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Test answers for Gamification 2020

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93 Answered Test Questions:

1. What does RPG stand for?


• Rule Progressive Game

• Role Playing Game

• Role Passing Game

• Really Plain Game

2. A player who is completely and entirely focused on winning achievements and gaining respect from other players is known as a(n) ______.


• Killer

• Explorer

• Socializer

• Achiever

3. The result of a choice is called the:


• character level

• consequence

• morality choice

• specific ending

4. What is the main idea behind gamification theory?


• Instituting a hierarchy in business environments to

• Employing the latest improvements in graphic rendering to design the most photo-realistic games as possible

• Utilizing massive amounts of data to predict a person's future behavior

• Tapping into people's innate desires to play games to influence how they behave

5. "Buy Nine sandwiches and get your tenth one free!" is an example of what type of gamified sales program?


• Ownership program

• Loyalty program

• Sandwich program

• Status program

6. True or False? A coffee shop's loyalty card is a form of gamification.


• True

• False

7. You should always avoid creating choices that are:


• Irrelevant

• Meaningful

• Difficult

• Timed

8. Which of the following standard gaming features is NOT appropriate for a gamified business approach?


• Points

• Badges

• Levels

• None of these

9. True or False? A Gamified experience releases dopamine into the player's brain.


• True

• False

10. Which of these sectors currently utilize gamification techniques?


• All of these

• Healthcare

• Human resources

• Retail and e-commerce

11. What does FPS stand for?


• First Person Shooter

• Fact Progression Situation

• First Person Situation

• Fast Paced Simulation

12. The general difference between movies or books and a game is:


• Intelligence

• Graphics

• Interactivity

• Reading

13. Which mobile game was the most-downloaded app of 2011?


• Tetris

• Fruit Ninja

• Words with Friends

• Draw Something

• Angry Birds

14. A character that is controlled by the computer is called:



• Achmed

• Shop keep


15. What is an avatar?


• A community of gamers within a game

• A master of the four elements of nature within a game

• A visual representation of a player within the game

• The greater world in which a game takes place.

16. PBL in the context of Gamification stands for?


• Past Boarding Lens

• Points, Badges and Leaderboards

• Pool, Bank or Leave

• Post Bump Level-up

17. A player who likes to dig into the game for the sake of the experience itself, rather than points and rewards, is known as a(n) ______.


• Explorer

• Achiever

• Socializer

• Killer

18. When several features are discussed as a whole they are called a:


• Feature Set

• Enemies

• Botnet

• NPCs

19. What term describes a visual ranking of players success in a game?


• The Leaderboard

• The Bracket

• The Gauntlet

• The VIP list

20. A _______ is subjective and is basically "what a player WANTS to do"


• Powerup

• Goal

• Game

• Combo

21. Which of the following game mechanics is a progress mechanic?


• Points

• All of these

• Progress Bars

• Badges

• Levels

22. A player who favor scenarios in which they're rewarded for completing tasks and earning the recognition of other is known as a(n) ______.


• Explorer

• Achiever

• Killer

• Socializer

23. Which of these are NOT AN example of gamification?


• Designing an automatic watering machine for your garden

• Instituting a sticker reward system for the children you babysit

• Creating a leaderboard of steps taken in a day and comparing your distance travelled to that of your friends

• Using a virtual reality warehouse safety training program

24. True or False? It is generally best to design a gamification experience with only one player type in mind.


• True

• False

25. What does MMORPG stand for?


• Manly Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game

• Massively multiplayer online role-playing game

• My Mom's Other Rapidly Paced Game

• Multiple Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game

26. The techniques used for keeping players in game and not leaving (logging off or closing the application) are often called:


• monetization techniques

• win-back techniques

• acquisition techniques

• engagement techniques

27. A great game is a series of interesting and meaningful _______ made by the player in pursuit of a clear and compelling goal.


• Stories

• Powerups

• Jumps

• Choices

28. Where is enterprise gamification used?


• At work

• At home

• At restaurants

• At school

29. During gameplay a player should always be:


• scoring points

• earning experience

• defeating opponents

• having fun

• buying things

30. Why is Epic Meaning important?


• It creates a fun way for players to track their progress and can often motivate them to take the extra step to complete a task

• Epic meaning is actually a frowned upon game mechanic and should not be employed

• It instills a time frame in which players must complete their goal before the clock runs out

• It instills in a player a sense that they are working towards a greater goal and can motivate them to go above and beyond expected duties

31. A player who is most interested in interacting with other players, on top of their motivation to accumulate points and prestige, is known as a(n) ______.


• Explorer

• Socializer

• Achiever

• Killer

32. The activities in which a player participates during a game are often called:


• goal-seeking

• requirements

• play mechanics

• fighting

33. The acronym ARM is often used to describe modern game business models. What does it stand for?


• adjustment, re-calibration, mastering

• abstract, realistic, modern

• acquisition, retention, monetization

• attraction and redemption model

34. The primary activity of a player during a game is often called the:


• aberrant behavior

• core mechanic

• grind

• meta-game

35. True or False? Gamification is primarily concerned with video game development.


• True

• False

36. A player gets a reward for starting an assigned task. This is an example of _________.


• a completion reward

• a performance based award

• a daily award

• an engagement reward

37. A badge for completing all the levels of a game is an example of ___________.


• a daily reward

• an unscheduled reward

• a scheduled reward

• a hidden reward

38. Which of these are NOT a stage of configuring and deploying a gamification program?


• Testing

• Development

• Design

• Progression

39. Which of these are NOT an extrinsic motivator?


• Wanting to win a gold medal at the Olympics

• Wanting to improve your drawing skills because you enjoy drawing

• Wanting to drive a flashy car

• Wanting a higher salary

40. Badges, levels, and leaderboards are mechanics that are designed for ____________.


• leveling up

• acquisition

• retention and engagement

• monetization

41. What is behavioral momentum?


• A numerical value designed to reward players for a certain task

• The tendency of players to keep doing what they have been doing

• A marketing test designed to predict a player's future actions

• A reward after having completed a series of challenges or core functions

42. How does eBay utilize gamification on their site?


• They have streamlined their support system to allow for faster processing of support tickets

• They use a point system to give users a sense of status

• Ebay does not actually utilize any known methods of gamification

• They designed a skills test to prove users are qualified to buy/sell items

43. Why is studying the response to extrinsic rewards important?


• Understanding them will help give the user a sense of accomplishment

• Actually, you should always try to avoid extrinsic rewards

• Understanding them will give better insight into what motivates your user

• Understanding them will help develop a users self expression

44. What aspect of gamification causes its players to form habits?


• The visual stimuli within the game experience

• The rewards and accomplishments

• The difficulty of endgame material

• The simplicity of a game's flow

45. Gamification is the:


• Application of game mechanics to non game applications.

• A management strategy for the workplace by applying a series of incentives similar to a videogame.

• The strategy of allowing employees to play games to make worklife more enjoyable.

46. The reinforcement system used by issuing bi-weekly paychecks is ______.


• Fixed interval

• Variable interval

• Fixed ratio

• Variable ratio

47. In any system, what ultimately drives the outcome?


• The player's spending power

• The player's motivation

• The player's skills

• The player's social engagement

48. What comes first when implementing a gamified strategy; virtual rewards or tangible rewards?


• Tangible

• Virtual

49. Which of the following is an example of gamification?


• Equipping your office waiting room with Nintendo and PlayStation systems

• Having two brothers race to see who can clean their rooms first.

• Organizing a company softball outing

• Hosting a dart tournament at the local bar.

50. What are the stages of Amy Jo Kim's player journey?


• Light, Regular, Addict

• Small, Medium, Large

• Newbie, Regular, Enthusiast

• Casual, Mayor, Super User

51. A(n) ______ is a designed requirement for players to fulfill during gameplay.


• level

• achievement

• objective

• skill tree

52. True or False? self-reported demographic data is less reliable/important than actual, recorded activities.


• False

• True

53. Which of these is NOT one of the four essential human cravings?


• Experience or hope of success

• Social connection

• Frequent rest

• Satisfying work

54. Which of these frameworks focuses on status and score to motivate competitive behavior?


• Competitive pyramid

• Gentle guide

• Company race

• Competitive collaborator

55. Recency, frequency, duration, virality and ratings are metrics analyzed when measuring ______.


• Engagement

• Stickiness

• Gamification

• Loyalty

56. The concept of reward schedules in gaming was first studied and later perfected for what kind of games:


• racing games

• trivia games

• slot machines

• game shows

• board games

57. Which of the following is not a classic example of gamification?


• Fantasy Football

• LinkedIn's Progress Bar

• Loyalty Programs

• Laser Tag

58. Which of these are NOT known gamification mechanics?


• Countdown

• Combos

• Motivation aversion

• Discovery

59. True or False? If motivation is low and ability is low, a trigger will often still lead to the desired behavior.


• False

• True

60. One way to describe the landscape of potential choice is as a:


• Level Design

• Flow Chart

• Grassy Texture

• Possibility Space

61. Which of these is an example of an appointment mechanic?


• Happy Hour

• Waiting to be served at a restaurant

• 24 hour car repair service

62. In the context of social gaming, what does ARPU stand for?


• Association of Role Players United

• Average Revenue Per User

• Awards Relative to Points by User

• Average Rating Per User

63. An optimal experience that gradually gets tougher is sometimes referred to as the game's ______


• Levels

• Flow

• Enemies

• Powerups

64. An early example of gamification surrounding housework and household tasks was Kevan Davis' ___________.


• Office Space

• Chore Wars

• WorkFit

• World of Housework

• Life

65. True or False? A pool table at a bar is a simple form of gamification.


• False

• True

66. Cooperative gameplay, friend invites and social sharing are all considered acquisition features of games. They create organic or viral growth and are often measured as:


• direct marketing success

• k-factor

• community appeal

• banner ad clicks

67. What does the system of rewards acronym, SAPS, stand for?


• Status, Access, Power, Stuff

• Simple, Attentive, Prompt, Shiny

• Symbol, Ascend, Prize, Status

• Strength, Attention, Power, Social

68. Converting an expected reward into player action by varying the quantity and delivery schedule of that reward is _____.


• Reinforcement

• Engagement

• Flow

• Progression

69. The theory that information should be released in the minimum possible snippets to gain the appropriate level of understanding at each point during a game narrative is known as the _______.


• Cascading Information Theory

• Reward Schedules Theory

• Blissful Productivity Theory

• Information Trickle Theory

70. Bartle's gamer types originated with:


• Playstation software


• Blackjack simulations

• Playing cards

71. The _____ directs the players' experiences and gives them a context within which their experiences fit.


• Flow

• Choices

• Premise

• Ending

72. Who are the three main actors within an agile gamification?


• The Company, The Consumer, The Content

• The Player, The System, The Organization

• The Framework, The Player, The Endgame

• The Producer, The Consumer, The Observer

73. Which of these are NOT an intrinsic motivator?


• Becoming a skilled novelist because you really enjoy writing

• Helping the less fortunate because you feel a sense of accomplishment

• None of these are intrinsic motivators

• Wanting to lose 10 pounds so people will admire you

74. What is 'flow' as used in gamification principles?


• All of these

• Flow is gaining points on a continuous basis to reach new levels of game play

• Flow is the process of reaching new levels.

• Flow is the mental state of operation in which a person in an activity is immersed in game play

75. Which of the following is not one of Bartle's four player types?


• Achievers

• Seekers

• Socializers

• Killers

76. Which of the following is a mobile app providing a platform for the gamification of any aspect of life.


• Klash

• Krallice

• Klout

• Krool

77. What is the term game companies use to describe the small group of users who account for most of the game's revenue?


• addicts

• whales

• high rollers

• super fans

• angels

78. Daniel Pink suggested that cash is a poor extrinsic motivator, but suggested which of the following was a very strong one?


• Long term social status rewards

• Praise from NPCs

• New in game items.

• Self satisfaction through personal accomplishment.

79. True of False? The "holy grail" of gamification is to foster extrinsically motivated behaviors.


• True

• False

80. Upgrading a skilled World of Warcraft player to moderator is an example of which reward method?


• Stuff

• Power

• Status

• Access

81. The mistaken belief that punishment can achieve great results is known as _______.


• The coercion fallacy

• The snake oil fallacy

• The force fallacy

• The World of Warcraft fallacy

82. To preserve plausibility, you should avoid making every choice:


• Difficult

• Obvious

• Easy

• Too melodramatic

83. The reinforcement system used in slot machines is _____.


• Fixed ratio

• Variable interval

• Variable ratio

• Fixed interval

84. A phase in which you track existing behaviors before you start handing out rewards and displaying notifications is called ______.


• A bake-in period

• A viewpoint period

• A wait-and-see period

• A research-and-wait period

85. What is the typical delivery method of a third party gamification resource?


• Peer-to-Peer file share

• Direct Client Download

• Cloud-based TaaS

• Cloud-based PaaS

86. Encouraging an incremental choice in your favor when all things are mostly equal is a major factor of ______.


• Urgent Optimism

• Progression

• Edutainment

• Loyalty

87. An improvement in results following the implementation of a gamification system is known as ______.


• Lift

• Jump

• Upper

• Gain

88. Technology consultancy Gartner has projected __% of corporate innovation will be ???gamified??? by 2015.


• 15

• 80

• 50

89. The sought after point between a player's state of anxiety and boredom is known as _____.


• The sweet spot

• Euphoria

• Flow

• Happiness

90. Which of the following gamification resources focuses mainly on sharing and competition through social media?


• Bunchball

• Klout

• Badgeville

• Gigya

91. Which of these elements are not included in the Fogg Behavior Model?


• Motivation

• Ability

• Reward

• Trigger

92. The academic approach for the study, teaching, and designing of games is called:


• Ludology

• Game Making

• Gamasutra

• Game Design

93. Skinner operant conditioning relies on:


• Variable ratio rewards

• Extrinsic rewards

• Intrinsic rewards