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Job description

We're looking for creative freelance writers to join Brainfall Media.

Job Description:
- Original and entertaining quizzes focused on pop culture and current events (TV, film, music, sports, etc...)

- Must have a fun, upbeat, and engaging writing style
- Must be knowledgeable about pop culture and current events
- Are detail oriented and fanatical about properly proofing your work

Example of Cover Letter Answer for Fun, Flexible Writing Position!


I'm fascinated by pop culture and entertainment. I follow a lot of entertainment shows and blogs; I will be glad to contribute creative, enticing content for BrainFall Media. 

I can easily write blog posts about pop culture, entertainment quizzes and current events in the entertainment world that will easily appeal to millennials. 

I'm thinking that the quizzes will be a very good way to pull in a richer audience from social media platforms. 

My writing is good; I've received a number of positive reviews to that effect (please find attached a sample of my work). I pay attention to details and ensure that my work is properly proof-read before it is sent off. I take pride in turning over well crafted, error-free content. 

I'm very open to feedback on my works as I'm always ready to improve and serve my clients better.

Yes, I can complete two assignments every week. I'm also available for long term projects. 
When might you like me to send in my first post on current events?

Isaak Lynch

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