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Job description

Content writer to write thousands articles. 

Each article is ~1000 words long.

Example of Cover Letter Answer for English Article Writing


I can write a clear, easy-to-read summary of each of your articles. 

I am an expert writer. 

I will manually go through each of your articles, bringing out the major points, and then using these points to write a 600-word article for each, that will capture the whole essence of the original articles. 

I'm a disciplined writer' I pay attention to details and I write with my readers in mind. 

It is my promise that the summaries I'll write for you will capture the most relevant details within their longer versions. 

They will flow properly from one paragraph to another and be very easy to read. 

My rate is $5 per summary, but for the bulk purchase, I'm willing to offer a discount. I'm available and open to further discussions. 

Many thanks.

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