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Test answers for People Management 2020

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101 Answered Test Questions:

1. An employee makes a racial remark about another co-worker. The racism is obvious and malicious. What action should you take?


• Laugh.

• Do nothing.

• Terminate the employee

2. When conducting an employment interview, it is legal to inquire about:


• family illnesses history

• date of birth

• marital status

• number of children

• preceding salary history

3. A performance appraisal can be effective when:


• Expectations are left open

• SMART goals are set for the employee

• An employee is given time to dispute review

• It is solely focused on improving weaknesses

4. If your company takes pride in being an EOE, this means


• Eligible Operations Engineer

• Ethical Open Equity

• Equity Optimal Employer

• Equal Opportunity Employer

5. True or False? Sexual Harassment is generally tolerated when it is viewed as a joke.


• False

• True

6. Hiring a good fit for your company is not important. You can always mold them into being the employee you want them to be.


• False

• True

7. During an interview, a candidate starts to tell you about the worst boss they ever had.  You should:


• End the interview normally, but note this as a negative.

• Congratulate them on surviving such a person and assume they can perform under difficult circumstances.

• End the interview as soon as possible with assumption this is not the type of person you want to work with.

8. Which is NOT the best solution when dealing with a performance concern?


• Discuss performance concerns with the employee

• Document concerns

• Contact HR for guidance

• Terminate the employee as soon as possible

9. What is the best way to get a group to buy into a great idea?


• Evaluate with a competitor

• Discuss with your subordinates only and then present to the group post feedback

• Think though the idea and present it to the group without previewing it

• First write it to the CEO and ask for support

• Evalauate with your peers, take feedback and then present it to the group

10. If the white-male-dominated finance company begins to hire women and people with diverse backgrounds for management positions, it's an effort to


• change the organization's mission

• change the organizational culture

• discriminate against white men

11. What does not motivate employees?


• Salary deduction

• Allowance

• schedules

• Premiums

• Bonus

12. When a new employee comes on board, which is not recommended?


• An aggressive discussion of unacceptable employee behaviors.

• Allow time for training

• Forgive 1st day mistakes

• Set expectations

13. Which of the following is not an important consideration when holding team meetings?


• Relationship building

• Hold meetings no less than 1 hr at a time

• Discussing new ideas

• Checking project status

14. When employee reports an incident such as harassment, it is important to notify:


• The person accused of Harassment

• Your Supervisor

• Human Resources

• Executives

15. Which may be considered discrimination?


• Addressing someone of the opposite sex with performance concerns

• Disciplinary action to someone of the opposite sex

• Praising a hard working woman.

• Refusing to hire those considered "of retirement age"

16. Competency model is


• a model comparing the standards and practices of 2 or more competing companies

• a sculpture that symbolizes the steps necessary to succeed in a certain business industry

• a list of key characteristics/skills necessary for high performance and success in a given job

17. Non-Exempt employees must be paid for hours worked overtime.


• True

• False

18. When managing others it is best to:


• Be every one's friend

• Be liked

• Establish a sense of authority

• Be feared

19. Which best defines Employee Development?


• Advising employees to apply for internal positions

• Training on current processes

• Encouraging employees to acquire new or advanced skills

• Setting attainable goals

20. True or false? As a supervisor, when assisting in an investigation, it is best to keep information confidential.


• False

• True

21. The company's STAKEHOLDERS are


• Its customers

• Its suppliers

• All of these

• Its shareholders

22. Leadership is different from management in what way?


• Real leadership is most often seen among our peers

• Management is really about behavior, leadership is mostly about process

• Leadership is mostly about behavior; management is mostly about processes

• Leadership and management are the same thing

23. Which is a factor in building a team environment?


• Make time for conflict resolution

• Keep work separated

• Encouraging collaboration of ideas

• Define specific roles

24. Productivity is measured by which factors?


• Sales

• Inputs and Outputs

• Profits

• Inputs only

25. In a meeting with an external client, one of your directs makes a negative comment about your internal processes. When is an appropriate time to give negative feedback to the employee?


• After the meeting.

• Wait at least two weeks. Give the employee time to think about what he/she has done.

• Immediately at the meeting. There's no reason to wait because the issue has already been brought up in front of the client.

26. If you do the morally right thing and report on your boss if you know he is involved in illegal practices, you RISK being known as a _____________ in the industry.


• loyal employee

• moral person

• business-mender

• whistle-blower

27. A salary means...?


• Bonus, allowance, premiums

• paycheck

• A vegetable

• rate per hour

• amount entitled to an employee in a given period (semi-monthly, monthly, annual)

28. One of the cheapest ways to motivate team members may be:


• A Small amount bonus

• A Small amount gift card

• To punish undesired behavior

• Praise

29. You witness an employee say something inappropriate to another team member.


• Ask both people into your office and try to fix it yourself.

• Pull him/her aside and point out the issue. Ask them to talk with the other employee and fix things. Offer to mediate if needed

• Stop the conversation and correct the employee.

• Do nothing until the annual review and address it there.

30. BENCHMARKING, as a business management technique, is


• the process of comparing one's business processes and performance metrics to industry bests or other industries' best practices.

• the process of marking the benches donated to public parks with company's logo, as a part of the company's social responsibility practices.

• the process of comparing the company's employees skill levels to one another.

31. An organization's "vision" is...


• Analysis of the way an organization is viewed by its competitors.

• One of the benefits an organization offers to its employees.

• An inspirational description of organization's values and the long-term goals it strives to achieve.

32. Which is not a factor in increasing employee engagement?


• Empowerment

• Encouraging long hours

• Employee recognition

• Providing them a goal to work towards

33. An employee is talking on the phone while looking up information in Google and taking notes. This is an example of


• oral and written communication skills

• Internet research proficiency

• multitasking

• inability to concentrate

34. Micromanagement is:


• A style when a manager closely observes or excessively controls the work of subordinates.

• No such concept exists.

• A style when a manager splits a large progect goal in micro-steps

• A job title for a Microeconomics division manager.

35. What would be the best solution when terminating an employee?


• Have a company Lawyer present

• Pack up their belongings prior to breaking the news

• Allow employee to convince you why they should stay

• Discuss with HR prior to termination

36. According to Family and Medical Leave Act men are entitled to parental leave just as women are entitled to pregnancy leave.


• True

• False

37. When motivating your team it is best to:


• Offer them extra time off

• Assess what the team sees as motivational

• Offer them extra money

• Offer what would motivate you

38. Before terminating an employee it is best to:


• Request a signed statement from employee

• Document all events leading up to termination

• Address concerns with others

• Prepare co-workers before addressing employee

39. A direct report comes to you and says they are being sexually harassed by a member of senior management. You have heard rumors that this particular employee has been looking for ways to get paid time off and you suspect this is a ploy. What should you do?


• Fire the direct report before a law suit is threatened.

• Ask direct report be transferred to another department in the company. No one has the time for the drama.

• Request a meeting with direct report to investigate sexual harassment claims and invite a member of human resources to help conduct meeting. Depending on what your direct report says, determines on how you react further.

• Ask a member of your team to keep a close watch out on this direct report because they are claiming sexual harassment and you are skeptical.

• Needs to be a shorter in length to meet with your time standards.

40. It requires a degree to properly manage people.


• False

• True

41. Which of the following value dimension has a focus that looks at the value of the self versus the group?


• Power distance

• Uncertainty avoidance

• Masculinity-Femininity

• Individualism-Collectivism

42. Motivation can only be achieved through compensation.


• True

• False

43. What would NOT be a competency for a team manager?


• Team leadership

• BA or BS degree

• Time management

44. All of these are great inspirational leadership tools EXCEPT:


• vision

• coercion

• conversation

• persuasion

• role-modeling

45. An Employee can best be viewed as:


• Means of production

• A liability

• An asset

• An expense

46. True or false? Gossip in the workplace is common, and will not harm anyone or violate company policy.


• False

• True

47. When there is tension amongst your team, which is a good solution?


• Go to HR immediately

• Leave the employees to work it out themselves

• Address concerns and try to resolve

• Avoid getting involved

48. You encounter a customer who is loudly arguing and asking to see a manager. First thing you do:


• Call the security and ask them to leave

• Tell them the manager is not here and it's not your fault

• Introduce yourself and apologize

• Offer a glass of water and tell them to calm down

49. True or false? Open communication does not promote trust.


• True

• False

50. When delegating work it is best to delegate to the:


• Longest employee

• One with the most time

• Newest employee

• Employee who will get the job done in a satisfactory manner

51. Name a feature of an organization's CULTURE:


• Homogeneous or Heterogeneous

• Formal or Informal

• All of these

• Individual-driven or Team-driven

52. Which is not a characteristic of a good Manager?


• Micro-Manages capable subordinates

• Knows what motivates team members

• Encourages open communication

• Develops talents of team members

53. True or false? It only takes one employee to destroy team dynamics and productivity.


• True

• False

54. A manager from another department tells you that your management style lacks originality. What should you do?


• Politely let them know that their opinion does not and never will matter.

• Ask them why they are being so rude and storm off yelling obscene words.

• Ask why he/she feels that way and encourage new ideas on alternative management styles.

• Tell him/her that you are more original than they are.

55. When recruiting for a new position, which statement is true?


• The best candidates will apply first

• It is best to determine the type of skills needed before recruiting

• HR will know who you need

• Technical positions should be interviewed by HR only

56. Which is the best definition of Workplace Harassment?


• Any situation involving the same sex

• Situation causing someone to feel uncomfortable in the workplace

• Any situation involving opposite sex

• Feeling uncomfortable outside of the workplace

57. A leader  __________.


• plans

• leads

• adapts

• All answers are correct.

• manages

58. Suppose there is a lot of attrition in your team. What would you do first?


• Initiate a meeting to go over this quarter's goals.

• Give the remaining members of the team a pay bump to keep them happy.

• Try to assess the root cause of employee demotivation.

• Complain to your supervisor.

59. When a staff member complains about something job related, you should...


• Talk to HR about the staff member, not the employee .

• Wait it out as the issue will disappear by itself.

• Talk directly to the the staff member, identify the issue and resolve it together with the staff member.

• Talk to someone in the same department as the staff member to see if anybody else share the staff members viewpoints.

60. You receive a customer complaint that one of your subordinates is being RUDE. You:


• Tell the customer to file a complaint on the company's web-site and assure the mentioned employee that it's nothing to worry about.

• Apologize to the customer and report the incident to the manager above you at once.

• Apologize to the customer and talk to the mentioned employee to be able to fully assess the situation before taking further action.

61. True or false? Infrequent communication can cause fear.


• False

• True

62. Two of your employees are arguing in front of a customer.  What should you do?


• Pull them to the side and get to the root of the problem while explaining how unprofessional it is to argue in front of customers

• Both answers are correct

• Neither

• Pull them to the side and scream at them

63. What do you do when your boss does not respond to an email you feel is important?


• Ask a co-worker to follow up for you.

• Work around her input and address it later if it is a problem.

• Send a follow up. If she does not respond again, approach her.

• Complain to her boss that you are not being respected.

• Call your boss and ask when she will get to it.

64. Customer service rule #1, the consumer is always...


• Right

• Wrong

• Weird

• Questionable

• Lost

65. Which of the following is the best way to resolve employee conflicts?


• None of these

• Do nothing.

• Listening to both employees and coming up with a viable solution.

• Telling each employee what the other said.

66. Your team is upset due to a change in direction imposed by the business, you should...


• continue work as usual because business will only change their mind again in 6 months

• discuss the changes with your business contact and explain it to your team

• complain to your boss and see if s/he can do anything

• let the team vent their displeasure so they can move on

67. Refusal to hire a person with a disability is AGAINST THE LAW if


• the building is wheelchair-accessible

• the company employs 50 + people

• the disabled person belongs to a union

• the disability doesn't interfere with the person's ability to adequately perform the job duties

68. An employee is spreading rumors about a co-worker. You should:


• Immediately bring both employees into your office to settle the issue

• Talk to the employee that the rumors are about to first verify if they are true

• Ask the rumor-spreading employee if the rumors are true and how he/she found out about them

• Immediately settle the issue with the rumor-spreading employee privately, and then inform the other employee that the issue has been settled but don't disclose who initiated it

69. What is the best time of the year to give an employee a feedback?


• By the beginning of the year

• Whenever it is needed

• Annual performance meeting

• Annual budget meeting

70. The values and behaviors that describe the unique social and psychological environment of an organization is its


• Motivation

• Culture

• Mission Statement

• Vision

• Long-Term Goals

71. True or false? Effective listening skills is important for a manager to have.


• True

• False

72. It is important to  thoroughly  understand  company policies, rules, and regulations as it pertains to your team.


• True

• False

73. Goals set for team members should be:


• Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Bound

• Significant, Measurable, Accurate, Relevant, Timely

• Specific, Measurable, Applicable, Real, Timely

• Specific, Memorable, Attainable, Reoccurring, Time-based

74. A risk of having a discrimination law suit can most likely occur when:


• Bad performance is addressed

• Someone with least seniority is promoted

• A man is hired over a woman

• A man is promoted over a woman with stronger capabilities

75. Where is the proper place to discipline employee?


• In the lunch table infront of peers.

• At home.

• In a private place where only required persons are involved.

76. Which is the best way to leave off during an interview?


• Explain next steps

• Provide??HR info to??follow up

• Tell employee if they are advancing in the interview process

• Tell them if they are not right for the job

77. The company's SHAREHOLDERS are people who invested in this company, while its STAKEHOLDERS are all those affected by the company.


• "Shareholder" and "stakeholder" are synonyms.



78. In many industries women tend to be promoted up to 90 % less than men. This phenomenon is called:


• glass ceiling

• grass-root movement

• glass slipper

• top floor phenomenon

79. Which of the following may not be included in a company's Annual Performance Appraisal processes?


• HR reviews forms

• Managers meet with Employees

• Deadlines are set

• Managers can change review after meeting with employee

80. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a SMART goal?


• Attainable

• Specific

• Time Bound

• Measurable

• Retainable

81. People management skills include the following...


• Handling conflict situations.

• Being motivating and inspiring.

• All answers.

• Asking insightful questions

• Listening with intent to understand.

82. If a manager chooses to try relationship-oriented management style as opposed to task-oriented (s)he will


• focus more on the people doing the work than on the task at hand

• focus on female-male interaction within the team

• focus on couples' counseling

• focus on building working relationships with the managers of competing teams

83. Out of these four, the best approach to planning/management is


• preactive

• interactive

• reactive

• inactive

84. How can you satisfy customers?


• Make them feel comfortable

• Identify the needs of the customer

• All of the above

• Relate to the customer

• Be a good listener

85. The organization's MISSION statement


• is important to establish for PR purpouses, but otherwise the business should be concerned only with making profits

• is a waste of time and paper

• is important only for non-profit organizations

• is important to establish and follow, because it describes the organization's function in society and its primary day-to-day goals.

86. Some of the key competencies for the HR manager would be:


• Customer satisfaction, Teamwork, Product knowledge

• Recruiting new staff, Monitoring benefits, Scheduling training sessions

• Relationship management, Organizational leadership and navigation, Communication

• High School Diploma or GED and College degree

87. Employees with high potential should not


• Be encouraged to develop new skills

• Be encouraged to stick to what they do best

• Change departments

• Be subject to change

88. The 2 lowest (bottom) needs in Maslow's Hierarchy are


• Love/Belonging and Safety

• Physiological and Safety

• Self-Actualization and Esteem

• Leadership and Technology

89. Union is to strike as Company is to __________.


• lockout

• picketing

• deadlock

• litigation

• suspension

90. What's the most important element of an effective goal set in a coaching conversation?


• Salinity

• Measurability

• Actionability

• Complexity

91. If a Catholic school would not hire a Jewish teacher for a position based on his religious belief:


• it's illegal because its discrimination based on religion

• it's illegal to discriminate against Jews

• it can be lawfully justified by Bona Fide Occupational Qualification

• it can be lawfully justified by Persons with Disabilities Employment Act

92. Referring to a direct report as a "Millennial," or a "Baby Boomer" is never appropriate in the workplace because it refers to the age of the person and could indicate an improper focus on age.


• True. Age discrimination cases can be avoided if no one in the workplace ever refers to any employee's age.

• True. These terms are rude and have no value in any aspect of running a modern business.

• True. It is best to pretend that each employee is exactly the same as each other and to avoid any references to their actual differences at all costs.

• False. While it is best to never needlessly refer to demographic differences in employees, there may be legitimate reasons for discussing an employee's age bracket in the context of the workplace.

93. Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding leaders and managers?


• The leader innovates whereas the manager administers.

• Concepts "leader" and "manager" have the same meaning.

• The leader asks "what" and "why," whereas the manager asks "how" and "when."

• The leader inspires trust whereas the manager relies on control.

94. Which is the process for settling labor disputes?


• Mediation

• Arbitration

• A meeting with HR

• Collective Bargaining

95. Mid-level managers consist of:


• Team Leads and Assistant managers only

• general managers, department managers and assistant managers

• Directors and project managers

• general managers, branch managers and department managers

96. Which behavior theory claims there is no best way to organize a corporation, lead a company, or make decisions?


• Organizational Theory

• Institutional Theory

• Complexity Theory

• Contingency Theory

• Dependency Theory

97. When an employee is suspected of violating a policy,


• Check your Employee Handbook

• Confront employee right away

• Contact a Lawyer

• Set a meeting with HR

98. True or false? The best way to solve a problem is to cure the symptoms first.


• False

• True

99. What is the fundamental task of management?


• To explain what needs to be done and how.

• Make people capable of joint performance

• All of the above

• It always depends on the type of business that is being managed.

• To turn a profit

100. When leading effective change, which are the steps involved?


• Stop, Change, Move on

• Unfreeze, Change, Evaluate

• Unfreeze, Change, Refreeze

• Stop, Implement, Follow up

101. What is the single largest reason for the decline of existing organizations?


• Lack of innovation

• Lack of resources

• Lack of clear goals

• Poor management