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I'm look for an Amazing and Experienced Fiction writer to writer Romance Series. English must be your primarily language.

Example of Cover Letter Answer for Amazing Fiction Romance Writer for Series

Romance series is my thing. I enjoy creating fictional romantic characters and roping their lives around major and minor conflicts that lead the reader, in suspense, to a satisfactory, yet hard to believe climax.

I see you want 3 x 10,000-word romance fiction books written as a series. I'm available and will be glad to start work on the first one as soon as you'd want me to.

I'm also available for more long-term projects and yes, English is my primary language. 

I have written a few romantic novels in the past for which I received handsome recommendations. You can find some of my writing samples attached.

Question: Do you have any plot in mind which you'd like me to follow, or any more details you'd like me to include in the stories? How soon do you need the first one?


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