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Test answers for Google Glass (Development) 2020

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80 Answered Test Questions:

1. Requests to the Google Mirror API must be authorized using:


• OpenID

• G+ accounts

• Gmail accounts

• OAuth 2.0 credentials

2. Which is the correct URI to request a map on a timeline card?


• glass://map

• mirror/v1/render

• map://draw

• GET/mirror/v1/map

3. True or False? For better performance, you can ask the server to send only the fields you really need and get a partial response instead.


• False

• True

4. Should “requestCode” match the request code used when starting an image capture intent?


• No.

• No, because it will cause a conflict and destroy the image.

• Yes.

• No. It will cause your video API to crash.

5. Which of these are NOT supported languages with client libraries for development on the Mirror API?


• Python

• All are supported

• Go

• Ruby

6. To prevent reflows as a map image is being rendered, always specify the width and height of the image in the______ tag.


• <img>

• <p>

• <a href>

• <section>

7. Creating an APIs project in Google's APIs console allows you to:


• Share API management with a team

• All of the above

• Monitor API usage and control API access

• Use Google APIs beyond anonymous limits

8. In the context of Google Glass, what is a URI?


• Universal Resource Identifier.

• United Resource Identity

• Useful Resource Identity

• Universal Rescue Identity

9. To capture an image with the camera application, you would set the call, “startActivityForResult(android.content.Intent, int)” to what?






10. What is the public final class, “LiveCard” responsible for?


• Carrying an object to the timeline.

• It does nothing.

• Letting you create real-time card sequence.

• Letting you create active cards and publish them to the timeline.

11. To insert a timeline item, POST a ______ representation of a timeline item to the REST endpoint




• Eclipse

• Java

12. If you were to place two fingers on the touchpad, which public static interface would start reporting?


• Fingertools.Listen

• TwoFingersDetected

• Finger.Listener.Express

• GestureDetector.FingerListener

13. Which is the correct syntax for a public constructor?


• public (WindowUtils

• public WindowUtils ()

• WindowUtils (public)

• Utils ()public Window

14. True or False? The two ways to bundle content in the timeline is paging or threading.


• False

• True

15. Where can live cards display content from?


• From a layout resource only.

• From a secondary background card.

• Either from a layout resource, or directly from their drawing surface.

• From their drawing source only.

16. How many characters are recommended for menu items?


• 20 or more.

• 50 or more.

• 15 or less.

• More than 15.

17. How do you turn on USB debugging for Glass?


• Turn on debug > Device Info > Settings

• Settings: Turn on debug > Device Info

• It cannot be turned on.

• Settings > Device Info > Turn on debug

18. True or False? You cannot attach a video to a timeline item.


• True

• False

19. Who is the GDK's intended audience?


• Those comfortable with Android development.

• People well-versed in Access programming.

• Those who are experts with word processors.

• Beginners with no programming experience.

20. True or False? In production, your notification subscription's callback URL must support SSL.


• False

• True

21. Each item in the user's timeline is represented as a "TimelineItem" ______ structure.








• Variable constant.

• Constant variable.

• Variable.

• Constant.

23. What code do you use to disable head gestures when a window is visible?


• getWindow().addFlags(WindowUtils.FLAG_ENABLE_HEAD_GESTURES);


• getWindow().addFlags(WindowUtils);

• getWindow().addFlags(WindowUtils.FLAG_DISABLE_HEAD_GESTURES);

24. What is the recommended aspect ratio for timeline images?


• 12:25

• 3:1

• 30:10

• 16:9

25. The public static interface, “GestureDetector.BaseListener” does what, exactly?


• Initiates non-discrete gestures.

• Blocks discrete gestures.

• Interprets discrete gestures.

• Places the gestures in queue.

26. If specifying an icon when designing a menu, what is the required image size?


• 30x10 px

• 150x50px

• 50x50px

• 50x100px

27. When handling authorization requests, the authorization code is a one-time code that your server can exchange for:


• A user ID

• An OpenID token

• A sign-in token

• An access token

28. What is the “card” class responsible for?


• Introducing the card into the timeline.

• Providing a model for the card in the timeline.

• Placing a card into the timeline.

• Inserting a card into the timeline.

29. What is the class, “MenuUtils” used for?


• It is a collection of elements for Panel and related classes.

• It is a collection of extensions for Menu and related classes.

• It is a collection of Menus for Card and related classes.

• It is a collection of cards for Pictures and related classes.

30. What is the constant value for the string. “ACTION_VOICE_TRIGGER”?






31. Why is it best to manage cards in a background service?


• Cards require long-running ownership to own them the entire time that they are published.

• Cards require multiple owners

• Cards require exponentially increasing memory

• None of these. It is NOT best to manage cards in a background service.

32. What does the class VoiceTriggers do?


• It deletes apps which insert new items into the main video menu.

• It allows apps to insert new items into the main voice menu.

• It allows apps to insert new items into the main text menu.

• It allows apps to delete new items from the main voice menu.

33. “THREE_LONG_PRESS” is an example of what?


• An extension.

• A movement.

• A trigger.

• A gesture.

34. In the context of Google Glass, what is an intent?


• A description of an operation to be isolated.

• An abstract description of an operation to be performed.

• An abstract description of a set of configurations.

• An abstract description of an operation already performed.

35. What call do you use to capture video with the camera application?



• Start_CAMERA


• startActivityForResult(android.content.Intent, int)

36. What patterns should be used for the sake of consistency across all Glassware?


• TU

• UX

• XU

• UT

37. How is it best to manage live cards?


• In a background service.

• With an external program.

• In the foreground.

• In a sandbox.

38. To reduce the bandwidth needed for each request is to enable:


• LZ compression

• Gzip compression

• PKZIP compression

• HTTP lossless compression

39. When using a server-side flow when your application needs to access Google APIs on behalf of the user such as when the user is offline, you pass an authorization code that is used to acquire _______ tokens for your server.


• an HTTP and JSON

• an access and refresh

• entry

• listen

40. True or False?  If the user deletes an item from their timeline, it's recommended that you delete this content from your systems too.


• True

• False

41. To use a built-in menu item, you only need to populate the _____ of each "menuItem."


• card_Slide

• menuDo

• get

• action

42. If you're having trouble verifying an image path, what should you use?


• A browser.

• A file manager.

• A compiler.

• A FileObserver.

43. When a user triggers one of your custom menu items, a notification is sent to your service with the ______ populated


• application/JSON

• tagMenu.user


• iconURL

44. If you have metadata that you want to send along with the data to upload, you can make a single ______ request


• multipart/related

• simple/metadata

• uploadType=metadata

• upload/single

45. When an item is being clicked and selected, what will notify you using the listener interfaces from AdapterView?


• ViewCardScroll

• CardView

• CardScroll

• CardScrollView

46. Users must enable your contact at the ______ site before they can share timeline items with your contact.


• Glassware

• MyGlass


• Notebook

47. When would you create your card with the help of a RemoteViews class?


• When your application only requires advanced widgets and constant updates.

• When your application is broken.

• When your application only requires standard tools and constant patches.

• When your application only requires standard widgets and infrequent updates.

48. What is a gesture that “GestureDetector.BaseListener” would be listening for?






49. What must happen to your card content when direct rendering is enabled?


• The card content will have to be rendered directly onto a surface.

• The card content must be backed up accordingly.

• The card content will have to be manually rendered.

• The card content will have to be rendered directly into a sandbox.

50. A notification from the Mirror API is sent as a POST request to the subscribed endpoint containing a JSON:


• Request body

• Tag

• Header request

• Validation code

51. If your firewall does not allow HTTP "PATCH" requests, then do _______ request and set the override header to PATCH, as shown below:


• a SSL

• an HTTP "POST"

• an HTTP "PUT"

• an XPath "PATCH"

52. What should the result code match before capturing?


• Nothing.




53. To subscribe to notifications in a production environment, you must provide a callback URL with a valid ______ to handle the notification.


• SSL certificate

• username

• REST endpoint

• JSON representation

54. How many gestures are recognized per event sequence?


• One.

• Two

• Four

• Seven

55. What does the throw, “IllegalArgumentException” mean?


• It means that your target device is missing.

• It is a recursive error.

• It is a system error.

• It means your target program is malfunctioning.

56. To send updated data only for the specific fields that you’re changing, use the HTTP ______ verb.


• "access_grant"




57. What does a page curl in the top right corner of a timeline card denote?


• A link to an outside source

• Map directions

• A video card

• A bundle

58. Which is the recommended "uploadType" request parameter for larger files?


• "uploadType=media"

• "uploadType=resumable"

• "uploadType=massive"

• None of these are recommended

59. “CardScrollAdapter” should be used in conjunction with what?


• CardScrollView to implement horizontally scrolling views.

• ViewCard to implement horizontally scrolling views.

• HorizontalCard to implement vertically scrolling views.

• ScrollCard to implement horizontally scrolling views.

60. What three parameters are included to measure a two-finger scroll on the touchpad?


• Engagement, delta, and velocity.

• Displacement, gamma, and velocity.

• Displacement, delta, and velocity.

• Displacement, delta, and friction.

61. True or False? The "Delete" and "Dismiss" menu items are functionally identical


• False

• True

62. True or False? You do NOT need to send an authorization token with every request that is marked (AUTHENTICATED)


• True

• False

63. Which of the following is a protected method?


• dispachProtectEvent

• dispatchGenericFocusedEvent

• dispachEventProtection

• GenericEvent

64. When rendering a map on a timeline card, how many pixels wide will the following polyline be? polyline=8,ffff0000;47.6,-122.34,47.62,-122.40


• 8

• 34

• 6

• 47

65. If you want additional text on a menu item, what public method do you use?


• setMethod

• setDescription

• setMenu

• setText

66. What class do CardScrollView's child views come from?


• CardScrollMonitor

• CardScrollCreator

• CardScrollAdapter

• CardScrollGenerator

67. What class is recommended for creating CardScrollAdapter's views?


• Element.

• Gesture.

• Action.

• Card.

68. When creating a contact, you must specify a displayName and at least one ______, which Glass uses to display the contact information to the user.


• nameID

• locationCoord

• imageUrls

• pictureDisplay

69. When working with a fields request parameter, use _____ to select a field "c" nested within "b".


• c/b/a

• a/b/c

• c$b$a

• c:b

70. True or False? The subscription proxy provided by Google is one of the most secure options and should be used in a production environment, as well as a development environment.


• False

• True

71. What do clients define?


• Card contents.

• Client contents.

• Program contents.

• API contents.

72. Paged cards in a bundle all share the same "timelineId" and therefore have the same set of:


• Endpoints

• Menu items

• Boundaries

• Threads

73. To use a simple upload, make a POST or PUT request to the method's /upload URI and add the query parameter:


• "uploadType=image"

• "upload=simple"

• "typeUpdate=media"

• "uploadType=media"

74. Which of these are NOT a provided method to design timeline cards with the Mirror API?


• Providing text

• Creating your own HTML template

• Using Google's HTML templates

• Use Google's provided image editor

75. If your application needs a new refresh token it must send a request with the _______ query parameter set to "force".


• "approval_prompt"

• "access_grant"

• "Google_auth"

• "glass_script"

76. What does a card scroller display?


• A glass-value database.

• A scroller-value database.

• A card-value database.

• A key-value database.

77. Which of these is NOT a valid API method?


• delete

• list

• go

• get

78. Your Glassware receives location updates every:


• 30 seconds

• 10 minutes

• Hour

• 15 seconds

79. Can the setDescription attribute be written in XML?


• Yes.

• Only if the configuration file is edited accordingly.

• Only in the prior version.

• No.

80. With updates that use the HTTP ______ verb, the request fails if you don't supply required parameters, and it clears previously set data if you don't supply optional parameters.


• "POST"

• "PUT"


• "REST"