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Test answers for LightWave 2020

(83) Last updated: January 27
Elance • Design & Multimedia
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83 Answered Test Questions:

1. What does Fracture do?


• It breaks an item down into parts for use with dynamics.

• It causes an item to break into a million pieces.

• It uses dynamics to break an item down.

• It causes an item to become more dynamic.

2. What bullet dynamic causes the item to slow down when it comes in contact with other items?


• Fraction.

• Fracking.

• Friction.

• Fracture.

3. How do you access a node through your Texture Editor?


• Choose Procedural Editor as the Node.

• Choose Shape Editor as the procedural Panel.

• Choose Node Editor as the procedural texture.

• Choose Text Editor as the procedural Node.

4. What kind of imagery would Fracture be good at creating?


• Shattering glass.

• Fluffy kittens.

• Bread dough.

• Playful dolphins.

5. What does “Mass Method” do?


• It calculates the 'darkness' of an item.

• It calculates the 'dullness' of an item.

• It calculates the 'brightness' of an item.

• Calculates the 'heaviness' of an item.

6. What Workflow Enhancement can you use to align your model after working off the axis?


• Align to Plane

• Assign to Plane.

• Arrange with Plane.

• Engage with Plane.

7. How many ServerTagInfo instances can be defined?


• Only 50.

• Less than 50.

• An infinite amount.

• Only 10.

8. What does Autodesk's Maya do?


• It adds the framework for creating figures.

• It inverts colors.

• It changes shapes automatically.

• It reverses diffuse and ambient, making it necessary to back up your project before using it.

9. What does Edge Padding do?


• It makes edges stand out and be more difficult to manage.

• It emphasizes user padding.

• It creates seams to make note of the user padding.

• It creates a user-defined padding so that there are no seams when the size of the map is reduced.

10. Lightwave instancing clones one object to as many as you want/need. What is the benefit for using instancing versus actually cloning?


• Saves system memory

• Allows smoother layout navigation

• Saves render time

• All of the above

11. Because ServerRecord is constructed at the top level of the environment, what else is it considered?


• A “local” variable.

• A “relative” variable.

• A “global” variable.

• Nothing.

12. What items are included in bullet's properties?


• Speed, Rotation, and Velocity.

• Group, Bullet Body, Speed

• Collision Body, Reflection, and Color.

• Bullet Group, Dynamic Body, Collision Body.

13. The new VPR setting in Lightwave allows fast editing of surfaces and lighting. What does VPR stand for?


• Viper

• Vermont Public Radio

• Varied Pixel Relations

• Viewport Preview Rendering

14. Where are lightmaps assigned?


• Your surface's Luminosity channel.

• In the Luminary menu.

• On the lumination panel.

• In the settings menu.

15. What does the Device Manager in Lightwave do?


• Assigns your connected device to be used with the Virtual Studio.

• There is no Device Manager in Lightwave.

• Assigns your devices to an animation.

• Assigns programs to devices.

16. What key toggles between selection modes?


• Space bar

• h key

• c key

• v key

• b key

17. IK is a function that allows bones to automatically bend at joints based on a goal objects position in the IK chain. What does IK stand for?


• International Kinesics

• Inverse Kinetin

• Intentional Kinetics

• Inverse Kinematics

18. Which is the move tool key?


• m

• k

• v

• l

• x

19. What is the Control Booth for?


• Setting up scripts to handle the commands that configure your device.

• Configuring the controls to work for a new user.

• Printing.

• Setting up user preferences.

20. What is Lightwave's flocking system based off of?


• The swaying of trees in the wind.

• Animals running in chaotic patterns.

• 3D computer models of coordinated animal motion.

• Robotic motion of drones.

21. To set the frames per second, what field do you adjust?


• The Frame menu.

• The audio field.

• The FPS field.

• The PFS field.

22. The Exploded Parts toggle is used for what?


• Creating imploded parts views.

• Creating an imploded morph map of the parts.

• Creating exploded parts views.

• Creating an exploded morph map of the parts.

23. What is a ServerRecord?


• A runtime library.

• A Java library.

• A book depository.

• A Python dictionary.

24. To make your plug-in live, what must be defined?


• Nothing.

• Only ServerTagInfo structures.

• Only ServerRecord structures.

• The ServerTagInfo and ServerRecord structures.

25. Why should there be only one ServerRecord instance in your script?


• To keep Pcore in check.

• To keep it running.

• To keep it away from Pcore.

• To be sure the Pcore system can locate it.

26. What is maximum render resolution for 32-bit versions of LightWave?


• 16,000 x 16,000

• 50,000 x 50,000

• 800 x 600

• 4,000 x 4,000

27. What does the value, “Minimum Samples” do?


• It determines the cameras per pixel.

• It determines the X-rays per pixel.

• It determines the camera rays per pixel.

• It determines the camera angles per pixel.

28. If when loading a scene, Lightwave prompts you for object and image location, what wasn't set correctly?


• Coordinate system

• Content directory

• Master plugins

• Lightwave global settings

29. In Layout, what camera will give you a completely flat, straight on image?


• Orthographic camera

• Real lens camera

• Perspective camera

• Shift camera

30. Can you edit Morph Maps with Zbrush?


• Yes.

• No.

• You can only edit Morph Maps with Morph Maps.

• You can edit Zbrush with MorphMaps.

31. True or False? You can have multiple Instance Generators attached to an object.


• True

• False

32. When surfacing an object and test rendering the look, sometimes it can take a long time to render just to need to adjust and rerender. What function allows you to render only where you are making changes?


• Field of View

• Pixel Aspect

• Frame Size

• Limited region

33. If you wanted to save your configuration settings, where would you save them?


• %USERPROFILE%\.NewTek\LightWave\Windows\configs

• %USERPROFILE%\.NewTek\LightWave\11.0\system

• %USERPROFILE%\.NewTek\LightWave\11.0\configs

• %USERPROFILE%\.NewTek\LightWav\extensions

34. If you have too many transparent objects in the scene, the render may not look as it should. What setting do you need to adjust if the transparency isn't rendering correctly?


• Time's Up!

• Transparency Amount

• Ray Recursion Limit

• Ray Precision

• Clip Map

35. In Modeler, the hotkey "N" will bring up this dialogue box with useful information about the tools that you use.


• Node information box

• Notice box

• Numeric box

• New object box

36. Lightwaves built in tabs allow fast access to its various tools and settings. You will find the plugins, python scripting, and Lscripting in which tab?


• Setup tab

• Utilities tab

• Display tab

• Scene tab

37. The new releases of Lightwave allows compatibility with which game engine?


• C4

• Unity

• XBox Two Alpha

• Lua 3D

38. What is Python Scripting useful for in Lightwave?


• Creating code that makes Lightwave run smoother.

• Writing scripts to automatically draw for you.

• Creating custom plug-ins.

• Creating Lightwave apps.

39. True or False? There are three ways to surface an object; nodes, layers, and a combination of the two.


• True

• False

40. How can you make your lighting more subtle in Unity?


• Use the lightdampening panel.

• Use lightmaps.

• Increase their brightness.

• Delete them.

41. Layout has three different coordinate systems for rotational and transformational purposes; world, parent, and what?


• Local

• Standard

• Generic

• Universal

42. After being used to create the digital sets on Avatar, Lightwave added the ability to use hand held devices to move the digital camera in real time. What is that feature called?


• Virtual Studio

• Inside the studio

• Virtual green screen

• Real camera motion

43. What are three primitives that have been added to the Geometry Group in Layout's Modeler Tools tab?


• Triangle, Square, and Oval.

• Rhombus, Triangle, and Oval.

• Cube, Sphere, and Ground Plane

• Circle, Square, and Taurus.

44. What is new about sampling in Lightwave 11?


• It has been unified.

• It has been converted to be less comprehensive.

• Nothing is new.

• It has been discontinued.

45. Boolean operations modify two pieces of existing geometry based on where they intersect. There are four types of booleans; intersect, add, subtract, and?


• Multiply

• Planar

• Inverse

• Union

46. Which of the following is an Instanced Object?


• Blur.

• Opacity.

• Visibility.

• Motion blur.

47. In order to use the Heat Shrink tool, what does your object need?


• A point selection set

• A morph map

• A weight map

• An object in the background layer

48. Endomorphs is a trait offered by which Interchange Tool?


• ZoG

• GooZ

• ZGo.

• GoZ.

49. This view shows you each object and the tree of connections it has under it. What is that view called?


• Schematic view

• Scene editor

• Information view

• Object connection view

50. What is the Lightwaves built in hair and fur tool called?


• Yeti

• FiberFX

• Shave and Haircut

• Barber Shop

51. What does Ngon light do?


• Creates disco balls.

• Create n-sided lights.

• Creates light elements.

• Creates light effects.

52. Is the Global Playback button overridden by individual Play settings?


• Only if you specify that it should be.

• It can be with the right plug-in.

• No.

• Yes.

53. Lightwave now provides a tool for almost instant animation rig set up. What is it called?


• Bone Manager

• Skelegon

• Genoma

• Insta-rig

54. True or False? In order to render faster, Lightwave only renders what is in the cameras view.


• False

• True

55. Where can the Device Manager be found?


• The Lunch Menu.

• The Side Menu.

• The Top Menu.

• The Bottom Menu.

56. This checkbox in the display preferences shows you what will could be cut off after broadcasting the show. What is the check box called?


• Show field chart

• Golden sections

• Show cut off lines

• Show safe areas

57. Modeler allows you to build a skeleton before bringing it into Layout. What is the tool called?


• Create skelegons

• Create bones

• T-bone

• Create skeleton

58. Radiosity causes Lightwave to calculate light bounce and reflection off of objects in the scene. There are three types of radiosity algorithms you can choose from; backdrop, final gather, and?


• Image world

• Monte Carlo

• Textured environment

• Monaco

59. In Lightwave, there are 4 different types of UV textures. They are planar, cylindrical, spherical, and?


• Depth

• Texture

• Atlas

• Polygon

60. What panel would you find the “Instancer” tab?


• Object’s Layout Properties panel.

• The Instancer panel.

• The Instancing panel.

• Layout’s Object Properties panel.

61. In Layout, shift clicking on an object in VPR will do what?


• Select the object

• Select the surface in the surface editor

• Nothing

• Render only selected

62. What three principles is the flocking algorithm based off of?


• Separation, Alignment, and Conjunction.

• Separation, Arithmetic, and Cohesion.

• Singularity, Arrangement, and Cohesion.

• Separation, Alignment, and Cohesion.

63. Lightwave allows 3 and 4 sided polygons to become subpatched in its standard mode. Which SubD type allows more than 4 sides to be subpatched?


• Catmull-Clark

• Lewis & Clark

• Super Subpatch

• Multi-patch

64. In Modeler, you can quickly center your selection to 0,0,0 by pressing this hotkey.


• F1

• F2

• F0

• F5

65. In the lower right of Modelers interface are the letters W, T, M, C, and S. They stand for subpatch weight map, UV texture map, morph map, color vertex map, and?


• Polygon space map

• Stereo map

• Size map

• Point Selection Sets

66. In the node editor, the Carpaint node is considered a?


• Material node

• Ray Trace node

• Gradient node

• Shader node

67. Which key opens the "Surface Name" panel – to rename the selected polygons?


• l

• p

• x

• v

• q

68. What animated scene would Lightwave's flocking algorithm be useful in displaying?


• Bears hibernating.

• Groups of mackerel escaping seals.

• Dogs catching frisbees.

• Elephants eating grass.

69. True or False? Saving your scene in Layout will save texture information on your model.


• False

• True

70. This tool allows for fluid motion with particles which constantly chase a goal object.


• Flocking Tool

• Fluid Tool

• Go To Tool

• Follow Me Tool

71. When creating a primitive in Modeler, what does the left and right arrows do?


• Rotates the primitive

• Adds and removes geometry segments

• Increases or decreases primitive size

• Moves the primitive left or right

72. When building a skeleton out of bones, and after activating the bones the geometry becomes twisted and deformed, what did you forget to do?


• Set bone rest length

• Record bone pivot rotation

• Record bone rest position

• Set weight maps

73. Which of the following is a Generic_ExportFBXCommand argument?


• <GenericMedia>

• <ExportMedia>

• <FBXMedia>

• <EmbedMedia>

74. In Modeler, what tool allows you to move a point or selection of points and connect it to another point, without changing the shape of the selected points?


• Weld

• Point connect

• Set point value

• Snap drag tool

75. Instances can be displayed in OpenGL as what?


• Extended objects.

• Advanced objects.

• Object elements.

• Normal objects.

76. Subdividing a poly adds more geometry to existing object. What is the default hotkey?


• Shift D

• Shift S

• Ctrl D

• Ctrl A

77. True or False? In order to use manually drawn bones, you have to have a weight map assigned to the object.


• False

• True

78. When moving, scaling, or rotating a selection in Modeler, it will rotate around the "action center". There are four centers you can choose from, mouse, pivot, selection, and origin. What is the hotkey for Action Center: Origin?


• Shift F8

• Shift F5

• Shift F6

• Shift F7

79. In Layout, moving an object over another object and holding down a key will snap it to the pivot point of the object you currently do not have selected. What is that key?


• Space

• Alt

• Ctrl

• Shift

80. True or False? When plugging a texture node into the base surface node, it disables the ability to change the layer input of the same attribute.


• True

• False

81. Once you have created a subclass of a valid plug-in interface, what must be provided to manage its instances?


• A tray.

• An instance.

• A panel.

• A factory.

82. Which of these tools allow you to add more geometry on an edge than a single polygon in an automatic manner?


• Chamfer

• Bevel

• Magic Bevel

• Rounder

83. Where can Nodes be found?


• Node Samples > Render Globals > Render

• Shading Samples > Render Globals > Render

• Render Globals > Shading Samples > Render

• Shading Samples > Render Nodes > Render