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From making stipends on streets to earning as freelancer

My name is Andre and I’m a student. I live in North London, UK. Today, I’m happy to say that I make a full time income working online.

Before now, I took up several menial jobs to complement my pocket money. The money seemed to be the only good thing about the jobs I handled. There wasn’t anything inspiring about the jobs. But things changed for me when one day I was surfing the net in the school library and I stumbled on an article written on how to make money online by offering services on sites such as Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, etc.

The problem then was what service to offer. I had some ideas and some skills which I felt would be useful on any of the sites. I could write and I had some knowledge about graphic design. I felt I had more chances with offering writing services so I settled for writing articles, blog posts, short stories and ebooks. So did my journey into the world of freelancing start.

I decided to offer my services on Freelancer, so I signed up, built my profile and started bidding for jobs. Getting a job wasn’t easy because I was basically bidding for the same job with the top rated sellers. After a while, I decided to try the low-budget jobs where I wouldn’t have too many of the top rated sellers to contend with. Soon I landed an offer to write a short erotic story. I followed the buyer’s instruction strictly and gave myself to writing a perfect, believable story. I was awake most part of the night writing this story. I finished some hours after midnight, read over and polished it before finally delivering the work to the buyer. As expected, the buyer was pleased. She released my payment for $10. $10 was enough for me to believe that making money online worked. I was really excited.

I moved on to other freelancing sites in a bid to finding more buyers. I did find some, but not as many as I get on Freelancer. The least I have made from freelancing has been $200, and that was from my first month.

I have since expanded my offering. I now make Android apps for clients by simply using AppsGerser.com. All I do is submit a client’s URL to AppsGerser.com and get back an apk format. I also make marketing animation videos through the use of VideoFX maker and Video Scribe. These resources make my work much easier and improve my earnings month after month.

I’m not stopping at these. I’m currently learning programming and other new skills from Udemy, Codecademy and Udacity. Very soon I will have more services to offer, and definitely make more money from doing so.

Even though I now prefer to work on Freelancer, I found Fiverr a good place for beginners to start their freelancing careers from. Fiverr seems to me very structured and very easy to navigate; they allow you more bids than most other freelancing sites.

If you’re just starting out, I’ll recommend that you go over and above in pleasing your clients. How you treat your first few clients will determine whether or not you’ll go far in freelancing. The first few reviews you get are the most important. So pay attention to what your buyer wants and ensure to deliver above expectation. When you finally begin to get plenty customers as a result of the reviews and recommendations, do not lower your standard/quality, instead you should demand more pay for your excellent services.

Also, if you make it a point of duty to always learn new skills and to improve on the ones you already acquired, you will not miss it as a freelancer. I can confidently say that my success lies in not stopping at writing, but advancing to white board animation, graphic design, etc. You can do the same. The good thing is that there are very many sites where you can pick up these skills, either for free or for a small fee.