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Test answers for Mechanical Engineering 2020

(97) Last updated: January 27
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97 Answered Test Questions:

1. What is a term for heat transfer between two objects in contact, driven by a constant temperature difference?


• steady state conduction

• convection

• advection

• constant diffusion

2. What aspect of machine virabtion is described in cycles per second?


• Consistency

• Regularity

• Continuity

• Frequency

3. What can be done to increase the capacity of a plate frame heat exchanger?


• Increase motor rpm

• Increase temperature delta

• Increase motor horsepower

• Install additional plates

4. Which type of gear meshing should be employed to transmit torque to a linear force?


• Rack and Pinion

• Epicyclic gear

• Helical gear

• Bevel gear

5. What is defined as the ratio of tensile stress to tensile strain?


• shear modulus

• bulk modulus

• Young's modulus

• Pascal's ratio

6. Which of these manufacturing processes involves pouring liquid metal into a mould?


• forging

• casting

• forming

• welding

7. How do we describe the property of an object or material which will restore it to its original shape after distortion?


• Rigidity

• Strength

• Elasticity

• Flexibility

8. The set of equations  used to describe motion?


• Kinematic

• Newtonian

• Motive

• Kinesetic

9. What are the three basic methods of heat tranfser?


• Tactile, Friction, and Combustion

• Thermal, Osmosis and Linear

• Steam, Flame and Hydronic

• Conduction, Convection and Radiation

10. Total mechanical energy is the sum of what two forms of energy?


• Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy

• Mechanical energy and electrical energy

• Static energy and dynamic energy

• Used energy and unused energy

11. True or False:  All matter with a temperature greater than absolute zero emits thermal radiation.


• False

• True

12. What is the result of continous cyclic loads on a metal object?


• Metal fatigue

• Softened metal

• Increased pliability

• Hardened metal

13. Newton's law of cooling states that the rate of heat loss of a body is proportional to:


• the difference in temperatures between the body and its surroundings

• the absolute temperature of the surrounding

• the absolute temperature of the body

14. Which value must be calculated into piping system designs?


• Expansion coefficient

• Expansion derivative

• Expansion denominator

• Expansion estimate

15. True or False: Silicon can be used to make microelectromechanical systems.


• True

• False

16. True or False: A perfect Carnot heat engine cannot be built in reality.


• False

• True

17. What is the measure of a fluid's resistance to gradual deformation by shear stress or tensile stress?


• fluid tension

• fluidity

• viscosity

• buoyancy

18. True or False: Vapour compression used in most household refrigerators is a non-cyclic process.


• True

• False

19. What is the rotational force exerted by a spinning shaft?


• Momentum

• Radial velocity

• Inertia

• Torque

20. What term describes the calculations related to objects with greater than zero velocity?


• Actives

• Statics

• Dynamics

• Moving parts

21. What does ASME stand for?


• Association for Service of Mechanical Equipment

• Association of Science and Materials Engineering

• American Society of Mechanical Engineers

• American Standards for Mechanical Equipment

22. Which device is used to store rotational energy?


• flywheel

• generator

• motor

23. Which if these is NOT a component of aerodynamic force?


• pinch

• thrust

• drag

• lift

24. Why are fan assemblies usually designed with spring isolators?


• To minimize vibration

• To reduce friction

• To increase airflow

• To eliminate noise

25. What are the units for Reynold's number?


• no dimensions

• Pascal second

• kg/m^3

• m^3/s

26. What is a tool used for stamping metal by a press?


• jig

• mould

• die

• clamp

27. How is the heat energy that changes the state of an object but not its temperature described?


• Latent heat

• Superheat

• Sensible heat

• Thermal heat

28. What is an upward force exerted by a fluid that opposes the weight of an immersed object?


• surface tension

• buoyancy

• capillary action

29. What describes the effect of a material expanding in the directions perpendicular to its direction of compression?


• Bellowing effect

• Newton effect

• Poisson Effect

• Accordion effect

30. What is the simple mechanics description of a force acting upon an object to cause a displacement of the object?


• Motion

• Movement

• Work

• Action

31. Which mechanism can convert rotational motion to reciprocating motion?


• spring

• pendulum

• gear train

• slider-crank

32. Which machine tool rotates the workpiece on its axis?


• lathe

• milling machine

• drill

33. Which fieldlines are instantaneously tangent to the velocity vector of flow?


• streamlines

• streaklines

• pathlines

• timelines

34. What is the lowest stress that produces a permanent deformation in a material?


• strain threshhold

• fracture threshold

• Yield strength

• fatigue

35. What type of deformation may take place when large amounts of tensile strain are localized in a small area of a material?


• Crunching

• Smashing

• Necking

• Crinkling

36. What is one advantage of multi-stage centrifugal pump configurations over single-stage centrifugal pump configurations?


• Lower volumes can be derived

• Higher volume can be derived

• Higher pressures can be derived

• Lower pressures can be derived

37. What is the unit of measurement defined as "the amount of heat needed to raise 1 pound of water 1 degree"?


• Ampere

• Watt


• Farenheit

38. How many degrees of freedom does a rigid body have in three dimensional space?


• three

• four

• six

• one

39. Which stress acts in parallell with the cross section of a material?


• normal

• tension

• compression

• shear

40. What is the term for the ability of a material to withstand the force of being pulled apart?


• Flexibility

• Shear strength

• Tensile strength

• Elasticity

41. Which of these is a turbine for hydro power?


• Ericsson wheel

• Pelton wheel

• Carnot wheel

42. What is constant in an isochoric process?


• temperature

• pressure

• volume

43. What is the purpose of simple machines such as pulleys and levers?


• To lift heavy objects

• Levers and pulleys are not considered simple machines.

• To create mechanical advantage.

• To establish geometric ratios

44. What force describes the principle of Newton's second Law of Motion that objects naturally resist changes to their course of motion?


• Acceleration

• Inertia

• Momentum

• Balance

45. Which of these factors least affects the heat dissipation by a heat sink?


• material of heat sink

• surface area exposed to air

• mechanical pressure on heat sink

46. What must happen to fuel oil at the burner for efficient combustion?


• Oxygen depletion

• Atomization

• Conical spraying

• Desintigration

47. The reduction in effectiveness of a vehicular brake is called:


• smooth-out

• drag

• brake fade

• force fade

48. Which term is used to describe the angle of the cutting face relative to the cutting work?


• Rake angle

• Slice angle

• Leverage angle

• Strike angle

49. Which chemical can be added to a closed loop system to prevent freezing?


• Glycol

• Ammonia

• Molybdate

• Nitrite

50. Place these in the correct order for torsion: T,L,J,theta


• Ltheta/JT

• TL/Jtheta

• JL/Ttheta

51. Which of these is NOT a state function?


• pressure

• heat

• volume

• temperature

52. Which is the most common stress used to evaluate the yielding of ductile materials?


• Von Mises Stress

• Principle Stress

• Coulomb-Mohr

• Shear Stress

53. Which of these processes involves melting the workpieces?


• welding

• brazing

• soldering

54. Creep is the tendency of a solid to:


• deform permanently under mechanical stress

• deform due to electromagnetic forces

• fracture under extreme loads

• undergo elastic deformation

55. What kind of an engine does an Otto cycle describe?


• compression ignition

• hydraulic ignition

• spark ignition

56. What is designed into gear sets to provide the proper amount of teeth clearance to avoid binding?


• Angled openings

• Gapped teeth

• Backlash

• Dead space

57. When a material is compressed in one direction, it tends to expand in the other two directions perpendicular to the direction of compression. What is this effect called?


• transverse effect

• Young's Effect

• Bulk material change

• Poisson Effect

58. Which fan configuration is designed to add energy to airflow passing straight through the fan blades?


• Vortex fan configuration

• Axial fan configuration

• High velocity fan configuration

• Centrifugal fan configuration

59. What is another name for a gear traing's torque ratio?


• speed factor

• linkage constant

• mechanical advantage

60. What is the term for the cutting process where the tool and cutting surface are perpendicular to each other?


• Side cutting

• Orthogonal cutting

• Perpendicular cutting

• Diagonal cutting

61. Approximately how much does one gallon of water weigh?


• 64 lbs

• .433 lbs

• 16.24 lbs

• 8.33 lbs

62. Which of these is a method used to evaluate new product ideas?


• CAD simulation

• SWOT analysis

• MATLAB simulatioin

63. What is the maximum allowable working pressure for a low pressure steam boiler?


• 15 psi

• 1 psi

• 5 psi

• 50 psi

64. How do we describe the process for determining the magnitudes of the components of a vector directed in two dimensions?


• Vector Calculation

• Vector Resolution

• Vector calculus

• Vector Assesment

65. What is the name of the 3 valve configuration designed to continuously vent unwanted fuel away from it's point of use?


• Stop and block

• Block and bleed

• Closed and vented

• Normally open normally closed

66. Which law of thermodynamics captures the idea that higher temperature materials will always gravitate toward cooler temperatures?


• The fourth law of Thermodyamics

• The third law of Thermodynamics

• The first law of Thermodynamics

• The second law of Thermodynamics

67. According to Bernoulli's principle, what happens in an ideal fluid with a decrease in pressure?


• increase in speed

• decrease in speed

• increase in volume

68. What is the force that prevents a material from being torn apart?


• Cohesive strength

• Shear strength

• Adhesive strength

• Tensile strength

69. According to Newton's first law, if the vector sum of all forces acting on a body is zero, then its:


• acceleration is constant

• velocity is zero

• velocity is constant

70. What are the units for a moment of inertia?


• Newton meter

• radians per second

• kg.m^2

• kg/m^2

71. As related to steam production, what do the letters BHP stand for?


• Burner heat product

• Boiler horsepower

• Burner heat potential

• Boiler heat production

72. True or False: The force needed to extend a spring by a certain distance is inversely proportional to that distance.


• True

• False

73. Cooling tons are calculated as the amount of heat energy needed to turn one ton of ice into water over what time period?


• 12 hours

• 24 hours

• 8 hours

• 1 hour

74. What machinability rating has the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) given to AISI No. 1112 carbon steel?


• 50%

• 25%

• 100%

• 0%

75. What two fuel types are commonly incorporated into dual fuel burner design?


• Natural gas and fuel oil

• Propane and natural gas

• Gasoline and fuel oil

• Coal and wood

76. What type of fuel oil pump will deliver consistent pressure and volume with minimal fluctuations to combustion eqiupment?


• A single stage centrifugal pump

• A positive displacement pump

• A multi-stage centrifugal pump

• A recriprocating pump

77. What quality should shock resisting steel posses?


• High Shear Strength

• High Ductility

• High Hardness

• High Toughness

• High Stiffness

78. A four bar linkage system meets the Grashof condition if:


• The shortest link can rotate fully with respect to a neighboring link.

• The crank length is greater than the rocker length.

• The mechanism contains more than one degree of freedom.

• The coupler curve follows a symmetrical path.

79. What is the density of water?


• 1000 kg/m^3

• 500 kg/m^3

• 1 kg/m^3

• 4000 kg/m^3

80. In relation to O-Ring sealing, what are back up seals.


• O-Rings made from HNBR material to prevent failure

• Additional rings which help prevent O-Ring extrusion

• A second O-Ring seal to provide redundancy against failure

• O-Rings made with special tolerances

81. Cogeneration commonly combines the production of what two forms of energy?


• Electricity and Steam

• Heating and Cooling

• Steam and Gas

• Gas and Electricity

82. Doubling the thickness of a rectangular cantilever beam will do what to the stiffness?


• The beam becomes 8x stiffer.

• The beam becomes 2x stiffer.

• The beam becomes 4x stiffer.

• The beam becomes 6x stiffer.

83. In a heat exchanger application, what value does the term "temperature delta" refer to?


• The difference in temperature between the two sides exchanging heat energy

• The resultant temperture of the heat exchange process

• The heat energy lost through system operation

• The difference in temperature between supply and return on one side of the system

84. A Mohr's circle reduces to a point when the body is subjected to which of the following conditions?


• Pure shear

• Uniaxial stress only

• Equal and opposite axial stress on two mutually perpendicular planes, the planes being free of shear

• Equal axial stress on two mutually perpendicular planes, the planes being free of shear

85. Water can be raised in temperature by means of what type of energy?


• Thermodynamic energy

• Latent heat

• Sensible heat

• Superheat

86. For a completely isolated system, what is the entropy at thermodynamic equilibrium?


• maximum

• undefined

• minimum

87. What  is the ratio of the molar volume of a gas to the molar volume of an ideal gas at the same temperature and pressure?


• Compressibility factor

• Boyle's ratio

• ideal ratio

• volume factor

88. When dimensioning drawings with Inches which of these is the correct format?


• .05??.01

• .05??0.01

• 0.05??.01

• 0.05??0.01

89. Which thermodynamic cycle is ideally isobaric?


• Rankine cycle

• Brayton cycle

• Boyle's cycle

90. What is the term for the horizontal portion of a chimney draft system extending from combustion equipment?


• Flatpipe

• Breeching

• Tailpipe

• Sideways run

91. For a machine resting on four legs, how do you describe the leg not carrying equal weight to the other three?


• The soft foot

• The light leg

• The light-weighted foot

• The free leg

92. What is the SI unit for thermal resistance?


• joules per Kelvin

• Kelvins per Watt

• Ohms

• Kelvins per ohm

93. What is the static head pressure of a column of water 2 ft high?


• .216 psi

• 2 psi

• .866 psi

• .433 psi

94. What type of loading is applied to a coil spring in compression?


• Bending

• Compression

• Torsion

• Tension

95. Which of these is NOT a type of truss?


• Pratt truss

• King post

• Bowstring truss

• Thomas truss

96. What is the function of unloaders in a reciprocating compressors design?


• To relieve excess pressure

• To decrease the compressor capacity

• To unload all cylinders

• To prevent motor overload

97. Which of these is a method for  visualizing and analyzing fluid flow?


• particle kinematics

• Particle image velocimetry

• computational fluid dynamics