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Upwork(oDesk) For Beginners

odesk let start

Here is a short tutorial for Upwork(oDesk) beginner. These recommendations could be helpful if you start your carrier as a freelancer. The main ideas are applicable to any profession.

You may read these articles if you are not familia with Upwork(oDesk):

Step by step tutorial:

Step #1. Upwork(oDesk) Registration

how to register on odesk

Follow these Simple steps how become a freelancer on Upwork(oDesk).

It gets you general information about filling out tax forms and payment methods.

Step #2. Registration for Payoneer

Get odesk money from Payopneer

This is about how you can get your earned money Withdrawal money using Payoneer.

Payoneer is a good option for people from Russia, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

It must be done as early as possible, because Payoneer credit card may deliver during 3 months, depends on your country.

Step #3. Passing Upwork(oDesk) Readiness test

Upwork(oDesk) Readiness Test

Pass Upwork(oDesk) Readiness test as early as possible. Without it, you will have only 2 possibilities to get a job offer within a week.

It is very easy - just 10 simple questions. You just have to read the Upwork(oDesk) rules first - it takes 10 min.

Do not worry to failed this test, because you can repeat it again as many times as you wish. If you really get stuck, then the Internet has the answers on these tests :).

Step #4. Fill profile

how to right complete odesk profile

Profile must be filled completely to get a quota of 20 job offers per week.

It gives you some advantages over other who were too lazy to do it. These Important things about your profile may help you.

Step #5. Pass tests in your field

how to pass odesk tests

This step is not required, but most Upwork(oDesk) specialists as a rule pass from 3 to 5 tests.

Passing test is not so important as a chance to get and complete your first job successfully.

But if you do not have good works in the portfolio and you are not confident in your skills, please pass tests to increase your points.

Being in Top 30% is enough for your potential clients, no need to try get Top 10%.

Step #6. Get more details before start

Helpful tips:

Step #7. Your first job

how to get first job on odesk

Do not try to get a big project immediately. Start from small/easy projects, which can be easily completed, with a good feedback. Choose that one, which can be, accomplish during a day. Price can vary from $5 to $10.

You even may choose project not from you specialty. See all most popular freelancer jobs.

One well-done work on Upwork(oDesk) will greatly increase your chances of getting other clients.

As a rule, it takes a week to find such small project.

Do not be afraid, if it look a difficult, try to accomplish it - this is how everybody started on Upwork(oDesk).

If you already take a project you cannot give up.

Step #8. Increase a positive feedback

positive feedback plays important role on odesk

That time to develop your confidence and gain experience in dealing with customers.

You need to learn not to give offense to yourself, without offending the customer.

Perform simple tasks 1-3 $50 - $200, usually a task takes several weeks.

Step #9. Good luck

how to earn much money on odesk

Now you have a portfolio and positive feedback. This is your chance to get a big project.

Big project can became you long-term playing project with following support and new features.

As a rule many clients rely on a freelancer once they found a good one.

On this step you should apply only for projects which you are sure you can successfully complete.

Sort out offers very carefully. Once you get such project - do not give up. You must complete it successfully - forget about everything, just do it. The search of such projects may take a month, so you can simultaneously complete small projects.