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Need someone to write professional cover letter and my profile overview. 

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I'm a writer; I specialize in writing resumes and cover letters. 

I have written a few freelancer profiles and LinkedIn profiles. 

I can work with you to create an amazing profile that will easily highlight your strengths, skills and previous projects, which will shoot you to the top of the list of freelancers. 

I have attached 2 profiles out of the numerous freelancer profiles I have written. 

You can see my style of writing and how I bring skills and achievements to life. 

I can do the same with your profile. 

I can also write you a base cover letter to accompany your profile. 

You can find attached a sample of a cover letter I wrote recently as well. 

I know what a prospective client looks for in cover letters and so I do my best to include these elements early on. 

Your profile and cover letter will be written to appeal to clients looking to hire freelancers of your skills and experience. 

You will definitely attract more clients and win more projects. 

I'm available now.

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