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Test answers for Networking 2020

(57) Last updated: January 27
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57 Answered Test Questions:

1. True or false? Inviting colleagues to lunch can be an effective networking tool.



• True

2. What is the recommended number of people should you speak with at one time while networking?


• Two people maximum. You don't want to miss anything important either one of them says

• Three or more if the people are your age or younger, one or two if they are older than you

• Four or more people whenever possible. The more contacts in a shorter time, the better

• It's best to observe and not participate in conversations

3. After meeting a new contact, it is recommended that you:


• Follow up that day with a quick email telling them about recent projects you've led

• Follow up that day with a quick email saying it was nice to meet them,

• Text them that day and invite them to your office by the end of the week

• Invite them out for a drink that day so you can tell them more about yourself

4. Which of the following is probably the best networking question?


• How much money do you make?

• How did you get started in this line of work?

• What is your position title?

• Did you just get here?

5. What should you ask your contacts for when job hunting?


• A job

• To write your cover letter

• Advice and introductions

6. If you're applying for a position at a contact's company, you should ask:


• If you can use the contact's name in an email or phone call with the hiring manager

• If they will give you inside information on the hiring manager

• If they can pull a few strings

• What their starting salary was

7. Which of the following is probably the worst networking question?


• How much revenue did your company make last year?

• How long have you been in this industry?

• How did you get involved in this line of work?

• What did you think of the last presentation?

8. Which of the following is the best definition of professional networking?


• Sending memos to your boss to keep him informed

• Relationship-building that exposes you to to a new interest

• A team-building practice inside your company

9. What is the recommended way you should act while at a networking event?


• Change your personality to match the tone of the person with whom you're speaking

• Be serious, and don’t reveal things about your personal life

• Be genuine- being yourself is best

• Be the fun, life of the party everyone wants to talk to

10. When meeting someone for the first time, what do you want to avoid?


• Offering to introduce them to one of your contacts

• Complimenting them on their business card

• Asking for favors

• Asking them about their hobbies

11. If you become bored with the new person you are speaking with at a networking event, you should:


• When at an appropriate point in the conversation, smile and genuinely thank them for their time

• Interrupt them and get away as quickly as you can

• Sigh heavily and audibly so they know you are no longer interested in talking

• While they are talking, look around the room for someone else you know so that you can leave

12. At a networking event, it is generally best to ask _________ questions.


• mysterious

• closed-ended

• exclamatory

• open-ended

13. True or False? When attempting to connect with someone for the first time via social media, you should send them a long, detailed message.


• False

• True

14. True of false? Online social networks are not effective tools for formal business networking.



• False

15. True or false? If you cannot establish a contact in the first meeting, then it is a waste of time to keep building the relationship.



• False

16. True or false? Introducing your contacts to each other can help strengthen your personal network.



• True

17. Which of the following is an appropriate way to keep in touch with a contact you made while networking?


• Email them with an update about your latest promotion

• Call them during the work day to chat

• Call them when you need a favor

• Email them an article you think they might be interested in with a quick message

18. When you meet someone you want to build a relationship with, it's best to:


• Email them within 24 hours of meeting them

• Get their contact information

• Give them your contact information

• All of these

19. Which of the following is the best way to end a conversation at a networking event?


• Look me up on Facebook so we can chat later

• May I have your contact info so we can schedule a time to finish this conversation?

• I'm actually job hunting now, can you help me get a job in marketing?

• What are you doing at your job? You need to work for me!

20. What is LinkedIn most commonly used for?


• Promoting businesses

• Industry networking

• Testing a job candidate's computer literacy

• Chatting with co-workers

21. True or False? At a networking event, you should listen more than you talk about yourself.


• False

• True

22. After landing a job, what should you do?


• Let your networking contacts know and thank them for their assistance

• Start replacing your network with new contacts from your new job

• Start reaching out to your network to try and set up a promotion

• Cut off contact with your network because you don't need their help anymore

23. What is a good question to ask someone you're networking with?


• All of these

• What types of projects are you working on?

• How did you get involved in the _________ industry?

• What advice would you give someone looking to start out in the business?

24. What should you always bring to a networking event?


• Business Cards

• A Colleague

• A Wingman

• A Tie

25. Which of the following is an aspect of personal brand?


• Skills

• Social media presence

• All of these

• Personality

26. What should you do immediately with a new contact's business card?


• Memorize the contact information

• Write where you met them, a quick note of what you discussed, and how you can help them on the back of it

• Show it to other people you meet and encourage them to contact the person

27. When inviting someone to connect with you on LinkedIn, what is the appropriate etiquette?


• Use the pre-written message

• Follow up with a phone call immediately after

• Send a personal message reminding them where you met, or saying why you're adding them

• Send an invite every few days until they accept

28. After you get a business card from someone who can help you, you should ________.


• text them later that night

• send them a pitch email that night.

• call them immediately to make sure they gave you a real number

• record their information and contact them in a few days about potentially meeting

29. True or False? Networking is an activity for young people at the beginning of their career, not for successful professionals.


• False

• True

30. True or false? Twitter can be an effective networking tool.



• True

31. Which of the following is NOT commonly found on business cards?


• Home address

• Twitter handle

• Cell phone number

• Email address

32. True or false? For efficiency's sake, you should ignore contacts that are not directly related to your interests.


• False


33. What is LinkedIn most commonly used for amongst entry-level employees?


• Job search and networking with co-workers

• Industry networking

• Keeping in touch

• None of these

34. What is the recommended way to tag-team a networking event with a co-worker or friend?


• Split up as soon as you arrive, but have a game plan to help each other when needed

• Do a lap around the room together, and then go talk to the same person at the same time

• Stick together so you look more approachable

• Stick together so you can show how well you work with others

35. What is LinkedIn most commonly used for amongst Middle Management?


• Keeping in touch and industry networking

• Networking with their friends and family

• None of these

• Hiring new employees

36. True or False? It is best to start networking when you are looking for a job and not before or after you are hired.


• False

• True

37. Prior to attending a networking event, you should:


• Send a personalized email to everyone you want to meet

• Add everyone on the event list to your company newsletter

• Mail your business card to everyone on the list 

38. At a networking event, you should:


• Wait for mutual contacts to introduce you to people you would be interested in speaking with

• Talk to strangers and mingle with people you haven't met yet

• Spend the majority of the event with people you know well

• Make your rounds with a friend or colleague

39. What is the golden rule of networking?


• Let them ask all the questions

• Talk for 15 minutes and exit conversation

• Ask how you can help your contact

• Ask how your contact can help you

40. In a networking situation, when should you give the other person your business card?


• At the beginning of the conversation

• At the end of the conversation

• During the conversation

• Don't give them a card, contact them later

41. If you want to maintain a professional connection with your old supervisor, what is the recommended frequency in which you should you touch base?


• Several times a month

• Once a year

• Every week

• Every 3-4 months

42. Which of the following is a good icebreaker at a networking event?


• All of these

• That campaign your company produced was amazing. I'd love to hear how you came up with the idea.

• Wow, this room is packed. How many people do you think are here? Who knew there were so many people in PR in San Francisco?

• Hi, my name is John, and I work in public relations at Superhero PR. Which firm are you with?

43. When attempting to connect with someone you haven't met yet on LinkedIn, which of the following would be good to include in your message?


• Point out a mutual connection

• None of these

• An apology for sending them an invitation prior to meeting them

• Your biography as a way of introducing yourself

44. Is it appropriate to drink at a networking event?


• Yes, in moderation

• Only if you order a drink for everyone you are talking to

• No

45. At a networking event, you should open up a conversation with ________.


• a sales pitch

• questions about their career

• a statement about yourself and your business

• casual conversation

46. True or False? You should try to sell your product by making a sales pitch while networking.


• True

• False

47. Which of the following are inappropriate places for networking?


• Religious events

• The gym

• None of these

• Over dinner

48. True or false? The main goal of networking is to get as many questions answered as possible.



• False

49. When arriving at a networking event with a colleague, you should _________.


• talk amongst yourselves

• begin aggressively selling

• approach the most important contact together

• split up

50. Apologizing when asking a professional contact for help shows:


• You should have been more considerate of your ask before reaching out

• You are really interested in the help they can provide

• That you're willing do to anything to please someone

• A lack of confidence and a lack of professionalism

51. What is the recommended number of times you should share and comment on a LinkedIn connections' posts?


• Once a day maximum

• Three to four comments per post, one share per day

• As many times as you want, the more the better

• None of these

52. You should think of your networking connections as:


• People who will do you favors

• Advisers

• Future employees

• Future employers

53. What is the suggested waiting period between meeting a new professional connection and contacting them?


• 1 week

• 1 day

• 2 days

• 5 days

54. Which side should you wear your name tag on at a networking event?


• The right side

• The left side

55. What is a referral group?


• None of these

• A group of clients referred to you by one individual in your network

• A meeting group where participants from non-competing companies exchange leads and referrals

• A group of people you have referred to another member of your network

56. Which of the following is the best example of a strategic alliance?


• Two colleagues at an event pose as strangers and covertly direct conversation toward their business

• A celebrity endorses a car dealership

• A celebrity endorses a car dealership in return for a discount

• None of these

57. What is the recommended number of times you should update your status on LinkedIn so you remain active and are visible to connections?


• 3 times a week

• 3 times a day

• Once per week

• Once per day