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Test answers for Adobe ColdFusion 2020

(81) Last updated: January 22
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81 Answered Test Questions:

1. I need to make multiple, related changes to a database, but all those changes must be made w/o errors before I actually commit them. Which tag should I use?


• cfupdate

• cftransaction

• cftry and cfcatch

• cfrollback

2. In the Directory Watcher event gateway's configuration file, which of the following property is required?


• recurse

• directory

• interval

• extensions

3. If I suspect my ColdFusion is encountering errors while sending email via SMTP, where should I look for clues?


• in the output of a <cfcatch type="email"> tag

• ask the administrator of the email server for help

• in the mail.log file inside the ColdFusion log directory

• in the error.log file inside the ColdFusion log directory

4. What is the default delimiter when looping through a list with <cfloop>?


• period (.)

• comma (,)

• space ( )

• None of these

5. What is the correct output in the following code:  <cfset sweek = "Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday,Sunday" />  <cfoutput>#ListGetAt(sweek, 3)#</cfoutput>


• Wednesday

• 3

• n

• Thursday

6. Which of these is the correct syntax for a CFML comment?


• * my comment *

• <cfcomment>my comment</cfcomment>

• <!-- my comment -->

• <!--- my comment --->

• / my comment /

7. Which is a required attribute of <cfmail>?


• from

• to

• All of these

• subject

8. Arrays in ColdFusion start at which index?


• 1

• None of these.

• 0

• -1

9. I want to invoke a CFC method from within a <cfscript> tag. Which function must I use to do this?


• ObjectLoad

• CreateObject

• ToScript

10. The following code does what?  <cfoutput>#DateFormat(Now(), "m/d/yyyy")#</cfoutput>


• Prints the current date in M/D/YYYY format

• Prints the current date in MM/DD/YYYY format

• Prints the current date in MM/DD/YY format

• Converts the current date to a numeric value

11. Which of these is NOT a valid CFML tag?


• cfsilent

• cfscript

• cfquery

• cfloop

• cfchoice

12. Which Client variables are reserved?


• Client.CFToken

• All of these

• Client.CFID

• Client.LastVisit

13. The CGI scope is read only


• True

• False

14. Which is a required method in Application.cfc?


• OnRequestEnd

• OnBeginRequest

• OnError

• OnApplicationStart

15. What is the Code Compatibility Analyzer?


• a tool that helps you debug JSON-related issues.

• a tool that reviews older cfm pages for deprecated and unsupported cfml tags.

• a tool that analyzes and optimizes your SQL queries

16. Where can I find the Code Compatibility Analyzer?


• You have to download and install it from Adobe's ColdFusion page.

• In the Debugging & Logging section of your ColdFusion Administrator interface.

• It comes with the FuseBox framework.

17. True or False: Unlike many programming languages, the first index in an array in Coldfusion is 1, instead of 0.


• False

• True

18. Which of the following is not a ColdFusion application framework?


• ColdBox

• Framework 1 (FW/1)

• Zend

• CFWheels

• FuseBox

19. True or False? You can run a PL/SQL or TSQL block inside a cfquery.




20. True or False: You can manage multiple ColdFusion servers from a single view within Adobe ColdFusion Builder?


• False

• True

21. In ColdFusion 10, Adobe replaced their JRun application server with:


• Zend

• Jetty

• Tomcat

• Mono

22. I want to use a CFC function as a web service. I should set the access attribute of that function to:


• remote

• package

• public

• private

23. True or False? You cannot use multiple <cfmailparam> tags inside of a <cfmail> tags.


• False

• True

24. <cffunction name="myFunction"> 	<cfargument name="arg1" default="Default"> 	<cfreturn arg1> </cffunction>  <cfoutput>#myFunction()#</cfoutput>  What will be outputted after the above code is executed?


• The string 'Default'.

• An error because the required attribute in the cfargument tag defaults to true.

• An empty string.

25. True or False? The <cfregistry> tag is deprecated on UNIX platforms.


• False

• True

26. <cfform> variables are stored in what?


• an array called POST

• a structure called FORM

• an array called FORM

• a list called FORM

27. Which of the following ISN'T a method you'd expect to find in Application.cfc?


• OnServerStart

• OnApplicationEnd

• OnRequest

• OnApplicationStart

• OnSessionEnd

28. Using CFML, how does one check to see if a variable called #myVarName# exists?


• <cfif IsDefined(myVarName)>...</cfif>

• <cfif IsDefined("myVarName")>...</cfif>

• <cfif myVarName>...</cfif>

• <cfif IsDefined(#myVarName#)>...</cfif>

29. What is the modulus operator in CFML?


• %

• Mod

• #%

• ##

30. <cfform> controls cannot be stylized using CSS like conventional HTML form controls.


• True. CFML form controls are different from conventional HTML form controls, and thus require to different styling/formatting mechanisms

• False. CFML form controls are rendered by the browser as conventional HTML form controls and can be formatted/stylized the same way.

31. ColdFusion is compiled to what prior to execution?


• Java bytecode


• Active Server Pages


32. In a ColdFusion component, an init() method is mandatory


• No. Its just a convention

• Yes, without it, you cannot create an object for that CFC

33. Which of these is a valid CFML tag?


• cfsilent

• cfenter

• cfwrite

• cfdraw

• cfsave

34. What ColdFusion tag should one use to help prevent a possible race condition scenario?


• cfapplication

• cfthread

• cfmodule

• cflock

• Unnecessary, because ColdFusion handles this automatically.

35. Which of the following is NOT a valid scope type in ColdFusion?


• request

• server

• client

• component

• form

36. True or False: code within a CFThread tag body actually executes as a function call.


• False

• True

37. How would you access the first element of an array called attendees?


• attendees[1]

• attendees[0]

38. What should I do if I've forgotten the CF Administrator password on a ColdFusion 10 server?


• Use the passwordreset script inside the bin folder to create a new password.

• Delete the neo-security.xml configuration file, and generate a new one from within the CF Administrator.

• Edit the password in your neo-security.xml file.

39. The <cffeed> tag can:


• Can read and create RSS feeds, but not Atom feeds.

• Create, but not read, RSS and Atom feeds.

• Read, but not create, RSS and Atom feeds.

• Read and create both RSS and Atom feeds.

40. True or false: It is necessary to add a default parameter in a function whose required type is set to no.


• True

• False

41. Which ColdFusion tag invokes a custom tag for use in ColdFusion application pages?


• cfimport

• cfassociate

• cfmodule

• cfinterface

42. Can you nest one ColdFusion comment inside of another ColdFusion comment?


• Yes

• No

43. What does the name attribute of the <cfhttp> tag do?


• It tells ColdFusion the name of the file you want to retrieve from the remote server.

• It creates a query object from the returned HTTP response body with the name you provide.

• Nothing. There is no name attribute for the <cfhttp> tag.

• It specifies which remote server you want ColdFusion to contact.

44. Which of the following always returns TRUE?


• IsDefined("REQUEST.requestvariable")

• IsDefined("FORM.formfield")

• IsDefined("CGI.cgivariable")

• IsDefined("URL.urlvariable")

45. Exceptions that are handled and catched by a <cfcatch> tag are automatically logged in the Application.log file.




46. True or False?  In ColdFusion 10, if you don't specify strict attribute for <CFFILE action="upload">, you should specify MIME types for the accept attribute.


• True


47. Determine the output below: <cfset items = "abc,efg,hij;klm;nop,qrs,tuv"> <cfset item = ListGetAt(items, 2, ";")> <cfoutput> #item# </cfoutput>


• klm

• klm;

• nop,qrs

• ;klm

• efg

48. Determine the output below: <cfset = "Dave"> <cfset = "John"> <cfset = "TestApp"> <cfset = "TestServer"> <cfoutput>#name#</cfoutput>


• Dave

• TestServer

• John

• No output. An error will be thrown.

• TestApp

49. What is the correct way of getting the last_name of a user from a <cfquery> tag below? <cfquery name="qryUsers" datasource="dsn_name"> SELECT first_name, last_name, email FROM users </cfquery>


• qryUsers["last_name"]

• qryUsers.last_name

• Both

50. What happens to your session when the CF Server is restarted?


• You lose the session

• Your session can be activated back if you have the CFID and CFToken

• Your session remains the same

51. ColdFusion syntax supports a do-while loop


• True

• False

52. <cfset x = 123> <cfif x == 123>     Hello <cfelse>     Goodbye </cfif>  The above code will result in:


• An error.

• 'Goodbye' printed.

• 'Hello' printed.

53. Which of the following is correct format of comment within <cfscript> block?


• <!--- this is a comment --->

• # this is a comment

• /* This is a comment

• // this is a comment

54. In a custom tag, which of the following make variable x available on the calling page?


• <cfset CALLEE.x = 123>

• Without mentioning the page in question is using a custom tag, all the answers are true to some extent.

• <cfreturn x>

• <cfset CALLER.x = 123>

• <cfset THIS.x = 123>

55. What is the default method for <cfform>?


• post

• get

• enctype

56. What does the following code result in:  <cfset x = {y = 1, z = 2}>  <cfif IsArray(x)>     Array <cfelse>     Struct </cfif>


• An error

• Struct

• Array

57. True or False: It is a good idea to enable RDS on your ColdFusion production servers.


• True

• False

58. Where is considered the best place to name your application so the request is tied to the right application?


• Inside Application.cfc but outside of any methods.

• In Application.cfm.

• Both

59. Complete this analogy: In ColdFusion ORM, CFCs are to database tables, as properties are to:


• Indexes

• Primary keys

• Columns

• Stored procedures

60. Which of the following prints out "Fail"?


• <cfif "YES"> Success <cfelse> Fail </cfif>

• <cfif 1> Success <cfelse> Fail </cfif>

• <cfif -1> Success <cfelse> Fail </cfif>

• <cfif 0> Success <cfelse> Fail </cfif>

61. Can ColdFusion create a CAPTCHA?


• Yes, there is a <cfcaptcha> tag.

• No, ColdFusion cannot do that.

• Yes, with the <cfimage> tag.

62. What is the outcome of the following piece of code?  <cfset structInsert(CGI, 'newVar','CF',true)/>  <cfoutput>#CGI.newVar#</cfoutput>


• CF

• Error


63. True or False? In ColdFusion 8, you can upload multiple files at once by setting CFFILE action to "uploadAll"


• True

• False

64. By default, in which scope does a ColdFusion application store login information?


• Request

• Session


• Cookie

65. Which of the following is NOT a valid Array function?


• ArrayClear()

• ArrayNew()

• ArrayDelete()

• ArrayAppend()

66. How many remote IP addresses can access an installation of the free developer edition of Adobe ColdFusion?


• 1

• 2

• 5

• Trick question - the developer edition of ColdFusion isn't free.

• None. Only localhost access is possible.

67. Which of the following versions of ColdFusion has passed its core support deadline, but is still within its extended support period?


• Adobe ColdFusion 9

• Macromedia ColdFusion 7

• Adobe ColdFusion 8

• Adobe ColdFusion 10

68. Which of the following is NOT a required Application.cfc setting for using ORM?


• this.ormsettings

• this.ormenabled


• this.datasource

69. Which of the following IS NOT used to create a XML document object?


• XMLNew function

• <cfxml> tag

• XMLParse function

• XMLFormat function

70. True or False: For un-scoped or unspecified scope variables, Coldfusion takes into consideration the Cookie scope before the Form scope.


• True

• False

71. Which of the following will result in an error?


• <cfset xmlVar = XMLNew(1) />

• <cfset arrayVar = ArrayNew(1) />

• <cfset structVar = StructNew() />

• <cfset listVar = ListNew('a,b,c,d') />

72. <cfset x = 123> <!-- <cfset x = 321> --> <cfoutput>#x#</cfoutput>  What will be output after the above code executes?


• 123

• 321

73. Which of the following are NOT valid CFML to check whether num1 is greater than or equal to num2?


• <cfif (num1 EQ num2) OR (num1 GT num2)>

• <cfif num1 GEQ num2>

• <cfif num1 GE num2>

• <cfif num1 >= num2>

• <cfif num1 GTE num2>

74. What is the correct output for the following?  <cfset str1 = "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" /> <cfset str2 = Replace(str1, " ", "-") /> <cfoutput>#str2</cfoutput>


• Nothing. The script throws an error.

• Thequickbrownfoxjumpedoverthelazydog

• The-quick-brown-fox-jumped-over-the-lazy-dog

• The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog

75. From the below array, how do you access the value "banana"?  <cfset arrFruits = ArrayNew(1)> <cfset ArrayAppend(arrFruits, "apple")> <cfset ArrayAppend(arrFruits, "banana")> <cfset ArrayAppend(arrFruits, "mango")>


• arrFruits[2] only

• arrFruits.2 only

• arrFruits[2] and arrFruits.2

• arrFruits["2"] and arrFruits[2]

• arrFruits["2"] only

76. Given a page, customtag.cfm, called with <cf_customtag /> will invoke the code twice whereas called with <cf_customtag> will invoke the code once.


• No. As with XHTML, closing the tag is good coding practice.

• Yes.

77. I just added a record to a table with an auto-incrementing primary key. If I stored the results of my query in a variable called lastRecord, how would I find the primary key of the record I just added?


• lastRecord.generatedKey

• lastRecord.ROWID

• lastRecord.RecordCount

• lastRecord.IDENTITYCOL

• lastRecord.GENERATED_KEY

78. As in JavaScript, in ColdFusion you can write a function inside another function


• False

• True

79. True or False? Using <cfloop> to loop over a file opens the entire file in memory.


• True

• False

80. True or False? Arrays are passed by reference like Structs.




81. What does this code do?  <cfloop from="Jan 1 2012" to="Dec 31 2012" index="date">     <cfoutput>#DateFormat(date, "dd mmm yyyy")#</cfoutput> </cfloop>


• Display dates from Jan 1st 2012 to Dec 31st 2012.

• Error. You cannot specify such values to loop.