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Profile overview for title 'Professional technical writer'

I am an experienced professional writer. 

I enjoy and specialize in producing technical documentation. 

I take technical stuff and make it pretty easy for customers to understand, and my ultimate goal is always to lead them to take actions.
I'm a native English speaker with very high scores in the U.S. and U.K. English Basic Skills Tests (top 10%).
I enjoy working with businesses and professionals to help communicate the usual terminologies around their products and services in clear terms in order to lead to high rate of conversion.
My skills set include:
- Writing skills
- Technical/research skills
- Communication skills
- Design skills
- Listening skills
- Ms. Word
- Indesign
- PageMaker
- Photoshop, etc.

I have worked with very many professionals from all parts of the globe. 

I understand that communicating technical information requires a good level of attentive listening and so I listen to every client before and during the project. 

I make recommendations and communicate my thoughts and ensure that my work goes in tune with agreed procedure.

My objective is to help you realize your technical documentation goals and to become a team member you can always count on for technical writing. 

I promise nothing short of 100% satisfaction.

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