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Test answers for Customer Service 2020

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85 Answered Test Questions:

1. When a new customer arrives at your business, what should you do first?


• Smile and greet them.

• Wait for them to approach you

• Shake their hand

• Start your product pitch

2. It is important for a customer service representative to:


• be as informal as possible

• reflect their company's culture

• be as formal as possible

• be neutral emotionally

3. What is the lifetime value of a customer?


• None of these

• A prediction of the overall positive feeling a happy customer can bring to a business

• A prediction of the net profit a customer relationship will provide over time

• A prediction of the referrals a loyal customer will generate

4. A sales team and a customer service team should be _______.


• closely tied together

• clearly seperated

• one team performing both services

5. As a speaker, one of your jobs is to:


• Ensure listener understanding

• Divert attention from customer's skepticism so they don't talk themselves out of a purchase

• Always get the last word on a topic

• Project confidence (even bravado) to control the topic of conversation

6. Imitating a customer's mannerisms and body language to make them more comfortable is a technique known as ____________.


• Watching and Reflecting

• Mirroring and Matching

• Imitation Soothing

• Copying and Pasting

7. Why is the lifetime value of the customer so important?


• It estimates the profits made over the life of a customer

• It estimates the number of sales per customer

• It provides an exact dollar amount of sales

• It estimates customer's yearly spending

8. While an angry customer confronts you, remember not to


• Stay calm

• Show urgency

• Show empathy

• Take it personally

9. While obtaining a request from a customer, which is suggested?


• Nod to show understanding

• Jump to the task right away

• Repeat back to them to clarify understanding

• Suggest another employee to speak to

10. Which is a good policy for effective teamwork in a support environment?


• Share credit for both successes and failures

• Let people know which successful parts of a project were your idea

• Call out people who aren't pulling their weight to the group

• Work alone on the parts of a project you do well, so that the outcome represents a cohesive vision

11. What does the phrase "Killing them with kindness" mean?


• Showing understanding and sympathy to calm down the customer

• Being kind until they walk away

• Being kind to further aggravate

• Smiling and nodding till they give up

12. When a customer asks a lot of questions and takes up a lot of time, it is best to


• Suggest they come back another time

• Explain you are busy

• Answer quickly as possible

• Be patient

13. What is a call center?


• The midpoint of a service call

• A centralized location where customer calls are addressed

• None of these

• market research into a consumer base to identify the "center customer" (the company's most stereotypical customer)

14. After recognizing you have made a mistake, which is the best course of action?


• Admit to the mistake and right the wrong

• Hope it was not recognized by the customer

• Divert the customer's attention to something else

• Just provide an apology

15. Which is one way to calm down an angry customer?


• Give them a discount

• Acknowledge that they are going overboard

• Let them vent, then find the root problem to solve

• Interrupt them and give them suggestions

16. As a customer service representative you should:


• Process as many customers as possible every hour regardless of outcome.

• Only answer the phone when you are feeling good.

• Take as many etiquette courses as possible.

• Consider yourself as a leader of the company's front line communications with customers.

17. A good customer service representative:


• Always makes a customer laugh.

• Goes the 'extra mile' and tries to exceed service expectations.

• Knows the company hierarchy and who to blame for the problem.

• Knows that the customer usually doesn't have a problem, that they just want a better deal.

18. Whether giving customer service in person or over the phone, one of the primary qualities you must have is:


• Multilingual

• Patience

• Work Fast

19. Which customer segment will trust your company more?


• Customers that have never had a problem with your product

• Customers that received efficient resolution to a problem with your product

20. While greeting a customer, it is best to


• Be close up and face to face

• Be overly excited

• Give a big "Hello"

• Wear a smile

21. The most _________ service agents on the team tend to get the best reviews from customers.


• patient and personable

• technically inclined

• intellectual

• senior

22. The customer is not always right, but should be treated as such.


• False

• True

23. When you are asked a question you don't know the answer, which is the best response?


• Providing an answer you think may be correct

• Saying "That is a good question. Let me find the answer for you."

• Saying the best thing that comes to mind at the moment

• Saying, "I don’t know"

24. You should take notes when fielding a customer complaint.


• False - to most customers, you come off as distracted / disrespectful

• True - it will help you remember all the details of the complaint

25. When a customer is talking a lot you should:


• Try to multitask and get other work done.

• Pay attention and use active listening skills.

• Interrupt the customer and tell them you'll solve their problem.

• Transfer the customer to somenone who has time to listen.

26. When meeting a customer at your place of business you should:


• Make sure they have an appointment.

• Wait for them to bring up a problem.

• Smile and make eye contact.

• Ask them to wait until you are off the phone.

27. When you make a mistake as a customer service representative you should:


• Say this is company procedure and ask if they would like to talk with a manager.

• Tell the customer you don't know how to help them and apologize.

• Admit the mistake and offer to make it right.

• Cover it up and hope the customer believes you.

28. When a customer expresses a complaint what should you do?


• Be skeptical

• Listen to their concerns, and try to rectify the problem.

• Investigate further

• Dispute their claim

29. When face to face with an angry customer, you should:


• Match the volume of their voice

• Look away to reduce discomfort

• Cave in to their demands to end the interaction promptly

• Make eye contact and listen intently

30. True or false? Smiling into the phone can give your voice a more positive inflection.


• False

• True

31. What can you do when a customer is not getting to the point?


• Ask them to get to the point

• Finish their sentences

• Look at your watch

• Be patient

32. Which is the BEST way to put a caller on hold?


• "Could you please hold? Thank you."

• "Hang on. I'm putting you on hold."

• "Ugh, it's an annoying person. Just a sec."

• "I have to take this other call; it's important. I'll be back."

33. Which of the following traits is NOT useful for customer service?


• aggression

• empathy

• adaptability

• friendliness

34. Why is eye contact important?


• It lets customers know you are paying attention to them

• Lack of eye contact is seen as unnatural

• It shows you are subservient to the customer

• It eliminates distractions and tangents in your conversation

35. True or false? Unhappy staff can have a negative impact on customer service, even when they don't directly deal with customers.


• False

• True

36. Never pay attention to the customer when conversing


• False

• True

37. Obtaining regular feedback can


• provide useless information

• encourage too many complaints

• Improve customer service

• be too time consuming

38. You should avoid raising your voice to customers. True or False


• True

• False

39. True or false? Smiling while on the phone can positively affect the impression a service provider makes.


• False

• True

40. You should never apologise to a customer. True or False


• False

• True

41. An important task should be to


• Make comfortable chit chat

• Grab the customer's attention

• Show products

• Understand the customer's wants and needs

42. What do you do when a customer attempts to bribe you as a way of getting help quicker?


• Let the customer know that will not be necessary, and that you will try resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

• Hang up on the customer.

• Accept the bribe and tell the customer to be discrete about it.

43. The first person a customer encounters can be considered the "face of the company"


• True

• False

44. Positive body language can improve communication.


• True

• False

45. A caller can tell you are sincere by your tone and pitch.


• True

• False

46. Customers generally appreciate follow-up communication after a customer service call.


• True - it drives home the impression of great service

• False - the majority of customers find it pushy

47. If a customer is verbally abusive on the phone, you should...


• Leave the phone off the hook on your desk to punish them

• Hang up and let someone else pick up the next time the phone rings

• Tell them angry customers don't receive support, and ask them to call back when they're more composed

• Offer to help once they can calm down their tone of voice

48. Should you introduce yourself by your first name when you come in contact with a customer?


• Yes

• No

49. Which is the best way to uncover customer needs?


• Wait for a complaint

• Watch what they are doing

• Ask questions and listen to the answers.

• Answer their questions

50. An effective way to approach a problem is:


• Ignore unreasonable requests and address the core issue

• Bring it to a supervisor

• Offer an alternative solution to please your customer

• Call upon other reps to support your stance

51. When should you escalate a situation to a manager?


• When you have the know-how to make a decision

• When a delay is not detrimental to the situation

• When you can not attempt to form a resolution

• When you have made an effort to resolve but could not

52. Customer complaints can be a positive resource for a company because...


• they identify possible areas of improvement within the company

• Customer complaints never have a positive effect.

• they identify "problem customers" to be avoided in the future

• they fill support quotas, which keeps the need for support jobs intact

53. What is an effective strategy to deal with difficult customers?


• Match their complaints with subtle sarcasm

• Don't take it personally

• Let your manager deal with them

• Ignore all negative comments and questions

54. The appearance of a Customer Service Representative should not  include


• Groomed hair

• Professional Clothing

• Mangled hair

• A uniform

55. If a customer relays expectations set up by a false promise made by a sales rep, you should...


• Ally with the customer by dismissing the sales rep who will say anything to convert a sale.

• Convince the customer they misinterpreted the sales rep's words

• Claim their expectations will be fulfilled in the near future

• Own the mistake on their behalf and correct the inaccuracy

56. Which is best when recognizing a customer has arrived?


• Leave the customer alone

• Act busy to show a booming business

• Stop what you are doing and focus on the customer

• Smile and go about your business

57. What is the relationship between great customer service and advertising?


• There is no significant relationship between service and sales

• Customers usually only talk about the fact your product was initially subpar, deterring their friends from giving you business

• Word of mouth referrals about great service = more sales leads

58. Which of these is NOT a key element to good customer service?


• Know your product.

• Stick with the complaint until a resolution is reached.

• Be available.

• All of these are key elements to good customer service

59. You should give a customer _______ to solve a problem.


• a directive

• an automated machine

• None of these

• options

60. What must happen after making a promise to a customer?


• Confirm your promise with the customer

• Deliver on the promise

• Provide information to your Manager

• Nothing, no need to actually follow through

61. A customer asks you about a product that might be in your store. You know very little about it. What do you do?


• Ask your supervisor what to do

• Tell the customer that the product is sold out

• Ignore the customer

• Tell the customer you don't know anything about the product and that you will find the information they need for them.

• Tell the customer about a similar product.

62. The best way to calm an irate customer is to...


• apologize, react, and explain.

• explain, act, and apologize.

• listen, apologize, and act.

• listen, explain, and react.

63. Which of these should you refrain from doing when addressing a customer complaint?


• Interrupt

• echo and clarify the problem

• arrange a solution

• keep your tone of voice calm and positive

64. Customer service refers to a company's  _______ interactions.


• internal

• internal and external

• external

65. Which is not part of active listening?


• Reflect understanding

• Repeating

• Paraphrase what was heard

• Forming assumptions

66. What is an acceptable amount of time lapsed to greet a customer?


• When they look like they need assistance

• 1 minute

• 2 minutes

• Immediately

67. The hostess at a restaurant is an example of _________.


• an internal help desk

• internal customer support

• support staff

• front line staff

68. When a caller immediately asks for a supervisor, you should:


• Follow company procedure for escalating calls.

• Place them on hold until they hang up

• Immediately transfer them to your supervisor

• Tell them you ARE a supervisor.

69. If your company consistently takes a long time to answer support calls, the customer gets the impression...


• you are too busy to handle your business

• your company must be huge and profitable, because it handles calls nonstop

• This has no effect on customer mindset.

• you are working hard and will provide great support when their time comes

70. What does providing outstanding customer service mean?


• Successfully completing your job duties

• Following your company's customer service guidelines

• Acting as a classic Customer Service Representative

• Going above and beyond expectations

71. When you can't provide a customer with an immediate solution, what should your next step be?


• Explain in detail why you are unable to supply help and apologize profusely

• Ask them to call when you know a manager will be around

• Take a message and ensure they will receive follow-up contact to resolve the issue

• Offer a cash refund to make the problem disappear

72. When faced with a disgruntled customer, which is NOT recommended?


• Ask them questions

• Listen to their complaint

• Clarify your understanding

• Mirror their tone even if it is argumentative

73. What is active listening?


• It is when a telemarketer actively takes notes during a conversation

• It is when the listener uses feedback to affirm that they are listening

• None of these

• It is when the listener gets a customer to do something in order to relax them

74. Upset customers tend to calm down if you _________.


• offer a sincere apology

• let them have their space

• refer the issue to a higher authority

• let them know they're not alone with their product troubles

75. When a customer asks in person where something is, it is best to...


• Tell them in detail where it is

• Provide the general area to find the item

• Take them to where it is

• Point to the location

76. To an angry customer, an apology must be


• An initial response

• What they want

• The resolution to the conflict

• Sincere

77. The goodbye greeting is important because it


• Is nice

• Brings closure to the sale

• Gives the last impression

• Is expected

78. If a customer calls with a technical problem, what should be your first action to address the issue?


• Ask them to put the most technologically inclined member of the household on the phone

• Ask them to visit your help documentation online to follow along with the solution

• Ask initial questions designed to asses their level of technical competency

• Ask them what they think is the cause of the problem

79. The key to customer service is to __________.


• match the perceived needs with the best possible solutions

• pitch as many products as possible

• provide the customer with as many possible solutions as possible

• make sure the customer gets as little money back as possible

80. Which is not an example of active listening?


• repeating key points

• taking notes

• interjecting when the solution to a problem becomes apparent

• phrases like "of course," "go on," etc.

81. When assisting an angry customer, you should always:


• Tell the customer what the solution is

• Ask the customer to assist in creating a solution

• Tell the customer you will ask someone what can be done

82. Which of the following is an example of reactive customer service?


• Sending a customer a promotional email

• Replacing a malfunctioning product

• Persuading a customer into making a referral

• Getting the customer to purchase more items after the issue is resolved

83. What is the definition of a truly customer service oriented company?


• the company assigns a dedicated service rep to each individual customer

• the company gives reimbursements even in cases where the issue was solved

• the customer service department addresses complaints with a 98%+ satisfaction rate

• customer service is addressed by every department

84. What is an example of proactive customer support?


• Giving a customer a full refund

• Dealing with a customer aggressively to get them to calm down

• Giving customers a survey after they make a purchase

• Being incredibly supportive and flexible with a difficult customer

85. Generally speaking, a customer service representative should start a conversation with _________.


• elaborative questions

• analytic questions

• elementary questions

• evaluative questions