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Test answers for Apache Flex 2020

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100 Answered Test Questions:

1. True or False? You can apply skins to components using CSS.


• True


2. Which method would you use to add a component to an MX container?


• addNew()

• addComponent()

• addElement()

• addChild()

3. What is a SWC file?


• Flex project file.

• Compiled Flex application.

• Class library containing components and other assets.

• File used to specify compiler options.

4. True or False? Flex applications allow deep linking.


• False

• True

5. Which of the following allows you to refer to the top-level application object from anywhere in the application?


• UIComponent.parentApplication

• FlexGlobals.topLevelApplication

• UIComponent.topLevelApplication

• FlexGlobals.parentApplication

6. Which property should have the same value for all radio buttons in a radio button group?


• click

• label

• groupName

• id

7. How do you remove a pop up using PopUpManager?


• PopUpManager.deletePopUp('popUpComponent')

• PopUpManager.destroyPopUp('popUpComponent')

• PopUpManager.removePopUp('popUpComponent')

• PopUpManager.closePopUp('popUpComponent')

8. Where do you declare non-visual MXML elements in a flex component or application?


• Inside <fx:Group> tag

• Inside <fx:Definitions> tag

• Inside <fx:Declarations> tag

• Inside <fx:Scripts> tag

9. Which of the following containers allow you to position components using x,y, coordinates?


• Group

• TileGroup

• VGroup

• HGroup

10. Which tag enables you to enter ActionScript blocks inside an MXML file?


• <fx:Script>

• <fx:ActionScript>

• <s:Ascript>

• <fx:AScript>

11. Flex 4 introduced a new skinning and component architecture known as what?


• Halo


• Spark

• Flash

12. When do you use try..catch..finnaly statements?


• On error handling

• On customs classes

• On functions definitions

• On customs events

13. What is the file extension of a compiled Flex project?


• .swf

• .flv

• .css

• .fla

14. True of False? You can use regular expressions to validate data.


• True

• False

15. What is the name of the scripting language used with Flex?


• NoScript

• ActionScript

• JavaScript


16. Which is not a container type?


• Panel

• Group

• Array

• Application

17. What is the application container for an AIR application?


• WindowedApplication

• Application

• Group

• VGroup

18. What method is used to register an event handler for a component?


• beginEventListener()

• registerEventListener()

• addEventListener()

• startEventListener()

19. True or False? The Flex pop up component can be modal or no modal.


• True

• False

20. MVC is a useful Flex development pattern. What does MVC stand for?


• Modem-Vista-Cairngorm

• Model-View-Controller

• Most VGroup Containers

• Most Valuable Customer

21. True or False? You can compile an AIR application as native installers (.exe,.dmg, .deb)


• True

• False

22. True or False? Display objects created with MXML tags are automatically added to the display list.



• True

23. How do you declare an actionscript private variable?


• var variableType:variableName

• private var variableName:variableType

• var variableType variableName

24. Which class lets you work directly with the pixels of a Bitmap object?


• BitmapEncodingColorSpace

• Bitmap

• BitmapDataChannel

• BitmapData

25. What event is dispatched when a component and its children are fully processed and visible?


• creationComplete

• initialize

• applicationComplete

• preinitialize

26. True or False? Flex is an open source application development framework.


• True

• False

27. True or False? ActionScript is an Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) language.


• True


28. The tree of all visible objects in a Flex application is known as what?


• Object

• Container

• Display list

• Class

29. When is it better to use E4X specification?


• When working with JSon objects

• When working with XML

• When working with binary data

• When working with HTML responses

30. RIAs stands for:


• Recursive Internal Applications

• Rich Internet Applications

• Rich Intranet Applications

• Regular Internet Applications

31. When you add a new display object with ActionScript, it will not be displayed until you do what?


• Create a custom event to display the object.

• Load the object into the application.

• Add the new object as a child of a container.

• Add an event listener for the object.

32. All user interface components in Flex extend what class?


• Bitmap

• Sprite

• UIComponent

• InteractiveObject

33. True or False? You CANNOT load a compiled Flex application (.swf) into another Flex application.


• False

• True

34. Which Spark class is used to specify absolute positioning for the children of a container?


• VerticalLayout

• BasicLayout

• TileLayout

• HorizontalLayout

35. Apache Flex is a top level Apache Software Foundation project?


• True

• False

36. An Apache Flex committer CAN


• Commit code to the Apache Flex Git repository

• Vote in new Apache Flex PMC members

• Vote in new Apache Flex committers

• Cast binding votes on an Apache Flex release candidate

37. What can you use to pass variables into a .swf application from the HTML wrapper?


• HTMLVars

• FlashParams

• FlashVars

• ParamObjs

38. If you want to take a user's text input and redisplay it as a date, which type of component should you use?


• collection

• formatter

• validator

• grid

39. Which of the following is not a Drop Target Event?


• dragOver

• mouseDown

• dragEnter

• dragDrop

40. How do you become an Apache Flex committer?


• Contribute to the wiki or web site

• Add JIRA entries and patches

• Contribute to discussions on the mailing lists

• Voted in by the Apache Flex PMC

• All of the other answers

41. What is the mechanism included in AIR to manipulate data from a data base  file?




• SQLServer

• SQLLite

42. True or False? MXML is interpreted by browsers in much the same way as HTML.


• False


43. In order to create in inline item render you must place what inside of the <s:itemRender> tag?


• <s:GridColumn>

• <fx:script>

• <s:GridColumn>

• <fx:component>

44. Which tag is used to declare non-default, non-visual properties of the current class?


• <s:Nonvisual>

• <fx:Properties>

• <mx:Declarations>

• <fx:Declarations>

45. Where do you have to place a cross-domain-policy file?


• At the root directory of the server

• At the libs directory of your application

• At the root directory of your application

• There's no such thing as cross-domain-policy file

46. Which is an example of two-way binding?


• <s:TextInput="{someData}"/ >

• <s:TextInput text="@{someData}"/>

• <s:TextInput="@someData">

• <s:TextInput text="{someData}"/>

47. The third and final phase of Flex event flow is known as what?


• bubbling

• capture

• target

• listening

48. Which of the following statements would allow you to access the MouseEvent class?


• import;

• import;

• include "";

• import*;

49. Who has access to Apache Flex code base?


• Apache Flex committers

• Adobe staff

• Apache Flex PMC

• Anyone

• Apache staff

50. What are the three (3) RCP services allowed in flex?


• HTTPService, RemoteObject, SOAPService

• HTTPService, RemoteObject, WebService

• HTTPService, RemoteService, WebService

• HTTPService, RemoteService, SOAPService

51. If you want a class property to be visible to references in the same class and derived classes, which attribute should you assign it?


• private

• public

• protected

• static

52. How do you accomplish data persistence in a??Flex client?


• Using shared objects

• Using <s:Model>

• Using cookies

• Using <fx:Model>

53. Which of the following is the RPC service used to connect to Java objects?


• WebServices

• HTTPServices

• RemoteObjects

• HTTPObjects

54. If the use-network compiler option is set to false, which of the following can the application do?


• Access resources both in the local file system and over the network.

• Access resources over the network, but not in the local file system.

• Access resources in the local file system, but not over the network.

• Access no resources in the local file system or over the network.

55. If the current view state is not specified when an application loads, what is the default view state?


• No default state.

• Name of the first view state defined by the <s:states> tag.

• View state when the application was last closed.

• Name of the last view state defined by the <s:states> tag.

56. If you want users to be able to enter and edit multiline text, which of these Spark controls should you use?


• RichText

• TextArea

• Label

• TextInput

57. How will you call Java method from Flex?


• MessageService

• Crossdomain

• Above all

• RemoteObject

• Httpservice

58. To implement a two way binding of a text property you would use:


• text="[@fieldX.text]"

• text="@{fieldX.text}"

• text="@[fieldX.text]"

• text="{@filedX.text}"

59. True or False? Flex directly supports database operations.


• True but only when using AIR

• True

• False

60. If you want to apply a wipe effect and a resize effect in parallel, what should you use to group them together?


• Filter

• Transition

• Container

• Group

61. The phase order??of the event flow in flex is:


• Bubbling-Capture-Target

• Capture-Target-Bubbling

• Target-Capture-Bubbling

• Target-Bubbling-Capture

62. Which application property allows you to specify the XML namespace for a custom component package?


• xmlnamespace

• xmlspace

• namespace

• xmlns

63. Which of the following graphics formats can be use as a Flex Component?






64. To prevent an application to be blocked when working with local database, you must:


• open the database in Asynchronous mode

• open the database in Synchronous mode

65. Sort event phases in order, from first to last


• Bubble, Capture, Target

• Capture, Bubble, Target

• Target, Capture, Bubble

• Capture, Target, Bubble

66. Where do you define the resource bundles for your application?


• Inside <fx:Scripts> tag

• Inside <fx:Definitions> tag

• Inside <fx:Metadata> tag

• Inside <fx:Group> tag

67. What is the latest released version of  Flex SDK?


• 4.12.1

• 4.9.5

• 3.5

• 4.6

68. What license is Apache Flex released under?


• General Public License (GPL)

• MIT License

• Adobe Open Source License

• Creative Commons

• Apache License 2.0

69. In the Flex global coordinate system, coordinates are relative to the upper left corner of what?


• Component

• Container

• Stage

• Content

70. How do you set a style property using a Class Selector style in a flex component


• classStyle="classSelector"

• style="classSelector"

• style=".classSelector"

• styleName="classSelector"

71. Where can you get variables that are global to all applications within the same ApplicationDomain?


• Globals

• Application.application

• NativeApplication.nativeApplication

• FlexGlobals

72. What is the name of the top-level object in the display list?


• Stage

• Application

• Group

• Screen

73. If you want to prevent a button from displaying in a specific view state, which of the button's properties should you use?


• visible

• includeIn

• excludeFrom

• hideButton

74. True or False? You can declare constant properties as bindable.


• False

• True

75. What does Data Binding enable you to do?


• Allows for the end user to manipulate data in real time

• Connect components to an underlying data model

• Enables the user to create data tables

• Helps insure stability when refactoring the application

76. Where can't you find the Apache Flex source code


• Google Code

• Apache Github mirror

• Apache Flex release

• Apache Git repository

77. Linux support was added in which version of Apache Flex?


• 4.8

• 4.9.1

• 4.10.0

• 4.9.0

78. Where do you define proxy service destination for working with web services and http services?


• in remoting-config.xml file

• in proxy-config.xml

• in messaging-config.xml file

• in data-management-config.xml file

79. Which is NOT a feature added in Apache Flex 4.11


• MXML to Javascript compilation

• Speed and other improvements to datagrid components

• Over 50 bugs fixed

• Experimental mobile datagrid component

• 120dpi and 640dpi mobile skins

80. Which mobile platforms allow Adobe Air apps?


• Android, WindowsPhone, Blackberry Playbook

• Android, iOS, Blackberry 7

• Android, Blackberry 10, iOS

• Android, Blackberry, WindowsPhone

81. A labelFunction is:


• A function that labels text in a data group

• A function that gives a name to a group of data

• A function that is used to assign the text to be associated with each item in a list

• A function that is used to determine the text to be rendered for each item in a list

82. True or False? If you embed a graphic, it is loaded into your Flex application at runtime.


• True

• False

83. Which of the following is not a phase of a drag-and-drop operation?


• Dropping

• Dragging

• Initializing

• Inititating

84. Which of the following words is referred to as future reserved words?


• Continue

• Synchronized

• Default

• Throw

85. How do you set the default state of a visual component?


• setting currentState="*"

• setting currentState="defaultState"

• setting currentState="default"

• setting currentState=""

86. Which of the following components can be used to access server-side data from a REST web service?


• WebService

• RemoteObject

• HTTPService

• RESTService

87. How do you avoid "Warning: unable to bind property 'x' on class 'x' ?


• By marking the class as [Bindable] with private properties

• By marking the class as [Bindable] with only getters

• By marking the class as [Bindable] with getters and setters

• By marking the class as [Bindable] with only setters

88. Which metadata tag Identifies a property that should be omitted from data that is sent to the server when an ActionScript object is mapped to a Java object using [RemoteClass] ?


• [Exclude]

• [Omit]

• [ExcludeClass]

• [Transient]

89. True or False? remoting-config.xml has destinations defined for working with web services and http services.


• True

• False

90. Where can you set a defaultButton property?


• on Visual Componets

• on Containers

91. Which is true about the following sentence: [Bindable(event="dataChanged")]  ?


• The bindable property will be able to be dispatched on a dataChanged event

• The bindable property will change when an event named dataChanged is dispatched.

• The Flex compiler automaticaaly creates a propertyChangeEvent

92. If you define three events on a component and set their priority to 1,2 and 3 respectively. Which event will be handled first?


• Event with priority 1

• Event with priority 3

• Event with priority 2

93. Where can you use the mx:HTML component to display HTML in a Flex App?


• On Adobe AIR Mobile Applications

• On Adobe AIR TV Applications

• On Adobe AIR Desktop Applications

• All of these

94. Which is not a feature added in Apache Flex 4.10.0?


• Advanced telemetry support

• Over 200 bug fixes

• ASC 2.0 compiler support

• New spark components

• Datagrid row and column locking

95. Which compiler option do you use to specify static linking?


• external-library-path

• runtime-shared-library-path

• static-link-path

• library-path

96. What's the minimum version of Flash Player that Apache Flex 4.9.0, 4.9.1 or 4.10.0 supports?


• 10.2

• 11.8

• 11.1

• 11.7

• 10.1

97. How do you insert a "new line" inside a MXML text property?


• \n

• <br>

• /\n

• &#13;

98. An Apache Flex PMC member CANNOT


• Veto an Apache Flex release candidate

• Vote for new Apache Flex committers and PMC members

• Create an release candidate

• Cast binding votes on an Apache Flex release candidate

• Vote -1 (veto) code checked into the Git repository

99. You would use this syntax to embed asset.png??in a StyleSheet:


• @Embed("asset.png")

• Embed('asset.png')

• [Embed(source= "asset.png")

• [Embed("asset.png")]

100. How do you insert a "new line" inside a MXML text property?


• &#13;

• <br>

• \n

• /\n