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1. Cover letter example for Article Writer for100 Articles

Writing • Article & Blog Writing

We can certainly work together on this. 

I have a strong research skill. 

I can find a lot of the relevant information you need in any topic and use such information to craft awesome articles. 

I also have good experience in the area of writing SEO articles. 

So you can be guaranteed that the keywords you'll provide will be used appropriately, in a way that will be pleasing to search engines and relevant to human users. 

Overall, I'll produce original, resourceful, engaging articles of 800 words at least. 

I'm available for bulk projects and continued work. 

We can get started already if you send me the first few topics and keywords. 

Thank you.

2. Cover letter example for Blog writer/Website content writer for Advertising and Marketing Agencies

Writing • Article & Blog Writing

Articles for SEO and content marketing are my favorite, especially content marketing. 

We can actually combine SEO and content marketing in your articles. I'll simply introduce your main keywords and related words, in the right places (not necessarily stuffing the blog post with these) and then I can write useful tips relating to advertising and marketing, targeting your typical audience while subtly throwing in calls to action that will link to your major services.

Does that sound like what you're looking for?

I have written quite a number of content marketing, SEO blog posts and they can be found here: 

It is absolutely fine to connect with Hootsuite to send out posts to social media platforms as soon as they are published. 

I'll be really excited to work with you on this project. I'm also available to work on a long term.

Would you like me to start right away? Please contact me, I'm available. 

Best wishes,
Michael Hoursit 

3. Cover letter example for English Article Writing

Writing • Article & Blog Writing

I can write a clear, easy-to-read summary of each of your articles. 

I am an expert writer. 

I will manually go through each of your articles, bringing out the major points, and then using these points to write a 600-word article for each, that will capture the whole essence of the original articles. 

I'm a disciplined writer' I pay attention to details and I write with my readers in mind. 

It is my promise that the summaries I'll write for you will capture the most relevant details within their longer versions. 

They will flow properly from one paragraph to another and be very easy to read. 

My rate is $5 per summary, but for the bulk purchase, I'm willing to offer a discount. I'm available and open to further discussions. 

Many thanks.

4. Cover letter example for Internet Privacy Writer

Writing • Article & Blog Writing

I've always been interested in international policies, especially as it relates to internet freedom, privacy, surveillance, etc. 

I can definitely research and write on these topics with regards to every country's opinion and position on them. 

Articles will be written with useful references and will be around 2000 words. I'm sure I'll enjoy working on this project.

Even though I have not written any articles particularly relating to internet privacy, internet freedom and so on, I have written quite a few well-researched articles which you can take a look at here:  or 

I'll be available for any form of further communication and guideline through these channels: skype, handout, e-mail.

What country would you like me to begin with?

Adres Kurs

5. Cover letter example for Rewrite existing blog post

Writing • Article & Blog Writing

I'll be very glad to work with you on this project. 

Creating appropriate content for small businesses is an aspect of writing I specialize in; besides, I derive satisfaction in creating content that can in one way or another help a low-budget business achieve its goals. 

Apart from writing as a freelancer, I also run a local book store. 

So I understand the operations and needs of small scale businesses. 

This understanding translates in my writing.

As a freelance writer for three and a half years now, I have come to appreciate the place of research in writing. I give some time to researching the basic elements of a topic before putting down a word. 

I also understand the importance of providing outbound links to sources of my major statistics.

I am confident that if hired, I can easily take your written posts and re-write them in an irresistible conversational tone, while making sure the content is 100% original and highly engaging. 

I am also available to write new posts from scratch. 

I look forward to reading from you again.

Thank you.

6. Cover letter example for Wordpress SEO and marketing expert

Writing • Article & Blog Writing

I would like to accomplish this job, because:
- I like doing such kind of job: research, blogs, SEO. I did it for many years for different companies serving people in such fields as banking, insurance, health, sport, cars 
- I know how to optimize images and how to cut it to leave only important entertainment part if the image is too big
- I am expert in wordpress and love it so much. There are no things which I cannot do in this CMS. I can adjust existing plugins and write small new one
- I like to move site rating up using white SEO methods. I have experience using most popular and effective tools of getting key words/phrases
- Yoast - is best one in SEO, great choice, sir. I would recommend you to check the current version which do you use now and update it as soon as possible. Some previous version had security vulnerabilities

My rate is $10/hr and I would love to do this job. This type of work is what I have been successfully doing for many clients who became my constant clients. 

Do not hesitate if you have any questions.

Regards, Simon

7. Cover letter example for Write 5000 words article

Writing • Article & Blog Writing
Hello sir!

Short stories are my delight. I'm comfortable working on realistic fiction, tragicomedy and drama. If you send me some of your ideas and tell me what genre you prefer, I can whip up fantastic short stories of at least 5,000 words. 

I am a native English speaker from Tasmania and I have worked on a handful of short stories. Please find examples attached.

I'll be very excited to work with you on your many ideas. 

Which idea would you like me to start with?

Please contact me on: Skype, handout or e-mail

Israel Cadoshev