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1. Cover letter example for Writer for computer hardware article

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I am guru in hardware, because sell it every day and every day I explain customer advantages and disadvantages of particular device.

Some customers ask me to setup purchased things in their offices or upgrade/replace old models.

Unfortunately, I am not a poem writer, I cannot write detective stories, but I know how to help people to buy things.

I know which device is appropriate for what type of people. For instance, I would never suggest trackball for gamers and mouse for graphic designers. Why? Because I know pros and cons and specifics of their 'jobs'.

I have own e-shop and daily use the Internet to post interesting publications and reviews. 

I do not afraid to use existing content and professionally rewrite it based on my experience.

I have from 5h to 10h daily and my rate for such type of job is $7/hr.

If you want to check my knowledge in this field, please send a hardware example to describe - I will do it with no charge.

Thank you sir, for opportunity.

Best wishes, Simon.