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Test answers for QuarkXPress 2020

(58) Last updated: February 12
Elance • Design & Multimedia
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58 Answered Test Questions:

1. What additional keyboard key do you use to resize an object while maintaining its ratio and proportion?


• Right and Left

• Right and Left Mouse Click

• Shift and Mouse Click and Hold

• Command and Mouse Click and Hold

2. What is the common shortcut of Command E (Mac) - (Alt E) PC?


• Default Color Fill

• Import Picture

• Group Objects

• Ungroup Objects

3. What is the CMKY Value of Quark's default "Black" in the Colors Palette?


• C=0%, M=0%, Y=0%, K=100%

• C=33%, M=33%, Y=33%, K=33%

• C=100%, M=100%, Y=100%, K=100%

• C=75%, M=75%, Y=0%, K=75%

4. Which of the following does Auto Picture Import do?


• Brings in pictures that you lost

• Automatic reimports of modified pics

• Sends you a picture every 5 minutes

• Imports artwork

5. How are colors applied in the color palette?


• Through a painting tool

• Under Style

• All of the above

• Under Window

6. What is Runaround?


• Makes text flow in shapes

• Justifies the text to objects

• It is another term for text wrap

• Creates space in between paragrahs

7. What would the page orientation for a Newsletter be?


• Poster

• Landscape

• Portrait

• business card size

8. After you import a picture, how do you resize it?


• Crop it

• Command, option, shift, drag at the corner

• Delete the page

• Drag it at the corner

9. What standard Quark shortcut does the F7 do?


• It visually hides all guides, including text placeholder boxes

• Creates a new layer

• Justifies all text

• Ungroups all objects

10. What does Quark use to edit its Extensions?


• Extensions Manager

• A standalone program

• You can't edit. It's built in and can't be modified.

• 3rd party software

11. What is "gutter width"?


• The space between columns

• The space after each paragraph

• The space around text

• The area around a photo

12. Cloner is used to clone what specifically?


• All of these

• Selected objects

• Selected pages

• A selected page

• A selected object

13. Is a "Master Page" a printing or nonprinting page?


• Printing

• Invisible

• Prints when a box is checked

• Nonprinting

14. What does Collect for Output do?


• Groups and saves all objects on document for other computers

• Saves all elements, including fonts and files used in the document to a specified location along with an informational report

• Gathers all the information about the document and compresses these files to lessen size of folder

• Rasterizes and rips the document for full color output

15. What does the Space / Align feature do?


• Aligns text boxes

• Aligns objects

• Gives options for spacing between objects and text boxes

• All of these

16. Where does Cloner copy the selection to?


• New project

• All of these

• Existing layout

• Existing project

• New layout

17. How do you make a text box?


• With the rectangle text box tool

• Importing it

• Click somewhere on the page

• Dragging it

18. What's the difference between Opacity and Shade?


• Opacity is how see-through it is, while Shade is percentage of color

• Opacity is how dark it prints, and Shade hides or shows objects in a document

• Opacity is the quality of pictures while Shade is how dark and light the image is

• Opacity is how much resolution and Shade is how vivid the colors are

19. What does Conditional Styles allow you to apply paragraph and character styles automatically to?


• A specific number of words

• Specific characters

• Specific text strings

• The end of a paragraph

• All of these

20. What is the file extension of a QuarkXPress Project?


• .qxp

• None of the Above

• .quxp

• .qpt

21. How do you check spelling?


• Under the window menu

• Under Format

• Under Utilities, Check Spelling

• Under the File menu

22. How can you change the lightness of an imported photo?


• Scan it in

• Color it with a light color

• Delete it

• By changing the opacity, under item, modify

23. How do you delete a page in a layout?


• Select the items on page, delete

• In Pagelayout, click on page, click on garbage can

• Go to Edit, Delete

• Quit and create a new document

24. How do you change the order in which two or more items are on a page?


• Copy and paste

• Cut and paste

• Delete items until they are gone

• Under "Item" send to back, bring to front

25. What does the term "collecting for output" mean?


• Gather all items together in one spot for print

• Shipping your work

• Exporting all documents

• Putting files in order

26. Can you do Style Sheets in Quark?


• Only if you download the tool from Quark

• No, only in MIcrosoft Word

• Yes

• Yes, but they are 3rd party plugins

27. How do you do Drop Caps in Quark?


• In paragraph attributes, simply use the Drop Caps tool

• Select first letter, then make the font much larger

• Import a Drop Cap character from character pallette

• You can't make Drop Caps in Quark

28. What is the H&Js menu item for?


• Hyphenation and Justification

• Holes and Juxtapose

• Hexagons and Jumping Text

• Heavy fonts and Justification

29. Does Quark have a built-in PDF export feature?


• No, you need to activate this from Quark

• Yes, but it costs additional fees

• Yes, Quark provides a built-in PDF export feature for no cost

• No, you need a 3rd party plugin

30. What does changing the "opacity" do to type?


• Makes it darker, opaque

• Makes it lighter, transparent

• Gives it a shadow

• Gives it a glow

31. How do you "skew" text?


• Change the font

• Add color to it

• Reduce the size

• Under Item, modify, text, text skew

32. Why are style sheets important in a layout?


• They have great styles to pick from

• They save time, space and make room

• They save time, record fonts, paragraph settings, etc.

• They are a great place to put pictures

33. Can you draw things like Stars, with multiple points in Quark?


• No

• Yes

• Sometimes

34. What is the Keyboard commands to  increase kerning values in 1???20-em and 1???200-em increments?


• Ctrl+K

• Ctrl+Shift+} for Windows; Command+Shift+} for Mac

• Ctrl-Shift-K

35. What tool do you use to find any missing elements? (i.e. Pictures, fonts, etc.)


• File/Preferences

• View/Invisibles

• Usage in Utilities Menu (F12)

• Layout/Layout Properties

36. What is a Bezier curve?


• A curve created as a results of circles

• Lines drawn with the pen tool

• Curves and angles

• A curve created as a result of paths

37. Where do you find the Page size and layout?


• Page Document Info

• Layout Properties

• Edit Page Specs

• Page Properties

38. What does the Trim Preview do?


• Darkens the areas outside the page area to show what the final cut page will look like.

• Hides the bleed and pasteboard objects.

• Opens a preview window showing just the page area and its contents.

• None of these

• Adds guidelines connecting the crop marks.

39. True or False: Quark can be used to create slideshow  and publications for iPhone and iPad.


• True

• False. Quark is for designing print materials only.

40. Which of the following is not a ShapeMaker rectangular box corner option?


• Beveled

• Inset

• Scallop

• Rounded

• Concave

41. What menu pops up when double clicking a Text Box?


• Modify

• Colors Pallette

• Style Sheet

• Font Menu

42. What is text kerning?


• The em space used for kerning increments is determined by the Standard Em Space setting in the Character pane of the Preferences dialog box.

• Kerning lets you adjust the amount of space between two characters.

• Kerning values are expressed as 1???200 of an em space.

• All of the above.

43. What is the point size of the default kerning?


• 10

• 1

• 15

• 5 pt.

44. What is the maximum number of columns in a document?


• 3

• 15

• 10

• 30

45. What standard Quark shortcuts are F5 and Shift F5?


• Bring to front, Send to back

• Show Invisibles, Hide Invisibles

• Delete and Undo

• Group and Ungroup

46. What is the most widely used type format?



• Type 1 Postscript Fonts



47. How do you move an object on its X/Y Axis?


• By holding down the Shift while Left Mouse Click Drag

• By double clicking the object, then simply moving it

• Using the arrow keys repeatedly

• Pressing Command (Alt) Shift and Arrow key

48. Which menu command will make text go around a graphic?


• None of these

• Item>Runaround>Box

• Item>Display>Runaround

• Item>Runaround>choose item

49. What feature do you use to create vector shapes from text?


• Rasterize

• Text to Box

• Create Outlines

• Vectorize

50. Which of the following is not a ShapeMaker wave?


• Sine

• Sawtooth

• Triangle

• Cosine

• Square

51. What 2 options besides quantity does Quark give when using the Step & Repeat Tool?


• Horizontal and Vertical offset

• Colors and Resolution

• Size and Coordinates on document

• Transform and Mirror

52. What does the term Frame mean?


• Boxes around text

• Visual print area

• Object selection area

• Border

53. Which of the following is not used in ShapeMaker?


• Spirals

• Polygons

• Waves

• Rectangles

• Ovals

54. How do you display a ruler above the column containing the first selected paragraph?


• Choose Style & View & Rulers

• Choose Style & View & Formats

• Choose Style & Formats

• Choose Style & Rulers

55. What Tool do you use to force an image to fit the entire size of the container?


• Center picture

• Scale picture to fit box

• Fit box to picture

• Stretch picture to fit box

56. Can a graphic or photo be imported on the picture box tool?


• No

• maybe

• None of the above

• Yes

57. What three options does the Change Case tool give?


• Upper, Lower, Title

• Drop Cap, Small Caps, Upper and Lower Case

• Upper and Lower Case, All Caps, and Bold

• Bold, Normal, Italics

58. What 2 options does Quark give when beginning a New Project?


• Print or Web

• Start from Template, Start Blank Page

• Print and Sign

• Flash and Ad