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I'm passionate about writing; I specialize in technical writing. I believe writing should be good enough to communicate concepts for the audience they're intended for, irrespective of whether the concepts are complex or simple. 

I simply take information (complex or not) and write it in a very simple, easy-to-understand fashion, while not jeopardizing its general objective. 

My objective is to work with mid-size businesses, website owners and administrators to provide the most effective pieces of content for their users. 

I have worked with organizations in various industries such as marketing companies, ecommerce sites, restaurants, consulting firms, modeling agencies, as well as government agencies, etc. 

Some of my work samples can be made available on request. 

I have not less than 4 years of experience in technical writing and developing content strategies. 

I'm never too busy for any task I take on. 

I give 100% attention to each and every one. 

I consider customer satisfaction as priority, so you can expect me to pay good attention, communicate through and deliver an amazing output.

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