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Benefits of being freelancer. Stories from a developer, writer, scientist and Ruby on Rails engineer

advantages of freelance work


Travel Writer

I love travelling. I always want to be on the road. When I finished from the University, I didn't know how to begin a life. The only thing I thought of was how I could get out and travel the world. I thought of nothing else.

I had no idea how I could realize this dream, but I knew somehow I would because I thought so much about it.

I then found a travel website, Skilljet, that helped people find unique places to visit and also shared the unique adventures that came with travelling to certain places.

Thankfully, I secured a job with this website and my dreams came true (just like I knew it would). I now have the freedom to travel around the world at my pace, while gathering experiences useful for our travel community and not leaving out, making money along the way.

I take long travels from one country to another. I feel so fulfilled, proud and happy because I believe I can shape my life the way I want and I can be who I want to be, there are no limitations with freelancing.


Mobile Developer

My name is Simon. I was an IT developer for a telecommunications company in Canada. Even though my work seemed a good one, it sometimes felt like a trap. So I constantly dreamed of freedom, of going away to live somewhere foreign (Singapore was my first choice).

I dreamed of the flexibility to go anywhere I wanted and the joy of going to bed and waking anytime I liked, while still giving the best to my work.

Do you know what I did?

I woke up one morning, packed my bags and off I went (in search of freedom). I arrived at Singapore and finding an IT job was tough. I tried a few times without success before I decided to settle for freelancing.

It took a little while but freelancing proved sweet for me. I wasn't just restricted to clients from a locality, I got clients from all around the world with far better opportunities.

I immediately built a profile full of positive reviews and in a very short time I was earning two times more than I earned in Russia.

I not only make money now from freelancing, I live wherever I like. I can be in one country today, in another tomorrow, still, my work does not suffer.

This is freedom!


Math Algorithm Scientist

I am Eugine and I have over 25 years of experience as an Engineer and Physicist. I lost my job after the 25th year and at the time getting an average programming job was a very difficult one, not to talk of a job that required my kind of expertise.

I started freelancing instead of wasting my time looking for a job. People with my kind of algorithm, schedule algorithm, data mining expertise were rare on oDesk, so I thought there'd be no market for me, but I published a profile nevertheless and started searching for jobs.

I found a few that required my skills and applied. Because competition was low, I got some of the jobs and since then demand for my expertise has increased tremendously.

It turned out deciding for freelancing was a wise one. I'm 56 now and I can boldly tell you that I'm enjoying freelancing. I love my work and it is sometimes hard to even keep up with work demands. But it's a wonderful feeling. It makes me feel blessed.


Ruby on Rails Engineer

I'm a programmer and even though I code in Java, C sharp and Ruby on Rails, the one I enjoy working with the most is Ruby. I worked with a financial institution that paid me a fat salary but I wasn't able to do any work on Ruby. Besides, I was buried in my job. I didn't have time for my family or anything else.

My job was secure and lucrative, but I decided to get out and free myself. I started a freelancing career and advertised my skills on Ruby. It took a while but I started to get jobs and got to work more on Ruby.

I don't earn half as much as I used to earn at my former place of work, but my earning is increasing month after month. I now enjoy what I do. Above all, I have time for my family. I work from home and I occasionally take my wife and kids out. My wife and I go out to run three mornings every week.

We have never been happier and work has never been more fun. It is getting better and better.


Editor, Writer, Author

After 18 years of working in San Francisco as an executive assistant, I was completely tired of routine and knew I could no longer carry on in that job so I took a drastic decision. I packed up and left for Europe.

I first landed in Italy, then France, Turkey, Belgium, Germany, Austria, etc. For close to 2 years I jumped from one European country to another. That felt better than jumping from one San Francisco office to another in search of a more fulfilling job.

In the end, I decided Austria was the place for me so I bought a house here and settled and then I decided to explore freelancing. I opened an account on oDesk and applied for editor and writer jobs.

I work full time from my house. Freelancing means I can work anywhere I want as long as I was connected to the internet.

Now, I travel as often as I want and for long periods and that doesn't in any way stop my work. I even work better because I pick up a lot of inspirations along the way.

I've worked with people from almost every part of the world, something I could not have achieved if I wasn't working on a freelancing site.

Beyond the freedom and enjoyment I gain from being a freelancer, I enjoy the opportunity to constantly improve on my editing and writing skills. I have become the envy of most of my friends who are still stuck in boring offices back in San Francisco. I work when I want, take a break when I want and pack my bag and travel when I want.