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From lathe machine workshop to fiverr

I’ve always lived a regular life like any regular guy you see on the street. I woke up every morning, said a prayer, had a bath, had breakfast and rushed to work, like every other person. I worked in a workshop where my responsibility was to man a lathe machine. I really loved my job even though it meant standing eight long hours every day. I approached everyday with enthusiasm and with utmost dedication.

But something happened about a year ago, I started feeling pains and swelling on my feet and lower back. At first I thought it was nothing so I didn’t pay much attention to it. But with each passing day the pain grew worse until I couldn’t bear it anymore. I decided to see a doctor. Upon looking at the swelling and listening to me describe the pain, the doctor asked what the nature of my job was. He wasn’t surprised when I told him. He said I had rheumatism and that I had to choose between my health and my job. He said my body could no longer support standing for that long.

I was devastated. I could feel my world crumbling down. Operating the lathe machine was all I ever did. I had no other skills. How was I to provide for my needs if I quit my job? In the end I had no choice but to quit.

I was back on the street and life continued. I went from door to door searching for any job that would not require standing for too long or engaging in too strenuous activities. “We’ll be in touch” was all I got from all the places I walked into. They never got back to me.

I lost every faith in getting a job. Who would hire one without basic skills, a higher education, and suffering from a disease? In my despair, I turned to the web, hoping to find anything that would be helpful, not that I had much faith in this either. Luckily, I stumbled on an article that detailed how thousands of people around the world are making consistent income from completing basic tasks online. Interesting! I hadn’t realized that people could make money online I thought the internet was a mere home for storing information.

It took me a few days of distilling and processing the information before I learnt about freelancing websites. But the one that appealed most to me was Fiverr. With the money I had saved, I quickly purchased a used laptop from a friend, got internet and read more about the opportunities online. When I felt confident, I set up an account and because I didn’t have skills, decided to offer basic services such as YouTube views, comments, channel subscription, etc. for a start.

The most beautiful thing about the internet and working on the internet is that you can learn whatever you want as long as you want to. I picked interest in creating websites, so I downloaded and watched videos on creating websites. The videos were not necessarily very simple to understand but I was persistent. It took me a while before I was able to grab the basic concepts. Then I created a second gig on building websites using content management systems such as WordPress. My first gig hadn’t attracted any sale yet.

Again, it took a long time of waiting and looking everywhere for a way to improve my gig and get buyers to be interested in my offering before I finally got an order. It was for a simple modification on the client’s site – a relatively easy job I would say. I was overjoyed. I took my time to do a neat job, went over the completed task a number of times before finally uploading. The client was happy with my job; I earned $5 and a 5-star feedback. That marked the beginning of my walk to freedom.

I went after more tutorials and kept improving my skills and learning new things on website design. Soon I got another order to build a website from scratch. It was time to put everything I’d leant into practice. I was a bit nervous, but because I was determined and thanks to the videos that I referred every time I was stuck, I was able to pull off something spectacular. I earned $70 for this task and a 5-star. You can’t imagine how happy I was. $70 without having to stand for hours, without having to wake up early and rush out of my house. Wow! I kept learning.

Once I got and completed 10 orders, it become a little easier for me to get more orders. I gave my best and made sure every client was 100% satisfied. Great reviews and recommendations kept pouring in. I had trouble with a few clients though but we were able to resolve the issues and reach a mutual agreement. Now I make around $550 and $700 every month from the comfort of my home - much more than I made from my previous job.

Freelancing and the internet have literally changed my life. I am free to work anytime and anywhere. I learn every day. I’m closer to my family and friends. I can afford medication for my rheumatism. What more can a boy who once had no skills, no higher education, and a failing health ask for?