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Test answers for Autodesk Revit 2020

(63) Last updated: January 22
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63 Answered Test Questions:

1. How does Revit ensure that users are not working on the same object?


• It flags the object in the main file

• It alerts a supervisor

• It merges the two objects when they are uploaded

• It references the central copy whenever a user starts working to see if another user is working on that same object.

2. Detail level can be adjusted in 3d views using the:


• Detail button at the bottom of the window

• Edit Family Button

• 3D Settings Dialog

• Parameters Dialog

3. To create section perspective views, which of the following is used?


• 3D View.

• Walkthrough view with a clip boundary.

• Camera View.

• Perspective view.

• Section box.

4. Which tool allows you to model a new object from scratch?


• Void Tool

• Mass tool

• Build new object

• Component -> Model in Place

5. What tool allows you to 3-dimensionally crop unwanted parts of the model?


• Boundary Walls

• 3D cutter tool

• Section lines

• Section box

6. How do you make custom holes and edges on walls?


• Sketch on the wall with polylines

• Build window, resize, then delete window

• Hole tool

• In elevation view, you click Edit Profile and adjust the 2-dimensional lines that appear.

7. How do you add holes to existing floors?


• Edit Footprint, sketch the holes, and click finish

• Sketch and use void tool

• Sketch polylines on surface and subtract extrude through

• Choose the hole tool, sketch the hole and click finish

8. What tools can be used to quickly build generic geometry?


• Universal modeling extruder

• Mass and Void tools

• Generic Geometry tools

• Wall and floor tools

9. How do you easliy adjust column positions with column grid lines?


• Select the columns and hit the arrow keys

• Select both the grid and columns and click move

• select the grid line, hold tab and move the columns with the arrow keys

• Revit automatically attaches columns to grids when you build the column on the grid

10. How do you cut a vertical hole for the elevator system on a building?


• It is done automatically when you place the elevator component

• Using the sketch mode for the slabs of the floor and ceiling plans

• By using the shaft openning

11. To break the connection between your file and the central file, you must...


• create new local

• All of these

• save to central

• detach from central

• None of these

12. To make very detailed changes to an object you must:


• Open the object's dialog

• model onto the object

• Set the work plane on the object

• Edit the objects's family

13. General parameters of an object can be modified in the:


• plan view

• 3D view

• Properties Dialog

• Parameters Menu

14. If you have mutliple windows open, how can you easily snap them to all display on the screen at once?


• Drag the windows to the corner of the screen you want them to snap to

• Double click on each window

• View-> tile

• Resize manually

15. In order to update your individual working file with other individual's changes, which command must you do?


• Open Worksets

• Relinquish All

• Save to Central

• Save As New Local File

• Close Worksets

16. What is a first step in creating a roof?


• Delete all interfering geometry

• Build celing below roof

• Use polylines to define the boundary

17. When creating families, rather than locking extrusion lines to other lines within the family, what should you align and lock them to?


• Detail Lines

• Model Lines

• Construction Lines

• Reference Lines

• Grid

18. After creating a dormer's roof and walls, how do you create the dormer opening?


• Draw the shape in the roof and select void

• Select create dormer opening and define the outline of the dormer by clicking on the walls and roof

• Sketch shape and hit delete

• Select roof and choose auto hole creation

19. What is one benefit to storing objects in the family hierarchy?


• They are automatically loaded into every subsequent project

• They keep everything in one file

• Families can be used in any modeling program

• Families can be imported into different projects

20. All views, plans, and elevations can be navigated in the:


• Project Browser

• Preferences Dialog

• Window Browser

• View Menu

21. Where can you set keyboard shortcuts?


• Parameters -> Key bindings

• Edit -> Hotkeys

• Tools -> Hot keys

• View->User Interface-> Keyboard shortcuts

22. How can you tell who is working in the central file?


• Worksharing Monitor

• None of the above

• Detach from central

• Save to central

• All of the above

23. If you would like to align two walls that are parallel to one another, which command would you use?


• Wall Align

• Align

• None of the above

• Trim

• Cut

24. How do you create a custom glazing pattern?


• It cannot be done.

• Using a pre-made pattern.

• Placing windows and editing them.

• Create a wall and change it to the glazing type you want. Then create gridlines and add mullions.

25. Correct implentation of the phasing feature allows you to...


• share the project files

• model various stages of a building's phases

• quickly edit object

• turn off the object's visibility

26. Which tool allows you to easily make many copies of an object in a row?


• Replicate

• Copy

• Array

• Structure

27. Which tool allows you to easily measure a room or floor's square footage?


• Area tool

• New Floor Tool

• Edit Room tool

• Measuring tape

28. Level markers are adjusted in which view?


• Rendering View

• Elevation

• plan view

• Perspective View

29. How can you quickly view inside a closed building without changing views?


• Hide the exterior walls

• Choose split view on the bottom of the screen

• Paint the walls glass

• Choose the temporarily delete button

30. Parts and objects in Revit are categorized in hierarchial systems known as:


• Systems

• Blocks

• Assemblies

• Families

31. How do you switch between wireframe and solid 3d views?


• Toggle through the options in View type button at the bottom of the window

• Choose the option in the Materials menu

• Choose the option in the Preferneces Dialog

• Toggle the option in the 3D Settings menu

32. Revit is part of a paradigm in modeling known as BIM, which stands for:


• Bi-Informational Modeling

• Building In Modern

• Build Innovate Model

• Building Information Modeling

33. Which of the following are versions of Revit?


• All of these

• Autodesk Revit Architecture

• Autodesk Revit MEP

• Autodesk Revit Structure

34. Revit's solid modeling tools include:


• Sweep

• All of these

• Extrusion

• Revolve

35. To specify which surface you are about to model on:


• Insert Reference Plane

• Right Click on the Surface and select plane

• Set the work plane

• Click on the surface

36. When creating a family, in order to create openings, holes, etc. you must use:


• Cut Tool

• Sketch Tool

• Void Tool

• Opening Tool

• Extrude Tool

37. Where can you toggle the visibility of entire types of families?


• Filters dialog

• View Templates dialog

• Visibility/ Graphics Dialog

• View properties dialog

38. The three main categories of Families are:


• Detail, Wall and Generic

• None of the above

• Central, Linked and Workset

• Type, Editor and Parameter

• System, Component and In-Place

39. When a project is shared what are the revit files called that each user works on?


• Central Copy

• Beta File

• Local Copy

• User File

40. How do you quickly add trim to walls in 3d views?


• Model sweep tool

• Extrude along path

• Fascia tool

• Use the wall sweep tool

41. What is the shortcut for a wall?


• wa

• wl

• ctrl + w

• control + w

42. How do you export your model's geometry, cameras, and lighting to 3D Studio Max?


• Export fbx

• Export .rft

• Export each element independently

• Export .rvt

43. What type of line is visible only in the view it was drawn in?


• Hidden Line

• Detail Line

• Polyline

• Model Line

44. How do you attach the walls to your newly created roof?


• Select all walls and click attach to roof

• Select join tool then click on both the roof and wall

• Select roof, click attach walls

• Manually bring wall to roof and it will attach

45. A central file cannot be created without?


• All of the above

• None of the above

• Linked files

• Archived files

• Worksets enabled

46. How would you add single images to the surface of your wall?


• Insert jpeg tool

• Add decal tool

• Crop tool

• Add image tool

47. How are ceilings and floors modeled in revit?


• They are generated from 2d lines sketched in the appropriate work plane

• They are inserted as families after a room is defined

• They are modeled manually and specified as celings or floors

• Automatically when the rooms are closed

48. Material properties can be modified at any time in the:


• Manage -> Materials dialog

• Object properties dialog

• Materials Editor Wizard

• 3D Settings Dialog

49. Where can bump maps be specified?


• Object properties dialog

• Materials Editor Wizard

• In the Render Appearance section of the materials dialog

• 3D Settings Dialog

50. Which tool allows you to specify the material on certain surfaces in 3d?


• Material paste tool

• Paint

• Material Surface tool

• Eye dropper tool

51. What is the layer key file?


• A file that controls layer visibility

• A file that controls layer colors in a view

• A file that controls layer exports

52. What rendering engine does Revit use?


• Vray

• Final Render

• Mental Ray

• PovRay Raytracing

53. How do you create custom profiles for sweeps?


• Select create custom profile in the modeling menu

• Choose custom profile in the building dialog

• Create a new profile family in the family editor

• You sketch the profile in a separate file and open it in the family

54. What does the formula: abs(-2) do?


• Return the value 2 in a parameter

• Return the value 2 and -2 in a parameter

• Return the value -2 in a parameter

• Return the value -2abs in a parameter

55. Ho do you remove items from a schedule?


• Sort

• Remove

• Filter

• Group

• Sort Group Remove

56. How can you quickly add trim to exsiting roof plane edges?


• Sweep modeling tool

• Trim tool

• Extrude along path tool

• Fascia tool

57. What is View depth?


• The lowest point of any object

• The longest range in a camera view

• The zone where lines go into hidden state

• The zone where lines go into beyond state

58. How do you quickly focus the camera on a specific object?


• Zoom region tool

• You must zoom manually

• Right click on the object and zoom to fit

• double click object

59. Using the Join Geometry tool on two connected parallel walls:


• merges the two walls into a single wall entity

• does nothing; non-intersecting walls cannot be joined

• causes Revit to crash

• causes hosted elements in one wall to automatically cut openings in the other

• embeds the first selected wall into the second

60. How can you insert 2D CAD files in your 3D model?


• Insert DWG tool

• Choose work plane and open dwg

• Choose reference tool and open the DWG file

• Go to the appropriate floor, click insert CAD files

61. Where do you change a wall sweep's profile?


• Setup section view of sweep and skecth new profile

• Type Properties dialog

• Drag polyline into sweep

• Right click sweep and choose edit profile

62. When a panel in a curtain wall is not rectangular:


• only system panel types may be used

• mullions cannot be automatically generated

• the curtain wall's profile may not be edited

• curtain grids may not pass through it

• panel misalignment may occur

63. Where can parameters be adjusted in families?


• Family Settings

• Family protocol menu

• Family type dialog

• Family parameter dialog