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Test answers for SketchUp 2020

(115) Last updated: February 12
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115 Answered Test Questions:

1. Why is inferencing helpful?


• Allows you to draw very quickly

• Stores information about different points in the image

• Information can be quickly referenced

• All of these

2. What is Geo-Modeling?


• All of these

• 3D models of unusual geometry

• Making 3D models of real-life buildings that will appear in Google Earth

• Modeling on contour lines with extreme elevations

3. What are the steps to performing a subtraction?


• Left to Right selection> delete

• None of these

• Using the Section plane tool and selecting the objects

• Subtract tool>select object 1 and then 2 with cursor

4. Which tool should be used to zoom to a view where the whole model is visible and centered in the drawing area?


• Pan

• Orbit

• Window

• Zoom extents

5. What tool is ideal for making spheres and curved surfaces?


• Push/Pull

• Scale

• Offset

• Follow-me

6. How is the 3D warehouse accessed?


• Using Import from an already saved model

• at

• All of these

• Using Get Models tool directly from the toolbar

7. Which of the following is a standard axis color?


• Green

• All of the above

• Blue

• Only Red and Blue

• Red

8. How can the number of segments of a polygon be changed?


• Context-click, and then click entity info

• On the Window menu, click Entity info

• Typing an "s" after any number in the measurements box

• All of these

9. When creating a circle, how can the radius be changed after it has been created?


• Using the radius field inside entity info

• Context-click, and then click entity info

• All of these

• On the window menu, click entity info

10. Which of the following are "Solid Tools" in SketchUp?


• Split

• Outer Shell

• Union

• All of the above

• Intersect

11. Wha is the purpose of LayOut?


• All of these

• to create presentation boards

• to create slideshows

• to create small format booklets

12. What are the advantages of using Outliner?


• Allows navigation through large models or restructure of the model hierarchy

• Helps locate instances of a particular component, or rename groups and components

• Allows viewing of Group and Component hierarchies as a hierarchical tree

• All of these

13. Why should the Outer Shell tool be used?


• To clean up geometry on the inside of overlapping groups or components

• To improve the model's performance in Google Earth

• To remove unnecessary geometry on the inside of a model of a structure

• All of these

14. How is the use of Instructor beneficial?


• Displays related options for the tools being used

• Displays information on the currently selected tool

• All of these

• Helps navigate to sections in the online SketchUp User's Guide

15. What is the purpose of the measurements toolbox?


• To manipulate dimension values of a selected entity

• Displays dimensional information while drawing

• To enter desired dimensions for any entity

• All of these

16. What kind of files can be exported from SU?


• 2D graphic

• 3D model

• All of these

• Animation

17. What is the Look Around tool useful for?


• Viewing the inside of spaces

• Pivots the camera around a stationary point

• All of these

• To evaluate visibility after using the Position Camera tool

18. Which of the following is NOT a standard axis color?


• Red

• Green

• Yellow

• Blue

19. Which of these are resources that can provide help with SU?


• All of these

• The help menu within SU

• Video Playlist

• Sketchup Help Forum

20. What kind of files can be imported into SU?


• 3D models and DEM

• All of these

• 2D images

• ACAD and 3DS

21. What is the 3D Warehouse?


• Desktop folder for saved models

• Sketchup headquarters in Colorado

• Building maker tool for Sketchup

• Online collection of 3D models and components

22. Why should a model be purged?


• To get rid of unused data

• To reduce the file size

• To make sketchup run faster

• All of these

23. In order for the Follow Me tool to work, there has to be a ________ to lead the profile.


• path

• length

• value

• none of these

24. What does the symbol for extruding a surface look like?


• a pencil

• an eraser

• a protractor

• a block with an arrow coming off of it

25. Why is it sometimes necessary to triangulate between edges across an area to get a surface?


• Because SU didn't create a surface or skin

• All of these

• because after creating many disjointed line segments, the surface was not created

• because the face finder failed to create a surface

26. Name a way to view shadows in a model?


• None of these

• By enabling the Shadows feature under the View menu

• By managing Scenes

• By Selecting the lighting feature under View

27. What is the command for inputting inches in the measurements toolbox?


• in

• in.

• inches

• "

28. How does Active Highlighting help work faster in SU?


• It's a method of selecting edges and surfaces when you move over them

• Allows you to act on geometry without needing to pre-select it with the select tool

• All of these

• You can move entire surfaces, edges, or vertex without pre-selecting the geometry

29. How can you select multiple entities in SketchUp?


• Selecting multiple entities with a selection box.

• Selecting connected entities using rapid mouse clicking.

• All of the Above.

• Selecting connected entities using the Select context-menu item.

30. How is 3D text created in SketchUp?


• Using the 3D text option under Entity Info

• Using the 3D text feature under TOOLS menu

• Only 2D text is available is SU

• None of these

31. How are shadows and geo-location related?


• None of these

• None, there is no relation between the two

• Shadows can be obtained from the coordinates of the geographically positioned model

• Shadows are always inaccurate when using geo-location

32. Which best describes the purpose of the Pan tool?


• To move the model without changing the viewing direction

• to zoom to a panoramic view of the model

• to obtain a plan view of the model

• None of these

33. What is the advantage of using Hidden Geometry?


• Enable viewing and working inside tight areas

• All of these

• Cleaner workspace

• Simplify the current view

34. Within the Paint Bucket window what is the Eye Dropper used for?


• To remove a material/color to the palette

• To sample any material from your workspace

• To add color effects to a surface

• To correct imperfections in material

35. Where should Ruby scripts be placed once downloaded?


• None of these

• In the plugins folder within Sketchup file

• Leave on Desktop for fast access

• Once downloaded, they must be saved as components

36. Which best describes what a scene is?


• They are saved views of the model

• The manual toggling of snapshots in the model

• All of these

• Frames for making walk/fly throughs

37. What effect does triple-clicking have on an edge or surface?


• None of these

• It only selects the surface being clicked

• Selects the entity along with any attached geometry connecting to it

• Only the edge is selected

38. When should Sections Planes be used?


• When you want to lock movement along an axis

• When you want better access to the interior of a model

• When you want to add a google earth image to a section of your model

• When you want to divide a model in two

39. If interested in a hand drawn effect, what's the best way to achieve it?


• Using the Style Builder

• None of these

• Using the Sketchy Edges style

• Not using sketchup and just drawing it by hand

40. What happens if you press Ctrl (Option on a Mac) when using the move tool?


• An array is created

• Selection is flipped along axis

• A copy is created

• Selection is rotated

• Selection is inverted

41. Which best describes the purpose of the Push/Pull Tool?


• To decrease or increase volume of a geometry

• To increase or decrease the volume of a curved surface

• To cut out a section of an object

• To extend or shorten the length of a line

42. What are the steps for creating videos in Sketchup?


• On the File menu, click export, click animation

• On the File menu, click burn, click video

• On the File menu, click import, click scenes

• On the File menu, click save copy as, click animation

43. The Walk tool is only available in __________ mode.


• Field of View

• Perspective

• None of these

• Parallel

44. What does the Entity info window provide?


• All of these

• None of these

• The layer information of an object

• The Area of an object

45. How does applying a Style change the geometry of a drawing?


• All of these

• The drawing geometry all stays the same

• Changes how the user sees the geometry

• Only the visual representation of the geometry changes

46. What are the limitations on using the Trim tool?


• Can only be performed while in x-ray view mode

• Can only be used on wire frame mode

• Can only be performed on two overlapping groups or components

• Can only be used on a component that's been created by you

47. Which tool should be used for creating a company logo or copyright on a model?


• The Security feature

• The Text feature

• None of these

• The Watermark feature

48. What does the Autofold feature do?


• when the Move tool only allows you to move the edge in a horizontal direction, but not vertically

• constrains an operation in order to keep all faces planar and not creating additional fold lines

• All of these

• When SketchUp limits the movement of an object along a direction

49. How can topographical data from a model's real-world location be obtained?


• using the Sandbox tools' terrain option

• All of these

• Using Google Earth's terrain layer once a model is place on it's real life location

• Using a plug-in for creating a mesh or terrain from a data file

50. What does enabling Anti-Aliasing do?


• displays lines as smooth

• convert a group to an object

• Makes lines thinner

• forces the naming of components

51. How can exact measurements be obtained while drawing a line?


• Any time while drawing, the exact dimension can be typed

• None of these

• The desired dimension is entered into the measurement tab by clicking on it

• The dimension can be typed before the tool is selected

52. When is the use of components recommended?


• When you are working with repeated geometry

• When you want to lock an object

• When using a model from 3D warehouse

• None of these

53. What is the definition of "dragging" in sketchup?


• Pressing down and quick release of the mouse button

• Pressing down on the left button on the mouse and hold while moving the cursor over the screen

• Pressing down on the right button on the mouse and hold while moving the cursor over the screen

• Pressing down the mouse button while holding it still

54. Which answer best describes a plug-in?


• A model from the 3D Warehouse

• Scripts that extend the functionality and speed of Sketchup

• An uploaded model into Google Earth

• All of these

55. Which of these is a Dynamic Component interaction?


• Clicking on the Interact button

• All of these

• Using the scale tool to make an object smaller or bigger

• A set of stairs with an animation

56. What is a Dynamic Component?


• A continously moving component

• None of these

• A group of geometry with assigned attributes

• A component rotated about its axis

57. Which option from the Camera menu fits the entire model to the window with a single click?


• Zoom Extents

• Position Camera

• Zoom

• Zoom Window

• Field Of View

58. What is most likely the problem when you try to create any polygon (endpoints meeting) but sketchup doesn't create a surface or "skin"?


• "Hide Geometry" is enabled

• All lines are interconnected

• All lines are not coplanar

• A line is curved

59. When navigating in 3D space, SketchUp will show "top, right, back, front, left" on the top left corner of the window. What does it represent?


• The location of the object's origin with respect to the main axes

• None of these

• They are the location of the axis relative to the position of the object

• These are the different pre-defined standard point of views

60. Which arrow keys correspond to the SU axes?


• Up/Down=Blue axis, Right=Blue Axis, Left=Yellow Axis

• Up/Down=Blue axis, Right=Red Axis, Left=Green Axis

• None of these

• Up/Down=Purple, Right=Red Axis, Left=Yellow Axis

61. SketchUp plugins are scripts created with...


• C++

• Lua

• Ruby

• Go

• Python

62. What is the Orbit tool used for?


• To revolve a face about an axis

• To animate an object

• To view the design in Google Earth

• To navigate and explore your designs

63. Placing a photo over a surface as a material is known as:


• Match Photo

• Texturize

• Sample Photo

• Photo texture

64. By default, positioning the camera at eye level yields what height?


• Five feet and six inches

• Six feet

• seventy-two inches

• Two meters

65. Unlike other CAD programs, Layers in sketchup do not isolate geometry, they:


• cuts sections of objects

• Govern visibility

• connect edges

• ungroup grouped objects

66. Perception and camera position taken from a photograph best describes which tool?


• Photo texture

• Sample Photo

• Texturize

• Match Photo

67. When does SketchUp create fold lines?


• None of these

• When an onbject is moved about a different axis

• If a vertext is moved downward and causes a change in volume

• If surfaces bounded by a vertex are moved and caused to become non-planar

68. When using Rapid Mouse clicking to select multiple entities in SketchUp, which option enables you to select all entities connected?


• Hold Shift and Double Click an edge

• Click on a Group

• Double-click on a face

• Triple-click on any entity

69. If units are not specified in the measurements box, what is the SU default unit?


• Inches

• Millimeters

• Feet

• Meters

70. Which of the following is necessary to create a 3D SketchUp "Solid"?


• B. 3D model must be a group

• Both (A) 3D model must be a component AND/OR (B) 3D model must be a group

• A. 3D model must be a component

• D. 3D model must be created using the Push/Pull tool

• C. 3D model must have all edges erased

71. What is the difference between a component and a group?


• A. When editing a component, it edits all instances of that component.

• E. Only A and D above

• B. When editing a group, it edits all instances of that group.

• D. Components can be saved outside the SketchUp file

• C. You can edit a Group but not a Component

72. What does a cyan circle (inference marker) on a line or object represent?


• On Edge of a line

• On Edge of a surface

• Endpoint of a line

• Midpoint of a line

73. What is the Field of View?


• Refers to the position of the camera when in eye-level

• Refers to zooming out to see the full extents of a model

• Refers to the amount of a model you can see

• None of these

74. What's the easiest way to Mirror an object?


• Using the Copy and Rotate tool

• Using the Copy tool and Flip Along option

• All of these

• Using the Move tool and Rotate

75. Under what circumstances does the Push/Pull tool not work?


• When a face or surface is curved

• All of these

• on face types that are not circular, rectangular, or abstract

• Does not work when SU is set to a Wireframe rendering style

76. What is 4D?


• 3D plus a virtual dimension

• None of these

• A 3D model in Time

• Sketchup's next version

77. What is the procedure for deleting/renaming "Layer 0"?


• Cannot be deleted or renamed

• Uncheck the "visible" box

• Right click> Options> Delete/Rename

• Hide it on Hidden Geometry

78. What is the fastest way to create same shape, concentric surfaces?


• Using the Mirror Tool

• drawing line by line

• Using the Offset Tool

• Using the Copy Tool

79. When does SU create a skin or Surface?


• When curved edges or lines are connected

• When the boundaries of an object are locked

• When coplanar segments of a shape are looped together

• When a closed loop of coplanar edges is formed

80. With the Orbit Tool active, what key can be held to temporarily switch to the Pan Tool?


• Spacebar

• Caps Lock

• Shift

• Alt (Option on Mac)

• Ctrl (Command on Mac)

81. What is the keyboard shortcut for the Paint Bucket Tool?


• Shift+B

• Ctrl+B

• B

• P

82. How can you edit the texture size in a single face on the model?


• Click on face, right click > texture> position

• Edit> Intesect Faces> Material

• Click on face, right click > Make Unique Texture

• Material> Edit> Image Size

83. Context clicking refers to:


• Left click on the mouse

• double click on any object in sketchup

• Right click on the mouse

• left button clicking on any of sketchup's menus

84. What is the difference between a KML and KMZ file?


• None of these

• One is for previewing in Earth and other one for exporting to Earth

• One is for exporting and the other for importing

• It's the same file, but KMZ is zipped

85. Creating impressions in a TIN by pushing a duplicate of the base of a geometry, such as a house, is known as?


• Draping

• Meshing

• Smooving

• stamping

86. What is the procedure for converting an SKB file to SKP?


• Follow the steps from SKB converter from the Sketchup website

• Right click on document>rename> Change SKB to SKP

• None of these

• It's not possible to convert an SKB to SKP

87. What is most likely the problem if a circle or polygon is not 100% smooth on the edges after it's drawn?


• The number of segments with which the polygon/circle was created is too small

• The anti-aliasing feature was disabled

• All of these

• The polygon/circle is too large for the chosen template

88. Which best describes the inferences that sketchup provides:


• Perpendicular, Corner, Midpoint, On Face

• On Line, Midpoint, Endpoint, On Edge

• On Edge, Midpoint, Endpoint, On Face

• Midpoint, Edge, Corner, Perpendicular

89. How can you tell if a 3D model is a Solid?


• Visit the Entity Info dialog box and check to make sure the object is not Hidden

• None

• Create the 3D model only by Extruding a Face

• Create a "Solid Layer" and assign the layer to the 3D model

• Right Click the 3D model and change the axis to Blue

90. What can be done if you need an inference, but SU doesn't provide it?


• if SU doesn???t provide, then it's not possible to obtain an Inference

• nothing, SU only provides Inferences when the object is a component

• None of these

• Inferences can be activated by hovering over the focus direction

91. A View or Template that allows beginners to become acquainted with sketchup's basic 2D functions is:


• Plan View -- Feet and Inches

• Sketchup Basic -- Inches

• Front View-- Inches

• Architectural Template -- Feet and Inches

92. What is a TIN?


• Triangulated Irregular Network

• A digital representation of a surface

• All of these

• Nodes and lines with x,y,z coordinates

93. When a model is placed over its exact location using Google Earth it is said to be:


• Ready to be uploaded to Google Earth

• Geo-located

• All of these

• Geo-referenced

94. When creating an arc to fillet a corner, what does the blue arc represent?


• Tangent to one edge

• none of these

• tangent to both edges

• not tangent to any edge

95. What happens to the geometry when zooming out while in Sketchy Edges style?


• Edges become linear hard edges

• All of these

• Details drop off but the model stays intact

• Surfaces become tranparent

96. Where can the Default Working Template be located?


• File> New>Template

• Window> Preferences> Template

• Window> Styles> Preferences

• Window> Styles> Template

97. When an inference is activated by the user, it is known as:


• Inference Activate

• Direction Focus

• Locking Inference

• Activate Focus

98. Which best describes the command for an Array?


• value x, rotate, 90 degrees

• Copy, paste, value x

• move, drag, value x

• Move, quantity

99. Can autofold be overridden, if so how?


• yes, Ctrl+Alt

• yes, Alt(PC) or Cmd(Mac)

• no, fold lines are locked

• yes, Shift+Move

100. How are construction lines created?


• Using the line tool

• Using the Dimension tool

• Using the Construction tool

• None of these

101. What are the steps to claiming credit on a model?


• None of these

• sending an email to Google warehouse team

• Using the Model Info under Window

• Logging into the 3D warehouse and using copyright option

102. When creating a repeating polygon, how can sketchup remember those characteristics to speed up drawing?


• Using the lock tool

• All of these

• It automatically saves characteristics

• Right-click retain values

103. How can a background be added to the SU model?


• Importing an Image File

• Using the watermark feature

• By downloading a Plug-In

• All of these

104. What are the three inference types?


• planar, edge, linear

• Linear, point, face

• face, edge, surface

• planar, point, linear

105. How is the Components browser related to the 3D warehouse?


• All of these

• It's used to upload models into the 3D warehouse

• It can be used to explore the contents of the 3D warehouse

• It's used for editing the components already in the 3D warehouse

106. How can multiple face styles be combined in one model?


• None of these

• Multiple styles can be used in the SU model according to your preference

• Only one style can be applied before drawing starts or it'll change the geometry of the model

• Multiple styles can be saved in the In Model styles only

107. What are the setup options for camera position?


• Two-point perspective and eye-level view

• Eye-level view and specific target points

• Two-point perspective and parallel projection

• All of these

108. How can you force sketchup to infer along a certain axis?


• Right click on the object then lock

• Typing "lock" in the command window

• By using the arrow keys

• Shift+move

109. Which of these is an example of "nesting"?


• An array of rectangles within grouped concentric circles

• A brick component within a wall component

• A surface component within any rectangular group

• A grouped glass pane within a window component

110. Which toolbar is needed for finding dimensions, tape measure and text?


• The layers toolbar

• Measurements toolbar

• The drawing toolbar

• Construction toolbar

111. Which of the face styles is a toggle and can be used in combination with any other display mode?


• Wireframe

• None of these

• Hiddenline

• X-Ray

112. What are the three controls for Fog?


• Color, Density, Concentration

• Amount, distance, color

• Visibility, Distance, Path

• Density, Path, Visibility

113. When the move tool is used, what is the purpose of the cross-shaped markers that appear on a component's surfaces?


• They can be used to distort the surface to edit the object

• They can be used to rotate the component under the move command

• They are markers that identify the position of the edges on the object

• None of these

114. How are the Sandbox Tools enabled?


• Plug-ins> Toolbars> Sandbox

• Window> Preferences> Sandbox

• Tools>Toolbars>Sandbox

• Window> Preferences> Extensions

115. What are the limitations for using the Soften Edges feature?


• All of these

• Edges that are shared by three or more faces cannot be softened

• The edges can be softened only after locking an object

• Only edges that are part of a component can be softened