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Tips to complete Upwork(oDesk) profile

some tips what should be completed in odesk profile

Profile on Upwork(oDesk) may play important role for you customers. Take extra 2-3hr to complete which help to distinguish your profile among others.

Main idea - profile must be completed! See freelancer profile samples for all jobs.


According Upwork(oDesk) documentation the right photo is a very important. Find a photo which clearly shows your face, where there are no different people and you looked seriously enough, especially if you are young freelancer.

Personal Details

Describe your self, especially your straight sides even if they do not directly connected with you job. Do not just list your skills.


You must add as many as possible, first must be skills where you are most experienced.

Add any skill with which you are even slightly familiar with or interested in.

Often customers when searching through the search for the candidate set filters for specific skills.

Popular skills can be found in a job description, so use them to make your-self more attractive.


Customers sometimes look at them, and use search filters to find more appropriate executives.

Tests may take too long a time, so you can pass 4-5.

Good test results make customer to fill confident offering you a job. Of course these need only to distinguish your-self, because when you get a positive feedback from completed projects then tests will not be important at all - only positive feedback make sense.

See all upwork (odesk ) test answers.

Employment History / Education / Other Experience

Add any courses, seminars and everything which make sense for your future jobs. In general it does not play big role, but if you profile completely filled in it looks attractive for customers.


Add here only successfully completed projects. Nobody will check them.

Up to 10 project is enough.

As a rule customers read only first 2-3 of them.

No one will read the description very attentively, so add more screenshots.

Workign portfolio examples for beginners:


You must specify that at least a conversation level even if is not true.

You always can reject job if you see that your language is not satisfied for some projects.


Badge increases significance of your profile.

You can get them very easy - enter into different groups and take part in competitions.