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I am a multi-media artist that specializes in creating across a broad range of audio content. 

Have more than 8years producing in Adobe Audition, specializing most in:
- music composition
- managing multi-language voice overs
- world-class singers
- footsteps sound effects
- podcasts
- instructional courses
- stories 
- training materials
- and more

Have additional skills:
- Cinema 4D
- writing skills (scripts, articles, copy, editing and more)
- Photoshop 
- Flash 
- Illustrator 
- Camtasia

I can easy adjust my working time and schedule to your time zone. Generous, open, communicative, diligent and flexible. 

My experience includes short and long-term projects with individuals and organizations.

Do not worry if you have just an idea and do not know how to organize the whole process. I am here to help you.  I will explain, estimate, produce and support you during the producing and after. 

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