter?


• A web service that allows developers to receive ads from the Microsoft Advertising Network.

• The branch of Microsoft you need to submit your app to for approval

• The section of the Microsoft website you need to visit to download the API

• A public forum for developers to share ideas and collaborate on projects

36. Which of these does app monitoring NOT help you identify?


• Poor ad sales in the app

• Slow start up time

• Network latency

• High battery drain

37. Which of these occur when you unregister a phone?


• You cannot unregister a registered phone

• You are automatically downgraded from the pro version to the home version of the OS

• The SDK is no longer functional

• Apps you've deployed no longer run

38. True or False? Windows Media DRM uses different licenses than PlayReady uses.


• False

• True

39. What might happen if your app tries to access an API that it does not have the security capability to use?


• Nothing, there are no security roadblocks with the APIs

• The app may close unexpectedly

• You will receive a warning notice on your screen with instructions on how to achieve security capability

• You will lose your developer privileges

40. For Windows Phones 7.0, what is the app memory limit for phones with 256 MB of memory?


• Time's Up!

• 100 MB

• 256 MB

• 125 MB

• 90 MB

41. True or False? The minimum-scale, maximum-scale, and initial-scale properties are all unavailable in Internet Explorer for Windows Phone.


• True

• False

42. In regards to SSL Root certificates, what is thumbprint?


• The common name applied to the root certificate, which might or might not also indicate the name of the CA.

• The hash algorithm chosen by the CA for this root certificate

• The hash value which uniquely identifies the root certificate in question.

• The overall size of the hash value on the system

43. What database do Windows Phone Applications use?


• PostgreSQL

• SQLite


• SQL Server Compact Edition

44. Which of these are NOT technical certification requirements for the back button when creating an app?


• Pressing the Back button from the first screen of an app must close the app.

• If from a game screen, pressing the Back button must close the game and return the user to the home screen

• Pressing the Back button must return the app to the previous page or return to any previous page within the back stack.

• If displaying a menu, the pressing of the Back button must close the menu and return the user to the screen where the menu was opened.

45. True or False? Microsoft provides API mapping tools for porting apps to Android and iOS.


• True

• False

46. In Project Designer, where do you navigate to upgrade your project to target 8.0?


• You cannot upgrade to 8.0 in Project Designer

• In the "Target Windows Phone OS Version" dropdown on the Application page

• Right clicking on the project and selecting "Proceed to Upgrade Now"

• Using the "Upgrade to Windows Phone 8.0" command on the project's context menu

47. The cloud-based management system aimed at small to medium businesses that allows for app distribution is called:


• Windows Me

• Windows Silverlining

• Windows Cloud

• Windows Intune

48. How do you add a control function to a button?


• From the Common Windows Phone Controls group in the Toolbox

• From the Element Set group in the Toolbox

• From the Button Modification group in the Toolbox

• From the Button Properties group in the Toolbox

49. True or False? The app upgrade process from 7.1 to 8.0 creates a backup copy of the project.


• True

• False