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Test answers for Human Resource Management 2020

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69 Answered Test Questions:

1. True or false? Harassment can occur in all work environments between opposite and same sex employees.


• True

• False

2. True or false? Health benefit deductions are an after tax deduction.


• False

• True

3. Which is a soft skills topic for Leadership  Training?


• Payroll

• System processes

• Time Management

• Sales

4. Who may not be eligible for benefits?


• Lower level employees

• Families of employees

• Contractors

• Owners

5. An HR audit is designed to help management


• Improve employee morale.

• Improve HR effectiveness.

• Analyze HR policies, programs, and procedures against applicable legal requirements.

• All of these.

6. What is a good way to increase organizational performance?


• Acting on employee surveys

• Enforcing strict disciplinary actions

• Hiring tough Managers

• Reducing standards

7. True or false? A Matrix Organization is characterized as one that is diverse and interconnected.


• False

• True

8. When creating a new position which is best?


• Ask existing employees their opinions

• Mirror a competitor's department

• Conducting an assessment of the department's needs

• Looking at the market first

9. True or False: Organizational Development (OD) is a process used to enhance the effectiveness of an organization and the well-being of its members through planned interventions.


• False

• True

10. A good safety program should include:


• Recognition and incentives

• Prevention and program design

• Training and communication

• All of these.

• Evaluation

11. Standard Operating Procedures are useful for


• HR only

• Both new and existing employees

• Existing employees only

• New employees only

12. To help reduce the risk of discrimination, it is best practice to:


• Allow management to do what it takes to keep the disgruntled quiet

• Try to make everyone happy

• Be overly cautious around a member of a protected class

• Have fair and enforceable policies and procedures

13. When evaluating compensation, it is best to look at


• Employees' experience only

• Internal Equity only

• External and Internal Equity

• Employees' education only 

14. True or false? Role playing is a training technique used to develop skills.


• True

• False

15. True or false? A good HR Manager may not always know the right answer, but will know how to find it.


• True

• False

16. An interviewer believes that older workers are more difficult to train and make more mistakes than younger workers. This form of performance appraisal error is


• Contamination.

• Bias.

• Deficiency.

• Conflict.

17. With frequent regulation changes, it is best to:


• Evaluate policies regularly

• Contact a Lawyer monthly

• Frequently call local Employment Agency

• Keep policies very general

18. True or false? A flat organization is an organization with many levels.


• True

• False

19. When recruiting for an openned position, which is best practice?


• Contact unemployed candidates first

• Contact most qualified candidates to schedule 1st interviews

• Contact all who applied

• Contact provided references first

20. True or false? Non-Exempt employees must be paid for hours worked overtime.


• False

• True

21. What is the best way to increase Performance Appraisal process satisfaction? 


• Do not share full appraisal with employee

• Do not compare scores with others

• Allow the employee and supervisor to set goals

• Provide a "good" appraisal to sensitive employees

22. Which is a good observation when developing an Employee Recognition Program?


• Employees may have different motivators

• It is impossible to motivate staff

• Everyone is motivated by praise

• Everyone is motivated by money

23. True or false? The length of time employee records must be kept varies, according to federal and state laws.


• False

• True

24. Which is not considered a payroll tax?


• Garnishments

• City Income Tax

• Social Security Tax

• Federal Income Tax

25. An Employee Handbook:


• Remains in managers' offices

• Does not need to be signed

• Should be signed by all employees

• Remains in HR department

26. In the United States with regards to HIPPA and ADA, it is best practice to


• Keep medical records off property

• Keep employee and medical records together

• Do not keep medical records on file

• Keep employee medical records separate from personnel records

27. Which is considered a bad question during the interview process?


• Can we contact your current employer?

• What are your weaknesses?

• How old are you?

• Do you have a degree?

28. What action can help reduce company risk when dealing with unemployment claims?


• Consult a Lawyer every time

• Fight every claim

• Document the events leading to termination

• Allow every claim to be paid

29. True or false? A Company is responsible for payroll taxes for Contractors.


• True

• False

30. The best way to prevent unionization is to:


• Create a non union policy

• Prevent unhappy employees by treating them well

• Campaign against unions

• Terminate all employees who express interest in organizing

31. Which is not a purpose of a written job description?


• List skills required

• List Qualifications

• Document duties and responsiblities

• List several department roles

32. Investigation interviews should result in:


• Written statements that are signed by those interviewed

• An employee termination

• Immediate disciplinary action

• Involvement of authorities

33. Skills inventory is used to


• Determine skills in the marketplace

• Determine experience and skills across industries

• Determine experience and abilities of workforce

• Determine experience and skills of competitor's workforce

34. When an employee comes to HR to discuss a concern with a Supervisor which is best practice?


• Always suggest the employee directly speak with the Supervisor

• Pass concerns to other employees

• Assure conversation will be kept confidential

• Bring in the Supervisor right away

35. A window manufacturer guarantees its installers a base wage plus an extra $25 for each job completed to specifications. The employer is using a:


• Merit pay system

• Flat-rate system

• Competency-based system

• Productivity-based system

36. Which of the following is one of the elements of a SMART goal?


• Threat.

• Action-oriented.

• Strength.

• Technology.

37. One important role of the HR Manager is to:


• Encourage department managers to create and enforce their own rules

• Assess risks as it relates to employees

• Please only highly compensated employees

• Make everyone happy

38. Which is the best way to leave off during an interview?


• Explain next steps

• Tell employee if they are advancing in the interview process

• Tell them if they are not right for the job

• Provide department Manager's name to follow up

39. When determining Employee vs. Contractor you must look at:


• Hours worked

• Pay schedule

•  Degree of control over work

• The department worked

40. Which may not be in a company's Annual Performance Appraisal processes?


• Managers can change review after meeting with employee

• Managers meet with Employees

• HR reviews forms

• Deadlines are set

41. What is the difference between training activities and developmental activities?


• Training activities prepare employees for their present jobs; developmental activities prepare employees for future jobs.

• There is no difference; the two terms are interchangeable.

• Training activities are broader in focus; developmental activities have a narrow focus.

• Training activities focus on the acquisition of new skills; developmental activities correct skill deficiencies.

42. FMLA does not grant leaves for:


• Siblings

• Fathers

• Adopted parents

• Legal guardians

43. Which fits a remote Independent Contractor Best?


• Offered benefits

• Must manage people

• Paid hourly

• Must use own equipment

44. Internal recruiting method that allows current employees the chance to respond to announcements of positions;


• Job competencies

• Open question

• Job bidding

• Job posting

45. How long should files of terminated employees be held?


• At least 3 years

• 10 years

• 1 year

• 6 months

46. Who has the MOST responsibility for providing and carrying out solutions to performance related issues and behaviors?


• Immediate supervisor


• HR Manager

• Employee

47. Which is critical when judging the objectivity of Performance Appraisals?


• Experience of Supervisor

• Awareness of rating biases

• Promotion potential

• Years of of employee experience

48. When working with Unions, how long should HR prepare for contract negotiations prior to end of a collective bargaining agreement?


•  1 week prior

• No need to prepare

• 1 year

• Up to several months in advance

49. Which of the following is true under the Equal Pay Act?


• Seniority systems cannot result in pay disparity.

• Companies should provide all employees with the same working conditions.

• Employees doing equal work should receive the same pay.

• Jobs filled primarily by women should have the same salary as similar jobs filled by men.

50. Which of the following activities is typical of a transactional leader?


• Intervenes when standards are not met.

• Provides vision to workers.

• Communicates high expectations.

• Gives personal attention.

51. Form W2 and 1099 Forms must be mailed on or before which date?


• January 31st

• February 10th

• December 31st

• April 15th

52. Which of the following is an example of disparate treatment?


• Height restrictions are set for all security guards.

• A neutral staffing practice results in discrimination against protected groups.

• All employees are required to take an intelligence test.

• Members of a protected group are subject to stricter attendance rules.

53. A general Company Orientation may not include


• Harassment Topics

• Department Processes

• Company Culture

• Company Structure

54. Forced Ranking Performance Appraisals ranks against


• Others in department

• Past 3 years

• Last year

• A  bell curve

55. When providing employment verification over the phone, many employers will provide


• Dates of employment, title, and Supervisor's information

• Wages, dates of employment, title, and reason for leaving 

• Wages, dates of employment, and title

• Dates of employment and title

56. Which of the following pieces of legislation is NOT directly related to benefits?


• Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA)

• Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)

• Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

• Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA)

• Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

57. Which learning curve is common when an employee is learning a difficult task that also requires specific insight?


• S-shaped curve

• Decreasing returns

• Increasing returns

• Plateau curve

58. Pay compression can be created by several means, including:


• Emphasizing external competitiveness over internal equity.

• Following a promotion from within strategy.

• Granting increases on a percentage basis.

• Emphasizing job-evaluation results.

59. Which contributes to FICA?


• Social Security and Medicare Tax

• Medicare and Unemployment Tax

• State and Federal Income Tax

• Social Security and Unemployment Tax

60. A job design strategy that increases the variety of responsibilities but requires the same skill level is referred to as


• Job enlargement.

• Job specialization.

• Job enrichment.

• Job simplification.

61. Which of the following is a productivity type of statistical HR measurement.


• Cost per hire.

• Revenue per employee.

• Turnover and retention.

• Job satisfaction.

62. Which of the following is NOT a compensable factor?


• Seniority.

• Skill.

• Working conditions.

• Responsibility.

63. The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 grants employees the right to do all of the following except:


• Observe the employer when measuring and monitoring workplace hazards.

• View detailed reports of all workplace accidents.

• Be advised of potential safety hazards.

• Speak privately to an OSHA inspector during an inspection.

64. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the minimum age for employment in non-agricultural employment is:


• 15

• 14

• 16

• There is no minimum age for non-agricultural employment

65. A standard employment practice that seems to be fair, yet results in discrimination against a protected class is a description of:


• Disparate treatment.

• Unfair treatment.

• Disparate impact.

• Adverse impact.

66. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act


• Limited preexisting condition restrictions.

• Prevents HR from investigating claims issues.

• Established EPO networks.

• Requires continuation of health benefits.

67. Which of the following are customarily excluded from a bargaining unit?


• Part-time employees

• Seasonal employees

• Supervisory employees

• Government employees

68. Workers' compensation is regulated by the


• States.

• U.S. Department of Labor.

• Private insurance companies.

• Social Security Administration.

69. True or false: All investigation interviews should be recorded.


• True

• False