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1. Cover letter example for Amazing Fiction Romance Writer for Series

Writing • Creative Writing
Romance series is my thing. I enjoy creating fictional romantic characters and roping their lives around major and minor conflicts that lead the reader, in suspense, to a satisfactory, yet hard to believe climax.

I see you want 3 x 10,000-word romance fiction books written as a series. I'm available and will be glad to start work on the first one as soon as you'd want me to.

I'm also available for more long-term projects and yes, English is my primary language. 

I have written a few romantic novels in the past for which I received handsome recommendations. You can find some of my writing samples attached.

Question: Do you have any plot in mind which you'd like me to follow, or any more details you'd like me to include in the stories? How soon do you need the first one?


2. Cover letter example for Fun, Flexible Writing Position!

Writing • Creative Writing

I'm fascinated by pop culture and entertainment. I follow a lot of entertainment shows and blogs; I will be glad to contribute creative, enticing content for BrainFall Media. 

I can easily write blog posts about pop culture, entertainment quizzes and current events in the entertainment world that will easily appeal to millennials. 

I'm thinking that the quizzes will be a very good way to pull in a richer audience from social media platforms. 

My writing is good; I've received a number of positive reviews to that effect (please find attached a sample of my work). I pay attention to details and ensure that my work is properly proof-read before it is sent off. I take pride in turning over well crafted, error-free content. 

I'm very open to feedback on my works as I'm always ready to improve and serve my clients better.

Yes, I can complete two assignments every week. I'm also available for long term projects. 
When might you like me to send in my first post on current events?

Isaak Lynch

3. Cover letter example for Romance Story Writers Wanted

Writing • Creative Writing

I can be the writer you are looking for to create absolutely believable, enchanting and nicely engrossing romance fictions. I am a master at description and dialogue. I have a vivid imagination and I know how to give life to a story and carry my readers along from word one to the very last, especially with romantic fictions. 

I am very comfortable working on adventure romance, chick-lit, category romance, erotica, fantasy and the likes and I can write these stories from the third person point of view.

I have written a few romance fictions. Attached are some excerpts. 

I'll be very glad to work with you on this project and I'm available for future works. 

I write very well in English as English is my first language.

If there's a plot you have in mind, I'd love to review it. When would you like me to start on the first story?

4. Cover letter example for Writer for E-Books

Writing • Creative Writing

I am a full time writer and I major in business writing. 

I'm a weekly contributor to 2 major financial blogs, where I write about entrepreneurship and online presence. 

Besides writing blog posts, I've written a few business related ebooks for clients and I've also published some myself. 

I can provide a link to one of my books (which is not doing badly in terms of sales). 

I see the topics you're interested in. 

They're actually topics I've written something around in the past. 

I can comfortable handle "Top Business Ideas for under $100 and the steps to start a business."

Around last year, I wrote a blog post on "30 low-budget businesses you can start now." 

Given some more research, I can produce a 25 page long ebook on any of your given topics.

You don't have to worry, the content of your ebook will be definitely original, engaging and packed with actionable points. 

And of course, it will be written with college students and recent college graduates in mind. 

I have all it takes to bring your books to life. Hire me and I assure you you'll be glad you did. 

Many thanks,