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Test answers for Sencha 2020

(58) Last updated: February 12
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58 Answered Test Questions:

1. What is Sencha Touch?


• A workspace for mobile devices

• A high-performance HTML5 mobile application framework

• A communication tool for mobile devices

• An object oriented programming language

2. Class names should be properly namespaced using which notation?


• Class property slash

• Function rounded set

• Double colon object

• Object property dot

3. What is the class "decode" shorthand for?


• Ext.Loader.exclude

• Ext.JSON.decode

• Ext.JSON.parse

• Ext.AJAX.decode

4. Why is it often a good idea to destroy Components when you know you won't need them any more?


• To keep your proprietary code out of the hands of developers

• You shouldn't ever destroy Components

• You otherwise run the risk of bricking a users mobile device

• Because most mobile devices have a limited amount of memory

5. Which of these are methods of every config?


• Open and close

• Yes and no

• Getter and setter

• On and off

6. What is the function used to determine how the child Components should be organized and displayed on the screen?


• Mockups

• Layouts

• Wireframes

• varPanels

7. What is a listener?


• An object or array of objects that will provide custom functionality for this component

• The term used to describe users of your program

• The initial set of data to apply to the tpl to update the content area of the Component

• A config object containing one or more event handlers to be added to this object during initialization

8. What does MVC stands for?


• Multiple Views Controller

• Main View Controller

• Mobile View Controller

• Model View Controller

9. What is Sencha?


• A scripting language

• A rails framework

• A MVC Javascript framework

• A Java framework

10. What type of apps are developed through the Sencha Touch Framework?


• HTML5 based mobile apps that work on Android, iOS and Blackberry devices

• OOPS based mobile apps that work on both Android and iOS

• Android based development apps that work on Androids

• This framework is only used for Blackberry devices

11. Which of these are acceptable variable names?


• var base64encoder

• var xmlReader

• var isGoodName

• All are acceptable

12. Which of these are capabilities of Components in Sencha Touch?


• Show and hide themselves at any time

• All of these

• Center themselves on the screen

• Render themselves onto the page using a template

13. What web technologies are used in Sencha?


• JavaScript



• All of these

14. What is Ext?


• Ext is a Class name in Sencha Touch

• Ext is used to access the Classes of Sencha Touch

• Ext stands for External Function in Sencha Touch

• Ext is the global namespace for the whole Sencha Touch framework

15. What is the difference between VBox and HBox?


• VBox is the updated version of HBox for Touch 2.0

• VBox is used for dynamic elements while HBox is used to static elements

• VBox is vertical instead of horizontal

• HBox is typically used for much larger file sizes

16. What is the function of Controllers?


• Controllers control the overall application

• Controllers manage Views, Views fire events, Controllers respond to them

• Controllers control the architect of applications

• Controllers are used to define the Listing functions

17. What is Xtype?


• Xtype is function in Sencha Touch

• Xtype is a sub Class in Sencha Touch

• Xtype is used to describe the behavior of a Class

• Xtype is an easy way to create components without having to use the full Class name

18. Which of these are unique problems in deploying web-based charts on mobile touch devices as opposed to desktop environments?


• Hardware limitations make redrawing chart data very expensive

• All of these

• Accurately selecting data points in order to get detailed information is difficult with touch input

• Small screen sizes limit the amount and complexity of data that you can display at once

19. What is the following code doing? Ext.define('' {extend: 'Ext.dataview, //...}); Ext.create(;


• extending the class App

• Instantiating the class App

• Defining the class App

• Defining and instantiating a class App

20. What type of structures does Sencha Touch follow?


• HTML5/CSS3 Behaviour

• Responsive Designing Behaviour

• Command Line Structure

• All of These

21. The most basic Sencha application consists of, at least, each the following: the Sencha libraries, ___, JavaScript file containing the apps source code.


• a css file

• an index.html file

• profiles

• a controller

22. What are proxies responsible for?


• The actual loading and saving of data

• Protecting and encrypting user data

• Ensuring that your program will be compatible with all mobile devices

• Nothing special, they are just glorified arrays

23. What is app.js?


• Special javascript file to embed Theme and code

• App.js files control the application

• The main Javascript entry point for your app

• App.js is a file to write the main Class of applications

24. Which syntax should you use to get automatic getters and setters and have a much cleaner codebase?


• JS

• Applyfl

• Config

• Emptyfn

25. Which naming convention should acronyms follow?


• Unicase

• CamelCase

• Functiontype

• Orthographic casework

26. What is Ext.container.Viewport?


• A function declared in an App.js file to show the main home page of apps

• A specialized container representing the viewable application area

• A card layout to which you can add application components

• A user defined Class in Sencha Touch

27. If we create a container 300px wide with flex configs of 1 and 2, what will be the pixel width of each of the flex items?


• 200px for item 1 and 100px for item 2

• 300px for item 1 and 0px for item 2

• 100px for item 1 and 200px for item 2

• 150px for item 1 and 150px for item 2

28. True or False? Sencha 2.x has a backwards compatibility feature to assist in migrating your 1.x  code.


• False

• True

29. What is the great way to allow the user to swipe through multiple full-screen pages?


• There's no way to allow this feature

• Using Ext.ScrollView.PageScrollView

• Using Ext.ScrollView

• Using Ext.PageScrollView

• Using Ext.Carousel

30. Jasmine is a JavaScript BDD library. What makes Jasmine special?


• It requires the DOM to work

• It does not require the DOM to work & it does not depend on other libraries

• It does not require the DOM to work

• It does not depend on other libraries

31. True or False? Method names may only contain alphanumeric characters.


• True

• False

32. During runtime applications can use the validate() method on model instance to trigger ____.


• all the required validations

• validation of Sencha standards

• storage of valid data

• returns a Boolean value in correspondence to whether an object has valid syntax

33. Which of the following would be a proper implementation of createDelayed().


• Ext.createDelayed.Fuction

• Function.createDelayed

• Ext.Function.createDelayed()

• Ext.createDelayed()

34. Which of these are a valid character to include in a class name?


• "~"

• All are valid

• "7"

• "$"

35. True or False? Classes that are not distributed by Sencha should never use Ext as the top-level namespace.


• True

• False

36. How long does src cache images?


• One month

• Seven days

• Up to one day

• One hour

37. What is the main difference between init() and launch()?


• launch() is executed before init()

• init() initializes objects while launch() sets the objects value equal to something else

• init() is executed before launch()

• nothing

38. Which sentence about is TRUE?


• Proxy is required to load or read from Store.

• The Store class encapsulates a client side cache of Model objects.

• The Store class saves any type of data with out any structures.

• Stores cannot be sorted and filtered - in both cases either remotely or locally.

39. To use Src in its default mode, you must prefix your absolute src attribute with:


• touch.API.sencha

• Ext.IO.sencha



40. What is the name of the documentation tool provided by Sencha?



• JDoc

• JSDuck

• Sphinx

41. In:   "src='',"   What does x50 represent?


• The image will only take up 50% of the screen

• The image will be reduced 50 pixels in resolution

• The image will repeat in a tile format 50 times

• The image will be 50px by 50px

42. What is Scr?


• A cloud-based storage center to uploading, editing, and sharing your code

• A Component that returns the screen size resolutions

• The source code for Sencha Touch

• A cloud-based tool to help you dynamically resize images to adapt to changes in device screen size

43. How are new applications generated in Sencha Touch?


• Through Sencha command

• Direct download from Sencha Touch website

• Through Sencha Theme designer

• All of These

44. Which of these is a technique for improving page load times when some browsers are not able to make large numbers of simultaneous requests to servers on the same domain?


• Domain cleaving

• Domain cutting

• Domain fracturing

• Domain sharding

45. In the Drawing and Charting Package, which class manages both the rendering of each series and how the axes are drawn and defined?


• Legend

• Gradient

• Chart

• Axis

46. All of the configurations for a given Component are listed in the "Config options" section of which page?


• Component feature page

• List tools page

• Object modify page

• Class docs page

47. Which of the following is not a subclass of Text?


• DatePicker

• Password

• checkboxfield

• Email

48. Unless you tell it otherwise, Src will resize the image to fit the physical screen of the mobile handset visiting your site, based on:


• It's user-agent string

• The version of Sencha you are using

• Its functional hardware setup

• The mobile-source string

49. True or False? In Touch Charts, not all CSS style rules behave the same (or even work) in an .scss file.


• True

• False

50. What do profiles allow developers to offer?


• universal user experiences in different devices

• different user interfaces in different device categories

• user accounts with individualized data

• different user experiences in different device categories

51. Sencha's theming subsystem is called Syntactically _____ Stylesheets.


• Accurate

• Awesome

• Compiled

• Styled

52. True or False? Sencha Touch lists don't rely on being bound to stores of model instances.


• True

• False

53. In order for this piece of code to work properly what piece of code must be placed before it? ""


• refs:

• extend:

• config:

• define:

54. True or False? will not automatically preserve aspect ratio.


• True

• False

55. Stores have which of the following relations to data-bound components?


• Data-bound components encapsulate the connection between stores and othe storage mechanism

• Data-bound components connect to stores to display lists or trees of data

• Any change to the store will result in an update of the Data-bound components

• Data-bound components are the underlying architecture of stores

56. What two ways can an event component be added?


• On a separate class controller or included as a module

• On the view definition itself or included as a module

• Inherited from the Ext.Container class or Ext.Component class

• On the view definition itself or on a separate controller class

57. The Ext.device.Geolocation provides Sencha applications with information about latitude, longitude, ____, speed, _____.


• altitude & compass heading

• compass heading & triangulation

• geo-tagging & IP Location

• altitude & triangulation

58. True or False? In the Drawing and Charting package, you need to load the Charting package to create a drawing surface.


• True

• False