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Write proposals  for IT government projects

Example of Cover Letter Answer for IT consulting proposal writer

Dear employer

I have been doing such job for the last 5 years in the UK IT company. 

Every year UK government adds new projects on auction for bidding. The company, where I work now, have successfully won health and energy save projects. 

In addition, I was a member of a commission, which selects winners, so I know what criteria is important and how to present information.  

I know structure of proposals and how logically describe all aspects.

Moreover, I am a technical guy, so it is easy for me to understand clients requirements and write a technical response.

I can do proposals (in any format, as rule - PDF), presentation for proposals (PPT or Prezi), record video presentations.

I like to do everything logically, accurate and in time.

I can work independently, it means that if you provide me all details then my job will be - prepare proposal, confirm it with you and send to the auction.  

If I take a job, I always complete it, no doubt.

Thank you for opportunity!

Regards, Fluorite from Spain

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Harris July 30, 2015
good job, go ahead