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Test answers for SAP 2020

(110) Last updated: February 12
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110 Answered Test Questions:

1. What is the transaction code for creating a new session while keeping the other session open in SAP?


• new

• /o

• stms

• /n

• spro

2. indexes are meant by


• index of view

• a copy of a database table reduced to specific fields.

• index of smartforms.

• all of the above

• index of views.

3. Can user created ABAP's only start with "Z"


• yes only with Z

• not Z or Y

• no, Y and Z

• only with X

4. What are the different types of SAP source system?


• SAP R/3 Source Systems, SAP HR, Flat Files and External Systems

• SAP R/3 Source Systems, SAP BW, Flat Files and External Systems

• SAP R/3 Source Systems, SAP Procurement, Flat Files and External Systems

• SAP R/3 Source Systems, SAP BOM, Flat Files and External Systems

5. An ODS Object can be updated with what?


• With a delta update into InfoCubes

• With a normal update

• With a static update

• With a dynamic update

6. As a technical SAP consultant what do you do ?


• Develop custom ABAP programs

• Implement standard functionality

• Configure SAP functionality

• Promote development changes

7. List the different types of ERP:


• SAP, BAAN, JD Edwards, Oracle Financials, Siebel, PeopleSoft

• SAP, BAAN, Oracle, SQL, JD Edwards and JCL

• SAP, BAAN, JD Edwards, Oracle Financials, SQL and ODBC

• SAP, BAAN, JD Edwards, Oracle Financials, SQL and Peoplesoft

8. __________ are independent organizations of SAP partners and customer companies that provide SAP education, influence product releases, exchange best practices, and provide insight into market needs.


• Customer Groups

• Forum Users

• User Groups

• Beta testers

9. In SAP the word 'Service' refers to what?


• A service offered by the database

• A service offered by the protocols

• It's a service offered by the Software Component

• A service offered by the hardware

10. Which of the following is NOT a critical success factor in implementing SAP?


• The blueprint is the guide for the entire project.

• Choose the correct consultants in order to have the correct blueprint.

• An SAP implementation is solely an IT project.

• Test the SAP software and hardware rigorously.

11. what are the T-code  for vendor creation centrally ?


• XK01

• MK01

• XD01

• FK01

12. Which of the following is NOT a standard view on a material master?


• MRP 1

• Purchasing

• Basic Data 1

• Shipment

13. SAP uses ________ to correct errors in standard SAP code and to deliver changes that are necessary, for example, due to legal changes.


• Custom Enhancements

• Support Packs

• Enhancement Packs

• Customer Deliverables

14. What is MaxDB?


• A free RDBMS available from SAP

• A SAP data migration tool

• Maximum data bytes allowed in SAP

• A SAP performance monitoring tool

15. Which of the following is NOT true of SAP Access Management (Profiles and Roles)?


• SAP users are assigned a role to grant them access.

• A reference user may be assigned to grant additional authorizations to a user.

• A role may be assigned to a user for a limited time.

• A user can only be assigned one role.

16. What is the protocol used by SAP Gateway Process?



• POP Protocol



17. What are Smartforms?


• the SAPScript successor tool

• The SAP screens with tab strips

• It is used to write SAP Queries

• The SAP reporting menu

18. SAP SRM is used by which department?


• Design

• Procurement

• Service Delivery

19. What is the transaction code to kill SAP background jobs


• SM37,SM66,SM50

• SM50

• RSA1

• SM37

• SM66

20. What is the AWB tool used for?


• To monitor all imported/exported processes in the business Information Warehouse System

• To monitor all exported processes in the business Information Warehouse System

• To import, analyze and maintain all processes in the business Information Warehouse System

• To control, monitor and maintain all processes in the business Information Warehouse System

21. What is SAP xApps?


• A collection of components

• A collection of software

• A collection of hardware

• A collection of databases

22. Which of the following is NOT a phase in an SAP implementation?


• Blueprinting

• Realization

• Project Preparation

• Design

23. What are datasets?


• The are SAP files used for data backup processing

• They are SAP files used for internal processing on application servers

• They are sequential files processed on application servers that are used for file handling in SAP

• They are regular files processed on application servers that are used for file handling in SAP

24. What is the purpose of SAP Source System?


• It manages information processing

• It serves as the data storage for raw business data

• It manages data

• It's a repository for all data

25. SAP Dictionary structures are made up of what?


• graphic tables

• Clusters

• Spooled tables and charts

• spooled clusters

26. What is one type of variable used in SAP?


• location variable

• Private variable

• Personal variable

• Characteristics variable

27. What is Extractor used for?


• To export extracted data from SAP

• To retrieve extracted data from SAP

• To manipulate data from SAP

• To fill extracted data source with data from SAP

28. What does SAP stand for?


• Software, Applications and Processes

• Software, Applications and Procedures

• Systems, Applications, and Products

29. When should the SAP production system be unlocked?


• For urgent changes

• All the time

• For correcting historical transaction errors

• Typically Never

30. What is the purpose of a  Dialog Work process?


• Performs two processes at a time

• Performs up to six processes at a time

• Performs one process at a time

• Preforms two or more process at a time

31. How is ODS Objects data stored?


• In transparent tables with graphics

• In a simple Excel file with columns

• In flat database tables and charts

• In transparent, flat database tables

32. What is mini SAP?


• The same as SAP all-in-one for medium sized companies

• A SAP demo system limited to 1000 transactions

• A full-fledged Basis SAP system without the SAP applications (FI, CO, MM, SD, etc.)

• The same as SAP Business one for small companies

33. List one important consideration before implementing  SAP:


• Training

• Ease of use

• Cost

• Downtime

34. Under which module in SAP does the Project Systems component belongs to?


• Logistics

• Financial Management

• Human Capital Management

• Private Sector

• Supply Chain

35. What is one thing that ODS does in BIW?


• It analyze consolidate data

• It debug consolidated data a

• It stores consolidated data

• It gathers and consolidated data

36. How many types of structures are in the SAP Dictionary?


• 2

• 4

• 1

• 4-5

37. End Of Selection is used in:






38. In SAP what operation can change the database?


• Update Process

• Modification Process

• Add Process

39. An internal table is:


• It's a standard dataset use by SAP for running programs

• It's a standard application file within SAP is for background data processing

• It is a standard data type object that exists at all times during program execution

• A standard data type object that exists only during program run time

40. A _________ is a master record in R/3 that stores all business information for a document.


• Header Record

• Document Master

• Document Log

• Document Info Record

41. what is the transaction code to monitor all the process chains



• RSA1

• SE37

• SM37


42. Which of the following is NOT an SAP R/3 cross application component?


• Classification System

• Material Management

• Document Management

• Engineering Change Management

43. In SAP a variable is a parameter used for?


• A query

• Coding

• A task

• A special event

44. BAPIs are components of what  business object?


• Design

• Method and Interface

• Events and Definition

• Definition and Methods

45. The SAP Controlling Module does what?


• Streamline procurement costs

• Monitor financial cost

• It controls overhead cost

• Simplify processes

46. what is "inner join" meant for?


• none of these

• for joining two external tables.

• for joining the structures

• for joining two internal tables

• for joining arrays

47. in SAP, what are the phases of background processing?


• Batch scheduled jobs

• All Batch processing

• Job scheduling

• Background processing

48. A value table is where?


• A value table is at the domain level

• A value table is at the host level

• Value tables extract values from the database

• A value table is at the gateway level

49. _________ is the annual SAP conference where SAP announces major product changes and strategic direction.


• SDN Conference

• SAP TechEd


• Partners Conference

50. What is a SAP Dispatcher?


• Controls and manages databases and tables only

• Control and manages R3 application

• Control and manages SAP resources

• It's a control agent that manages resources

51. What are the CRM channels?


• An internal and external channel

• An internal channel

• An interaction center

• An external Channel

52. What are the different type of log records in SAP?


• V4 and V3

• V1 and V2.

• V6 and V7

• V5 only

53. Which of the following is NOT a type of SAP notification?


• Claim

• Quality notification

• Material notification

• Service notification

54. In what phase  would  you use the project form from the BAPI Explorer?


• Design phase

• Design and Modification Phase

• Review Phase

• Modification Phase

55. List one feature of BEX:


• It enables end users to execute queries

• It enables end users to design reports

• It enables end users to export reports

• It enables end users to locate reports

56. A check table is used for checking...


• field level

• internal tables

• files in SAP

• table values

57. What is the purpose of the R3 system?


• Works concurrently with other applications

• Works at scheduled times

• Works in the background (Starts at a specific time)

• Works when application is not busy

58. SAP Enterprise Database is made-up of what?


• Charts and graphs

• Databases

• Programs

• Tables and graphics

59. What are the primary roles of the Business Information Warehouse Server?


• Sales and Marketing

• Design

• It is a data warehouse management and administration

• Purchasing

60. What is OLAP?


• OLAP is a reporting tool that understand the database schema, composition facts and dimension

• OLAP stores the database dimension and definition

• OLAP is just a reporting tool used to process all batch jobs

• OLAP is a database schema used for designing

61. What is the keyboard shortcut to go "back" in SAP?


• Shift + Backspace

• F3

• F5

• Alt + Left

• Ctrl + B

62. Identify one BEX component:


• Safari browser

• Netscape browser

• Bex browser

• Internet browser

63. A ________ executes an SAP R/3 program and can be entered by end users to navigate between business functions.


• function

• executable

• transaction

• transport

64. a maintenance generator can be made in the following view


• maintenance view

• search help

• database view


• none of the above

65. What different kinds of objects does an SAP database consist of?


• Database and tables

• Index and tables

• Index, tables and database

• Tables, index, transparent tables and database structures

66. Can a business user perform configuration in SAP?


• Typically not

• Most of the time

• Allways

67. The function of the SAP FI module is


• Financial Industries

• Financial Modeling

• Fixed Income

• Financial Accounting

68. ________ is an in-memory relational database system recently developed by SAP.


• Oracle

• PeopleSoft



69. What is the  correct function of the dispatcher in SAP?


• Does nothing

• Transport data only

• It performs equal distribution of transaction load to the work processes

• Works in the background processing jobs

70. BPM does what?


• It helps cut cost

• It brings process, people and information together

• It's helps with workflow

• It houses all processes in one place

71. What does a "transport" refer to in SAP Basis


• transport is used in Plant Maintenance, not in Basis

• transport is used in Procurement, not in Basis

• transport is used in Materials Management, not in Basis

• transport is used in Logistics, not in Basis

• It is used to manage and control system changes

72. In the Project System, the ________ is the structure used to organize project tasks into a hierarchy.


• General Ledger (GL)

• Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

• account structure

• PERT chart

73. What is TMS in Basis


• Time measurement system

• Tracking monitoring system

• Transport management system

74. Which transaction code we use to login to the configuration area in SAP ERP?



• SWF5




75. What is abap/4 query?


• A powerful tool to generate simple reports without any coding.

• A tool to replace queries.

• A tool for editing.

• A tool to replace the values of internal table.

76. All custom code and custom transactions should start with the letter ___.


• Q

• Z

• A

• S

77. The primary function of materials requirement planning (MRP) is to _____________.


• Guarantee material shipment

• Guarantee material receipt

• Guarantee material availability

• Guarantee quality production

78. _________ is the transaction for customizing the SAP IMG.


• IMG1

• SE80


• SU01

79. _______ is an integrated computing platform that can manage SAP and non-SAP applications.



• Visual Studio


• Net Weaver

80. What is LSMW used for?


• Migrating data from legacy systems (non-SAP systems) to SAP systems.

• For writing and printing SAP forms and reports

• A SAP implementation methodology

• Functionality of the Logistics Execution module

81. Which of the following is NOT an SAP module?


• Controlling (CO)

• Project System (PS)

• Administration (AD)

• Human Resources (HR)

82. What is SAP HANA?


• SAP's implementation of a new document storage system

• SAP's replacement of the R/3 transactional system

• SAP's implementation of in-memory database technology

• SAP's implementation of the latest HR enhancements

83. What is BEX?


• Business Entry

• Business enhancement

• Business Exporter

• Business Explorer.

84. _______ is a central platform to manage the application lifecycle and manage SAP implementations.


• SAP Net Weaver

• SAP Solution Manager



85. What is considered the standard path to production?


• Dev - QA - Prod

• Sandbox - Dev - Prod

• QA - Dev - Prod

• Dev - Sandbox - Prod

86. When you create or edit objects in the ABAP Workbench or Customizing, your changes are captured and tracked on a __________.


• transport request

• change id

• user exit

• enhancement point

87. What is ASAP?


• An advanced version of the ABAP programming language

• The access control system of SAP

• SAP's project/implementation methodology

• The authorisation system of SAP

88. Which of the following is NOT one of SAP's enterprise applications?


• Product Chain Management (PCM)

• Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

• Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

• Supply Chain Management (SCM)

89. What is the export parameter used to send messages back to the calling program?






90. SAP offers _______ as a technology for developing web applications.




• Web Dynpro

• ColdFusion

91. What is AWB?


• Administrative work balance

• Administrative work

• Administration and Workbench

• Administrator Workbench

92. What is the batch input system?


• An intermediate step between internal table and database table.

• A tool to make a batch of external table.

• None of these

• A tool to make a batch of internal table.

93. What is regression testing in SAP implementation projects?


• Testing done to ensure that changes in one area has not broken something in another area

• Testing done in the SAP development environment

• Regular testing to ensure that transaction speeds remain fast

• Testing done in the SAP sandbox environment

• Testing done in the SAP production environment

94. The function of the SAP QM module is


• Quantitative Methods

• Quality Measurement

• Quality Management

95. _________ is the SAP programming environment.


• ABAP Development Workbench

• Notepad

• Dreamweaver


96. What is used to create authorisations?


• Add-ins

• Reason codes

• Roles and Profiles

• Message codes

97. What is an RFC?


• Regional funds center in the FM module

• Road freight cost in the Shipping module

• Redistributed finance cost in the FI module

• Remote function call

98. What is  ERP?


• Electronic record processing

• Electronic record planning

• Electronic resource processing

• Enterprise resource planning

99. Which of the following is NOT a sub-component of Financial Accounting?


• Accounts Receivable

• General Ledger

• Accounts Payable

• Project Accounting

100. The majority of SAP is programmed in the ____________ language.



• C#



101. What is ABAP?


• One of the SAP databases

• A SAP business warehouse

• The main SAP programming language

• A SAP security system

102. What is  SAP R/3?


• It's a three tier client, server

• It is a 3 tier based client/server application

• It's a one tier client base application

• It's a database application only

103. Which of the following does NOT fall under the SAP Logistics area?


• Controlling

• Sales & Distribution

• Materials Management

• Plant Maintenance

104. Must a configuration task be done directly in a SAP production environment


• For minor changes

• For major changes

• Very often

• All the time

• Typically not

105. A transaction consists of what in SAP?


• A Series of steps

• One step only

• Three to four steps

• Two or more steps

106. How is mining used in SAP?


• to build detailed queries

• to build reporting structures

• to build application and detail reporting

• to build the application to look specifically at detailed analyses

107. Pretty printer is used for:


• Printing the table.

• Formating the ABAP Code we write in ABAP Editor.

• Printing reports.

• All of the above.

108. Where do transparent tables exist?


• In the dictionary and in the structure

• In the dictionary and in the database

• In the dictionary and in the design

• In the dictionary and in the workflow diagram

109. A _________ contains all information about the materials a company procures, manufactures, stores, and ships.


• Material Record

• Material Master

• Material Info Record

• Product

110. SAP uses _______ to deploy new software functionality.


• Transports

• Support Packs

• Enhancement Packages

• A series of tubes