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Test answers for Email Handling 2020

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62 Answered Test Questions:

1. One of the best ways to organize your inbox is with:


• Files

• Boxes

• Folders

• Nets

2. What is a whitelist?


• Walter White, Vanna White, and Gandalf the White in a bulleted vertical layout.

• A list of executive email addresses

• A list of pre-authorized email addresses that will be delivered regardless of spam filters

• A list of email addresses received from a list broker

• None of these

3. Emails you keep in case you need the information later are called:


• Library emails

• Digest emails

• Reference emails

• Action emails

4. What would you use an email filter for?


• Prioritizing email

• Both of these

• Avoiding spam

5. Joke and chain letter emails are:


• A relaxing and recommended start to the workday

• A main reason for email server overload

• Typically unproductive and not recommended

• A recommended way to increase workplace morale

6. True or False? It is generally best to include as many acronyms as possible in an email to save time.


• True

• False

7. What is the common tool to check the network connectivity?


• dism

• nslookup

• Ping

• diskprat

• dir

8. If you receive a large number of newsletters that you no longer wish to read, what is the best course of action?


• Report the newsletters as spam

• Continue to simply delete the newsletters as they arrive

• Unsubscribe to ensure they don't clutter your inbox anymore

• Archive all the newsletters into a separate folder

9. True or False? By responding to spam emails, employees are actually confirming their company email address as a valid address to spammers.


• False

• True

10. To increase productivity, it is recommended that you should do what with your inbox:


• Let it accumulate at least 150 messages and spend the day responding to each one

• Prioritize emails as "very important, somewhat important, and not important," and address them accordingly

• Move all your messages into a spam folder to address later

• Address social media notifications first, followed by reading newsletters, and save business email for last so you can focus on it

11. What does archiving an email do?


• It removes the email from your inbox and saves it in another file

• It puts the email into your spam folder

• It deletes the file

• It makes a hard copy of the email

12. What does it mean when an email "bounces"?


• The recipient responded very quickly

• People continued to forward the message

• The sender sent the email to herself

• The message failed to reach the recipient

13. True or False? When you purchase items or sign up for services online, there is often a check box at the bottom of the page asking if you wish to subscribe to their mailing list.


• True

• False

14. What does FYI stand for?


• For your invoice

• Find your invitation

• For your information

• For your interest

15. Which of these attachment file types should you avoid downloading?


• .ppt

• .scr

• .jpg

• .doc

16. True or False? Email sent via company email can be monitored, flagged and even used as evidence in court.


• False

• True

17. What does "Bcc:" stand for?


• Beneath Carbon Copy

• Copy

• Carbon Copy

• Blind Carbon Copy

18. What does "NNTR" stand for?


• Not needed Thursday

• No need to respond

• No need to ring

• None of these

19. Which of these are the best format for informative subject lines?


• "I'm rescheduling the 3pm meeting"

• "Here you are"

• "Ok"

• "By 3pm"

20. What does EOM stand for?


• End of message

• Email over meeting

• Everyone on meeting

• Email on Monday

21. Which of these words or symbols have the possibility of triggering a spam flag?


• Save

• All can be flagged for spam

• Free

• Discount

22. What is the purpose of icon emotions in email communication?


• They are meant for fun and entertainment value.

• They indicated that the email is urgent.

• They act as a signature used in end of the email.

• They contain important information like credit/debit card number.

23. When would it be best to use the "Bcc:" feature?


• When sending one message to a large group of clients

• When responding to a spam email

• When organizing an internal meeting

• When sending an informative article around the office

24. When would be a good opportunity to use the "Cc:" feature?


• You find a press release that is relevant to everyone in the office

• You want to get your boss's attention

• You want to delete an email

• You get a message and you're not sure if it's spam

25. True or False? If you put an e-mail address in the 'CC' field, the e-mail will be sent to that e-mail address, but the other people who receive the e-mail won't be able to see that the e-mail was sent to that e-mail address.


• true

• false

26. An <AR> in an email typically denotes what?


• Already Read

• Attentive Response

• Action Required

• Anonymous Response

27. True or False? You are expected to respond to every email you are CC'd in.


• True

• False

28. If your email does not require a confirmation or reply, what is the recommended course of action?


• Type "Enclosure" at the bottom

• State ???no need to reply??? in the email

• Call the recipient to inform them that they don't need to respond

29. What is an email blast?


• An email with a virus attached

• An email sent to a large number of recipients

• An email with a large file attached to it

• An email written in all caps

30. If colleagues are CCing you on too many "FYI" emails, what is the recommended response?


• Simply stop reading emails from those individuals

• Add their messages to a spam folder so you can address the emails at your leisure

• Inform them that you only need to be updated a few times, or when a decision is made

• Escalate the issue to your superiors

31. Which of these are not appropriate types of messages to send by email?


• Revisions to a scheduled meeting time and date

• Lists of what each employee will be bringing to the company potluck

• Confirmation of a document received by fax

• Emotional explanations of misunderstood actions

32. If an email contains information about an event or appointment, it is recommended that you should:


• Book additional appointments for the same time in case the original plans fall through

• Immediately call the sender to confirm the information

• Immediately put the information in your calendar

• Push it to your "respond later" folder

33. True or False? Frequent use of the "Reply All" feature will usually result in fewer emails in your inbox over time.


• True

• False

34. If you are emailing a colleague back and forth, what is the recommended course of action after about three or four exchanges?


• Call the individual and resolve the situation over the phone

• Escalate the situation to your superior

• Continue to rely on email communication until the situation is resolved

• Ignore additional emails from the colleague until they call you

35. What does RTF stand for?


• Rich Text Format

• Reasonable Text Format

• Rich Text File

• Right Trip File

36. Instead of receiving update emails for every blog you read, you should use:


• A flash reader

• An RSS reader

• A focus reader

• A social reader

37. What is a moderated list?


• An email list where every message is sent to one recipient

• An email list where every message must be approved by a moderator before it is sent

• An email list that avoids all spam

• None of these

38. True or false? When responding to a blind copy, you should be sure to click "reply all".


• False

• True

39. In the subject line, what does <MSR> typically denote?


• Messenger

• Meet senior representative

• Monthly status report

• Ms. R

40. True or False? One word emails typically handle all inquiries and ensure you do not receive any additional followup messages.


• True

• False

41. What is the recommended number of unread emails you should have in your inbox by the end of the day?


• Only messages from your friends

• 10-20

• 0

• More than 50 so you have plenty to do the next day

42. True or false? Email is always the best form of communication.


• False

• True

43. When sending very long URLs in an email, which of these should you ideally do?


• Just post the raw URL, it doesn't matter how long it is

• Insert the link into a word or phrase that will let the reader know where the link goes

• Wrap the URL in two parentheses ((URL))

• Send it in a separate email to ensure the link doesn't break

44. If an important email does not include a response deadline, it is recommended to reply to it:


• Within 24 to 48 hours

• No later than one week

• No later than 12 hours

• It does not need a response

45. True or false? Company email accounts fall under the same privacy laws as personal email accounts.



• False

46. What is domain throttling?


• A technique to limit the number of email messages sent to a domain within a certain time-frame

• Sending massive amounts of email to one particular domain

• Slowing down the number of emails your receive

• Temporarily blocking a sender from a particular domain

47. What does using a Secure Socket Layer encryption protocol accomplish?


• Allows for faster attachment downloads

• Scans each message for viruses and prevents those from being downloaded

• Ensures that no one can intercept and read your email while it is being downloaded to the server

• Ensures that emails will be forwarded to your private business address while on vacation

48. Before sending a very important email, you should:


• Save it, do something else for a few minutes, then come back and proofread

• Send it as soon as you finish typing it up

• Subscribe the recipient to your weekly newsletter

• Call the recipient when you receive the first email, again when typing your reply, and a third time after sending the reply

49. If you receive several emails from a contact in a row, how should you respond?


• Wait for the individual to sum up their message into one concise message

• Address the contents of all the emails in one reply message

• Mark the messages as spam to filter future messages

• Address each email individually and send a final message confirming this

50. True or False? You should set aside your most productive time of day to respond to emails


• False

• True

51. If you send an email with a read receipt, a request will be sent to _________.


• The addresses in the Cc: field only

• The addresses in the To: field only

• The email address that is being billed only

• Email addresses in both the To: and Cc: fields

52. How can the abbreviation "EOM" help efficiency?


• The recipient will know they don't have to respond to the email

• The EOM system will delete all junk mail

• The email will be filtered into a special folder

• The recipient will know they can ignore the email

53. When soliciting or hiring people from large job sites, which of these should you do to avoid loss in productivity due to spam?


• Post an email address you do not have access to

• Mention in the post that only serious applicants should apply

• Post a second, public business email address and not your primary address

• Post your primary business email address to show you are serious

54. In an email subject line, what does "Re:" mean?


• Reply

• Responsible

• Remember

• Regarding

55. When using a new email platform, what should you do first to improve your efficiency later?


• Respond to every email you receive for maximum efficiency

• Send a mass message to your contacts telling them of the change in platform

• Set aside the time to really get to know the program

• Set up email forwarding to back up all your messages to a second account

56. Including a hyphen ( "-" ) before a word in the email search bar will do what?


• Arrange the emails by length

• Look for all alternatives to that word

• Exclude the word immediately following it from the search

• Only search for that word in the subject line

57. True or false? Emails must always contain complete sentences.


• False


58. What are the "3 Ds" of email management?


• Delay it, Delegate it, Drop it

• Dump it, Downgrade it, Delay

• Do it, Dump it, Delegate it

• Decide, Demote, Delegate

59. True or false? When using a Gmail account, it is possible to unsend an email.


• True


60. You can avoid excess email by:


• Sending one or two word answers

• Sending more messages

• Breaking long emails up into multiple messages

• Having a detailed signature line

61. To avoid acquiring a computer virus through email, it is recommended that you:


• Download each message and then scan it with a virus scan

• Turn off auto-launch graphics and only load graphics from trusted sources

• Only open messages from addresses you recognize

• Never download any attachment, no matter who sent it

62. A decision to delete all emails older than a certain date, due to an overwhelming volume of messages is commonly called:


• Email bankruptcy

• Email scrubbing

• Cracking the inbox

• Inbox bleaching