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1. Upwork profile sample for title 'Academic Writing and Research'

Writing • Academic Writing & Research
8years in academic writing and research for customers in need of academic support. 

I use advanced research techniques and sharp analytical skills to conduct intelligent research and organize content into a structured manner making it relevant and immediately usable.

Have strong research, writing and reporting skills to organize information and make it accessible, relevant and useful.

Service includes: 
- academic research
- dissertation writing
- literature reviews
- report writing
- comparative analysis
- proofreading/editing.

Research and writing projects vary from the basic essay to dissertations and theses on different subjects: 
- humanities 
- liberal arts
- business 
- marketing.

Certified and have strong virtual assisting skills.

Working with me you can expect professionalism, responsiveness and reasonable rates.

2. Upwork profile sample for title 'Medical writing, editing and research'

Writing • Academic Writing & Research
First-class degree and PhD in Pharma field with years of experience in different roles in large and small pharmaceutical companies and agencies. 

Expert writing and research services in the fields of Biological sciences such as Medical, Microbiology, Biochemistry and etc.

Having such knowledge and deep understanding, I can write on a wide range of medical topics.

All work was delivered on time, within a budget and with 35% client repetition rate.

3. Upwork profile sample for title 'Research assistant / academic writing'

Writing • Academic Writing & Research
I am research assistant for companies and individuals with 8 years of experience researching and writing. 

- writing proposals and grants for competitive evaluation by government agencies and independent companies
- writing technical reports and presentations
- editing and evaluating reports, proposals, and other technical documents.

You can rely on my accuracy, timeliness, reliability and promptness.

My motto is low rates and high quality of work. 

I work quickly and efficiently - be sure I complete the job on time.