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Test answers for Autodesk Inventor 2020

(69) Last updated: January 22
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69 Answered Test Questions:

1. Inventor was primarily created for modeling and analysis of:


• Agricultural parts

• Mechanical parts

• Website parts

• Bioplastics

2. The ______ specifies which add-ins to load at startup.


• None of these

• Macro Manager

• Add in Manager

• User Profile

3. True or False? Setting a subassembly as "phantom" prevents it from being listed in the bill of materials while still allowing the parts contained within the subassembly to be listed.


• False

• True

4. What is the extension for an assembly file?


• .ass

• .ipt

• .iam

• .asf

5. What is the purpose of the view cube?


• It provides quick access to standard and isometric views

• It provides a means to store saved views

• It calculates the envelope volume of a solid

• It provides a sectional view for solids

• It provides a preview of a render

6. What is the basic file type of Inventor?


• Base file

• Land file

• Assembly file

• Part file

7. What term describes testing how an object will react under real world stress (weight, torque, etc.)?


• Spline

• Extrusion

• Weather

• Dynamic Simulation

8. What is the extension of a part file?


• .pt

• .iam

• .ipt

• .par

9. True or false? A 2D sketch is the first step of the parametric modeling process.



• True

10. True or false? Drawing files can contain: sheet formats, title blocks, borders, and sketched blocks.



• True

11. A 3D Sketch provides the ability to produce geometry that is the result of:


• A curve projected on a surface

• The intersection of two surfaces

• The generation of silhouette edges

• All of these

12. To render and animate, you should use ________.


• Adobe Illustrator

• AutoCAD

• Stress Analysis

• Inventor Studio

13. You would use the fillet feature to ________.


• None of these

• round off or cap corners

• delete projects

• slice a sketch into multiple pieces

14. You use this tool to measure the space between components in an assembly :


• Distance.

• Ruler.

• Measure.

• Length.

15. True or false? Editing a component in assembly, it modifies all instances of the component in its source file and in other assemblies.


• True


16. A design layout is a ______ drawing.


• 2D

• 3D

• intricate

• big

17. The Hole command will build a hole at:


• A point concentric to an existing radius

• A point offset from two edges

• All of these

• Sketch points, end point, midpoints

18. The ______ command creates a copy of sketch across an axis.


• flip

• duplicate

• mirror

• switch

19. The Project Geometry command copies to the current sketch:


• Edges from parts in the same assembly

• Work feature edge and points

• Edges from the current part

• All of these

20. Which of the following is the file extension for an Inventor drawing?


• .ipn

• .iam

• .idw

• .ipt

21. What does FEA stand for?


• Free Element Analysis

• Finite Element Analysis

• Force Element Analysis

• Fixed Element Analysis

22. A feature that adds depth to a sketch is called a/an __________ feature.


• extruding

• deep

• 3D

• depth

23. If you transfer a file from SolidWorks to Autodesk Inventor, you most likely will save it as a ______ file.


• .ipn




24. True of false? If your model fails a stress analysis it will create an exploded view


• False


25. Presentations are saved as _____ files.


• .ipn

• .doc

• .pst

• .iam

26. In a drawing, the first view created is the:


• Layout view

• Base view

• Initial view

• Projected view

27. A loop refers to a _________.


• material thickness

• joint union

• open sketch

• closed sketch

28. In a multiuser environment, Inventor's primary means for organizing data, including files, libraries, and revision control is a:


• Vault project

• Path statement

• Application option

• Template file

29. Where will you change the units for a part or assembly.


• tools - application option - part/assembly

• tools - document settings - units

• manage - styles and standards editor - material

30. True or False? Within Inventor a 'drawing' is 2D.


• False

• True

31. In an assembly, what constraint would provide the quickest means to constrain a bolt to a hole?


• The time would be equal for all

• Tangent

• Insert

• Mate

32. How do you create a tank cone


• Straight cone face

• combining sketch straight length and knuckle radius and revolve at the vertical center line

• curved cone radius

33. In an assembly, what is the maximum degrees of freedom a component can have?


• 2

• 6

• 4

• 7

34. What does HUD stand for?


• Hard Uther Donations

• Honed Use Dimensions

• Hook Under Designs

• Heads-Up-Display

35. To analyze characteristics of an assembly in motion, you would use _______.


• Motion Analytics

• Dynamic Simulation

• Movement Metrics

• Dynamic Analytics

36. Autodesk Inventor modules don't include:


• Tube and pipe design

• Dynamic simulation

• Plant layout

37. Replace All will replace each occurrence in:


• a part document.

• a presentation document.

• a drawing document.

• an assembly document.

38. What is the default Extents option for the Extrude command?


• All

• Between

• To

• Distance

39. Constraint inference and persistence:


• Can be switched on and off

• Is only applied while dimensioning

• Is a fixed setting

• Is only applied when constraints are visible

40. Which of the following lists contains only sketch based features?


• Thicken, Bend, Revolve, Combine

• Extrude, Revolve, Loft, Sweep, Coil

• Extrude, Shell, Emboss, Coil

• Combine, Loft, Hole, Extrude

41. To constrain components together without using a dialog box or on placement use:


• the Grip Snap command.

• the Constrain command.

• the Assemble command.

• The Move command.

42. You can create Inventor presentation files by opening a new file with the _____ extension.


• .ipt

• .ipn

• .ips

• .iam

43. Precise input allows the user to:


• Change part tolerances

• Manually enter specific point coordinates

• Control view precision

• Improve sketch accuracy using a wizard

44. When creating a drawing view, Tangent Edges:


• Cannot be shown

• Can be shown from the view component window

• Created manually

• Can be shown from the view display option window

45. True or False? Part Files hold together Assembly Files.


• False

• True

46. On the Ribbon, View tab, where would you find the command for visual styles?


• In the Windows panel.

• In the Navigate panel.

• In the Appearance panel.

• In the Visibility panel.

47. The coordinate system of a sketch:


• Must be defined each time

• Constantly changes

• Can be modified

• Is fixed

48. To join axes you would likely use a _______ constraint.


• mate

• union

• joint

• connect

49. The Loft command will create a loft using:


• All of these

• Multiple closed profile sketches and one or more rail sketches

• Multiple closed profile sketches

• A closed profile sketch and a sketched point

50. In an Assembly, what constraint would you use to align two part faces so that their direction arrows are parallel?


• Insert with a Solution of Opposed

• Mate with a Solution of Flush

• Insert with a Solution of Aligned

• Mate with a Solution of Mate

51. To specify motion of gears, you would use a _______ constraint.


• technical

• motion

• rotation

• gear

52. Copying a feature from a part and storing it in a feature file is called __________.


• extrusion

• extraction

• copying

• mirroring

53. A ________ constraint error occurs when a component is constrained in a position but subsequent modifications are made to a constrained part.


• geometry missing

• part

• mate

• joint

54. What is the purpose of making parts and assemblies adaptive?


• It aids in automatic view generation

• It creates automatic constraints

• It provides for cross part relationships

• It allows the parts and assemblies to be edited

55. True or False? Ribs add support to a component by changing its main shape.


• True

• False

56. You could use a _______ file to create an exploded view.


• .part

• .ipn

• .iam

• .expld

57. To make sure that your parts do not intersect unrealistically, you would use the _________.


• Contact Solver

• Fallacy Detection

• Collision report

• Structural Strength test

58. Which would you use to constrain a line to the center of a circle?


• Fix constraint

• Equal constraint

• Concentric constraint

• Coincident constraint

59. The _______ feature can blend dissimilar 2D sketches on nonintersecting planes.


• sketch

• fillet

• loft

• parametric

60. What environment is used when a solid is edited through the Edit Form command?


• Fusion

• Sketch

• Construction

• Model Space

61. When you create a Virtual Component in place, you must:


• use a Virtual Component Template.

• select the Virtual Component checkbox.

• select from the BOM Structure list.

• select from Content Center.

62. In a drawing, you can add a dimension to the intersection point of two lines by:


• Selecting: the first line, right click, intersection, then select the second line

• Using the intersect snap option

• Sketching the intersection first and then dimensioning it

• Right click and select intersection and then pick both lines

63. To create a sub-assembly from components in an existing assembly:


• You create a new assembly and then insert it into the existing assembly

• You demote the components

• You delete the components in the assembly

• You delete all the components that will not be in the sub-assembly

64. Using Design Accelerator you can design:


• Shafts

• Roller bearings

• Spur gears

• Plastic injection products

65. What tool do you use to change the default color of materials?


• Material Skin

• Texture Select

• Color Set

• Color Override

66. All of these items are located in the Representations folder EXCEPT :


• View.

• Position.

• Browser Folder.

• Level of Detail.

67. Setting the 1st angle and 3rd angle projections as defaults for a template can be done using:


• Can't be changed

• Styles editor

• View menu

• Tools menu

68. What sub menu tool tab is used for repairing and stitching surfaces and solids?


• Part

• Fusion

• Construction

• Studio

69. Which of the following is NOT used to calculate distortion?


• Material rigidity

• Material thickness

• Bend allowance

• Material type