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I am a certified attorney and I write legal documents. 

My goal is to offer unmatchable legal writing services at very affordable costs. 

I work full time as a freelance legal researcher and writer so I have all the time to carry out my research and create a masterpiece for you.

I have written topics on patents, bankruptcy, criminal law, contracts, trust law, administrative law, etc. and for websites, I've written countless number of privacy policies, disclaimers, terms of use, non-disclosure, terms of agreement and excellent blog posts. 

What I promise is 100% satisfaction with my services. 

You can trust that your piece will be well researched and well written to align with your purpose. 

You can also trust me to deliver your work well on time.

Wouldn't you rather an expert handled your legal writing needs? 

Please contact me if you wish to learn more about my services or you have a specific need you'd like to discuss with me first.

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