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Test answers for PayPal (Development) 2020

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61 Answered Test Questions:

1. Is Sandbox available for testing?


• Yes

• No

2. True or False? You can only use a JSON formatted payload with Adaptive APIs.


• True

• False

3. In regards to refunds, which of these are valid reasons for a TRANSACTION_REFUSED error message?


• The partial refund amount is not valid

• All are valid

• The merchant account has limitations or restrictions

• The partial refund amount must be less than or equal to the original transaction amount

4. Which of these parameters are NOT among the minimum required to perform a request to the Payflow gateway?


• "&VENDOR="

• "USER="


• All are required

5. Utilizing the Sandbox test site allows the developer to:


• All of these

• Test refunding payments from a test buyer.

• Test the purchase of multiple items in a single transaction using a single payment (a shopping cart).

• Test accepting PayPal as a payment mechanism on a website

6. Which of these are NOT steps in the PayPal payment flow?


• All are valid steps

• Get payment approved

• Execute the payment to the PayPal user's account

• Pass payment information to the client

7. Which of these are NOT steps in the auth flow?


• PayPal provides a client_id and secret

• PayPal returns access token

• All are valid steps

• Client calls /token endpoint with client_id and secret

8. All requests to execute PayPal API operations sent using HTTP must be _____.


• URL encoded

• yEnc encoded

• Ascii85

• Uuencoding

9. True or False? When accepting credit cards, you must include an access token in the Authorization header.


• True

• False

10. The Instant Payment Notification (IPN) Simulator sends mock notifications to a notification handler.



• True

11. What does the "cvv2" call refer to?


• The three-four digit credit card validation code

• The IP of your server

• The customer ID number

• The previous sale date for the particular "buy now" button

12. Which element is required for adding a Log In with PayPal button to a website?


• A script tag that loads the PayPal JavaScript API

• A unique HTML element to insert the PayPal button into

• All of these

• A script tag that loads the PayPal JavaScript API

13. True or False? The two credentials needed to identify you as the receiver of payments in the iOS SDK are "clientId" and "recieverEmail."


• True

• False

14. True or false? When completing a payment using a stored card, you pass "credit_card_token" instead of "credit_card."


• False

• True

15. Which of these are NOT call elements?


• Service Endpoint

• API Credentials

• HTTP Headers

• All are valid

16. Which payload format do you need when refunding a completed payment?



• SOAPjr



17. Which of these languages do NOT have PayPal supported SDKs?


• Habour

• Java

• Python

• Ruby

18. Is it possible to transfer payment from one Paypal user's account to another user's Paypal account ?


• False

• True

19. What information must you pass to PayPal in regards to a Credit Card?


• id

• cvv2

• amount

• total

20. True or false? Different PayPal APIs use different sets of HTTP headers.


• True

• False

21. After a payment has been approved PayPal will redirect the user to the:


• return_url

• cancel_url

• approval_url

• previous_url

22. How do you integrate a PayPal button into a website?


• PayPal Payments Standard

• PayPal Payments Standard & HTML


• Authoring tools of your choice

23. In order to authorize a payment for later you must set "intent": to which of the following?


• "capture"

• "authorize"

• "execute"

• "sale"

24. Transaction data after a purchase has been made is displayed as what type of variable?






25. In the function call <?=makeBuyButton(x);?>, what would you enter for argument "x"?


• The hex code for the Buy button

• The price of the item the Buy button corresponds to

• The dimensions of the Buy button

• The coordinates of the Buy button on the page

26. What does NVP stand for?


• Natural-Vlog Prowess

• Node-Variance Perception

• Nation-Virtual Percent

• Name-Value Pair

27. When using a stored credit card, instead of passing a "credit_card" in the "funding_instrument" as you would for a regular credit card payment, you???re passing a:


• "User_card_ID"

• "Credit_card_token"

• "Credit_card_store"

• "API_Card"

28. Which of the following is an example of how to properly specify which type of currency the pay outs are to be made in?






29. What protocol does PayPal use to authorize calls?


• OpenAuthor


• OAuth

• OpenID

30. True or False? AddressVerify is an API supported by negative testing.


• False

• True

31. How many characters are required for the currency code ISO 4127?


• Two

• Three

• Five

• It depends on the currency

32. Each PayPal API call contains a unique set of input fields that you supply with the request called _____.


• a Endpoint

• a User

• a dropship

• a payload

33. How is the registered return URL used in OpenID Connect in Paypal?


• The developer should pass the exact notify URL during the authorize call.

• The developer should pass the exact IPN during the authorize call.

• The developer should pass the exact return URL during the authorize call.

• The developer should pass the exact reverse URL during the authorize call.

34. What sets the limit you can pass to the Payflow gateway?


• The merchant account

• You need to contact PayPal support to set this limit

• The amount of traffic to your website

• The tier of PayPal services you have subscribed to

35. In order to verify proof of payment you must use which of the following:


• Security Signatures

• Adaptive Payments PaymentDetails API Call

• Adaptive Payments


36. openid is related to:


• Facebook ID


• User ID



37. How can you gain access to the PayPal REST API?


• Download it from the website, no registration required

• Provide proof that you have entered into a development contract with a US business

• Simply register

• Contact PayPal and make a developers request

38. Which of these calls do you use to store a credit card?


• /vault/credit-card

• /vault/card-num

• /store/credit-card

• /safe/credit-card

39. API response fields might not be returned if:


• The "UNIT" value is "no"

• The "NVP" value is "Success"

• The "ACK" value is not "Success"

• The "GET" value is not "Success

40. During the testing phase of mobile development, which of these should you use to avoid moving real money around?


• "NSNotification"

• "&VENDOR="

• "+setEnvironment"

• "$MONEY=N"

41. If using Windows, what shell does PayPal recommend for creating cURL calls?


• csh

• ksh


• Bash

42. How much do developers pay in fees per transaction using REST APIs?


• PayPal does not charge fees per transactions to developers using the REST APIs

• 2.9% + $.30

• 1% + $1.00

• 5%

43. When intending to payment information to create payment information "intent": must be set to what?


• "sale"

• "purchase"

• "sell"

• "sold"

44. In cURL commands, HTTP headers are denoted by which switch?


• #H

• -H

• $H

• *H

45. Who handles PCI compliance?


• You don't need to comply with PCI regulations

• You

• It depends on whether you are using JavaScript buttons and iOS SDK, or the REST API

• PayPal

46. How do you navigate to your list of saved buttons on the merchant interface?


• Click the "Business Resource Center" link in the Merchant Services tab

• Click the "My Saved Buttons" link in the Products and Services tab

• You need to log out of the merchant interface and find your saved buttons in the development Sandbox

• Click the "My Saved Buttons" link in the Merchant Services tab

47. What checksum formula do fictitious, Sandbox credit card numbers need to comply with?


• Mod 10

• Verhoeff

• Mod 20

• Damm

48. Which of the following does the Paypal iOS SDK NOT do?


• Sends proof of payment to the application's servers for verfication

• Provide a UI for PayPal and Credit Card Transactions

• Coordinates payment with Paypal

• Returns a proof of payment

49. Which of the following PayPal APIs/SDKs are not PCI compliant?


• PayPal's JavaScript Buttons

• PayPal iOS SDK

• Paypal's Android SDK

• PayPal Rest API

50. Which of these provide the URI of the server that handles your request?


• Sandbox

• Endmark

• Endpoint

• Payload

51. To make a PayPal API call, the components need to be put together as what type of objects?


• Ruby or Java

• It depends on the type of API

• SOAP or non-SOAP

• SMTP or non-SMTP

52. What is the access token provided by PayPal also called?


• PayMe token

• Bearer token

• SSL token

• Password token

53. Will Seamless Checkout work with OpenID?


• No, the Seamless Checkout scope is only available with OpenID Connect

• Yes, the Seamless Checkout work with OpenID

54. What service does PayPal use for mobile credit card scanning?


• Swypenow

• PayPalCards

• SecureLINK


55. PayPal Direct Payments feature is availbale for


• Pro Account

• For all Accounts

• Business Account

• Personal Account

56. Which of the following languages does not have an SDK for REST APIs?


• Perl

• Python

• Ruby

• Node.js

57. After a /payment call has been executed successfuly what must you do to return a confimation of the transaction?


• "state" : "created"

• "intent" : "sold"

• "sale" : "confirmed"

• "payment method" : "paypal"

58. If you want to handle credit card details on your own server, which object do you need to directly pass details to PayPal?


• "payment" call along with a "credit-card" object

• "payment" call along with a "user_id" object

• "payment" call along with a "/vault/credit_card" object

• "payment" call along with a "funding_instrument" object

59. When completing a full refund you should set the JSON payload to which of the following?


• The full amount of the purchase

• id

• Nothing

• sale_id

60. What does HATEOAS stand for?


• Hypermedia as the Engine of Application State

• Hypermedia and the Engineering Operation Application Standard

• Hyper Access to Electrical Operations and Systems

• Halcyon and Technical Energy Operation Attack System

61. True or false? PayPal validates credit card information that is stored on "/vault/credit-card."


• False

• True