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Want several ebooks written with ~25-30 pages each. 

Target audience - are graduated and not yet students. 

- How to gain 1000+ followers
- How monetize your channel
- Simple ideas to earn your first $100

Example of Cover Letter Answer for Writer for E-Books


I am a full time writer and I major in business writing. 

I'm a weekly contributor to 2 major financial blogs, where I write about entrepreneurship and online presence. 

Besides writing blog posts, I've written a few business related ebooks for clients and I've also published some myself. 

I can provide a link to one of my books (which is not doing badly in terms of sales). 

I see the topics you're interested in. 

They're actually topics I've written something around in the past. 

I can comfortable handle "Top Business Ideas for under $100 and the steps to start a business."

Around last year, I wrote a blog post on "30 low-budget businesses you can start now." 

Given some more research, I can produce a 25 page long ebook on any of your given topics.

You don't have to worry, the content of your ebook will be definitely original, engaging and packed with actionable points. 

And of course, it will be written with college students and recent college graduates in mind. 

I have all it takes to bring your books to life. Hire me and I assure you you'll be glad you did. 

Many thanks,

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