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Test answers for Camtasia 2020

(80) Last updated: January 22
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80 Answered Test Questions:

1. Where is the canvas (video preview) located relative to the timeline?


• On the right in the space above the timeline

• To the left of the timeline

• On the left in the space above the timeline

• To the right of the timeline

2. True or False? Callouts can include text.


• True

• False

3. What do you call an interactive segment of your video that can take your viewer to a website or to another part of the video itself?


• A hotspot

• A charge

• An access point

• A green zone

4. If you wish to use one of the media clips that come with Camtasia for a project that you will eventually charge money for or make money on, you must do which of the following?


• Obtain written permission from Techsmith but pay no fee

• These clips cannot be used for profit

• Obtain written permission from Teachsmith after paying an appropriate fee

• Nothing, these clips are free to use in any capacity

5. When splitting one media clip into two smaller clips, what do you use to mark where the clip is split?


• The crop tool on the canvas

• The playhead

• The "Auto-split" feature of the timeline menu

• The clip's "Properties" menu

6. If you want to record only one portion of your computer screen, where can you specify what part of the screen you want to record?


• In the "Parameters" menu to the left of the canvas

• On the timeline's "Dimensions" menu

• In the media/clip bin once the video is finished

• On the smaller screen-record window

7. What are the three main areas of the Camtasia Studio interface?


• Timeline, Screenshot, and Editor

• Effects, File Drawer, and Timeline

• Recorder, Timeline, and Library

• Media/Clip Bin, Canvas, and Timeline

8. True or False? Camtasia only supports built-in cameras and its recorder cannot make use of external cameras such as those that would be plugged in with a USB.


• False

• True

9. What is the name of TechSmith's content-hosting service?






10. Separating the video and audio portions of a file requires you to do what?


• Right click the clip and select "Separate video and audio"

• Select "Save file as" and save the clip as both a WAV and WMV

• Rip the audio from the clip in the Audio tab menu

• Select "Video and audio destinations" on the timeline menu

11. When a piece of media is selected on the canvas, small circles appear on the outside of the image. What are these small circles used for?


• To adjust the visual properties, such as color or brightness

• To link the media to clips that come before or after it

• To scale or resize the picture

• To keep or discard the media

12. Which hotkey is used to play and pause the video on the timeline?


• F10

• Spacebar

• Enter

• CTRL + P

13. As soon as you end a screen recording, where will your recording appear?


• In the media/clip bin only

• In the timeline only

• In the timeline and the media/clip bin

• On the canvas only

14. Which of the following would not appear on the timeline?


• (All of these would appear on the timeline)

• Annotations/call outs

• Video tracks

• Audio tracks

15. What would be the best way to hide sensitive information--such as a screenname or email address--in a screen recording?


• Alter the layering on the timeline so that the screen capture clip is not visible

• Click the "secure" option before enabling SmartFocus

• Use a "blur" annotation/callout

• Change the text by imposing a text callout over the information

16. What does the waveform that appears within a media clip on the timeline represent?


• How loud the audio is

• The size of the clip (in bits)

• The degree to which zoom/pan has been affected by Smartfocus

• The visual quality of the clip

17. The option to save/export one frame of your video as a picture is found in which menu?


• The Tools menu

• The View menu

• The Play menu

• The File menu

18. The dimensions of your video (in pixels) will most likely be determined by what factor?


• Where your video will be seen

• The quality of your audio

• How long the video is

• Whether you are working on a PC or Mac

19. The easiest way to reduce or remove sounds like fans or noisy lights that are constant throughout an audio recording is to do what?


• Add a small amount of gain to the audio track

• Use the noise reduction feature of the audio menu

• Right click the clip then select "remove audio points"

• Export the audio file to digital audio workstation (DAW)

20. What is the name of the company that is responsible for making all versions of Camtasia?


• Quick Left

• TechSmith

• Finch

• Midsouth Data

21. When you press the red recorder button--found on the main editor--to begin a screen capture session, what occurs?


• Camtasia minimizes and a smaller, screen-recording options window appears

• The "Cursor effects" menu below the timeline

• Camtasia prompts you to choose layering options for the screen capture

• A sample of the screen capture appears on the canvas

22. What is the name of the process of mixing all individual files on the timeline into one playable video file?


• Consolidation

• Rendering

• Mix-down

• Delivery

23. Which of the following will help the Smartfocus feature keep track of where to apply zoom effects?


• Use the mouse scroll wheel instead of clicking and dragging the scroll bar

• Keep the cursor close when entering text

• Move the mouse slower than usual as you record

• (all of these)

24. Which of the following will increase the quality of your audio?


• Enable noise removal/reductoin

• Use a USB microphone

• Control the environmental noise around you as you record

• (all of these)

25. Camtasia is best known for which of the following?


• Screen capture

• Tilting and visual effects

• Facial animation

• Story boarding

26. To start a new video project on Camtasia you must do which of the following?


• Choose "New project" from the File menu

• Choose "Clear media/clip bin" from the File menu

• Choose "Produce special" from the File menu

• Choose "Scrub project" from the Edit menu

27. The SmartFocus feature will only work with what kind of files?


• Camtasia recording or .camrec files

• 3dmlw files

• CUE image files

• EGT Universal Document files

28. Which of the following video hosting services can Camtasia send videos directly to?


• Funshion


• CalTrop

• YouTube

29. True or False? Camtasia has features specifically intended to help add captions to your video.


• True

• False

30. To move a file from the media/clip bin to the timeline requires that you do what?


• Copy and paste the file to the canvas

• Map the file to a time marker then press Enter

• Drag the file from the media/clip bin to the timeline

• Highlight the file and press SHIFT + I

31. True or False? Due to its copyright terms, Camtasia will not allow a watermark to appear on videos produced by Camtasia.


• False

• True

32. On the timeline, if you position your cursor at one end or another of any given clip, what will appear?


• The visual properties menu of the clip

• A tool for adjusting the clip's position on the canvas

• An effects menu for the clip

• A double-sided arrow with which you can crop the clip

33. How is the timeline organized?


• Into vertical "Layers" of effects and callouts

• Into vertically layered "Phases" of the video

• Into horizontally layered "Tracks" of media

• Into "Clusters" of media that can be manipulated vertically or horizontally

34. What will you find to the immediate left and right of the play button just below the canvas?


• Sliders used to adjust the canvas size

• The Effects menu and the Timeline menu

• Arrows for moving forward or backward in the video

• A button to refresh the video and a button to stop it

35. If you want to change the position of a shape or textbox that appears in your video you can manipulate its position by clicking and dragging the shape or textbox in which part of the editor?


• The canvas

• (none of these)

• The media/clip bin

• The timeline

36. What is the best way to ensure that a cursor click effect will occur at the exact time that the click was executed during screen capture?


• Check the "click tracker" option in the screen recording menu

• Make a personal note of when each click was made during the recording

• They automatically show up whenever a click was made during the recording

• Use the click tabs on the timeline above the screen record clip

37. How do you place a transition between two video clips?


• By selecting "Transitions" on the playhead menu

• By highlighting both clips, right clicking and selecting "Transitions"

• By dragging the transition to the timeline and placing it between the two clips

• By right clicking the first clip, choosing "Properties" and then selecting "Transitions"

38. Which of the following is not a preset screen-recording dimension?


• 1024 x 768

• 954 x 820

• 640 x 480

• 1280 x 720

39. "Locking" a track will ensure that it cannot be changed or effected accidentally. Where is the padlock button that "locks" a track located?


• on the far right side of the timeline

• above the track

• beneath the track

• on the far left side of the timeline

40. In the Camtasia interface, where is the media bin located relative to the timeline?


• On the left in the space above the timeline

• To the left of the timeline

• On the right in the space above the timeline

• To the right of the timeline

41. You can scrub, i.e. preview your video quickly forward or backward, by doing what?


• By pressing the F key (for forward), or the B key (for back)

• By holding down the mouse button on either side of the canvas

• By pressing CTRL/CMD + right arrow or left arrow

• By grabbing the playhead and moving it up or down the timeline

42. How might you delete one section in the middle of a media clip?


• By cutting the section in the media bin

• By right-clicking the media clip, selecting "Delineate section," then pressing Delete

• By using the playhead to highlight that section, then pressing Delete

• By dragging the clip onto the canvas then selecting the section you want to delete

43. True or False? If you want your final video to be a certain size you must make all of your recordings at that exact size.


• True

• False

44. You can select all of the clips on a particular track of the timeline by doing what?


• Pressing the light bulb icon on the far-left track-head

• Right-clicking on the track and select "Select all on track"

• Pressing the star icon on the far-right track head

• Double-clicking on the canvas when a media clip from the track appears

45. How would you rotate a picture on the canvas?


• By manipulating the Y axis in the clips "Position" menu

• By manipulating the X axis in the clips "Position" menu

• By dragging the small circle that appears to the right of the center of the canvas

• By right-clicking the picture on the timeline and choosing "Rotate image"

46. True or False? Animations can only be added to annotations/callouts without text.


• True

• False

47. True or False? On the timeline, annotations/callouts must appear on the same track as the clip they go with or they will not appear.


• False

• True

48. Camtasia Studio is fully integreated with which of the following digital audio workstations (DAW)?


• Adobe Audition

• SAWStudio

• (None of these)

• Orion Platinum

49. What determines the layering of annotations/callouts and clips on the canvas?


• Item on the timeline are layered on the canvas according to when they were imported

• Items at the on the top layer of the timeline will appear at the front of the video playback on the canvas

• Items at the on the bottom layer of the timeline will appear at the front of the video playback on the canvas

• Items on the timeline are layered on the canvas by number

50. SmartFocus serves which of the following functions?


• Adds subtle emphasis to "hotspots" on the screen

• Generates interactive content such as quizzes and table of contents

• Zooms and pans during screen capture videos

• Automatically adjusts and enhances colors and images

51. Which of the following are options for improving the quality of your audio?


• Auto-mix and sound-add

• ClariFy and CodiFy

• Clicking reduction and clipping reduction

• IE extraction and adaptive audio data

52. The play pause button for the video you are editing appears below which of the following?


• The timeline

• The canvas

• The media/clip bin

• (none of these)

53. Right-clicking inside the media/clip bin will take to which of the following options?


• Resize canvas

• Enable titles

• Sort by... (size, type, etc.)

• Import media

54. Your video can be cropped on which of the following parts of the editor?


• The media/clip bin

• The canvas

• (none of these)

• The timeline

55. True or False? If you want to customize zooms and pans in your video, you must first apply Smartfocus and then manipulate the zooms and pans manually.


• True

• False

56. Annotations/callouts include all but which of the following?


• Shapes with text

• Highlighter

• Blur

• Clip art

57. The playhead located just above the timeline and the vertical line that extends below it are used to mark what?


• Which zoom and/or pan will occur next in the video

• The frame that is currently displayed in the canvas

• Videos that are "grouped"

• The clip that is selected

58. What is the easiest way to ensure that the quality of your video's picture is not compromised when scaling with zoom?


• Record at full-screen but edit at the exact size you'll share.

• Disable SmartFocus.

• Input a higher pixel count in the clip's visual properties menu.

• Use Camtasia's auto-scaling feature.

59. True or False? The sensitivity of audio improvement features such as "noise removal" can be adjusted by using a slide bar.


• False

• True

60. What is the first step in exporting your video?


• Setting the dimensions of your video in the media/clip bin

• Clicking the "Export" menu just below the canvas

• Mixing all your media clips on the timeline menu

• Clicking the drop-down "Share" menu tab

61. The option to create a table of contents is available when publishing to which of the following video hosting websites?


• Liveleak

• Funshion

• (all of these)

• Screencast

62. The animation, zoom, and pan that effects a track is represented by what shape on that track?


• A circle

• An arrow

• A check mark

• A star

63. For a screen-capture clip, where can you see  each instance in which the mouse was left or right-clicked during that clip?


• In the canvas

• In the media/clip bin

• At the top of the timeline

• On a bar just below that clip

64. On the canvas, the gridlines that help you reposition your video into different quadrants are what color?


• Yellow

• Red

• Green

• Blue

65. Which of the following is not an effect that can be added to the cursor in a screen capture video?


• Highlight the cursor

• Change cursor shape

• Magnify the cursor

• Left-click effect

66. If you wanted to create a table of contents for the viewers of your video, which tool would you use?


• Metacaptions

• SmartFocus

• Markers

• Text callout

67. True or False? In order to create a transition between two clips those two clips must be on the same track of the timeline.


• True

• False

68. Effects that can be added to audio, video, cursors, etc. can be found where?


• In the "Effects" menu of the timeline

• In the window that appears after clicking "FX drawer"

• At the far-left head of each track

• In the same space as the media/clip bin

69. One way to ensure that your veiwer will see the cursor on your screen capture videos is to use which of the following features of Cursor Effects?


• Make the cursor flash different colors

• Enlarge the cursor's size

• Enable cursor binding

• Use cursor tracing

70. What is the name of the Techsmith mobile device app that allows you to send videos and images from your mobile device to Camtasia?


• Merge

• Flux

• Fuse

• Link

71. You can change the canvas zoom with a drop down menu or by doing what?


• Selecting "Zoom features" from the timeline menu.

• Going into the canvas menu and manually entering the zoom percentage.

• Moving your cursor over the canvas and scrolling up or down with your mouse.

• Right clicking the canvas and selecting "Canvas properties."

72. To reposition the time that a zoom begins in a video you must do which of the following?


• Change the initial and terminal zoom points on the canvas time marker

• Drag the zoom position slider left or right in the Zoom-n-Pan menu

• Drag the zoom position slider left or right in the clip's Visual Properties menu

• Click and drag the animation arrow on the timeline

73. Which of the following steps might you take to remove or delete a track on the timeline?


• Select the track, right-click the playhead and then select "Remove/Delete track"

• Right-click the far left track head and select "Remove/Delete track"

• Tracks cannot be deleted, only media on the tracks can

• Click the light bulb icon on the track head then select "Remove/Delete track" in the drop-down Edit menu

74. Where would you change the length of the tail of an animated arrow that you had placed in your video?


• In the media/clip bin

• On the canvas

• On the timeline

• (none of these)

75. What are the two different types of markers you can create?


• Time markers and Position markers

• Quick markers and Universal markers

• Global markers and Media-based markers

• Colored markers and Monochrome markers

76. A green screen (or chroma key) effect can be achieved in Camtasia using which of the following options?


• Remove a Color

• SuperimPosition

• Clip Stacking

• Visual Effects Generator

77. What does the slider on the timeline control?


• The height or zoom of the tracks

• The number of tracks on the timeline

• The color of the tracks

• The timing of zooms on the track that is highlighted

78. Sending images from your mobile device directly to Camtasia requires you to take which of the following steps?


• Scan a QR code

• Sync your mobile device's email account(s) and contacts to Fuse

• Create a common hypertext transfer protocol

• Email the images to your Camtasia account

79. Preset zooms for the canvas include all but which of the following percentages?


• 50%

• 200%

• 300%

• 10%

80. The screen-recording pause menu allows you to do which of the following?


• Resize the recording

• (none of these)

• Alter the layering of the recording

• Delete the recording