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Test answers for Zbrush 2020

(83) Last updated: February 28
Elance • Design & Multimedia
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83 Answered Test Questions:

1. The internal ZBrush browser that makes it easy to access assets like 3D brushes, tools, projects, textures and alphas is called the:


• DesignElement

• Lightbox

• BrushRoom

• Studio

2. If you have 4 subtools and a system that can handle X million polygons, your model can be composed of how many polygons?


• 4-X

• 4X

• 4X+1

• 4+X

3. Which materials use image maps to simulate the effects of lighting on different types of surface?


• Flat Color

• QuadShaders

• MatCaps

• FlatShaders

4. Diffuse, spec, and reflection are used to modify which of these?


• Size

• Basic Material

• Normals

• Radial Symmetry

5. The Z in Zbrush stands for?


• Z axis

• Zero

• Zap

• Zinc

6. Which of these is Zbrush's scripting language?


• Z+

• Zscript

• C++

• Bscript

7. Grayscale images loaded into ZBrush to add effects to sculpting brushes are:


• Sculpt settings

• Texture tiles

• Brush modifiers

• Alphas

8. A pattern of polygons that constitutes a mesh is called?


• Material

• Brush

• Topology

• Skin

9. What mode does the mesh need to be in before you can use sculpting brushes?


• Mold

• Edit

• Shape

• Sculpt

10. This function will bring two edges closer together?


• Pinch

• Smooth

• mPolish

• Move

11. Which brushes could be used to create hard surfaces and clean looks?


• Trim brushes

• Slice brushes

• All of the above

• Clip brushes

12. Zscript files are by default saved as a  __________.


• ZTL.

• STL.

• DWF.

• DWG.

13. You must turn on Record mode in 3D Layers in order to record changes to:


• All of these

• Polypaint

• Sculpting

• Masking

14. True or False? You can apply a texture to a sculpting brush and use the colors of the texture to paint on your models.


• True

• False

15. A model composed of polygons is a ________.


• UV Map

• PolySkin

• Polymesh

• Alpha

16. Detailing can be done using which of these?


• Layer Brush

• Alphas

• Standard Brush

• All of these

17. In order to sculpt,  an imported model must be turned into which subtool?


• Alpha

• Polymesh 3D

• Texture


18. Press which key for Move mode?


• Y

• W

• S

• T

19. Which tool allows ZBrush to retopologize your mesh by pressing ctrl and dragging outside the model in the document?


• ActiveMesh

• DynaMesh

• DistributeMesh

• EditMesh

20. Which button do you use to allow a mesh to be edited by the sculpting tools?


• ConstructMesh

• ImportMeshEdit

• AllowMeshSculpt

• MakePolymesh3D

21. The process of reducing polycount is called?


• Decimation

• Reduction

• Transferal

• Replication

22. BPR stands for?


• Bake Preview Render

• Best Preview Render

• Box Plane Regroup

• Brush Palette Reset

23. If you wanted to adjust the softness or falloff edge of a brush, which slider should you adjust?


• Zsub

• Draw Size

• Zadd

• Focal Shift

24. The technique used to smooth out the edges of shapes is called:


• De-jagging

• Anti-aliasing

• Brush filling

• Rasterization

25. A Shadowbox can be created for ______.


• All tools

• Some tools

• Some subtools

• Cylinders

26. Use this feature to scale models to reference images.


• Shadowbox

• Shadowslide

• Shadowtube

• Shadowcurve

27. What does the Z Intensity slider control?


• The depth or height of the brush stroke

• How "deep" you can position objects in the Z plane

• The "focus" level of objects at different positions in the Z space

• The level of gradient applied to a new color selection

28. The information regarding which side of a polygon faces in and which side faces out is known as the polygon's:


• Normal

• Face

• Alpha

• Vertex

29. Which palette separates canvases that are merged together?


• Marker

• Layer

• Picker

• Macro

30. Which of these subtools reshapes an object?


• All of the Above

• Trim Dynamic Brush

• Clip Curve

• Transpose move

31. True or false? When enabling Projection Master sculpted detail can be transformed, rotated, and scaled.


• True

• False

32. While working with a 3D model, you activate ______ to convert the visible portion of your model into pixols on the canvas.


• the Gyro

• Projection Master

• Morph Targets

• Posterizer

33. Use this Zscript command to verify that a file is on your computer.


• MTransformSet

• FileExists

• RoutineCall

• StrMerge

34. The number of points in the current subdivision level of the mesh are displayed as:


• FunctionalPoints

• ActivePoints

• TotalPoints

• WorkingPoints

35. If you want to save only the currently active mesh, where would you go?


• Tool -> Export

• Document -> Export

• Tool -> Save As

• Document -> Save As

36. These basic object shapes are used to create models in Zbrush?


• Curves

• Primitives

• Nurbs

• Polys

37. Two tools can be combined using this function:


• Merge Up

• Resize

• Flatten

• Merge Down

38. What would happen if you held down the "Ctrl" key while hovering over buttons?


• You will be able to click and drag the buttons to rearrange them

• It will open the button's companion library

• You will open the button's fly-out library in a new window

• A box explaining the button will appear

39. Press this key to edit an object?


• T

• s

• D

• E

40. Which tool would you use to "animate" your creation?  For example, creating a video of the object's exploded view or rotating to show 360 degrees of a project.


• Movie > Turntable

• ProjectPresent

• MovieMaker

• VideoPresent

41. If "Edit" mode is off, what mode is ZBrush in?


• Flex

• Sculpt

• Paint

• Draw

42. Which subtool will create a single model from multiple primitive objects?


• Deformation

• Remesh All

• Transpose

• Transform

43. This function snaps rotation into orthogonal view?


• LMB +Shift(hold)

• Click+S

• (all of these)

• Click+R

44. To store a series of values, Zscript provides a ______.


• list aggregate

• list summation

• list differential

• list variable

45. What does matcap stand for?


• Material Capping

• Material Capture

• Matte Capture

• Material Recap

46. What is the resolution of your render when the Detail slider is set to 3?


• 512x512

• 1024x1024

• 2048x2048

• 4096x4096

47. Under what palette is the background gradient range slider found?


• Draw

• Render

• Color

• Document

• Alpha

48. Typing Unicorn* into the Lightbox search field will:


• Search all files in the selected folder that do NOT contain the term "Unicorn"

• Unlock an Easter egg built into the program

• Find all files labled "Unicorn" and arrange them by file size

• Search for all files in the selected folder that begin with "Unicorn"

49. A Gyro can be used to position these?


• 3D objects and some strokes

• no strokes

• just strokes

• 3D objects and any stroke

50. What additional information does a pixol contain, that a pixel does not?


• A pixol contains the same information as a pixel

• Color, Depth, Opacity

• Depth, orientation and material

• Height, width, color

51. Place a Shadowbox over an image and use this tool to give shape to selections


• Matte Shader

• Mask Shader

• Mask Pen

• Matte Pen

52. In Zscript, groups of characters are called?


• Words

• Groups

• Strings

• Phrases

53. Which Brush Modifier slider affects how closely the inserted mesh will conform to the underlying surface?


• Projection Strength

• ConstantTilt

• Tilt Strength

• Pressure

54. This shortcut will select a subtool?


• ALT-click

• F4

• CTRL-Click

• Shift-click

55. Changing the ______ in the Directional Mask Curve will give control of the alpha placement with minimal overlapping of the alpha


• Auto Mask

• Focal Shift

• Stencil

• Stamp

56. If you are using a brush to paint or sculpt on only an objects cavities what file menu and tab would you find the setting to do this?


• Brush-surface

• Brush-modifiers

• Tool-Deformation

• Transform-modifiers

• Brush-Automasking

57. What will clicking one of the four stack icons to the right of the Lightbox frame do?


• Change the skin color of the Lightbox

• Rearrange the items in the Lightbox by order of file size

• Changes the number of rows in the Lightbox menu

• Open the pallet of different brushes to select for the project

58. Which palette records sequences of actions?


• Draw

• File

• Document

• Macro

59. True or False? Disabling the Snap option keeps the grids at their origin position, centered on the current SubTool???s geometric center.


• False

• True

60. True or False:  when merging sub tools UV data is combined by default.


• false

• true

61. Alphas can be converted to all but _______.


• Textures

• Skin

• 3D Meshes

• Stencils

62. A 2k texture map has how many pixels in it?


• 2 million

• 10 million

• 5 Million

• 4 million

63. Which function will store new data in an existing key frame?


• Alt+click on an existing key frame dot

• Shift+Ctrl+click on the key frame dot

• click on selected key frame dot

• Ctrl+click on an existing key frame dot

64. Exponent slider controls the ______ for the 3D Posterize effect.


• radius through which adjacent materials are blended

• quality of LightCap creation from a background image

• degree of falloff

• extra subdivision levels

65. To erase a mask press and hold?




• CTRL+ click


66. Which sub-palette controls how the brush is placed relative to the mesh surface?


• Curve

• Depth

• Elasticity

• Surface

67. ShadowBox is a tool primarily used to create ______ based on the projection of shadows toward a center volume.


• 3D primitives

• deformations

• functional alphas

• polymeshes

68. True or False? ZBrush will automatically split a polygon with more than four sides into three and four point polygons when imported.


• True

• False

69. Which colorization technique takes a smooth gradient and converts it to fewer steps with abrupt changes between them?


• Rasterization

• Posterization

• Alpha Rendering

• Polymeshing

70. If you have the Auto Masking sub-palette Mask by Polygroups setting at _____, then the first selected polygroup will be the only part of the mesh that can be edited by selected brush.


• 0

• Half

• 100

• First

71. Which Brush Modifier slider will apply multiple brushes at once along the stroke to the surface?


• Intensity

• Trails

• Stretch

• Overlap

72. Zbrush Alphas contain over how many gray levels?


• 20000

• 5000

• 65000

• 10000

73. True or False? If you have a high poly subtool and a low poly subtool, and you set both resolutions to 128 and activate DynaMesh, their resolutions will be the same.


• True

• False

74. In Rotate mode this functions allows Control Twist?


• Alt+Click Link-Sphere

• drag ZSphere

• press Ctrl+drag

• Alt+drag Link-Sphere

75. Which function reverses mesh visibilty?


• Shift+Ctrl+click

• Shift+Ctrl+click+drag background

• Shift+Ctrl+click+drag mesh

• Shift+Ctrl+click twice

76. Which of the following is not found in the deformation sub-palette


• Gravity

• Flatten

• SSkew

• Shrink

• Inflate Balloon

77. To view the floor grid press this function?


• Shift+P

• Shift+G

• Shift+J

• Shift+D

78. True or False? It is impossible to use MatCap information as a shader for the Standard Materials in LightCap.


• True

• False

79. Which of these is not a form of Symmetry?


• Radial

• Transformative

• Poseable

• Axis

80. At what elevation is the floor normally set?


• -1

• High

• 0

• Low

81. True or False? The Brush Depth Masking button will affect RGB


• False

• True

82. True or False?  In Edit Mode, Alt + right clicking on a ZSphere will remove it.


• False

• True

83. The Stabilize Orientation slider in the Brush Samples sub-palette will:


• Evaluate the alignment of the brush direction to brush orientation

• Average stroke normals

• Keep the surface normals stable to the direction of the stroke

• All of these