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1. Cover letter example for Copywriting / translation (Chinese to English)

Writing • Copywriting

Chinese is my language and I can understand and speak English very well too. I write content for websites and blogs and I want to write your vision and mission statement, brand story, brand message, brand promise and value and tone of voice guidelines. 

I can take instructions that will help me create the content in Chinese and later translate to English. 

I am familiar with Chinese Restaurants, so I believe writing content for you will not be difficult. 

I have some of my writing samples in English here: 

I will be very happy if you contact me to work on this job.

Thank you very much as I await your response,

Cheun Waiham

2. Cover letter example for Email series Copywriter

Writing • Copywriting
I'm an experienced copywriter. 

I create content for the sole purpose of influencing readers to make up their minds about purchasing a service or product. 

Even though conversion is the main purpose behind most of my writing, I do not leave out useful and quality content to go along with the call to actions. 

In the past years, I've worked with a small business consulting firm. 

I've also gathered experience in the area of social media advertising, email marketing, affiliate marketing, business consulting, content creation and building sales funnels. 

In my most recent job with a client I was responsible for creating online campaigns and writing sales emails. 

We felt really satisfied with the results from both endeavors. 

I have attached one of the email series I created for this client for your perusal. 

Creating engaging emails, using formulas I developed over the years has become a thing of joy for me. 

I'm the best you can work with on this project - I possess very good communication skills - written and spoken; I write engaging, sales-oriented copies; 

I'm hardworking and always meet deadlines; I'm a team player and can easily blend into your company schedules. 

I do not fail. 

Hire me and our first few projects will testify to that. 

Thank you,

3. Cover letter example for Need rewriter for 8-10 articles

Writing • Copywriting

It is John from UK.

I see that you want 10 quality articles about dehumidifiers rewritten. Please hire me and I can find articles concerning 'how dehumidifiers work', 'a buying guide for dehumidifiers', 'what dehumidifiers are and what they are used for', 'the best dehumidifier to buy', etc. I'll rewrite these articles to suit your own needs.

I will manually write 100% unique articles for you and will proof read to make sure there are no spelling errors before delivering.

I know how to arrange articles to make them appealing to readers. I'll choose interesting headings and subheadings, bullet points, bold and italics texts where necessary.

My paragraphs will also be short (between 2 and 4 sentences) to make the articles easy to read.

I'll be very happy to work with you, please contact me.

Thank you,

4. Cover letter example for Sales email

Writing • Copywriting
Hi Kevin,

I read this job ad all the way through. 

I can work with you to create 5 emails for a prelaunch of your self-improvement product.

I've leant a lot about emails and how they are very powerful tools for conversion. I have also written emails that converted very well, using certain email formulas that have been proven to always work.

I'll like to write your emails, especially since it concerns a self-improvement product. We can easily highlight the benefits of this product, which are a major aspect of sales emails (that is, benefits).

You can find samples of marketing emails I have written in the past - attached. 

Yes, I can get your emails ready within 24 hours but it will cost you on 30% more.

Please let me know when you'd want me to start with the first email.


Indisan Dargan