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Test answers for Computer Technician 2020

(65) Last updated: January 22
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65 Answered Test Questions:

1. If your computer shuts down while the Windows operating system is first loading and you turn it back on afterwards


• It will resume where windows loading left off

• It will create bad sectors on your hard drive and require you to run windows repair

• The next time you turn on your computer you will see a prompt during boot providing a number of options including loading windows in safe mode

• It will load normally

2. What does RAM stand for?


• Random Accent Motion

• Recommended Advantage Milestone

• Random Access Management

• Random Access Memory

3. Which PC component would use up the most power? (Assume the PC has high end parts)


• Case Fan

• Hard Drive

• DVD Drive

• Video Card

4. What does it mean to mount an ISO?


• To load a disc image to virtual drive

• To load operating system settings

• To run disk cleanup on infrequently used software

• It means to start a utility that examines what is currently running in the background of an operating system

5. Which type of connector would you find on a power supply?


• All of these

• 4-pin processor power connector

• 24-pin main power connector

• 6-pin PCIe power connector

6. Exactly, one Terabyte (TB) is how many Gigabytes (GB)


• 1000

• 512

• 200

• 1024

7. How do you enter the bios on a Windows PC?


• Using Windows - Boot Manager

• Restarting Windows in Boot Mode

• Holding the power button when turning on the computer

• By pressing a certain key during the boot process

8. How can you lower a motherboard's system temperature?


• Adding more fans and configuring them to provide the most effective airflow through the case

• Unclutterred cables inside the computer

• All of these

• Check for dust and remove it

9. Which of the following is an example of an output perhipheral?


• All of these

• Printer

• Monitor

• Speaker

10. Where can you enable and disable computer devices in Windows?


• Advanced System Settings

• Device Manager

• System Configuration

• Remote Settings

11. Which media can hold the most data?


• Floppy Disk



• Blu-Ray DVD

12. Which device can you NOT boot from?



• USB Flash Drive

• Hard Drive

• You can boot from all these devices

13. What is one way you can you reset the BIOS to its original default settings


• Perform a CMOS reset by removing the small battery powering the CMOS memory chip

• Unplugging the computer

• Restarting the computer

• Shutting down the computer

14. What is a DVD-RW?


• It is a DVD type used only for storing data files; excluding video recording.

• It is a DVD type used only used for video recordering

• It is a read only DVD. The data can never be wiped.

• It is a rewriteable DVD. You can erase and rewrite to the disc

15. Which of the following is a type of monitor?





• All of these

16. What is another word for reboot?


• Reformat

• Restart

• Refresh

• Reimage

17. Which of the following is NOT a valid measurement of file size?


• Gigabyte (GB)

• Kilobyte (KB)

• Microbyte (Mb)

• Megabyte (MB)

18. Which of the following is a valid measurement of file size?


• All of these

• Kilobytes

• Megabytes

• Bytes

19. 1 Gigabyte (GB) is how many Megabytes (MB)


• 100

• 200

• 1024

• 1000

20. What might you use the BIOS for?


• Set the boot order

• Change Memory Settings

• All of these

• Change CPU settings

21. How do you open command prompt in Windows XP


• My Computer | Command Prompt

• Run | CMD

• Run | CMP

• Start | Administration Tools | Command Prompt

22. How can you configure a router connected to your computer?


• You cannot configure a router connected to your computer

• Enter in the appropirate IP address for your router model to access the configuration settings

• Hold a button on the router, to display a screen on yoru computer that allows you to configure

• Under Comptuer Management, use the Router Management tool

23. GPU applies to...


• Hard drives

• CPUs

• Video Cards

• Monitors

24. Power Supplies are measured in


• Watts

• Micro Watts

• Mega Watts

• AMPs

25. What is HDMI?


• A compact interface for high definition sound

• A compact interface for standard definition video

• A compact interface for both high definition video and audio

• A compact interface for high definition video

26. What does GPU stand for?


• Graphics Processing Utility

• Grade Performance Unit

• Graphics Processing Unit

• Graph Processing Unit

27. What would you do in this scenario: A CD-ROM drive is no longer working and a disc is stuck inside that you need


• Dismantle the CD-ROM Drive by unscrewing its holders. After you retrieve the CD, you can remantle it.

• Press and hold button on the front of the CD-DRIVE while it is unpowered

• Press and hold a button on the front of the CD-DRIVE while it is powered

• Use a bended paperclip by putting it through a hole on the CD Drive and then pressing hard on it in order to open the CD tray manually

28. Which of the following is NOT a computer port you could connect your monitor to?






29. Which of the following is not a method you could connect a printer to a computer?


• Using a Parallel Port

• Using a USB Port

• Using a AGP Port

• Through a network

30. What is the difference between a Network Hub and a Network Switch


• No difference other than name

• Network Switches are Larger than Network Hubs

• Network Switches determines which port the packet is destined for and only sends the packet to that port.

• Network Hubs are not rack mountable

• Network Hubs are more expensive.

31. Which of the following is NOT an example of an input peripheral?


• Keyboard

• Scanner

• Microphone

• Monitor

32. True or False: If you use an AMD CPU you must use a AMD video card.


• True

• False

33. True or False: ATX Motherboards can support either AMD or Intel CPUs, but never both.


• False

• True

34. How would you adjust what programs run on startup for a Windows Operating System?


• Run IISRESET | Startup

• Run msconfig | Startup

• My Computer | Startup

• Run cmd | Startup

35. Why would you defragment a hard drive?


• To remove all data from a hard drive

• To encrypt a hard drive

• To improve performance

• To free up disk space by removing unecessary data

36. What is the definition for a peripheral?


• A device connected to a computer that is required for it to function

• A device that connects to the computer case

• A device you can connect to a computer, but is not integral part

• A device that is built into the motherboard

37. What do you use hard drive jumpers for?


• To reformat hard drives

• To connect multiple hard drives together for increased performance

• To designate which hard drive is master and which is slave

• To allow easy removal of hard drivers

38. What is one way to free of space on a hard drive


• Deformat the hard drive

• Defragment the hard drive

• Use Task Mange to remove uncessary tasks on the drive

• Run Disk Cleanup

39. What does the Term "OC" mean in the following motherboard specifications for RAM: DDR3 2400(OC)/2250(OC)/2200(OC)/2133/1866/1600/1333


• Over Capacity

• Overcharged

• Occulant Volt

• Overclocked

40. If a computer case has a place for a floppy disk, what size bay might it be?


• 7 inches

• 5 inches

• 2.5 inches

• 3.5 inches

41. Which of the following is NOT a valid Windows Server Version?


• Windows Server 2008 R2

• Windows Server 2003

• Windows Server 2008

• Windows Server 2005

42. Which of the following is NOT a type of hard drive






43. Which of the following retains the information it's storing when the power to the system is turned off?







44. EBCDIC is mainly used on _____________ and _____________ computer machines


• None of these

• IBM PC and IBM Blade server

• IBM mainframe and IBM midrange

• VAX-11 and VAX-8000

• Intel Xeon and AMD Opteron Series Processor

45. What is CHKDSK?


• A tool that reduces the amount of fragmentation on a hard drive

• A tool that verifies the file system integrity on storage devices

• A tool that pings a hard drive to check its current status

• A utility that frees up space on a hard drive

46. What is defragmenting a hard drive do?


• It compresses files on the hard drive

• It adds additional partitions to the hard drive

• It reduces the amount of fragmentation on the drive

• It frees up extra space on a hard drive by removing compenents that were not fully removed

47. What does Dual Channel Support on a motherboard mean?


• It means it supports dual CPUs

• It means it supports two video cards

• It means it supports two pairs of RAM sticks that can run on two different channels

• It means that the motherboard has dual buses

48. What is "ISO"?


• A necessary kernal file for operating systems

• None of these

• It stands for Internal Software Operations and runs behind the scenes when you load an operating system

• It stands for Internal Software Options and is used configure settings on an operating system

49. What does it mean to flash the bios?


• Loading a new BIOS

• Overclocking the BIOS to the point of overheating

• (all of these are correct)

• Powering on the BIOS

50. How many TCP/UDP ports are there?


• 500

• 1024

• 20124

• 65535

51. Which hard drive type provides the fastest performance?






52. Which of the following is NOT a type of ram?


• Dynamic Ram (DRAM)

• Phase-change RAM (PRAM)

• Compound RAM (CRAM)

• Static Ram (SRAM)

53. The SMTP service application on a server typically listens on TCP Port...


• 25

• 27

• 10

• 50

54. What would happen if you connected two hard drives to a motherboard that have different RPM speeds? (Assume they are on the same ribbon cable)


• The hard drives' RPM will not be affected

• The higher RPM hard drive would lower the RPM in order to match the lesser RPM hard drive

• The hard drives would run at an RPM of the average of the two

• The lower hard drive's RPM would increase

55. What is a multi core processor?


• It is a single CPU made up of 2 or more seperate CPUs that work together

• A motherboard that supports more than 1 CPU socket

• A a single CPU processor that uses multi-threading technology to work on multiple tasks at the same time

• It is a single CPU with 2 or more sections of the CPU divided for different specific tasks

56. Which of the following is not a valid version of PCI Express?


• PCI Express 3.0

• PCI Express 2.1

• PCI Express 2.2

• PCI Express 1.1

57. What is a Discrete graphics card?


• A graphics card that uses the motherboards bus speed

• A graphics card that utilizes the CPU's performance

• A graphics card that you are able to remove from the motherboard

• A graphics card that uses the motherboard's RAM

58. Which of the following is NOT a valid channel supported on motherboards?


• Triple channel

• Dual channel

• Quad Channel

• None of these

59. What determines if you can run 64 bit or 32 bit applications?


• Your BUS

• Your CPU

• Your Motherboard

• Your Operating System

60. How many pins are there on a VGA connector?


• 9

• 15

• 25

• 32

61. Which of the following motherboard / video card combinations would support dual video cards in order to provide tandem graphics rending without issue?


• A SLI compatible motherboard and two RADEON video cards with the same GPU speed

• A dual channel compatible motherboard and two NVIDIA Video Cards with the same GPU speed

• A Crossfire compatible motherboard and two nvidia video cards with the same GPU speed

• A SLI compatible motherboard and two NVIDIA video cards with the same GPU speed

62. Can you use two video cards with different GPU speeds on the same motherboard?


• Yes, but the higher GPU video card will decrease its GPU in order to match the lower GPU video card

• Yes, and the graphics performance will increase based on an average of the two GPU speeds

• Yes, but only if they are from the same manufacturer

• Yes, but you cannot use them in tandem

63. Can you use DDR3 2400 ram with a motherboard with these specifications: ASUS A88X-PRO DDR3 2400(OC)/2250(OC)/2200(OC)/2133/1866/1600/1333


• Yes, but only if you provide additional power

• No

• Yes, but you will need to set the timings, speed, and other memory settings manually in the bios.

• Yes

64. What TCP port would a private printer server typically use?


• 20

• 43

• 35

• 57

65. Which IRQ does COM1 commonly use


• 6

• 4

• 14

• 7

• 3