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Job description

100 articles on various topics

Each article ~800 words long.

Keywords will be provided.

You can use existing articles, but produce unique content.

Example of Cover Letter Answer for Article Writer for100 Articles


We can certainly work together on this. 

I have a strong research skill. 

I can find a lot of the relevant information you need in any topic and use such information to craft awesome articles. 

I also have good experience in the area of writing SEO articles. 

So you can be guaranteed that the keywords you'll provide will be used appropriately, in a way that will be pleasing to search engines and relevant to human users. 

Overall, I'll produce original, resourceful, engaging articles of 800 words at least. 

I'm available for bulk projects and continued work. 

We can get started already if you send me the first few topics and keywords. 

Thank you.

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