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Test answers for Adobe InDesign 2020

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383 Answered Test Questions:

1. Can you create different page sizes in one InDesign document?


• No

• Yes, in the Preferences panel

• Yes, in the Pages menu.

• Yes, under Document Setup

2. Which item does not appear under the Window-Editorial menu?


• Notes

• Track Changes

• Extensions

• Assignments

3. What can you use In Design for?


• Create magazine layouts

• All of these

• Create newsletters

• Create chapter books

4. What is the keyboard shortcut to switch between Normal View and Preview Mode?


• Shift W

• Ctrl W

• W

• Alt W

• Cmd W

5. What is an .idml file for?


• Saving a pantone color swatch palette.

• Saving a file for older versions of InDesign.

• Saving a mark-up file for proofing.

• Saving a preflight profile.

6. What are smart guides?


• Lines used to help line up objects

• Grids in the background

• Borders around a page

• None of these

7. Which of the following is/are true about Unconditional and Conditional Text?


• Unconditional text is always visible.

• All of the answers are true.

• Conditional text lets you store two or more versions of text within one document.

• All text is unconditional until selected and changed.

8. Which of these techniques will remove all effects from an object?


• All of these

• select Clear Effects in the Effects panel menu

• select Clear Effects in the Object > Effects menu

• open the Effects dialog box and unselect all of the check marks

• click on the Clear Effects button in the Effects panel

9. How does InDesign CS5 integrate with other Adobe products?


• InDesign integrates only with Photoshop

• It shares a common user interface and logic

• InDesign shares a common user interface, but nothing else

• It doesn't

10. When trouble-shooting text, it's helpful to be able to "see" where paragraph returns, tabs etc. have been placed. How do you make these characters visible in InDesign?


• View>Overprint Preview

• Type>Character Styles

• Type>Show Hidden Characters

• View>Screen Mode>Slugs

11. Color system manufacturer, Pantone, creates standardized colors for communicating color information across applications and processes. In InDesign, collections of these standardized colors are called color __________.


• Libraries

• Indexes

• Families

• Harmonies

12. What is a Paragraph Composer?


• Evaluates only one line to determine the best possible line breaks

• Evaluates a font for printing

• Evaluates multiple lines to determine the best possible line breaks

• Evaluates the objects used in the layout

13. InDesign's MiniBridge is used to...


• thread text among frames

• draw frames that span multiple columns

• adjust column widths

• access images on your hard drive

14. In which pallette can kerning be adjusted?


• none of these

• color pallette

• font pallette

• character pallette

15. How many layers can you have in InDesign?


• 25

• Depends how much RAM is available

• 10

• 35

16. When using the pencil tool, drawing a line, what is at each end of the line?


• Anchor points

• dots

• two stars

• bullets

17. When creating a book which of the following file extensions is used?


• .indb

• .fla

• .ai

• .eps

18. What is the definition of a font?


• none of these

• a complete character set of particular type design

• characters that are only vowels

• characters that are consonants

19. Which of the following appears in the color control palette when type is selected?


• font size

• font name

• leading

• all of these

20. Types of hyperlinks you can create within InDesign include


• A page destination within the same document

• A link to another PDF document

• All of these

• Bookmarks

21. Newer versions of InDesign offer the ability to build interactive layouts including the addition of...


• buttons and hyperlinks

• page transitions

• All of these

• video and sound files

22. Which of the following file formats are used for importing graphics?


• all of these

• .ai

• .eps

• .tif

23. What is the name of the temporary storage area for text and graphics?


• desktop

• clipboard

• text box

• graphics box

24. Can you apply "opacity" to objects in InDesign?


• No, the feature is not available.

• Yes, opacity is available

25. InDesign easily integrates with:


• Illustrator

• Flash

• Photoshop

• All of these

26. What is the keyboard shortcut to create a new document on a MAC?


• option + M

• command + N

• command + D

• shift + F3 + M

27. Which of the following are ways in which you can adjust the InDesign Tool panel?


• Make it one or two columns wide

• All of these

• Make it vertical or horizontal

• Show or hide it through the Window menu

28. Process colors use 4 standard inks, what are they?


• Just Black and Tints

• Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black

• Cyan Magenta, Green and Black

• Cyan, Magenta, Tan and Black

29. What feature allows you to place the same design element on every page in your document?


• Persistent Art Palette

• Frame Background

• Figure Pages

• Master Pages

30. What file formats can be exported from indesign?


• jpg

• interactive pdf

• eps

• All of these

• print pdf

31. When saving a document, which extension does the document save as?


• .doc

• .indd

• .jpg

• .in

32. InDesign supports which of the following file formats?


• EPS and PDF


• All of these

• .ai and .psd

33. Basic shapes that may be drawn in InDesign include:


• Rectangles and squares

• Polygons including stars

• Ellipses and circles

• All of these

34. What is the first step in adding a border to a graphics frame?


• hand tool

• copy

• copy & paste

• Selection Tool

35. What are object libraries used for?


• To store and organize your books

• To store and organize all your fonts

• To store and organize graphics, texts and pages you frequently use

36. What does the term "bleed" in InDesign refer to?


• White type against a dark background

• Intermixing colors

• The opacity of graphics

• The use of a predominantly red color scheme

• An image which extends off the document page

37. What is the benefit of using a master page?


• There is no benefit

• Alerts you of any problems with printing

• Provides consistency throughout the layout

38. Which of the following must be included with an InDesign document when the document is sent to a printer?


• All of these

• Fonts

• Linked images

• Documents

39. How do you add a page in a layout?


• Layout>Pages>Add Page

• File>Open

• Layout>Pages

• none of these

40. Where can you apply a "Basic Feather" on a photo?


• Under Object, Fitting

• Under Format

• Under Object, Effects

• Under Object, Content

41. Of these, which are Facing Pages typically used for?


• Web page layout

• One page ads

• Book and magazine layout

• Letterhead layout

42. Which of the following is one way to insert a high resolution graphic into InDesign?


• Copy/Past the graphic

• File/Place the graphic

• You cannot use photos

• Frame tool

43. What does an object style allow you to do?


• Update formatting to graphics, text, and frames

• Speed up tedious production tasks

• All of these

• Update formatting attributes

44. Paragraph Styles:


• Format with a click

• All of these

• Make it easy and quick to change styles

• Ensure consistency

45. What is Preflight?


• Checks the colors used in the file

• Confirms all graphics used in a file are available for printing

• Confirms all fonts used in a file are available for printing

• All of these

46. To send an object to the back of a document, what tool would you use?


• Align

• Pathfinder

• Arrange

• Transform

47. InDesign is what type of application?


• digital painting

• layout

• photo manipulation

• word processor

48. InDesign provides a shortcut editor in which you can view and generate a list of all shortcuts, and edit or create your own shortcuts.


• True

• False

49. What do "Object Styles" do?


• Format Text

• Format Characters

• Format Page

• Format Graphics and Frames

50. A master page can be created from...


• An existing spread

• All of these

• Scratch

• An existing master page

• An existing page

51. What is a stroke?


• The point at which a gradient fill changes from one color to the next

• The technical name for color swatches

• The outline of a path, image or character

• The area around your document board

52. What does the term bleed mean?


• The color of overlapping images on your document

• The area between columns of text

• The space between paragraphs in text

• Text or art that extends beyond the trim page boundaries

53. What does CMYK stand for?


• Cyan Magenta Yellow Kryan

• Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

• Coral Magenta Yellow Kerning

• Cyan Maroon Yellow Black

54. The Application Bar includes:


• View options such as guides and rulers

• Screen mode options such as Normal and Preview

• All of these

• Zoom level

55. What three colors make up the visible light spectrum?






56. What is the space between two columns called?


• border

• column

• gutter

• edge

57. The display performance has which of the following options?


• high quality

• all of these

• fast

• typical

58. Which tool would be used to draw an oval?


• Magic Wand

• Rectangle tool

• All of these

• Ellipse tool

59. Which tool would you select to format text?


• Direct Select tool

• Pen tool

• Type tool

• Select tool

60. Page numbering can...


• start at the beginning of any new section

• be numerals, roman numerals, letters

• All of these

• include a prefix such as "Index"

61. What is another name for wide horizontal page orientation?


• vertical orientation

• horizontal orientaion

• landscape orientation

• portrait orientation

62. How do you wrap text around an graphic?


• Windows/type and tables/cell styles

• Create a text box above and below the graphic

• Object/content/text

• Window/Text Wrap. In the text wrap panel, select your wrap style

63. What does Landscape Orientation mean?


• A horizon line will automatically appear on each page

• The page width is greater than its height

• The page height is greater than its width

• The document should be used for web, not print layout

64. Where can you find master pages?


• file

• .indd file

• pages panel

• layers panel

65. How is text aligned when flush left is selected?


• None of these

• Aligns text with a half inch margin

• Text is black

• Aligns text to left margin

66. What is XML?


• Exisiting management layout

• Export more language

• Extensible Markup Language

• Export many layouts

67. Which of the following will make text to stand out from the background?


• stroke and fill

• glow

• shadow

• all of the listed answers

68. Which of the following can be imported directly into  InDesign?


• CSV data

• Text from Microsoft Word

• All of these


69. Why should you use the Package command?


• All of these

• For printing instructions

• Copies of fonts used within the document

• To send a copy of linked items and graphics

70. What key do you hold down while drawing a shape to draw a perfect circle or square?


• Shift + Option

• Cmd

• Shift

• F8

71. What is the definition of kerning?


• none of these

• space between two characters

• space between two sentences

• the space between two words

72. The Swatches panel in InDesign is used to...


• fill and stroke objects

• create tints

• All of these

• store colors

73. what is the basic method for selecting any object ?


• All of these

• pen tool

• Selection Tool

• text tool

74. What is the file extension of a raw InDesign file?


• .indd

• .id

• .idf

• None of the Above

75. Which tool do you use to place page numbers on each page of a master page?


• direct select

• select

• type tool

• pen

76. Graphics you place in your document may appear pixelated, fuzzy, or grainy. In most cases, it???s because


• The images are of poor quality.

• The images are old.

• Too many documents are open at once.

• InDesign displays images in low-resolution by default to improve performance.

77. How many master pages can you create in a single document?


• 50

• 0

• There is no limit

• 1

78. In typography, a __________ is a set of characters that share common design features.


• Serif font

• Typeface

• Fontface

• Sans-serif font

79. What does InDesign do as Desktop Publishing software?


• Converts the file text to images

• None of these

• Assembles text and graphics in a layout

• Saves the files as a jpeg

80. What does the term spread mean?


• A set of pages that the reader sees all at once

• A term for enlarging objects along a horizontal axis

• The chronological order that appears in text books

• The distance between objects in your document

81. If including a hyperlink in your document, which is the correct destination?



• self

• .indd file

• any fle

82. How do you view a layout in In Design at full-resolution?


• View/100%

• Adjust your monitor

• View/Display Performance/High Quality Display

• There is no option

83. What effect fades out images on a gradient?


• Feather

• Corner Effects

• Overprinting

• Compound paths

84. What is a nested style ideal for?


• Structured paragraphs

• Drop Caps

• All of these

• Creating run-in headings

85. In what window is the Ignore Text Wrap Option


• Type: Glyphs

• Object: Content

• Layout: Margins and Columns

• Object: Text Frame Option: Ignore Text Wrap

• View: Extras

86. To view all keyboard shortcuts, choose:


• Edit??> Keyboard Shortcuts

• Window > Workspace > Reset Essentials

• Window > Workspace > Show Full Menus

87. When adding a footnote to a document, which menu must you choose to insert the footnote?


• Type

• File>Insert Footnote

• Type>Insert Footnote

• File>Open

88. To enlarge an object in InDesign, select it and then use which tool?


• Grow

• Image Size

• Scale

• Zoom

89. What does RIP stand for?


• Raster Image Processor

• Real Image Processor

• Revert Image Process

• Rest In Piece

90. What do you need to do before an InDesign CS3 layout can be exported as XML?


• The sequence of the XML tags must be verified in the Structure pane

• All objects must be tagged

• Element tags must be created and loaded

• All of these

91. What is the definition of a drop cap?


• a black letter

• enlarged letter at the beginning of a story

• an spelling error at the beginning of a sentence

• none of these

92. Which key would you press to begin a new paragraph?


• F8

• Tab

• Shift

• Enter

93. How do you select a single word with the Type tool?


• Triple click anywhere in the word.

• Quintuple click anywhere in the word.

• Quadrupal click anywhere in the word.

• Double click anywhere in the word.

• Click anywhere in the word.

94. Can you export a table from another program for use in InDesign?


• Sometimes

• No

• Yes

• None of the Above

95. To line up the left side of multiple frames on a page, use...


• the Distribute panel

• the Pathfinder panel

• Object>Arrange

• the Align panel

96. A time saving way to change one word for another throughout an InDesign document is to use


• Object>Transform Again

• Edit>InCopy

• Type>Find Font

• Find/Change???

97. When working with "Transparency," what do you usually need to do to save or import?


• Re-draw the image

• Apply color to it

• Make the image smaller

• Flatten the image

98. What are process colors?


• colors made up of CMYK

• colors made up of RGB

• specially mixed inks

• transparent color swatches

99. To constrain the movement of an object in InDesign, select it with the Selection Tool and then hold down which key as you drag it?


• Command (Mac) or Control (Win)

• Shift

• Option (Mac) or Alt (Win)

• Function

100. What does the term Frame refer to in InDesign?


• The underlying grid used for alignment of items

• The boxes which hold text and images

• The workspace outside the printing area of a page

101. What type of tool is the rotate tool?


• none of these

• transform tool

• spin tool

• flip tool

102. What does the term layer mean?


• A layer is the digital equivalent of transparent sheets of film that are stacked on top of each other

• A layer is a preference that can be changed in InDesign

• A layer is the amount of color that is applied to an object located inside of your document

• A layer is the outside of an object that can be selected by holding down Shift while clicking

103. What is the "bleed" of a page?


• Parts of the page that are not there

• The red area on your page

• Parts of the page that are past the margins

• Parts of the art/text that extend past the page boundary and will be trimmed after printing

104. What does the bleed panel do?


• It lets you specify printer marks and size of bleed area.

• It lets you drip and smear paint to create marks.

• All of these

• It lets you specify the color and thickness of ink.

105. Before creating a table of contents you must:


• All of these

• Verify that all documents are listed in the correct order.

• Verify that the book list is complete.

• Verify that all headings have been formatted with the appropriate paragraph styles.

106. Which of the following is a reason that an image in InDesign may look low resolution/pixelated?


• The original image was too low in resolution

• The display performance is set to Fast or Typical

• All of these

• The link to the original image has been broken

107. True or False: If you want text to align to the spine on a spread, you have to change the alignment on every text box manually?


• True

• False

108. What item(s) can you specify when you synchronize documents in a book?


• Master Pages

• All of these

• Styles

• Trap Presets

• Variables

109. What are the eight handles surrounding a frame used for?


• to create a border

• to resize the frame

• to contain the text

• none of these

110. What do the terms child and parent mean when working with master pages?


• A child master page is based off of a parent page and will change based on the settings of the parent

• A child master page is a term used for the pages at the end of your document and parent is used for pages at the beginning

• A child master page is used for specifying text elements and parent is used for graphics only

• A child master page contains only elements used for children's books while the parent master contains all other information

111. Where is the Bring to Front command found?


• Object Menu

• text box

• none of these

• Color palette

112. When you are color separating artwork, what are you doing?


• Dividing your work into CMYK

• Colorizing your work

• Putting the work into layers

• Taking the color and putting it next to Black

113. Can you see guidelines if you are in preview mode?


• Yes

• No

• Sometimes

114. How do you keep your layout organized?


• Use frames

• Use table options

• Use multiple documents

• Use layers

115. Which file format can import semi- transparency into InDesign?






116. To save an InDesign file as a PDF, select


• File>Export

• Edit>Save as PDF

• File>Save As???

• File>Import

117. The preflight panel in InDesign


• Resides at the bottom of the document window

• All of these

• Is "live" in recent versions

• Alerts users to problems with text, color mode and resolution of placed graphics etc.

118. Can you stop the InDesign Welcome screen from opening when you start the program?


• Maybe.

• No.

• Yes.

119. A way to resize a graphic without risking distortion is to


• Hold down the shift key as you drag a corner outward

• Use the Direct Select Tool to drag a corner of a frame

• Use Object Fitting>Fit Content to Frame

• Use the Free Transform tool to drag a corner of the frame

120. What is the keystroke for Type tool on both Windows and MAC?


• Option + T

• T

• Shift + T

• P

121. What does the Single-line Composer do?


• Evaluates the fonts used

• Evaluates multiple lines to determine the best possible line breaks

• Evaluates the objects used in the layout

• Evaluates only one line to determine the best possible line breaks

122. When adding an image to a page you need to select from which drop down menu?


• Table

• Edit

• Layout

• File

123. Where would you go to adjust the vertical justification of text?


• Paths panel

• Pathfinder panel

• Text Frame Options

• Text Wrap panel

124. Which would a Master Page most likely be used for?


• To group together all the subsequent pages in a section of the document for organization and planning.

• To apply a logo and header information that appears on every page throughout the document.

• To mark the start of each major section of a document.

• To design the cover page to the document.

125. What are hidden characters?


• The hidden area of an image in a picture frame.

• Objects outside of the trim area.

• Layers whose visibility have been turned off.

• Non-printing symbols that represent spaces, returns, etc.

126. The color Paper in the Swatches panel is...


• not modifiable

• opaque white, by default

• 100% K

• transparent

127. How do you place an image into InDesign?


• Copy & Paste

• File>Place OR Cmd + D

• File>Import

• via Adobe Bridge

128. What happens when you single-click inside a paragraph using the Type tool?


• You select (highlight) an entire word that will be replaced when you type.

• You place an insertion point at that spot in the text.

• You select (highlight) an entire line of text that will be replaced when you type.

• You select (highlight) all of the paragraphs and text in the text box.

• You select (highlight) an entire paragraph of text that will be replaced when you type.

129. How do you move a chapter file in a book?


• You cannot move chapters, only pages

• Copy and paste to the desired area

• Use the selection tool

• Select Book panel and drag it up or down

130. What is the little round icon you see when you hover over an image?


• icon grabber

• Content Grabber

• hover thing

• donut

131. In order to prepare an InDesign document for commercial printing, which command can be used to collect all files in one folder?


• Package

• Collect for Output

• Export

• Wrap

132. When placing raster images from Photoshop into InDesign, which command retains all of the original data always?


• Insert > Photo

• Copy and Paste

• File > Place

• Any of these

133. In which palette can leading be adjusted?


• Character palette

• Color palette

• Font palette

• None of these

134. What is the definition of point of origin?


• the beginning of a sentence

• location on object from which a transform is executed

• beginning of a paragraph

• none of these

135. To create a soft return where text drops down to the next line without creating an new paragraph, do which of the following?


• Command + \ (Mac) or Control + \ (Win)

• Shift + Enter

• Command + Enter (Mac) or Control + Enter (Win)

• Option + Enter (Mac) or Alt + Enter (Win)

136. What does the term object mean?


• An object can only be a vector shape

• An object is anything independent of a page

• An object can only be a placed graphic

• An object can only be a text box

137. What do you call the invisible line on which letters without descenders rest?


• Bottom Line

• Text Line

• Baseline

• Flow Line

• Grid

138. Which of the following characteristics does not belong to web design?


• Pixel ratio

• Color saturation

• Spot varnish

• Hexadecimal color values

• RGB color mode

139. If you wish to make copies of an object on the page, you could use


• Edit>Copy and Edit>Paste

• The Step & Repeat dialog box

• Command + Option (Mac) or Control + Alt (Win), and drag

• All of these

140. What is the Mac keyboard shortcut for group?


• Cmd + G

• Shift + G

• G

• Option +G

141. What happens when you hold shift with the pen tool?


• lines are kept at 45 or 90 degrees

• lines are invisible

• none of these

• lines are dotted

142. Which of the following is true by default for images placed in InDesign?


• Any layers they contain are flattened

• They are linked to the document

• They are automatically embedded into the document

• They change to match the color mode of the document

143. Unless using the text tool, clicking tab will:


• Change to proofing mode

• Hide all panels

• Enlarge the screen

• Enable Overprint Preview

144. True or False:In recent versions of InDesign, you can place an InDesign document inside another one.


• True

• False

145. What's the difference between kerning and tracking?


• Kerning provides space above your paragraph and tracking provides space below the paragraph

• Kerning deals with serif fonts, tracking is used for sans serif

• Kerning adjusts the space between two characters and tracking adjusts the space between more than two characters

• Kerning adjusts the space between more than two characters and tracking adjusts the space between only two characters

146. To mask portions of an image imported from Photoshop:


• Select Object > Clipping Path or alpha channel

• Use only JPEGs which support transparency

• Image portions cannot be masked in InDesign

• Use the Eraser Tool on the background

147. Updates for InDesign can be found under which menu?


• Object

• Edit

• Window

• Help

148. In the program InDesign, what are the dimensions in inches for a document set at page size "Tabloid"?


• 11" x 14"

• 11" x 17"

• 8.5" x 11"

• 12" x 18"

149. Which key when clicked will hide all panels?


• shift

• tab

• space bar

• F5

150. To place a copied item from the clipboard to the same location as the original item that was copied choose


• Edit>Paste in Place

• Edit>Paste

• All of these

• Edit>Paste Into

151. To select a few scattered objects from a page with many objects...


• hold down the Option/Alt key as you click on desired objects

• use the keyboard shortcut: Command + A (Mac) or Control + A (Win)

• hold down the shift key as you click on the desired objects

• use the Direct Select Tool to marquee any portion of desired objects

152. How do you select an object in a group?


• Use the Selection tool

• Use the Scissors tool

• Use the Direct Selection tool

• Use the Pen tool

153. To access spot colors such as Pantone's Solids...


• convert any color to a Spot color with the Mini Bridge Tool

• select New Color Swatch... from the Swatches panel menu

• build it in the Color Panel with CMYK values

• use the Eyedropper tool and click on an imported graphic containing the color

154. What does the Master Text Frame option do?


• Adds a text frame to the Master Page

• Embeds all fonts used in your InDesign document for exporting

• Is used for wrapping text around images

• Adds placeholder text to a the selected text frame

155. What are Ruler Guides used for?


• align text with each other

• none of these

• as guides to place objects

• measure paper size

156. You may find additional special characters for each font in which panel?


• Editorial

• Extensions

• Glyphs

• Character

157. Which tool must you use to add a table to a text frame?


• Select

• Text

• Hand

• Magnify

158. What setting would you change to adjust the vertical space between lines of text?


• Leading

• Kerning

• Alignment

• Tracking

159. To temporarily hide the Tool bar and all panels click which key?


• Escape

• View

• F3

• Tab

160. Saving an InDesign file with the PDF preset of "Smallest File Size" is appropriate for which destination?


• All of these

• A high resolution offset press

• Printing proofs to an inkjet or laser printer

• On screen display

161. Can the contents of an individual page be altered if a Master Page is applied to it, without affecting all the other pages to which the master has been applied?


• Yes, by editing the original Master Page template.

• Yes, if "Override All Master Page Items" is selected from the page's context menu.

• No

• Not without copying and pasting the contents of the original Master Page template into that page.

162. How do you change the display measurements of your document?


• Preferences > Grid

• File Document Setup > Rulers and Increments

• Preferences > Guides and Pasteboard

• Preferences > Units and Increments

• File Document Setup > Guides and Pasteboard

163. When a graphic is selected, what color is the outline?


• red

• It is the color assigned to the layer it is on

• purple

• black

164. Which of the following lists correct sizes for letter, legal, and tabloid in inches?


• 8 x 10 / 8.5 x 14 / 11 x 17

• 8 x 11 / 8.5 x 14 / 12 x 18

• 8.5 x 11/ 8.5 x 14/ 11 x 17

• 8.5 x 11 / 8.5 x 15 / 11 x 17

• 8.5 x 11 / 8.5 x 14 / 12 x 18

165. Where would you go to apply a color to the outer edge (stroke) of an object?


• The Tool Bar

• The Swatches panel

• The Color panel

• All of these

166. How do you quickly access the hand tool?


• Option + S

• Cmd + S

• Shift +H

• Hit the spacebar

167. What is the keystroke for choosing the Hand tool on both Windows and MAC?


• H

• Option + H

• Shift + H

• T

168. Create Outlines command allows you to...


• create a thin border around a graphic element.

• stroke selected object.

• stroke selected text.

• convert text to a compound path.

169. The vertical space between lines is called:


• Height

• Tracking

• Kerning

• Leading

• Baselines

170. Which property of a frame cannot be manipulated using mathematical equations?


• Scale

• Opacity

• Rotation

• Width and height

171. Which of the following is not available as a page ordering option?


• Continue on next even page

• Continue from previous document

• Continue from previous library

• Continue on next odd page

172. How can you adjust the opacity of an object in InDesign?


• In the Effects panel

• In Photoshop or Illustrator before it is placed in InDesign

• In the Tint field of the Swatches panel

• On the Levels panel

173. How do you change the default unit measurements on rulers?


• Edit > Defaults > Units & Increments... and change the horizontal and vertical Ruler Units.

• Edit > Preferences > Units & Increments... and change the horizontal and vertical Ruler Units.

• Edit > Preferences > Defaults... and change the horizontal and vertical Ruler Units.

• View > Rulers > Units & Increments... and change the horizontal and vertical Ruler Units.

• Edit > Preferences > Organization... and change the horizontal and vertical Ruler Units.

174. By default, the thumbnails at the very top of the Pages panel represent...


• Layers higher up in the stacking order

• Document Pages

• Master Pages

• Layers lower down in the stacking order

175. What is the keyboard shortcut for the Zoom tool?


• o

• shift +z

• z

• shift+o

176. What method of inserting graphics into a document provides the highest level of support for resolution, file formats, multipage PDF /INDD files, and color?


• Edit > Paste

• File > Place

• File > Import

• None of these

• All of these

177. What is the keyboard shortcut to toggle between Normal and Preview screen modes?


• X

• N

• W

• P

178. If you use File>Place??? to import an Illustrator object into InDesign


• You won't be able to make future modifications to it and will have to delete and replace it with new versions

• You are risking file printing errors as Copy & Paste and Drag & Drop are not recommended between Illustrator and InDesign

• You'll need to make any future modifications of that object in Illustrator and use the Links panel to update the it in InDesign

• You may use InDesign to modify that Illustrator object

179. Keyboard Increments are part of . . .?


• Print Presets

• Preferences panel

• Document Presets

• Document Setup

180. Which of the following would you do to create a three page spread?


• Drag an additional master page to the right hand side of spread #1

• All of the listed answers.

• Uncheck "Allow Document Pages to Shuffle" and "Allow Selected Spread to Shuffle."

• Drag an additional master page to the left hand side of spread #2

181. InDesign shows no errors on preflight but all of your graphics appear as grey boxes with a black "X". What is the cause?


• The images are too high resolution for your video card.

• You have your display performance set to "fast display".

• You are importing a graphic that InDesign does not support.

182. To move an InDesign object very precisely, you can change its X and Y position values. Which of the following is true about this method?


• The X value represents the object's vertical distance from the upper left corner of the page

• You can change the X and Y values in either the Control panel or the Transform panel

• The default zero point of an InDesign page is its center

• A short cut to access the Transform panel is to double click the Free Transform Tool

183. In the new document dialogue box, what does the intent drop down menu give options for?


• Print or Web

• Web only

• Print only

• Print & Other Programs

184. Which of the following is NOT a Pantone Plus color library offered in InDesign CS6?


• Metallic Coated

• Solid Uncoated

• Solid Saturated

• Solid Coated

185. A spot color created for a spot varnish should be set to______in order to avoid  knocking out any element under the varnish.


• Graphic

• Nonprinting

• Overprint Fill

• Unassigned Content

186. Which of the following is a method for defining a style?


• Body

• Photo

• All of the listed answers

• Caption

187. What needs to be created in order to create a nested style?


• Nothing

• An object style

• A cell style and a paragraph style

• A character style and a paragraph style

188. An easy way to create a 45?? straight line in InDesign is by


• Holding the Option(Alt) tool as you drag with the Pencil Tool

• Press and drag with the Pen Tool

• Holding the Shift key while you drag with the Line Tool

• All of these

189. How could you select the content inside of a frame for a photo?


• Edit > Select text

• Hand Tool

• Selection Tool

• Direct Selection Tool

190. Why is CMS important between devices you are using?


• To Save the document properly

• To help maintain and regulate colors

• To keep your colors monochromatic

• So the work flows properly

191. By default, an InDesign document...


• contains a single layer

• has one layer for all text and one layer for all graphics

• merges all visible layers each time you close the document

• creates a new layer each time you paste or place an object

192. What is the quick key for "Preview" mode?


• K

• V

• W

• P

• M

193. Using the Gap Tool, you can adjust:


• Tracking in justified text

• The size of an image so that it completely fills its frame

• The space between kerned letter pairs

• Spaces among multiple rows and columns of frames

194. What is the definition of a ligature?


• Text that wraps around a graphic element

• A complete set of characters

• Two glyphs combined to create a single glyph

• None of these

195. How do you remove a single effect from an object?


• Select the effect in the Object panel and press Del + E

• Select the effect in the Object panel and press Clear Effect in the Objects > Effects menu.

• Select the object and open the Effects dialog box. Then unselect the checkmark next to the effect you want to remove.

• Select the effect in the Effects panel and press Clear Effect in the Effects panel menu

• Select the effect in the Effects panel and press the Clear Effect button in the Effects panel

196. What is the keyboard shortcut for the Rotate Tool?


• Alt + R

• Ctrl + E

• R

• Shift + R

• E

197. What value is leading typically measured as?


• pixels

• inches

• points

• picas

198. True or False: InDesign CS5 can use QuarkXpress and PageMaker keyboard shortcuts to make transition from these programs easier.


• False.

• True.

199. You should______ an image from a Photoshop file into an InDesign file.


• Copy and print

• Never drag and drop

• Always drag and drop

200. True or False: Spell Check is under the Edit menu?


• True

• False

201. When creating a new InDesign document, what do the "Intent" options include?


• Print or Web

• Bleed and Slug

• Landscape or Portrait

• Columns and Margins

202. When linking to a vector graphic, is it better to place an EPS or AI file in InDesign?


• Both work fine

• Neither, TIFFs


• AI

203. What is the the Adobe equivalent of Mail Merge?


• Data Import

• Mail Merge

• Spreadsheet Data Input

• Data Merge

204. How could you set a text frame to ignore the text wrap set on a nearby item?


• Check the Ignore text wrap box in Text Frame Options

• Change the stacking order of the two items

• Apply no text wrap to the frame

• Apply a greater text wrap value to the frame than the object

205. What are the shortcut keys to zoom in and out of a document?


• Cmd (Ctrl) + and Cmd (Ctrl) -

• Cmd (Ctrl) + and Shift -

• Shift + and Cmd (Ctrl) -

• Shift + and Shift -

206. What types of fonts are automatically included when using the Package command?


• All fonts used in the document

• Only OpenType

• No fonts are included

• Only TrueType

207. To add a hyperlink to an interactive InDesign PDF, you must


• Add Start and Stop controllers

• Select Up and Down states

• Designate a Source and a Destination

• All of these

208. What does a Round Join do?


• Creates rounded corners that extend 1/2 the stroke width beyond the endpoints.

• None of these

• Creates squared corners that abut the endpoints.

• Creates pointed corners that extend beyond the endpoint when the miter???s length is within the miter limit.

209. What panel allows you to modify the horizontal scale on a block of text?


• style

• pages

• character

• info

210. When you drag a swatch to the trashcan icon, what happens?


• InDesign replaces the color with Black.

• InDesign replaces the color with Paper.

• InDesign asks what swatch you'd like to replace the deleted swatch.

• InDesign replaces the color with None.

211. How do you ignore the text wrap when placing an image in a table.


• Create new panel layer

• Select Table???Text Frame Options??? Ignore Text Wrap

• Select Align Options

• Select Options??? Text Wrap??? Select no text wrap option

212. Automatic page numbering is:


• All of these

• Found under Type > Insert Special Character

• Should never be be added on the Master Pages

• Will not update if you add, delete or rearrange pages in your document

213. What typographic unit is half the width of an em?


• Cicero

• En

• Pica

• Pixel

• Point

214. When does an overset cell occur?


• When using the text tool

• When the cell dimensions are to big for the content

• When the cell dimensions are too small for the content

• When the cell is broken

215. What is the keyboard shortcut to center a picture in a frame?


• Cmd + E

• Cmd + Shift + E

• E

• Shift + E

216. How can you use the Paste Board?


• To print a copy of all used items

• Store copied items

• To toggle an area of your document pasteable

• Store items you aren't using

217. Where can you access InDesign's panels such as Swatches and Links?


• The Tool Bar

• Minibridge

• The Window menu

• Dashboard

218. What do InDesign's default web settings include?


• Color mode in CMYK

• Work space set to interactive

• Page sizes in Picas

• Page sizes in pixels

219. How do you change the display to highest quality?


• View->Screen Mode->High Quality Display

• Window->Display->High Quality Display

• View->Display Performance-> High Quality Display

• View->Display Mode->High Quality Display

• File->Display Performance-> High Quality Display

220. ICC Color profiles can be set for InDesign using:


• Bridge

• Photoshop

• InDesign's preferences

• All of the listed answers

221. ____ will cause InDesign's preflight to flag as a notification that there is a problem with the file.


• The use of True Type fonts

• The use of an incorrect color model

• Lack of bleeds

• Incorrect page margins

222. Which of the following is one way to create guides in InDesign?


• Layout/Ruler Guides

• Layout/Create Guides

• You cannot create guides

• Draw lines

223. What is the term for the area outside the boundaries of a document?


• pasteboard

• white space

• none of these

• clipboard

224. The Step and Repeat command can be used to:


• Automatically reapply Paragraph Styles when updating linked text files

• Instantly create rows or columns of evenly spaced duplicate objects

• Load TOC Styles??from other documents to build new tables of contents with the same settings and formatting

• Repeat scripted actions across multiple documents

225. InDesign's Character Styles are designed to be used to...


• format small chunks of text such as words and phrases.

• write or import CSS.

• format entire paragraphs of text.

• add effects such as drop shadows to objects .

226. Shearing an object in InDesign does which of the following?


• Removes fuzzy, pixelated edges of imported photos

• Crops it by using a clipping mask

• Crops it by using a smaller frame

• Slants it along its horizontal axis

227. What is the shortcut for automatic numbering of the pages?


• Alt+Shift+N

• Alt+N

• Ctrl+Alt+Shift+N

• Ctrl+Shift+N

• Ctrl+N

228. A .idlk file is:


• an alternative format that you can open in multiple Adobe programs.

• the largest possible file size.

• generated when an InDesign file is opened.

229. InDesign tables...


• cannot be built in InDesign but may be imported from Excel

• are inserted in a rectangular graphic frame

• are inserted in a text frame

• are stand alone objects without a frame

230. What is the keyboard shortcut for show and hide rulers?


• R

• Option / Alt + R

• Shift + R

• Ctrl / Cmd + R

231. Drop shadows can be applied to objects by selecting which of the following


• The Fx Button in the Control panel

• Drop Shadow... from the Objects > Effects menu

• All of these

• The Fx button in the Effects panel

• Pressing Alt + Ctrl + M

232. How do you set an insertion point in a paragraph of text?


• Triple-click with the Type tool where you want the insertion point to be.

• Quintuple-click with the Type tool where you want the insertion point to be.

• Double-click with the Type tool where you want the insertion point to be.

• Quadruple-click with the Type tool where you want the insertion point to be.

• Click once with the Type tool where you want the point to be.

233. When imposing a document for booklet printing, the creep value...


• None of these

• can leave the centerfold unadjusted, but move the pages on the outer sheets away from the spine

• is calculated by subtracting 1 from the total number of sheets

• is proportionally locked to sheet size

234. The Links panel:


• Offers a list of online resources

• Provides image meta-data

• Adds hyperlinks to the document

• Flows text among multiple frames

235. What does the term slug refer to?


• Extra area outside of your document, usually on the bottom, that contains information about your document

• The space between columns of text in your document

• The area inside of an object that is currently selected in your document

• The outside margin of your document that allows for graphics to be printed all the way to the edge

236. Usually a spot color cannot be deleted because. . .


• spot colors cannot be deleted once created.

• a placed image contains the spot color.

• a replacement spot color has not been chosen.

237. What is the short cut key to create outlines?


• Alt + Control (Command) + O

• Control (Command) + O

• Shift + O

• O

• Shift + Control (Command) + O

238. What will be produced when clicking in two different locations with the Pen tool?


• Two Anchor Points

• A Path Segment

• A straight line (if shift is held)

• All of these

239. When you print your document, there seems to be a white box around items that have drop shadows around them, but only where the box intersects with text. What is going on?


• The color space of your drop shadow does not match that of your text.

• You forgot to save your document as a PDF version 5.0 or higher so that it preserves the live transparency and layers when printing to a non-postscript printer.

• Overprinting or Simulate Overprinting has not been turned on.

• All of these could be causing this issue.

240. The Convert Direction Point Tool is useful for:


• Reversing the direction of text flow from right to left

• Converting corner anchor points to smooth anchor points on a B??zier Curve

• Changing the style of the Direct Select Tool from the default to a custom cursor

• Swapping the tip and end points of an arrow

241. What is the keyboard shortcut to bring an object to front?


• Shift + Command (control) + [

• Shift + Command (Control) + ]

• Command (Control) + [

• Shift + ]

• [

242. How can you "reach through" objects to select items lower in the stacking order?


• Change the view to outline mode

• You can't reach through objects. You must move them aside.

• Use the Direct Select Tool

• Command/Control click the top object several times

243. ______ are gray and colored squares used for measuring ink density.


• Registration Marks

• Bleed Marks

• Crop Marks

• Color Bars

244. In which window do you check the ink limit of your document?


• Separations Preview

• Flattener Preview

• Object Styles

• Attributes

• Trap Presets

245. Which keyboard shortcut will allow you to proportionally enlarge/reduce an image frame and its content by dragging one of its corners?


• Alt + Opt

• Shift + Cmd / Ctrl

• Shift + Alt

• Cmd / Ctrl + E

246. What is the shortcut key for 'Rotate'?


• R

• Option + R

• Cmd + R

• Shift + R

• Shift + Option + R

247. When printing, what ink mixture produces the best results for a rich black


• (cmyk) 100 100 100 100

• (rgb) 0 0 0

• (cmyk) 60 40 40 100

• (cmyk) 0 0 0 100

248. What is the Slug area


• An area that get added to a document and printed. It is usually cut off in final trim. Very useful for generating proofs with a printed sign off box among other things.

• the slug gives the printer a small amount of space to account for movement of the paper, and design inconsistencies. Artwork and background colors extend into the slug area. After trimming, the slug ensures that no unprinted edges occur in the final trimm

• The slug area and the bleed area are interchangeable

249. From which file format can you export styles to another document?


• .ascii

• .xml

• .indd

• .pdf

250. To create a single guideline that spans a two-page spread...


• choose: View>Create Guides

• click and drag from the top ruler on to either page

• Hold CMD / Ctrl and click and drag from the top ruler on to the pasteboard

• choose: View>Show Document Grid

251. Choose the  _____ feature as one way to determine transparency of a Photoshop file being placed on an InDesign page.


• Layer mask

• Filter effects

• Matte value

• Alpha channel

252. What is the keyboard equivalent for an EM space


• Comanc Shift N

• Command Option Shift M

• Command Option X

• Command Shift M

253. How do you add a panel to a group?


• Cmd + P

• Option + P

• Copy & paste

• Drag it

254. How do you create a hyperlink?


• Edit>Hyperlink

• none of these

• Type>Hyperlink

• Type>Hyperlink & Cross References>New Hyperlink

255. To view a tool's shortcuts and modifier keys:


• Go to Window > Utilities > Tool Hints, and then select a tool

• Shift-click the tool in the Toolbox

• Select the tool in the Toolbox, then click Help

256. Which of these commands is not available in the transform window?


• Move

• Rotate

• Shear

• Perspective

• Scale

257. To create your own interactive buttons in InDesign you must first...


• use the Object States panel to assign an action to the button

• All of these

• select the object you wish to use as a button and then Choose Object>Interactive>Convert to Button

• save the InDesign file as an .int

258. To properly add an image or graphic file in InDesign you should almost always...


• copy and paste

• link

• embed

• All of the answers are correct.

259. What does a Butt Cap do?


• None of these

• Extends a line past the beginning and ending anchor points radially by a radius equal to 1/2 the width of the line.

• Ends a line flush with the beginning and ending anchor points.

• Extends a line past the beginning and ending anchor points by a distance equal to 1/2 of the width of the line.

260. To resize an anchored object, which tool can be used?


• Direct Select Tool

• Hand tool

• Selection or Direct Selection Tool

261. How many colors are typically used to produce magazine photographs?


• 256

• none of these

• 4

• 8

262. What does a Round Cap do?


• None of these

• Extends a line past the beginning and ending anchor points by a distance equal to 1/2 of the width of the line.

• Ends a line flush with the beginning and ending anchor points.

• Extends a line past the beginning and ending anchor points radially by a radius equal to 1/2 the width of the line.

263. InDesign's search and replace tool includes what powerful feature?


• Automatic language translation

• GREP (global regular expression print)

• Regularization

• Automatic hyphen insertion

264. To replace a font with another font use...


• Find Font

• Character panel

• Change Case

• Find/Change

265. What does a Projecting Cap do?


• Extends a line that stops within 1/2 an inch before both the beginning and ending anchor points.

• None of these

• Extends a line past the beginning and ending anchor points by a distance equal to 1/2 of the width of the line.

• Ends a line flush with the beginning and ending anchor points.

266. Which of the following is/are true about locked objects?


• Locking an object prevents it from being accidently moved

• All of these

• You can still select and modify the color of locked objects

• To lock an object select it and then choose InDesign > Preferences > Lock Object

267. What does a Miter Join do?


• Creates rounded corners that extend 1/2 the stroke width beyond the endpoints.

• None of these

• Connects all endpoints in a closed loop (provided the resulting line will not overlap itself)

• Creates pointed corners that extend beyond the endpoint when the miter???s length is within the miter limit.

268. If your text is selected as a black swatch, but it's outputting in all four colors, what will fix it?


• It's not my problem, it's the printer/prepress people!

• A setting in the swatch flyout panel

• In Preferences, "Appearance of Black"

• Under Type, "Output Black"

269. How can you quickly select an entire paragraph of text in InDesign?


• Hold the shift key and click the first word in the paragraph

• Click the text in the paragraph four times with the Type Tool

• Command (Mac) or Ctrl (Win) click the paragraph

• Choose Edit > Select All

270. To apply an effect to text you must first...


• convert the text to a glyph.

• open the character style panel.

• select the text box with the direct selection arrow.

• select the text while holding the option key.

• create a character style.

271. Use the Tags panel to:


• Create, append, or clear metadata

• Map XML tags to frames in an InDesign template

• Organize commonly used Cell, Character, Object, Paragraph, and Table Styles

• Create short notes containing document-specific handling information

272. What hot key will temporarily change the Pen tool to the Convert Direction Point tool while drawing?


• Shift

• Ctrl

• Space bar

• Ctrl + C

• Alt/option

273. What does a nested style do?


• Creates a character style that uses symbols

• Creates a paragraph style based on a character style

• Applies certain formatting to specific areas of text

• Overrides the paragraph style options

274. How do you paste an object in place?


• ctrl(cmd) + shift + v

• ctrl(cmd) + F

• ctrl(cmd) + shift + alt(option) + v

275. What does the RGB colorspace create when the colors are mixed together in their maximum amounts?


• Gray

• White

• Purple

• Black

276. To create a custom baseline grid for a particular text frame


• Object> Text Frame options> Baseline options> Use custom baseline grid

• select text first, then click the align to baseline icon in the paragraph style panel while holding the option key

• View> Grids & Guides > customize

• Click the magnet icon in the control panel while the Type tool is selected.

• Preferences>Grids & Guides> baseline Grid> custom

277. What is listed in the Structure pane?


• All the tools available in InDesign

• All of the styles used in a layout

• All the page numbers

• All of the tagged objects used in a layout

278. Optical Margin Alignment controls_____.


• left or right justification of text boxes

• the document's alignment of objects close to the margins

• whether punctuation marks and edges of letters hang outside the text margins

• variations in margin width based on sheet number

279. True or False: InDesign is built on PageMaker.


• False

• True

280. The Structure pane displays, in hierarchical form, items in a document that have been marked with what?


• HTML tags

• None of these

• Meta tags

• XML tags

281. What is the keyboard shortcut for applying a bullet point?


• Alt / Opt + B

• Alt / Opt + 8

• Ctrl 8

• Alt / Opt + 1

• Alt / Opt + &

282. What's the shortcut to bold a font?


• opt + ctrl + B

• ctrl(cmd) + B

• ctrl(cmd) + F

• ctrl(cmd) + shift + B

283. Under which menu would you adjust the appearance of black?


• Object > Effects

• Object > Display Performance

• Edit > Color Settings

• Window > Color

• Edit > Preferences

284. Which function is used to keep lines of text together when flowing text on magazine columns?


• Paragraph Styles

• Keep Options

• Character Styles

• Justification

285. Which screen shows non printing marks?


• zoom 200%

• none of these

• preview screen view

• normal screen view

286. "Greeking" does what to text?


• Renders a representation of the text without showing the individual glyphs.

• Inserts the familiar "Lorem ipsum..." text for temporary use in layouts.

• There is no such feature.

• Converts the text to Greek letters.

• Underlines words on screen that might be hard for readers to understand.

287. The shortcut to hide an object on the page is?


• Ctrl / CMD + ;

• Ctrl / CMD + 3

• Alt + A

• Shift + 3

• Ctrl / CMD + Y

288. What is the shortcut for Text Frame Options?


• Cmd + F

• Cmd + B

• Alt + B

• Cmd + Ctrl + F

289. You want to save a group of 10 special characters from several different fonts that you frequently need to insert into your InDesign file. Which feature will accomplish this without an external file?


• Libraries

• Character Styles

• Find Fonts

• Conditional Text

• Glyphs

290. What is optical kerning based on ?


• based on horizontal spacing

• based on analysis of the shapes and letters

• based on vertical spacing

• based on font information

291. Which path type consists of a single open or closed path?


• Compound shapes

• Compound paths

• Simple paths

• Lines

• Objects

292. What is the default auto-leading amount?


• 100%

• Single Spacing

• Double Spacing

• 150%

• 120%

293. When exporting a print PDF you cannot:


• Flatten transparency

• Output "text as black"

• Use Slug area

• Create automatic Bleed marks

294. Are InDesign scripts compatible with existing PageMaker scripts?


• It depends on the computer

• Yes, as a PageMaker file

• No

295. To clear frame fitting options, you must:


• Choose View> Frame Options> Clear

• Choose Layout> Object> Release frame options

• Choose Object> Text frame options> Clear frame

• Choose Object> Fitting> Clear Frame Fitting Options

296. How do you select a line of text with the Type tool?


• Double click anywhere in the line.

• Click anywhere in the line.

• Triple click anywhere in the line.

• Quintuple click anywhere in the line.

• Quadruple click anywhere in the line.

297. What can be done with the InDesign Scissors Tool?


• All of these

• It cuts paths

• It slices through closed shapes

• It slices pages to prepare them for a web page

298. To change the typeface of text within the context of your document, select the text and then:


• Hold the option key and press the up or down arrow

• Either highlight in the control panel and press the up or down arrow, OR use the drop down menu in the Character panel.

• Use the drop down menu in the Character panel to change the typeface.

• Highlight the typeface name in the control panel and press the up or down arrow

• None of these

299. How do you select all of the text in a block of text?


• Click next to the text box.

• Double click anywhere in the text block.

• Triple click anywhere in the text block.

• Click anywhere in the text block.

• Quintuple click anywhere in the text block.

300. Column and margin guides:


• All of these

• May be changed in File>Document Set Up???

• Are non-printing, by default

• Are not modifiable once set in the New Document dialog box

301. A plus sign next to a paragraph style indicates that:


• The style is in use on multiple pages

• There is overset text

• The selected text was imported without its original formatting

• Local formatting has been applied

302. In order to retain transparency without flattening, a file should be saved as a:





• None of these

303. What keyboard shortcut allows you to magnify an area of an InDesign document?


• Scale Tool

• View > Magnify command

• Eyedropper Tool

• Command (Ctrl) + Space

304. Inserting a "Flush Space" will:


• Add a small indent in the current paragraph.

• Makes all spaces in the current paragraph fixed-width.

• Align the paragraph flush towards the document spine.

• Add a variable amount of space to the last line of a fully justified paragraph.

305. Where do you use a flush space?


• With special characters at the beginning of the paragraph

• With special characters at the end of the paragraph

• With special characters in the middle of the paragraph

306. What is the keyboard shortcut to clear all manual kerning and reset the tracking to 0?


• Alt+Ctrl+T

• Alt+Ctrl+M

• Shift+Ctrl+K

• Alt+Ctrl+Q

307. Which keyboard shortcut allows you to toggle between the Convert Direction Point tool and the Direct Selection tool?


• Space bar

• Alt

• Option

• Shift

• Ctrl or Command

308. What is the shortcut for the Gap Tool?


• P

• G

• U

• A

309. What is the "target" layer?


• The layer with the Pen icon in the layers panel

• The layer with the bullseye on it

• The workspace

• A layer that has not yet been created

310. If you Copy & Paste or Drag & Drop an Illustrator object into an InDesign file...


• you may use InDesign to modify that Illustrator object

• you will need to make any future modifications of that object in Illustrator and use the Links panel to update the it in InDesign

• you are risking file printing errors as Copy & Paste and Drag & Drop are not recommended between Illustrator and InDesign

• you will not be able to make future modifications to it and will have to delete and replace it with new versions

311. To add a movie or a sound file to an InDesign document select


• File>Import XML???

• Object>Interactive>Media Options???

• Insert>Media

• File>Place

312. Which of these is not a Corner Option?


• Rounded

• Inset

• Inverse Beveled

• Inverse Rounded

• Fancy

313. A CMYK print job requires a varnish only on a big red letter X of a particular page. How can this be accomplished?


• By assigning a spot color to the X.

• By copying the X, pasting it in place and assigning a spot color to it.

• Creating a new swatch called "varnish" and filling the X with it.

• By coping the X, pasting it in place and setting the blending mode to multiply.

• It cannot be done in InDesign.

314. Indesign CS4 is version __________ .


• 5.0

• 4.5

• 6.0

• 5.5

• 4.0

315. Which of the following tools CANNOT be used with the Perspective Grid tool?


• Flare Tool

• Polar Grid Tool

316. To modify the settings of a previously applied effect you must first do what in the Effects dialog box?


• Press the Fx button next to the effect name.

• Click on the name of the effect to activate its settings.

• Click on the checkbox next to the name fo the effect to activate its settings.

• Select Global Light so all effects will use the same light source.

317. Which of the following is one way to access and set Bleed and Slug Guides?


• More Options in the New Document dialog box

• View > Grids & Guides > Bleeds & Slug

• Enter a negative number in the Margins fields

• View > Screen Mode > Bleeds & Slug

318. What happens when the ruler is double clicked?


• Preferences window opens

• Nothing

• The ruler units change

• A guide is created at that point

• The zero point is set to where you click

319. Which is not a valid start or end for a stroke?


• Barbed

• Square

• TriangleTall

• Simple

• TriangleWide

320. Which of the following is not a valid text variable type?


• Chapter Name

• Running Header

• Custom Text

• Metadata Caption

• File Name

321. What happens by default to the bottom color when you place one ink color over another?


• Knock Out

• Spread

• Trap

• Choke

• Overprint

322. An object's stroke is measured in...


• Pixels

• Whichever unit is selected in Preferences/Units & Increments/ Other Units/Stroke.

• Points

• Millimeters

323. What is the short cut key to open the preflight panel?


• Alt + Shift + F

• Alt + Shift + Command + F

• Shift + Command + F

• Command + P

• Alt + Shift + Command + P

324. How do you increase size by 1% through the keyboard shortcut?


• Command +

• Command f8

• Command Option +

• Command -

325. How would you select all of the "cells" inside a table?


• Click your Type tool in the table and press Command-A (Mac) or Ctrl+A (Windows).

• Hold down the Option (Mac OS) or Alt (Windows) key and click on a table cell edge with the Direct Selection tool.

• Click the Type tool on the upper-left corner of the table.

• Use Direction tool and draw a box around entire table to select it.

• Click the Type tool on the upper-right corner of the table.

326. What Page Size should you set for print documents?


• Final trim size of paper

• Number of pages in the document

• Page size plus bleed and slug allowance

• Page size plus bleed allowance

327. Which keyboard shortcut is for temporary selection of the Hand Tool?


• Alt

• Spacebar

• Alt + Spacebar

• All of the Above

328. A table cell CANNOT contain:


• Anchored objects

• Linked graphics

• Threaded text

• Another table

329. Which option below is not allowed by the separations preview?


• Overprint Adjustments

• Total Ink Limits

• Show Single Plates In Black

• Desaturate Black

• Individual Color Views

330. Quickest way to edit an image from InDesign:


• Click Shift > on image, click Left > Adobe Photoshop

• Click Control > on image, click Right > Adobe Photoshop

331. Which function can the Color palette perform that the Swatches palette cannot?


• Mix a tint of a spot color

• Load a color set

• Create a spot color

• Create a Mixed Ink

332. How many pages can you create in a single document?


• 100,000

• There is no limit

• 9,999

• 99,999

333. What is the shortcut for the Line Tool?


• /

• -

• L

• \

334. What is the keyboard shortcut to switch between open documents?


• O

• Shift + ~

• Option + O

• Cmd + ~

335. When exporting a layout that contains movies or sounds as a PDF, what is the oldest version that you choose?


• Acrobat 6 (PDF 1.5)

• Acrobat 4 (PDF 1.3)

• Acrobat 3 (PDF 1.2)

• Acrobat 5 (PDF 1.4)

336. What may the Fit Content to Frame option do?


• Crop the content

• All of these

• Distort the content

• Change the frame size

337. The  InDesign Control Panel:


• Shows what document page you are viewing

• Is where you access the preflight menu

• Contains all of InDesign's tools

• Is contextual

338. To apply an effect you must select...


• the desired effect from the Effects drop down list in the Control panel

• Ctrl + E

• the checkbox next to the Apply Effect option in the Effects panel

• the desired effect from the Edit > Effects menu

• the checkbox next to the desired effect in the Effects dialog box

339. The process of adjusting the amount of space between a group of letters to affect density in a line or block of text is called:


• Tracking

• Sliding

• Blocking

• Leading

• Kerning

340. Where is the 'Text Wrap' window found?


• Object > Pathfinder > Text Wrap

• Type > Type on a Path > Text Wrap

• Object > Type Frame Options > Text Wrap

• Type > Text Wrap

• Window > Text Wrap

341. The keyboard shortcut used to open the Go To Page dialog box is...


• Command+P (Mac) or Control+P (Win)

• Command+G (Mac) or Control+G (Win)

• Command+2P (Mac) or Control+2P (Win)

• Command+J (Mac) or Control+J (Win)

342. The Color panel in InDesign is used to do which of the following?


• Build gradients

• All of these

• Mix new colors

• Store colors to use again later

343. When using GREP search, the (?s) switch:


• Performs a reverse search.

• Turns on "Single line mode".

• Ignores all whitespace.

• Finds the shortest match for the expression.

344. You have imported several Illustrator documents that have spot colors into your InDesign  document. You want to export a PDF document that contains CMYK colors only. How can you convert these colors without changing the original files in Illustrator?


• Choose Convert to Destination from the Color Conversion pop-up menu in the Export Adobe

• Choose Ink Manager from the Swatches panel menu.

• Choose Edit > Color Settings.

• Edit the definitions of the spot color swatches in the Swatches panel.

345. When you import a Photoshop file into InDesign


• The Photoshop layers will be automatically flattened

• Clipping paths will not be available

• You can control the visibility of layers and layer comps

• All of these

346. Which of the following is not a path effect?


• Skew

• Rainbow

• Cross

• Gravity

• Stair Step

347. What is the keyboard shortcut on a MAC for switching between color modes?


• alt-click color bar

• shift-drag slider

• option-click color bar

• Shift - click color bar

348. Where in the menu can you set the document to RGB?


• File > Document Setup

• View > Display Performance

• Edit > Transparency Blend Space

• Edit > Preferences

349. A color will automatically add itself to the swatches palette when it is...


• a color chosen with the eyedropper from the Color palette.

• a tiff file that uses color and is placed on a page.

• a converted process color into a spot in the Ink Manager.

• a style that requires color.

350. What Key Command Launches InDesign help?


• F1

• F12

• Cmnd + H

• Cmnd + Shift + ?

351. What is the keyboard shortcut for adding effects?


• Ctrl/Command + Alt + E

• Ctrl/Command + Shift + M

• Shift + Alt + E

• Ctrl/Command + Alt + M

• Ctrl/Command + M

352. The panel used to create complex shapes in InDesign is:


• The Pathfinder panel

• Shapes panel

• Polygon panel

• Transform panel

353. Text can be converted to outlines through:


• Selecting the text and clicking Type > Create Outlines

• Defining a Transparency Flattener Preset and exporting to PDF using that preset.

• Selecting the text and clicking Cmd-Shift-O

• All of the answers are correct.

354. How do you break connected (flowed) text boxes?


• type > 'splitstory' with text boxes selected

• window > type > 'break story' with text boxes selected

• highlight text boxes and cmd + click arrow

• window > utilities > scripts > application > javascript > run 'splitstory' with text boxes selected

355. What does the Convert Direction Point tool do?


• Selects an anchor point so you can edit it

• Adds handles to an anchor point

• Sets the insertion point of a text path

• Changes the direction of path

356. An em is a unit of measurement equal to:


• Twice the currently specified point size

• None of these

• The point size, with a 1px border added to top and bottom

• The currently specified point size

• Half of the currently specified point size

357. Word and letter spacing can be customized in what panel?


• It is automatically set up by setting the kerning to optical.

• Character Styles panel.

• Justification panel.

• Object Styles panel.

• Pharagraph Styles panel.

358. When editing text in indesign, the keyboard shortcut Command-Y does what to the table?


• Highlights all text in the table

• Creates a new screen to edit and view the text in

• Creates indents in each paragraph

• Copies the highlighted text

• Highlights spelling errors

359. What is the keyboard shortcut for the Free Transform Tool?


• F

• Ctrl (Cmd) + T

• Ctrl (Cmd) + E

• E

• T

360. What is the keyboard shortcut for the selection tool?


• V, or option

• Ctrl-V

• V, or Esc

• Command-Shift

361. What is metric kerning based on?


• font information

• vertical spacing information

• horizontal spacing information

• metric system

362. Which is a content option for a frame?


• Unassigned

• Locked

• Named

• Tagged

363. For GREP find/change, this function will find all occurrences of an uppercase or lowercase character, directly followed by a double quote. How do you add a period before the double quote? ([\l\u])"


• $\."

• \+\.\"

• $1."

• +."

• $1(.)"

364. How could you create a drop cap in InDesign so that it updates if the text is edited?


• Select the desired letters and then choose Type>Drop Cap make???

• Create a separate text box for the drop cap and embed it in the paragraph

• Select and enlarge the font size of the first letter in a paragraph

• Enter a value for number of lines in the Drop Cap field on the Control Panel

365. Which of the following interactive functions will export to Flash but not interactive PDF?


• Go To Page

• Go To Next View

• Go To Next Page

• View Zoom

366. If you clicked 'Don't show again' on the InDesign welcome screen, how can you bring it back?


• Preferences > General > Show Welcome Screen on Startup

• Preferences > Interface > Welcome Screen > Unclick Don't Show Again

• Preferences > Welcome Screen > Show Welcome Screen on Startup

• Help > Welcome Screen > Unclick 'Don't show again'

367. Cmd/Ctrl B is a keyboard shortcut for what?


• Send object to back

• Text Frame Options

• Swatch Panel

• Baseline Tool

368. When moving InDesign from one computer to another, it is important to first use:


• Workspace > Reset

• Help > Deactivate

• Application > Transport

• File > Export

369. What happens when you select both the Snap To Guides and the Snap To Document Grid commands?


• Neither grid nor guides take precedence.

• The grid takes precedence.

• The guides take precedence.

370. After enlarging a graphic in InDesign, you can click on its edge with which tool to check its X and Y percentage values?


• Measure Tool

• Free Transform Tool

• Selection Tool

• Direct Selection Tool

371. Which is not a valid start type for a stroke?


• CircleSolid

• Triangle

• SquareSolid

• TriangleSolid

• Circle

372. What is the keyboard shortcut to select the measure tool?


• Ctrl+Shift R

• Cmd/Ctrl K

• K

• There is none

373. The view of an entire InDesign spread may be rotated


• With the Hand Tool

• As an option under the View menu

• Through the Pages panel

• With the Rotate Tool

374. What is the shortcut for the Paragraph palette?


• Cmd + R (Ctrl + R)

• Cmd + T (Ctrl + T)

• Cmd + Option + T (Ctrl + Alt + T)

• Cmd + Option + P (Ctrl + Alt + P)

375. What does a Bevel Join do?


• Creates pointed corners that extend beyond the endpoint when the miter???s length is within the miter limit.

• None of these

• Creates squared corners that abut the endpoints.

• Creates rounded corners that extend 1/2 the stroke width beyond the endpoints.

• None of these

376. To begin the process of creating a new gradient in InDesign...


• select Foreground and Background colors on the Tool panel and then press and drag with the Gradient Tool

• open the Color panel and click to add stops under the CMYK color ramp

• All of these

• choose New Gradient Swatch... from the Swatches panel menu

377. In GREP, the dollar sign ($) means what?


• Dollar

• Beginning of a paragraph

• End of a paragraph

• Longest match

• Shortest match

378. What is the keystroke for overriding master page items when selecting them?


• Command + Option

• Option + F8

• Shift + Alt + Option

• Shift + Command

• Alt + Option

379. When you copy content to the clipboard from your layout, what happens?


• Your file becomes really big

• You automatically create an InDesign Library containing that content

• Your work is cut

• You automatically create an Adobe PDF file of that content

380. In GREP, what is the symbol for any character?


• /

• +

• ?

• .

• \

381. What is the purpose of an INDL file?


• Allows for new InDesign documents to be opened in older version of InDesign

• Allows you to save ink/color swatch settings

• Allows for InDesign documents to be opened on a different platform (Mac vs PC)

• Allows for the organization of graphics, text, and pages you use most often

382. To select an empty, unassigned frame in InDesign...


• click anywhere within the empty frame.

• click its center point.

• click on its edge.

• All of these

383. To create a soft return where text drops down to the next line without creating an new paragraph, do which of the following?


• Command + \ (Mac) or Control + \ (Win)

• Command + Enter (Mac) or Control + Enter (Win)

• Shift + Enter

• Option + Enter (Mac) or Alt + Enter (Win)