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We require a high quality writer to write medium-sized (2000'ish words) pieces on the general state of every country's Internet privacy/freedom/censorship/surveillance.

Example of Cover Letter Answer for Internet Privacy Writer


I've always been interested in international policies, especially as it relates to internet freedom, privacy, surveillance, etc. 

I can definitely research and write on these topics with regards to every country's opinion and position on them. 

Articles will be written with useful references and will be around 2000 words. I'm sure I'll enjoy working on this project.

Even though I have not written any articles particularly relating to internet privacy, internet freedom and so on, I have written quite a few well-researched articles which you can take a look at here:  or 

I'll be available for any form of further communication and guideline through these channels: skype, handout, e-mail.

What country would you like me to begin with?

Adres Kurs

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