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Test answers for Event Planning 2020

(53) Last updated: January 23
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53 Answered Test Questions:

1. Flyers, banners, & signage are all parts of:


• Revenue

• Loading

• Performance

• Promotion

2. What does a Bill of Lading address?


• Terms of securing location.

• Terms of transportation of goods.

• Terms specific to individual venues.

• Terms regarding parking and traffic organization.

3. Who presents the central theme of an event on event day?


• Key Speaker

• Keytheme Speaker

• Keynote Speaker

• Keystone Speaker

4. What is the first step in designing a successful event?


• understanding your target audience

• outlining the content for your event invitations

• selecting a venue

• creating a comprehensive guest list

5. What term refers to a collection of people tasked with running an event?


• Content Coordinator

• Planning Fellowship

• Event Committee

• Building Team

6. What term describes the allotted expenditures set for a specific event?


• Luxury cap

• Cost

• Budget

• Attendance

7. The color white creates which impact on an event space?


• a sense of urgency and anxiety

• can create a sense of frustration and anger

• provokes a sense of passion and romance

• a sense of space and purity

8. What term describes the physical location of where an event is held?


• Venue

• Destination

• Pantheon

• Hotspot

9. What is a contingency plan?


• a backup plan in case anything goes wrong

• a toasting plan that incorporates all participates

• a layout plan of the event space for seating arrangements

10. What is the role of an a/v contractor?


• Book speakers, DJs, and musicians.

• Provide event-specific legal advice.

• Organize ambulance and emergency services.

• Supply audio/visual equipment and services.

11. What do drapers specialize in?


• Special decor

• Intrastate trade

• Event webpage coding

• Advertising

12. What does ROI stand for?


• Recently Offered Intention

• Readily Offered Ideas

• Return On Investment

• Rental Over Insurance

13. True or False? Recent academic studies have revealed 'Thank You Cards' to be old fashioned, annoying, and more harm than good for an event planning firm.


• False

• True

14. True or False? A career in event planning requires a degree.


• True

• False

15. What should you consider when choosing the music for your event?


• if the food will complement the music

• whether the space can accommodate the instrumentation you've chosen

• whether the color scheme matches the music mood

16. Statistically, what is the most successful day of the week to host a wedding?


• Wednesday

• Friday

• Saturday

• Sunday

17. What does "C.I.F." stand for?


• Cost, Insurance, Freight

• Current, Indistinct, Final

• Cost, Infrastructure, Fame

• Calculate, Identify, Forge

18. What is an event hashtag?


• a tag people can use to search for an talk about your event on Twitter

• a clause in an event contract that indicates host liability in the event that an attendee is found consuming drugs on the event property

• a watermark commonly included on event invitations

19. What are Hors D'oeuvres?


• Finger foods served at an event.

• The climatic hour of an event.

• Multicultural events

• The soup of the day at an event.

20. What is a hand truck?


• Slang for a small stage

• A small hand powered device used for transporting small loads.

• A small truck or van used to ship merchandise

• A European term for catering companies

21. What is an Exposition?


• An event where a new product is revealed

• An event that collects 3 to 5 different industries for networking purposes

• A convention for transportation industry officials

• Public trade show for a specific industry to display and test new products, ideas, etc.

22. What is event cancellation insurance?


• coverage for weather damage inflicted on the event space on the date of an event

• coverage for the loss of revenue or expenses due to the cancellation or postponement of an event

• coverage of event fees under circumstances in which the event is cancelled due to weather issues

• coverage for the loss of memorabilia due to the cancellation of postponement of an event

23. Who sends goods to the consignee?


• Receiving

• Consignee

• Consignor

• Agent

24. Liquor liability insurance protects against liability for...


• minors who become intoxicated as a result of liquor served at a special event

• property damage committed as a result of an event host serving non-sponsored liquor

• crimes committed by an individual who becomes intoxicated during your event

• bodily injury or property damage for which you may become legally liable as a result of contributing to a person's intoxication

25. True or False: The logo(s) on a name tag should be bigger than the delegate or guest's name.


• False

• True

26. What type of exhibit has interchangeable components?


• Audible Exhibit

• Modular Exhibit

• Fragmented Exhibit

• Fractured Exhibit

27. Per Diem work is calculated:


• Hourly

• Weekly

• Daily

• Contractually

28. What is special event liability insurance?


• protects from liability for bodily injury or property damage for which you may become legally liable as a result of contributing to a person's intoxication

• protects from liability related to guest food poisoning from outdoor catering

• protects from liability related to events that include over 1,000 attendees

• protects from liability related to certain event accidents that could result in bodily or property damage

29. What term refers to an exhibit set against a wall, building, large vehicle, etc.


• Walled Production

• Event Graffiti

• Wall to Wall Coverage

• Backwall Exhibit

30. What is swag (or schwag)?


• type of music from the 20s

• party favors

• rare wedding cake flavor

• silk ribbon commonly used in event invitations

31. How many sides are there to a peninsula display?


• Four

• Two

• Three

• Five

32. What does I&D stand for?


• International & Domestic

• Idea & Date

• Installation & Dismantle

• Implementation & Deviation

33. Which of the following are typically included in event rental agreements?


• event cancellation insurance

• event photo resolutions

• special event liability insurance

• setup and tear down times

34. Typically, what is the most common type of trash produced by large events?


• Plastic

• Air pollutants

• Paper

• Biowaste

35. ROS stands for:


• Rent Oriented Semantics

• Return On Setup

• Run Of Show

• Regulated Ordeal Systems

36. What is the term for seats, tables, attendees, etc. organized in a "V" pattern?


• Wedge

• Chevron

• Bombay

• Vanna

37. What is sleeping room attrition in a hotel contract?


• The amount of guests allowed per room.

• The percentage of rooms over the contracted amount allowed at the negotiated rate.

• The amount of employee turnover allowed before the hotel has to notify the client.

• The percentage of sleeping room shortfall allowable before no-show charges apply.

38. The color blue is which type of color?


• enraging

• neutral

• sad

• energetic

39. How often is porter service included in the base cost of a trade show booth?


• Always

• Often

• Rarely

• Never

40. What obstacle typically serves as event book-ends on the day of the event?


• Meals

• Payment

• Intro & Outro

• Parking & Transportation

41. What term refers to a low wall or barrier dividing exhibits?


• Rail

• Vanguard

• Wall

• Blockade

42. What are riggers responsible for?


• Tent and balloon set up

• Food loading

• Traffic planning

• Machine assembly

43. When is not a good time to schedule an event?


• Long Weekends

• Leap Days

• Bank Holidays

• Wedding Season

44. What is a potential negative impact of using the color yellow in an event theme?


• can induce tiredness and unrest

• can create a soothing romantic mood

• can create a sense of frustration and anger

45. The area where empty crates and contractor materials are stored is known as the:


• Boneyard

• Service zone

• Rubbish bin

• Deadman

46. What must accompany most types of merchandise to ensure good condition upon shipping?


• Inspection Insurance

• Certificate of Inspection

• Stamp of Approval

• Quality Certificate

• All of these

47. You should always ___ your attendees turnout for sponsors?


• project exactly

• over-estimate

• under-estimate

48. What term refers to an individual or organization that pays for a specific good or service?


• Contractor

• Underwriter

• Contributor

• Coordinator

49. What is the most important consideration in selecting the right music for your event?


• whether live instruments are permiited inside the event space

• which songs and genres are not allowed

• the birth year of the event host

50. Which of the following terms refers to a raised platform at an event?


• Box

• Riser

• Pantheon

• Dais

51. When does a 'show break' take place?


• At an event's beginning.

• At an event's final planning meeting.

• At an event's intermission.

• At an event's end.

52. True or False? Event planning is a time tested profession that finds its roots in colonial times.


• False

• True

53. True or False? Environmentally sustainable events are typically less expensive.


• True

• False